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Is Feature Points a Scam? – A New Look at Reward System!

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I totally believe that if creating and releasing new earning apps continue like this for the coming years then there’s no way to count the total number of these apps in the entire web! The newest one is called Feature Points and the same as other similar apps, it works based on a point system.
Now, this is the question people ask when they see it for the first time: Is Feature Points a scam that should be removed from your legit list right now or you can trust it as easy as anything?

In this unbiased review of Feature Points, I’ll explain about how Feature Points works, what’s are the main pros and cons of this program and finally if making money is really possible from this app.

So stay calm, take a cup of coffee and read this article till the end to know EVERYTHING you need to know about Feature Points.

Let’s start!


Product Name: Feature Points

Official Website:

Owner: TapGen

Type: Reward Platform

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? Yes but not as a full-time income.

Overall Rating:  7 out of 10

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what is feature points

Intro – What is Feature Points All About?

You can get rewards for downloading, installing and trying new apps and turn earned points to real cash by the Feature Points. This app created by TapGen company and it’s developed for both Android and iOS users so you can start to collect points through the program regardless to your phone’s platform.

There are similar platforms like InboxDollars that provide the same making money opportunity and the whole process is simple and straightforward to earn points and redeem them for rewards. For example in Feature Points, you’ll be given some apps and for every single app you download and install, you’ll be credited by points.

There’s nothing more to say about Feature Points and it’s really as simple as explained above.

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how feature points works

How Does Feature Points Exactly Work?

Luckily you don’t need any technical knowledge to be able to work with Feature Points because it has a newbie-friendly platform which makes everything from earning points to withdraw your earning as easy as possible for beginners.

Your main task is testing different kinds of apps and after your account is created, you can choose from a wide range list of apps and start to test each one. When you click on the download link, you’ll be directed to the official page of the app and keep in mind that each app needs to be tested for at least a couple of minutes by you because otherwise you won’t be received any point.

Feature Points monitors your activity and every time you complete a task (which will be done by testing a new app) some points will be added to your account. Don’t forget that different apps have different requirements which mean to receive points you may be required to test an app, create an account on it, do some mini-tasks inside the app, etc. or in some other cases, downloading the app is all you need to do in order to be credited. So always check all the requirements before starting to download the app to make sure if it worths your time or no.

The Sign-Up Process

It’s good to see that Feature Points is available for both Android and iOS platforms and it also does not cost you anything if you want to join so you just need to go to the official website of Feature Points ( and download the proper version of the application according to your mobile device.

There’s just an age restriction which requires you to be at least 13 years old to be able to download and install Feature Points on your iPhone or Android phone. Also, an Android version of 4.0 or iOS version of 7 are the minimum Operating System requirements for the app.

Some common fields like your first and last name, address, postcode, phone number, age, gender, etc. are things you need to fill out in the registration form and the program is available for people from all around the world and there’s not any country restricted from the registration.

What Is The Real Income Potential Behind Feature Points?

There are some ways you can use to start earning from Feature Points and the main one is using offered apps by Feature Points for at least 120 seconds. Each time that you use one of these apps, you’ll earn points (between 200 to 400) and these earned points can be redeemed for real cash in the future.

Most of the times, you always find some offers to complete in the app and the points you can receive depends on the downloaded app but in general, you can expect to get from 100 to up to 500 points for downloading and installing a single app.

The minimum time required to download, install and use an offered app is 120 seconds and this applies to 90% of listed apps in the homepage. This means, to earn mentioned points you need to use an app for at least 2 minutes. Of course this is not the only way for collecting points over the platform; for example, in some offers, a game needs to be downloaded and you should play it and reach a certain level in the game to be credited by the system. Yes this can be fun for game lovers! ; )

The last but not least way to earn points from this platform is following them in your Facebook and other social media accounts. Also you can create a video and share it on YouTube to earn additional points(It’s not a big amount lot of course and you’ll get only $0.05). This lets them to increase their number of social media followers “naturally” and I think you agree with me that without doubts, an earning application which has a social network with thousands of followers has more credit and looks more legit than a platform without any follower.

Nutshell Feature Points always requires you to do something additional (like playing a game for a while or using an app for some minutes) if you want to be credited completely.

How You Will Get Paid By Feature Points?

Luckily there is a wide range of payment options when it comes to withdrawing from receiving your points as cash via PayPal platform to get it as a gift card from well-known online shops like iTunes or Amazon. Just keep in mind that rewarding points as cash is not available for all countries and some specific countries can get it just gift cards.

Also another problem is that the real potential income behind Feature Points is very low. For example, to earn only $2 you need to receive 1200 points and 600 points ($1) is the minimum threshold required in order to withdraw your money.

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feature points pros and cons

Feature Points – The Good, The Bad

Here are what I liked in Features Points:

  • Downloading, installing and checking out new apps is an easy task which does not take more than 5 minutes of your time so it can be done fast.
  • The minimum payout is as low as 600 points which is equal to $1. Of course, I don’t think anybody likes to get only $1 after testing ten different apps!
  • If the privacy policy is important to you then Feature Points exceeds your expectation since you don’t need to enter a lot of personal information in the registration’s phase.
  • This platform has an easy to use user-interface and you’ll feel satisfied if it’s your first try for making extra cash online.
  • Unlike some other survey sites or earning apps, Feature Points give you many options to receive your rewards and the best one is its PayPal cash option in my opinion.

