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Is it possible to build a freelance career with reading a free e-book? Freelance Marketing Secrets says yes, it’s totally possible but Is Freelance Marketing Secrets a scam or it’s really a Precious ebook? Let’s see!

In the world that we find ourselves in today, almost every business out there needs marketing skills to flourish. This is why freelance marketing techniques is growing rapidly by the day; everyone is trying to proffer solutions on how you can become successful in your business. Plus, they are also trying to help you through the process. Freelance marketing is the perfect way anyone could earn extra income using your creative skills and networking.

To become successful in the field of freelance marketing, you need to master the necessary skills and art. You need to enrich yourself with full knowledge and understanding of the marketing career, to enable you to excel in this field.

The major skill set to learn or develop is how you can grab the attention of your audience. Then, you want to drive and convince them to concur with you on the benefits of the product you are trying to promote. Most times we notice this flair in us for marketing, but brushing up/perfecting this ability is something we have no idea about.

This is the major reason you need to be vast in knowledge, read books, attend workshops and seminars, read online materials, and take your marketing courses to help you do justice to this marketing skillset.

While on your path to achieving this, if you haven’t come across or read extensively about “Freelance Marketing Secrets” it’s more like you haven’t started this journey of marketing success. Just like the famous saying, knowledge is power; you need to learn how to start your own freelance marketing career right from the comfort of your home.

This secret guide can help you work so hard towards it. There is no doubt that you must have heard of freelance marketing secrets and you keep wondering what this is all about. Well, it’s a good thing that you are here now reading this review.


Product Name: Freelance Marketing Secrets

Official Website:

Owner: Keala Kanae

Type: Earn income online from freelancing career

Cost to Join: $99 to join the program + $39.95/monthly

Recommended? Yes but not for making a full-time income

Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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what is Freelance Marketing Secrets

What Exactly Is Freelance Marketing Secrets?

This is a free step-by-step PDF guide, made up of 18 secret pages of freelance marketing. It gives you a basic overview of how to kick off your career as an independent freelance marketer and how to hit it big. There are chances that you might be a starter that’s looking for legitimate ways to train and brush up your marketing skills; that is why you’ve come across this PDF at some point.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a sales page through a web-based digital business with a free keyword tool and get more people to sign up using their email address. All of this is while you earn some bucks by promoting products to them through affiliate marketing.

This freelance marketing secret is made up of different parts in the e-book; it basically serves as an introduction to how the founder makes his money online. Filled with lifestyle and income hype, it is absolutely normal.

There is nothing wrong is showing off while giving out action words for others to follow suit. This is because almost everyone wants to live that dream lifestyle.

He clearly put up his lifestyle pictures in this PDF; like that of spending his vacay in 28 different countries with his girlfriend and lying down on the bed with over $143,427 worth of commission checks launched in early 2016s from another promotion. This is what the first part of this secret e-book is basically all about.

The second part of freelance clearly states the three necessary steps of achieving online success.

  • Find an audience

The founder enlightens us on how to use Google’s keyword planner tool to find the right people who have problems that need a solution. This tool helps you find the exact keywords people are searching for on the different search engines.

The major idea is to create a webpage where you can send these visitors to with your affiliate link to buy your products.

  • Getting the right products to promote

Once you identify a niche, like (weight loss) for example, you’ll start looking for products that are affiliated to weight loss and promote it to the right audience in need of this.

The founder of this handbook recommends Clickbank because it’s the largest digital product marketplace — endeavor to promote legit products to your potential buyers.

  • Create a sales route

The last thing the founder of this handbook talked about is how to create a sales funnel. This is like the gateway for your visitors. It allows you to sell your affiliate products severally without having to spam on your visitors. You can make use of lead pages software, autoresponder (Getresponse), or click magick.

These steps that the founder carefully outlined are absolutely true; there is no doubt about this. Get to know your audience, target them, and market your affiliate products to them, while you earn some money online. This is top-secret.

About The Founder

If you remember, in my past reviews like Affiliate Cash Club, Cash Club Fund or Fast Profits, I’ve mentioned that a clear background the owner is necessary for trusting a product or website and about Freelance Marketing secrets, it must be said that you’ve definitely come across the name “Keala Kanae” at some point on the media.

He is the brain behind this; he is the founder of Freelance Marketing Secrets. A successful Internet marketer that has helped to build so many well-known established companies. Kanae helps entrepreneurs impact the world with their varieties of products.

He was single-handedly raised by his mother, with a not so good income and at that time had no idea of becoming a businessman. He did some menial jobs at 18 that wasn’t paying off so well; he could barely afford getting his friends a gift.

In the year 2012, he learned the necessary skills of Internet marketing, with the help of his co-founder, they joined Empower network company, which later went bankrupt at some point. This was the immediate cause that bore the company “Awol Academy.” Here, his company offers core courses that require you to make more money.

Kaela inspires people to be more, an excellent instructor that makes you develop a high level of interest in Internet marketing and gets much attention. A legit entrepreneur who really wants to help people, it was out of this kind gesture that he published his handbook, Freelance Marketing Secrets.

