is fisher investments scam

Is Fisher Investments Scam or Legit Company?

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If you don’t trust yourself with managing your assets and investments, and you’re not equally excited with having it done by robo-advisors either, platforms like Fisher Investments is just right for you. But is Fisher Investments a scam or you can trust it confidently?

On such platforms, you are provided with the exact same all-encompassing management for your assets and investments as with robo-advisors – and even better since human financial advisors are involved. Financial advisors help you calculate how much risk you can afford to take based on your financial goals in order to help you invest wisely.

Let’s take a closer look at Fisher Investments at my full review of this company.


Product Name: Fisher Investments

Official Website:

Owner: Ken Fisher

Type: Money Management Firm

Recommended? Yes & No (Read conclusion to see why)

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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what is fisher investments

What Is Fisher Investments All About?

Fisher Investments is an international fee-only asset and investment management firm whose clientele spans across Europe, Asia, Canada, the Middle East and every state in the United States. With their headquarters in Camas, Washington, and a workforce of over 2500 employees, they currently manage the investments of over 40,000 individual clients and more than 170 established institutions across the globe.

Founded over 40 years ago by Ken Fisher, an investment columnist and author, Fisher Investments currently manages over $100 billion assets and operates via four main business units known as Fisher Investments Private Client Group, Fisher Investments Institutional Group, Fisher Investments International Group and Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions Group. They work hand-in-hand with investment firms, governments, corporate bodies, foundations, public pension funds, retirement plans as well as multiple firm pension funds.

Known for managing every element of the investment portfolio of their clients, they set up specific investment portfolios from national and international markets stocks, bonds, Exchange-traded funds, cash and other securities. However, they do not have sole possession of the investments of their clients, rather, the accounts bear the names of their respective clients under the control of third-party investment companies where Fisher Investments has some levels of control.

Investment decisions as well as the provision of reviews and quarterly statements are carried out by the company’s Investment Policy Committee.

What You Need to Know About Founder of Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments founded by Ken Fisher in 1979 but who is this man and how he could build this company? One of the first things got my attention when I was taken a look at his background was his articles published in Forbes. Yes, for more than 30 years (from 1984 to 2017) he had a column called “Portfolio Strategy” in one of the most famous well-known magazines (Forbes) and his articles was published there regularly.

Cooperating as a writer with this popular American business magazine for more than 3 decades turned him into longest continuous contributor of Forbes. Also if you search “Ken Fisher” in Amazon, you’ll see he’s been published several books included some of bestsellers of New York Times.

The same as other successful companies, Fisher Investments has other key members in management’s level that are included but not limited to Jeff Silk as Vice Chairman and Damian Ornani as chief executive officer. Now he’s working as Executive Chairman of Fisher Investments and he manages an executive team in his company. Also Steve Triplett cooperate with Fisher Investments as Chief Operating Officer.

What is Goal of Fisher Investments?

All thing are related to investment. This company monitors different market conditions as well as political scenarios and provide best investment options for its investors. They also run several projects in this field but their main task is helping people to make successful investments.

Maybe the best type of people who can take advantage of Fisher Investment’s services are those who are in retirement or near retirement. They check your status and give you best financial advice based on that. This check’s process is done by taking some tests and they use some specific indicators to determine what level of risk you should take.

You will talk to a financial docket and your retirement status will be determined by this person, also changes needs to be taken on your financial plan will be given by this financial docket. Your plan will be refined and customized according to your retirement status and you can take action based on it.

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how fisher investments works

How does Fisher Investments Work?

The first step to employing the management services of Fisher Investments is to open an account with them. On opening accounts, clients are provided with a contact form and a phone number through which they can reach Fisher Investments service providers. From the content of the form, potential clients can decide to contact, fix a meeting with a financial advisor or visit any branch office close to them.

To every private client in Fisher Investments, an investment advisor is appointed. The advisors then determine the portfolio suitable for each client by putting the following factors into consideration:

  • Client’s investment goals and duration for achieving them,
  • Desired income rate,
  • Tolerance level for financial risks,
  • Tax rates,
  • Personal requirements, and
  • Client’s third-party investments.

Fisher Investments Clientele

The majority of Fisher Investments clientele includes individuals and institutions of high net worth as a minimum liquid asset value of $500,000 is required before an account can be opened with them. On the other hand, the minority of their clientele includes individuals of relatively lower net worth as such individuals can open an account known as Wealth Builder account with them. This account requires a minimum of $200,000 worth of liquid assets.

Services Rendered by Fisher Investments

The services provided by Fisher Investments include:

  • Finance management,
  • Portfolio management via equity, fixed income and balanced accounts,
  • Annuity rollover,
  • Retirement planning,
  • 401(k) solutions, and
  • Institutional investments.

Billing System

Clients are billed according to the value of their assets managed by the firm as well as the nature of the account they have with the firm. Lower net worth accounts such as the Wealth Builder accounts and those worth less than $500,000 are charged 1.5% of their investments on a yearly basis.

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fisher investments pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Fisher Investments

  • Positive Points

The attractive features of Fisher Investments include:

  1. Provision of investment calculators such as annuity calculator, 401(k) calculator, future worth calculator, and retirement calculator to help you ascertain the type of investment that best suits your financial details.
  2. An all-encompassing management of your assets and investments.
  3. Flexible investment methodology to suit the market requirements as well as the personal goals and objectives of each client.
  4. Each client gets to have a personal investment advisor who doesn’t charge brokerage and is dedicated to providing adequate and professional financial advice to the client.
  5. Flat-fee system which is based on the size of client’s portfolio and does not involve brokerage and commissions.
  6. Adequate attention on retirement planning.
  7. Overall, they offer clients an active investment portfolio management which supersedes any other management platform in the market.
  8. Investment education to keep clients updated with the status of their investments as well as the status of the firm.
  • Negative Points
  1. Although in accordance with the services they provide, Fisher Investments management fee is quite on the high side when compared with those charged by robo-advisor based investment management firms.

is fisher investments a scam

Conclusion – Is Fisher Investments a Scam?

Based on all information I gave you above, I want to make something clear here and it’s finding out if Fisher Investments is a scam or not. Well I confidently tell you that Fisher Investments is completely a legit financial advisor company but how I’m 100% sure about its legitimacy? Because I’ve spent time and did a deep research and know how it exactly works.

This company is up there for a long time and provided financial advices to many people. Their portfolio also confirms that their analysis was useful for most of clients. You pay based on services you get and advisory fee depends on level of advisement you receive. Fortunately there is not any hidden cost and you won’t pay more than what they tell you at the beginning.

Finally Fisher Investments is tested by experts several times and all of them confirmed their investment analysis is legit and valuable. So you don’t need to worry about this at all.

Although a lot of people now drift towards employing the services of robo-advisors to manage their investments due to their relatively lower service fee, managing your investments with Fisher Investments is still worth the high service charge because you get to have a personal investment counselor assigned to you and your investment priorities are determined based on your unique investment status and goals.

Fisher Investments is best suited for investors seeking a conventional and comprehensive investment management that comes handy with an active and real investment counselor. If these are not your priority, you might find the high service fee a bit unattractive.

Final Word

Being one of the largest investment management firms in the U.S., Fisher Investments have proved to beat the market standards when it comes to assets and investment portfolio management as well as retirement planning for their clients. So, if you look forward to having your investments properly managed and achieving the cash flow you desire for them, you might want to create an account with Fisher Investments.

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