And Here Are The Cons:

  • The truth is that FeaturePoints CAN’T bring big money into your pocket and most of the times you’ll end up with counting pennies instead of dollars at the end of the month.
    Unfortunately, many people think that the Internet is their making- money machine and all MMO platforms out there are waiting out for them to turn them into million dollar babies but it’s completely a big misconception.
    There aren’t always apps available to download, so the potential to earn money isn’t consistent.
  • You may have 100 apps to download and test today but 10 or even 0 tomorrow! This means you never can rely on the income (even if it’s low) that comes from Feature Points. It can be $10 this week and $0.5 next week.
  • Although the whole process of the downloading-testing app does not take much time but on the other hand, it does not bring you much money as well. For example, I don’t think that would be possible to earn more than 1000 or maximum 2000 points every day through the platform and if you know 600 points is equal to $1, you’ll find out that it’s not a big deal.
  • Feature Points is available for both Android and iOS but to be honest and according to what I’ve experienced, it’s more user-friendly for android users. Of course, you can still download and take benefit of it on your iPhone but some extra steps need to be taken in the installation’s process of iOS users. And of course it’s not a big problem.

Earn Big Through Feature Points?

Nope! Unfortunately, you’re not going to make a full-time either a part-time income from this platform and your average income will be limited to $1 to $3 per hour (some more or less). And of course, this is not what you feel happy with if you’re looking for any kind of serious income.

The fact is that the average income of Feature Points is the same as most of the paid survey sites and it’s limited to a couple of dollars every month. The only difference is that most of the times, survey sites do not let you complete surveys as much as you like and they limit you to a specific numbers of surveys you can take each day but there’s not any limitation like that in the Feature Points but there’s high chance that you may come up with zero offers in the home page.

is feature points scam

Final Word – Is FeaturePoints a Scam?

My experience with Feature Points says that you can trust this app and there’s nothing to worry about its legitimacy. I have not seen big complaints about the payment process and most members confirmed that they’ve to got paid when the minimum threshold is reached.

So if you don’t look at the Feature Points as a long-term business, you can feel free to head over to there and sign up with them.

Do I Recommend FeaturePoints?

Good and hard question! In order to make just “some” extra money, you need to put serious effort behind Feature Points so it totally depends on your character. Most people are happy to work hard and earn “some” money while some others are smarter, they work less and earn more.

Not only FeaturePoints but recently reviewed MMO platforms like AWOL Academy or Pure Romance ARE NOT my recommendations. If you’re among the first group, you must not doubt about joining Feature Points but if you trust your abilities and believe that your skills are much more valuable than making a few bucks weekly then it’s better to don’t waste your time in Feature Points because there are much better opportunities.

You can go ahead and use this platform if you are not interested in ANY other kind of online income but set your expectation as low as possible to don’t get disappointed!

Any Better Alternative Way?

I never recommend a program or company unless I’ve tried it by myself and this applies to the platform that I’m going to recommend to you now too.

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my recommendation

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  1. Hi Ali,

    I am always looking for an extra income stream and I like good unbiased reviews. Unfortunately they are hard to come by or are badly written.
    However your review of feature point was excellent. I love the clean logical layout of your post and I especially like the review summary early in the post. The logical sequential way you wrote the review helped me work through it easily and made me want to read more. Your inclusion of details on how the app limited impact on your privacy was also good information for a future user to know. I also like the fact that you include a link to your top rated product in the article. Thank you for helping me decide whether or not to download feature point. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey Ali,

    The article on the Feature Points app is very throughout enough to get the gist of how to make money on the app.

    Although I haven’t tried feature app this got me thinking the app is not a good time investment for making money. As you mentioned accumulate points and cash out for just $1 – $3 dollars for the day. Factoring living cost it’s just in cents for the day.

    However, the final part of this article when you mentioned earning $10k from this app when the math on the previous paragraph doesn’t add up?

    Perhaps there’s another part of the article where it is not finished before you advertise Wealthy Affiliate? You might want to rewrite the final part to be more comprehensible.

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi Ali,
    Thank you so much for your informative and independent review of Feature Points. When you really put your thinking cap on and knuckle down to crunch the numbers, its obvious you can’t make very much money on Feature Points. I was very intrigued to hear what you had to say about Wealthy Affiliate, I have heard and seen so many wonderful stories from this platform. It really hit home when I clicked through to your Wealthy Affiliate review page, how effective it is as a monetary opportunity. I can’t wait to read more from your blog, I am very interested in making money online and love to read word-of-mouth reviews from people like you being ‘tech savvy’ 😉

    Till next time, Jess

  4. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for sharing this knowledge! Before reading this article I had no idea about feature points. It sounds really cool but like so much work, haha! I think the earning potential is a little bit low too.

    Have you ever used feature points? If you have, how successful were you financially? Also Wealthy Affiliate sounds great, I’ve heard about it too. I’m not looking for a get rich quick scheme so it sounds great. How long have you been doing it?

    Again, thanks for this post and I’m excited to see your future posts!

  5. Hi Ali, thank you for this very comprehensive AND complete review and report!
    After reading your article all my questions I could possible have on the topic have been addressed and answered! Your clear and precise review, along with conclusion and recommendation helped very much in taking a decision if I should or not be joining this “Feature Points” program!
    Looking forward reading more of your reviews!
    Thanks again and keep up the good work!
    Best regards,

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