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How Does It Really Work, Can You Make Money with It?

To be honest, it does not matter if you want to live in one of 10 richest U.S. states or you prefer a small village for living, you a capital investment and security to make it works.

When it comes to FMS (Freelance Marketing Secrets) this free e-book by Awol Academy founder Keala Kanae is an excellent masterpiece that is literally for anyone out there who wants to hit it big online. This can only work for you if you diligently implement the three basic step-by-step instructions of the freelance marketing secrets.

You can make money with it if you are ready to invest a certain sum of money to earn even more. His story has been featured on Forbes some time as a success story. You can earn commissions anywhere and at any time.

So, this is how it works – Like it was noted earlier in this piece, you’ll find the right audience first and foremost, then promote the products that can solve their basic needs to them when you sign up with an affiliate company. Next, you create a sales route to promote. There will need to be an advertisement at any part of the page that will have them enter their email address, for you to have the sales page.

By capturing their emails, you can keep sending them follow-up emails, that gives you a flexible opportunity to sell your offers. These emails will contain links that will lead the prospective buyers back to the offer/sales page; giving them another chance to buy your product while you get paid in return with “commissions.”

Yes! it is that simple to make money online — a legitimate source of extra income without job schedules and a boss that orders you around. Plus, you can make cool cash with freelance marketing secrets.

Freelance Marketing Secrets pros and cons


The Pros of Freelance Marketing Secrets.

Kaela’s PDF guide has so many benefits you stand to gain from it if you quietly read through and understand his points.

  • It doesn’t cost you

This is one big advantage of freelance marketing secrets. It has gathered so much audience because it’s absolutely free. So, you don’t need to pay a dime to get them.

  • The founder is successful

This alone is a plus. Kanae is a successful Internet marketer who inspires the world to aim for more. He is a legitimate person that brings forth legitimate ways of making money to people; he drives everyone along.

His good deeds are well known, which he incorporated into his handbook. Reading his handbook automatically means you’re a step closer to your dreams because he will definitely inspire you.

  • Recommended tools

In Kanae’s e-book, he listed some of his recommended tools that he makes use of, for easy and paid freelance marketing.

This is another pro because we rarely see this on most secret handbooks online. These tools are functioning properly and aid you in achieving your set goals.

  • The basic steps

In this handbook, the founder carefully outlined the basic steps for a successful freelance marketing strategy. These steps work perfectly fine; they are really good. People who have implemented this basic step-by-step guide always have something good to say, because it yields positive results.

  • Big commissions

If you master the arts of this secret, you are definitely hitting the top. As an affiliate marketer, you can earn commissions at any time, even while sleeping, because you followed the right path, which is having a knowledge of Kanae’s secret.

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The Cons Of Freelance Marketing Secrets.

Everything with a pro definitely has a con; this shows the level of its effectiveness and usage. The same way these secrets have numerous advantages, there are slight disadvantages that weren’t expected of it.

  • It is vague

This handbook is an 18-page PDF with limited information. The founder didn’t go deep into explaining the three basic steps, to enlighten us on what to do, not do, and what to expect. It was more like an overview.

  • A pathway for Awol Academy

He used his handbook as a sales route for his Awol products, which makes it feel more like he is aiming to promote his products more. And, you can’t literally read a paragraph without having him promote another program “freelance marketing secrets masterclass.”

  • Very expensive

The products he promotes in his PDF are really expensive, including the training, they are not quite affordable.

  • Looks too good to be true

The way he goes on to promise a certain huge amount of money within a short time frame makes it look unrealistic. Plus, the amounts sounds too good to be true, which makes people doubt his legitimacy.

is Freelance Marketing Secrets scam

Final Word – Is Freelance Marketing Secrets A Scam? 

It’s absolutely normal for people to feel skeptical when they hear about a particular thing that can fetch them cool funds “online,” most especially. A few of them see it as impossible. So it’s nothing new if you reading this right now feels the same way. You might be wondering if freelance marketing secrets is a scam or a legit one.

Freelance marketing secrets isn’t a scam at all. The handbook is not sold, and it serves as a marketing guide 101 to arouse the interest of people in making real money online, and also being a part of Awol Academy.

There are lots of positive reviews about him and how the handbook has gone a long way in changing many lives. It’s really obvious that these secrets are no scam. This guide is the most recommended for anyone looking to make money through online market sales.

If it’s the marketing emails you keep getting from him that is making you feel this way, you can simply unsubscribe from his list. The information in there can help you start your own freelance marketing business because you’ve laid a solid foundation.

To Wrap It Up

Freelance marketing secrets is for you; it’s for anyone out there climbing the ladder of success. You don’t need to keep sitting on the fence; you are only wasting your time that should have been used to develop more marketing skills and earn big.

This freelance marketing secrets review should serve as an encouragement to you when implementing the words of Keala. Indeed, this secret knowledge is true power.

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