is free cash app a scam

Is Free Cash App Scam? – Worth Trying, Safe & Legit?!

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Well, it does not need to say that Free Cash App is a making money app which is designed and programmed by Free Internationals Calls App. Ltd. At the time of writing this review, Free Cash App is only available on the Android platform and iOS users can’t take advantage of it. Now here’s the question: Is Free Cash App a scam or a legitimate and new way of making online payment?

Like many other earning apps, FCA (Free Cash App) uses a point system to rewards members and there are a various range of tasks you can complete to earn a point from completing mini-tasks, to puzzles, watch online video on channels like YT, etc.

Fortunately, Free Cash App pays members by real cash and it does not exchange your points for gift cards or free items. You just need to set up your PayPal account with them and start earning credits through doing different kinds of tasks available on your dashboard then when you reach a minimum threshold, it’ll turn your points to cash and send it to your PayPal account.

By the way, there’s a sign-up bonus you can get if you complete registration and activate your account by confirming your email address. It’s not difficult and you just need to follow instruction after downloading and installing app.


Product Name: Free Cash App

Official Website:

Owner: Free International Calls App, Ltd

Type: Make Money With Trying Free Apps

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? Not worth your time really

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is free cash app

What Is Free Cash App Exactly?

Some programs like Great Resumes Fast offer you online earning opportunity through a resume builder platform and some others like Free Cash App lets you earn a few extra dollars through installing free applications.

Well, I didn’t know much about this app before one of my friends told me about that and asked my opinion about it. At first glance, it looked a professional app and with taking a look around the web, I’ve found out that it’s pretty famous among Internet users. But this was not what I wanted to know about Free Cash App, my main goal was trying to figure out how it works exactly and if my friend (and other people) can really make money from it.

To be honest, everything was eye-catching about this app at the beginning; from the high ranking, it’s got by Google Play (4.7) to the number of people that downloaded it ( +1 million! ). And what surprised me more was tons of reviews written by other people about Free Cash App. When I’ve searched “Free Cash App review” on Google, it showed me +300,000 results which is very impressive.

And it was interesting to see that most of these people wrote positive reviews about Free Cash App. I think all these stats alone are enough for a person to consider Free Cash App a legit and a great opportunity and many people become interested to try it at least once but all that is gold does not glitter and I never judge a product or app only based on its stats or opinion of people.

Of course, knowing this information is important to write an honest review but it’s not absolutely enough for considering a digital product valuable or not valuable, especially when it comes to making money from the Internet.

Anyway, below is all the truth I’ve found about Free Cash App and please don’t surprise if you see my opinion about Free Cash App is totally different with most of the other reviews are published on the net. Answering this question “Can you make good money with Free Cash App or not?” resulted in my review becomes different and unique so make sure to read it till the end.

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how free cash app works

How Does Free Cash App Exactly Work?

To know how Free Cash App works, you should know how members earn credit through it first. Free Cash App has a built-in point system which let you learn points every time you complete a task. You can exchange these points for real cash and you’ll get paid by PayPal. For example, to make $5, you should earn 5000 points first and you can’t request payout if your total earned points is less 5000 ($5).

It’s good to see that the app does not give you non-cash rewards like gift-cards and unlike many other online earning apps that work based on a point system, it does not take a long time to reach the minimum threshold which is only $5.

Free Cash App has a user-friendly interface and during the one week that I’ve tested it, I have not any issue with using and exploring different sections of it. I think this is the main reason why Android users rated it as high as 4.7 in Google Play.

One of the easiest way to earn point is downloading offered apps by Free Cash App. You’ll see different types of apps on your wall and you just need to tap on any of them and install them on your phone to be credited.

Keep in mind that there’s always a time-period from 1 week to 1 month which you have to wait after installing those apps if you want to receive the point and since you need to install apps constantly to earn a significant amount of points, your phone’s space will be full of unnecessary apps after a short time. I don’t know about you but this is what I personally don’t like to see in my phone.

What Is The Real Income-Potential Behind Free Cash App?

If you remember, I’ve told you that you need to earn at least 5000 points to be able to exchange it for cash. 5000 points are equal to $5 Free Cash App but don’t think that it can be reached easily.

