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Is Fusion Cash a Scam? – Expectations, Truth, and Lies!

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Fusion Cash claims that it can help you to make some extra cash easily and fast but is Fusion Cash a scam or you can completely trust it? I personally believe that everybody who has used the Internet at least one time landed into one of the making money websites out there that claim you can make a lot of money overnight.

Of course, when there’s a money-making program in the Internet, it does not necessarily mean that it’s a legit and reliable opportunity. It can be totally fake and a scam program and yes, it’s not easy to recognize scams websites these days.

Fusion Cash is one of these websites that have such that claim and with taking a look around the Internet, you’ll find out that both positive and negative reviews are available for this website but which ones are telling you the truth and which ones are lying?

I think you should only believe the “Unbiased” reviews that have been written by a trusted person and I’m happy to tell you that the review you’re reading here is the honest one you can find about Fusion Cash.

I think that it would be fair to call a person expert or experienced in making money online industry when he/she is doing online business and making much more than full-time income from the Internet for +8 years. This is where my experience comes from and that’s why I believe that I give you the most useful information you need to know in ALL my reviews and my Fusion Cash review is not an exception as well.

First of all, it must be said that making any serious money (full-time or even part-time income) from Fusion Cash is not anything more than a joke and that would not be an interesting opportunity if like me, you have an established successful online business.

But I’m pretty sure that there are thousands of people who are happy with making a couple of dollars in their extra time, especially if a website or program claims that you can earn this extra money by doing some mini-tasks that does not take more than a few minutes of your time; Yes, that’s exactly my main reason for reviewing Fusion Cash.

Now let’s see if Fusion Cash is worth trying or a considerable amount of your time will be just wasted over there.


Product Name: Fusion Cash

Official Website:

Owner: Tyler Derheim

Type: GPT (Get Paid To) Platform

Cost to Join: Free

Short Review:

Fusion Cash is a Get Paid To the website that allows members to make some extra bucks online from different ways such as completing mini-tasks or taking online surveys. The process of sing up is straight forward and after sign in into your account, you can navigate the website easily.

At the moment, only citizens of two countries (America and Canada) are allowed to register and work in Fusion Cash but according to their recent announcement, they’re planning to make their platform available for people from other countries in the near future as well.

In total, I don’t give Fusion Cash a negative review but it’s not my best recommendation as well however, there are several serious considerations that need to be considered if you want to use the different options of making money online in this program. (Find More in full review below).

Recommended? Yes, but only for making a few extra bucks

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is fusion cash

So What Is Fusion Cash All About?

Although Fusion Cash provides different options to make extra money but I think it’s fair to it a paid survey website that links you (members) to advertisers because this is their main option of earning online.

What they do is collecting all surveys completed by people then send them to companies as research. This report helps companies know hat people liked and didn’t like in their products, so these reports are important, critical and can be very profitable for companies if it’s been used the right way.

And this a well-known marketing technique that has been used by hundreds of companies (both small and big ones) around the world, even leader brands like LG or Microsoft take advantage of this marketing plan. Imagine how that would be beneficial if Apple knows what features of Samsung phones liked by people then Apple can easily equip the new series of iPhone to these features.

BBB (Better Business Bureau, a nongovernmental organization designed to enhance marketplace trust) registered Fusion Cash as an official company in 2009 and rated it A+ but this website started to work 4 years before that in 2005. This high rating helps the reputation of Fusion Cash company because the truth is that most of the survey websites don’t get any rating better than B so this A+ rating can be considered as a measurement criteria of trust for this website.

You can get paid for filling out online surveys and sharing your opinions by this company if you’re from Canada or United States. Maybe that’s a negative point that only residents of these two countries can join and become a member of Fusion Cash but this is not the only cons of this program; your opinion may change about it if you know that what is the real income potential behind Fusion Cash.

The truth about ALL paid survey platforms is that they have very limited earning potential and one common misconception about online survey websites is that you can make big money from it easily. Generally, people who think like this leave paid survey platforms in less than a week and you never look at it as an opportunity that can be replaced with your full-time or even part-time job.

My advice is that you should consider ALL survey websites as something to fill in any spare time you have, not anything else!

