is freedom financial network a scam

Is Freedom Financial Network a Scam? – Answer Is Here!

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Steadily climbing the stairs of finance services online from 2002, Freedom Financial Network, LLC has grown into what can be described as a Giant Leader in the world of finance in the United States. It may be safe to say that they are experts in providing financial solutions for their clients. This is the question I’m going to answer in my review: Is Freedom Financial Network a scam or having financial freedom is not a dream anymore with using the services of this company?


Product Name: Freedom Financial Network

Official Website:

Founders: Andrew Housser and Bradford G. Strots

Type: Debt Relief Services

Cost to Join: Depends on your state and debt you own

Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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what is freedom financial network

What Is Freedom Financial Network All About?

Freedom Financial Network, LLC. Is a conglomerate of companies that provides financial solutions in debt and other situations concerning finance. The company was started in 2002 and provides services for its clients including Tax resolutions, debt settlement and consolidation. Others include shopping for a mortgage, giving personal loans and tax resolutions. With over 1,000 employees, Freedom Financial Network has helped thousands of customers in settlement of the financial crisis and saved millions of dollars.

In addition, they are also in charge of, a financial portal that gives tips and information to consumers on financial management provides tools for the management of debts and calculators to calculate the mortgage payment.

The mission of Freedom Financial Network is to create a future of financial freedom for the clients, employees, and businesses surrounding it by providing education and solutions on finance to the clients.

The company was founded and headed by two Co-CEOs; Mr. Andrew Housser and Mr. Bradford G. Strots. The conglomerate has four companies as it subsidiaries of which three are offline. They include Freedom Debt Relief, Freedom Plus, Consolidation Plus, and

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how freedom financial network works

How Freedom Financial Network Works?

Freedom Financial Network as a parent company to different subsidiaries operates as a third party to its clients in debt settlement and gives financial tips.

  • Freedom Plus

Freedom Plus is the arm of Freedom Financial Network that deals in providing soft loans to its clients with a view to the settlement of debts. The interests attached to the loans are super competitive and the repayment plans are quite affordable. Since they are involved in the settlement of debts through giving loans, they offer discounts if they are convinced that over half of the loan is going into the settlement of debts.

As usual, there are requirements that must be fulfilled before accessing the loan and when you do not fulfill the requirements; the loans can be applied for through a Consigner.

However, this service is found only in 36 states in the United States and it is advisable to ensure that you reside in any of the states or have a Consigner around you before applying.

  • Freedom Debt Relief

This arm of the Freedom Financial Network is directly involved with all sorts of issues concerning debt management, consolidation and settlement. They stand in for their clients to negotiate with the creditors in giving friendly conditions for the payment of the loans usually in a one-time payment of the loan in exchange for a reduced amount.

This company is a top player in the industry and has been recommended by many firms. The good thing about this company is that they usually accept debts that are not secured including Medical debts, credit card debts and other debts which are personal.

However, this offer is only available to 32 states in the United States and they do not really offer a guarantee that debt settlement works.

  • Com

This is the part of Freedom Financial Network, LLC that is entirely online. It is the part that offers educational materials, tips and other reliable information in the world of finance. They are generally in personal, debt and mortgage finance, providing calculators to calculate personal finance and mortgage payment.

A major part of the interest on this website is the “Ask Bill” column, where potential clients and subscribers get answers to their personal finance questions.

  • Consolidation Plus

This arm of Freedom Financial is the company’s exclusive loan outreach where they deal specially in credit card debt.

The way they function is to act as a kind of representative in form of debt consolidation and settlement to the client where they negotiate with the credit card company and negotiate to a one time payment. Then, they discuss with the client and where the client is unable to pay, they offer loans.

However, this company operates on an invitational basis only and a client can access this service when contacted by a representative of the company.

What Are The Main Advantages of Freedom Financial Network?

FFN provides credit counseling, as well as debt management services and these, are two main features of this company you can get benefit from but there are some other services like tax relief or lending service that can be helpful for you to know everything needed about the debt and bills.

It’s good to know that AFCC American Fair Credit Council has accredited this company. Also, various types of guides and information will be available for a better understanding of financial terms.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Services?

Most of the times, the total cost of using FFN service is something between 68% to 75%, however, there’s not a fixed rate for the fee and it can be higher or lower depends on the city you’re living and the amount of debt that you owe so it’s really hard to give a fixed amount as the fee.

Is It Worth Trying?

Although the fee of the service is more than standard in some cases but the quality of service you receive in return exceeds your expectation and you’ll work with professional financial experts in the debt consolidation section and you can be sure that there won’t be any unanswered questions about your debt and bills at the end.

Also providing an affordable plan for your debts is another service is given to you by representatives of Freedom Financial Network.

What About the Consolidation Plus

The representatives of the company focused on credit card debt in the Consolidation Plus section. You can get help of the representative in the debt consolidation when you want to negotiate with one-time payment or credit card company.

And when the total amount it too high which can’t be afforded by the client, they can get the advantage of different kinds of loans. However, you should contact a representative of Freedom Financial Network first which let them take a look at your account and see your current situation then they offer you services based on your needs.

Is It Possible to Make Extra Money With Freedom Financial Network?

Making money in the Freedom Financial Network group is easy when you work there and unlike MLM companies like Nevetica, the company usually rewards loyal employees with cash benefits.

There are also unconfirmed reports that there is a referral plan by the company to reward clients who refer potential customers to the company. It is a big conglomerate after all and so, money rewards is not a problem.

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freedom financial network review

Freedom Financial Network – Positives & Negatives

In as much as the company provides great features to its clients, helping to ease the burden of their financial issues, there are a few setbacks in their products. So, let’s look at these advantages and disadvantages.

The Positive,

  • Tons of Resources for consumers, clients and would-be Clients online: Freedom Financial Network websites contain tons of information that help customers to maintain a healthy financial statement.
  • Low-Interest Rates for Loans: the loans given by Freedom Financial have competitive rates and the repayment plans are well managed.
  • Cosigners: in the situation where it is not possible to fulfill the requirements for the loan, you can get a Cosigner to get the loan from them.
  • Good working conditions: the company has a good working schedule for its employees. The employees can choose their schedule as far as they are able to deliver their jobs effectively.

The Negative,

  • Customer reviews are not all positive: Freedom Financial Services as a whole get a high positive rating from the customers and other firms that use their services, but when it comes to their loans, there are mixed reviews especially negative ones from recipients especially on websites like the Better Business Bureau.
  • Limited Availability: the number of states where the debt settlement can be accessed is low, only 32 states, only the personal loans are available in just two more states.
  • Credit Card Debt Settlement is not available to all: the Consolidation Plus services are not available to all clients as they pick clients themselves. Even though the product they offer will be of benefit to all clients.
  • Amounts available for Loan is small: the loans offered by Freedom plus is set at a maximum of $35,000. Some clients may consider it too small.

is freedom financial network scam

Final Word – Is Freedome Financial Network a Scam?

Freedom Financial Network, LLC. Is a highly certified company that is spread over in major areas in the United States. There have been concerns though about its authenticity of the business.


The Freedom Financial Network is a major player in the world of finance that is very much involved in helping its clients overcome major financial challenges especially ones related to debts. The services they render save clients up to 35% of the total debts to pay and really handy for the clients.

In addition, they are helpful in other financial areas like mortgage, special projects like wedding, education and the rest. It is advisable however that you check out their products and services to be sure it will serve your purpose before proceeding to contact them.

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