During my 7-days test, I’ve spent +6 hours daily on this app and I was able to earn only 9852 points at the end of the seventh day. Let’s round the number to 10,000 points; this means I’ve spent 42 hours to earn $10! Even if I could continue like this and work +40 hours on this app every week and if they’re always tasks available for me, I’ll end up with $30 – $40 at the end of the month and this is not satisfying at all.

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free cash app pros cons

Free Cash App – Pros & Cons

There are two things should be considered when we talk about the pros and cons of Free Cash App. If we look at it just as a normal application for Android platform, everything goes well. The app designed very well and it runs smoothly when you open it on your phone.

It’s very clear that the owners of the Free Cash App tried to get the attention of new members with an eye-catching design for their application. I’m sure that you’ll like the layout, colors, buttons, etc. when you touch Free Cash App for the first time.

I didn’t face any problem with the process of downloading/installing and receiving the points as real cash in your PayPal account is another thing we should write it down as a positive point for Free Cash App. Downloading apps and leveling them up can also be a pain. But this all comes with the territory. Payouts are easy with The Make Money – Free Cash App as well. You just trade in your points for cash and redeem it through PayPal.

Of course there were things I didn’t really like about the app like many useless offers you see on the wall every day. Some of these offers are inactive or it takes a long time to be completed which does not worth your time.

is free cash app scam

Final Word – Is Free Cash App a Scam?

Maybe you like to know the one-word answer for the above question but what if I tell you it’s a wrong question? Here is the right question: Is Free Cash App worth trying or not?

I think you agree with me that making some extra money is not too hard these days. There are many works you can do to make some extra dollars every month from working in working in McDonald’s to open an account on Freelance sites and working as a freelancer.

When we compare these available options with Free Cash App, we see that this application does not have any superiority over them and in simple words, your time is much more valuable than wasting it behind a simple reward-based app.

Even if you like to make money online rather than offline then some ways like building your WP website and using new marketing methods like affiliate marketing is something that can bring you financial freedom. This is what I personally do from 2013 and I’ve seen more and more people join this journey because they’ve found the real value behind it.

Starting from zero and go up to $2k, $5k, $10k or even more is not a dream anymore with taking advantage of affiliate marketing business but to get success and reaching those money-goals, you should choose the right direction and use the right training materials.

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Of course, I’m 100% sure that you’ll love the platform and its wonderful community from the first moment you join so don’t miss this great opportunity easily for changing your financial life!

Thank you for spending your valuable time to read my Free Cash App review, hope it was useful for you and you’ve found the answer to your questions. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave it as a comment below.

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  1. Hi Ali,
    I like your honest review about the Free Cash App and I appreciate your spending time testing whether it is worth using it to earn just a few dollars in exchange for the long hours needed to download free apps. It is true that we need money for our living expenses. However, we can choose many ways to earn an income. Time is precious. If we can work on jobs that can contribute positively to the society, it would be something we will not regret doing when we look back at our achievements in our golden years.


  2. Hi Ali,
    Really it’s a great article and useful, and display all pros & cons points related to Cash App.
    Actually from my side i already install this App before 4-5 months ago cause i heard about it & in order to
    check what is the possibility to earn something using it. And i found it’s wast alot of my time, installing huge apps on you mobile you don’t want just to please Cash App, which at the end will fill your memory and storage, also pop-notification will start working up cause of these ugly installed apps.
    What i think regarding Cash App or similar to it, is that it’s just working to gain and increase it’s traffic no more no less. With 30$ per month Apps spend in another hand you will be spending a round 126 hours estimated !!! which is crazy comparision.
    Finally, i Totally agrees with you and reviews is honest, from many people reviews over the internet.
    Thanks alot Ali, and your time to share this.

  3. I love the solutions you offer here… realistically- do you need a certain skillset or training to start making money online? I have been in the e-commerce space the last ten years and can definitely say that there is a learning curve there. The blogging space seems a bit easier to grasp since i have prior experience. I am interested to know your take on this.

    1. It’s better to start with a platform that teaches you everything about money making. Take a look at my recommendation section to find answer of your question )

  4. I’ve actually been researching ways to make extra money, side hustles, work-at-home opps, etc and I came across this article. I absolutely despise non-cash reward apps, and I had seen that this cash app had high reviews, but am glad I read this post for further information. In my experience, apps like this have been a waste of time more than anything, and I don’t think this one would be any different. I do find your “recommendation” of interest. That’s a possible money maker worth sharing, and the exact type of biz opp I like to find. Thanks!

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