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All Benefits of Fusion Cash:

  • There’s a signup bonus for new members. This means with only a couple of clicks, you can earn $5 for joining the program
  • You don’t need to pay a fee or something like that. If you’re from the “Accepted Countries”, you can create your account and become a member of Fusion Cash for Free.
  • There are different survey offers you can pick up. For example, if you don’t like to enter your bank details or CC info, you can use filter to see only offers that does not require any Credit Card information. Of course the pay range for this kind of offers is much less than other offers. (Most of the times it’s less $0.20 for completing an offer filtered by this section).

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how does fusion cash work

Can Fusion Cash Help You to Make Money?

Yes, as I’ve mentioned above, it’s possible to make a few dollars online with this program but you should not rely on it as a source of full-time income.

Although there’re offers that say you will get paid a couple of dollars for taking a single survey but 90% of these offers have been used for promotional purposes and you never get approved for those offers, instead, surveys that pay you only a few cents are always available and it clearly shows that there is a low earning potential behind Fusion Cash.

In my opinion, working on Fusion Cash will disappoint you if you spend a significant amount of time over there and expect to make a living from it but if you’ve one or two free hours during the day and if making a few extra bucks online makes you happy then you can consider Fusing Cash as an option.

Don’t forget that there’s another option of making money through Fusion Cash which lets you make a profit by introducing new referrals into the program. This means you invite other people to join this program then you’ll earn money for their work.

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fusion cash pros and cons

Fusion Cash, The Good, The Bad

After taking a deep look at Fusion Cash, here’s a list of all my likes and dislikes about this website:

The Good,

  • The process of sign up and navigating the site is very simple.
  • It provides different ways to earn money online.
  • All new members can benefit from a bonus of $5.
  • The process of creating referral links will be done automatically by the system, not any manual effort is required.
  • No fee or any other costs is required, it’s totally free to join the program.

The Bad,

  • Your money will be in Fusion Cash for only 6 months and you’ll lose it if you forget to withdraw it.
  • The pay rate is very low for some surveys and it does not pay to take them.
  • At the moment, the platform only accepts members from North America (United States and Canada)
  • The number of available surveys, tasks and mini-jobs is “Unlimited” on this website so if you don’t manage your time properly, a significant amount of your time may be wasted over there easily.

What about the Complaints?

It does not matter if I review an apple’s phone or an unknown website, there are always complaints that you should consider before purchasing the product or using the service. This also applies to all products and programs that I’ve reviewed like Secret Affiliate Machine, QProfit System or Trump Bonus Checks.

And about Fusion Cash, there are two main complaints:

  • Minimum Pay Out

After joining the website, you’ll see that there’s a cash-out of $25 for the program. Because of the fact of low earning potential behind survey websites, $25 minimum payout is some higher than the standard amount. Of course you can achieve it if you complete tasks and surveys on a regular basis but sometimes it’s hard to see that with spending a couple of hours, only a few cents is added up to your account.

This is the complaint many members of Fusion Cash talked about but personally, I don’t think it’s a big problem if you don’t expect to make a lot of money from it.

  • It’s only a Side Income

Unfortunately, Fusion Cash can’t fire your boss! All signs that I’ve seen on the website shows that you should keep your current job and use Fusion Cash only for making a few extra dollars.

When your expectation is set realistically, you feel comfortable with working on this legitimate platform but if you look at it as a “get rich quick” opportunity, it won’t satisfy you.

Final Word – Is Fusion Cash a Scam? 

No, of course not! All my research shows that Fusion Cash is completely a legit company that provides earning opportunities; although it’s not a good choice for earning a passive income and some people didn’t like it because of its low earning potential but in terms of there legitimacy, there’s not anything wrong with that.

Many members reported that they’ve received payments and the rating of A+ also confirms the reliability of Fusion Cash. Actually it could be a start point for people who are willing to earn money online. With a long history (being in the business for +13 years), it can help people understand if they could face all ups and downs that exist in the online business and if this is the way where can make them rich or not.

Finally, if you still have any unanswered questions in your mind, feel free to take a look at the FAQ section of the Fusion Cash website and I make you sure that you’ll find the answer over there.

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That’s it! Hope you liked my Fusion Cash review and I would be more than happy to see and reply to your comments so feel free to ask if you have any questions. : )

See you soon in the next review!

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