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Is Genesis Investing System a Scam? Unbiased Review!

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Hello everyone! The program that I’m going to review today called, Genesis Investing System and I’m going to answer this important question about this program: Is Genesis Investing System a scam really that should not be trusted or it’s a valuable and unique investing opportunity?

I prefer to use the term of “online course” rather than a system or program for this product because with the provided training by website, you’ll learn how private companies can be profitable for you.

It shows you investment opportunities in these companies and makes you profitable with these markets. This business model made money for a lot of people because as its name says, private companies sell their equity and stocks for specific items and products or the company itself before sharing it publicly and you have chance to buy these equities and become a shareholder; if the item sells well after release, you will make a nice profit.

This training program is created by Matthew Millner but it’s very similar to the online course of Banyan Hill, another training program that I’ve recently reviewed.

In this business model, the IPO of companies is very important because choosing the right companies which have the potential to turn into established brands is the only way you have a chance to make a profit.

In simple words, you buy the equity of an unknown or less-known company and sell it when it has a higher value. There’s also a chance to get the benefit when your stocks get cheaper. I’ll explain more about this later.

Ok, let’s dive into Genesis Investing System and see if it worths your time and effort or not.


Product Name: Genesis Investing System

Official Website:

Owner: Matthew Millner

Type: Make money with investing in private firms

Cost to Join: $79

Recommended? 50% to 60%

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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So, What Is Genesis Investing System All About? ​

Matthew Milner (founder of Genesis Investing System) helps you find profitable opportunities in private companies with a normal budget based on a series of training and secret recommendations. This is what GIS (Genesis Investing System) is all about according to what Matthew Milner is written on the website of this program.

Before going ahead let’s have a look at the definition of Genesis Investment; in short, when a company lets people benefit from a mechanism of equity crowdfunding, it’s called Genesis Investment. And the companies that try to help people with useful training materials and information to make successful investments called Crowdability.

This is the way that small businesses and startup companies can benefits from because they need fund to start their business or launch their product and this group of investors can help them with this funding.

Now let’s back to our main topic, Genesis Investing System.

The strategy behind GIS is a worldwide strategy; it lets normal people invest in this market with as low as $100 budget and get benefits from equity crowdfunding.

According to what Matthew Millner says, the GIS is a valuable training program which is a result of his long experience and hard work in this industry and had positive results for many people who used it.

Another good thing about this course is that it’s featured on well-known economics networks like Wall Street Journal or famous magazines like Forbes which gives more credit to this system.

Who Is Behind Genesis Investing System Exactly?

Matthew Milner is one of the co-founders of Genesis Investors but with a little research you’ll find out that this program launched by Crowdability in 2013. But Matthew decided to create this product?

Matthew was a stock trader before launching GIS (Genesis Investing System) but he wasn’t satisfied with his ROI (Return on Investment) and that was the main reason for this guy to start making money from another way and it was the time Genesis Investing System was born.

The aim of GIS is opening the investing’s doors to the ordinary people so online investing would not be only for millionaires and rich persons anymore and everybody with any budget can try his/her chance for making some extra money.

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how genesis investing system works

So How Genesis Investing System Works Really?

In simple words, GIS is all about the crowdfunding. Rather than a step by step guide to the stock investing, it lets you have an online income through crowdfunding because investing directly on the stock market has a high risk of losing money and that’s why it’s not recommended for beginners.

Fortunately we can call Genesis Investing System a newbie-friendly training program; the truth is that you need to be familiar with the terms used in the stock market otherwise, the financial technology you’ll learn will be complex and incomprehensible to you but with the help of Crowdability and GIS, you just need to apply what you learn in the program in the market and listening and understanding the course itsels is all you need to get familiar with process of investing successfully in the stock market.

After joining the program, you’ll start with one of the below training section:

  • Allocate

This is an important part that let you know what is the minimum amount of money required to start a successful investment in this industry. In this section, you’ll learn how to not invest more than what you can afford and this decreases your financial risk significantly.

  • Screen

The first step of building a successful investment portfolio is choosing the Right investment opportunity. It does not need to say that not all investment opportunities out there are worth your time and money so in the “Screen” section, you’ll learn how to avoid high-risk investments and choose the best ones according to your financial situation

  • Evaluate

The analysis is another section that is covered in detail in the training program of GIS. You need to monitor your investment activity closely to stop what you’re doing wrong and expand what you’re doing right. This is a key if you want to become a successful investor and you can be done it with the help of Evaluate section of GIS.

The Dark Side of Genesis Investing System

With all I’ve told you above, you may be encouraged to start your investment journey right away but wait and continue reading to find out the other side (the ugly side) of this training program.

Testimonials – Fake or Real?

There are many people in the testimonial videos of GIS who say that using this program was the best decision they’ve ever made in their life and it’s changed their financial life completely but they never say that the result they’ve got came through the drop shipping which is a totally different industry and is not related to stock investing at all.

Then they say that you just need 15 to 30 minutes to set up the system but it’s not possible and even if you want to enter into drop shipping business, you need at least 3 to 6 months before launching your dropshipping website.

Unfortunately, I can’t consider these testimonials as the real feedback of people and it’s sad to say that I’ve seen testimonials of some of these persons in other products which decreases the credibility of the product.

And with the help of freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr or, you can find freelancers who can create fake testimonials quickly; they say what you want in the videos and hide the Truth easily and the programs that using these kinds of testimonials are not trustworthy in my opinion.

Why These People Create Fake Testimonials?

The answer is very simple, because of money! We should accept that we are living in a world of goods and bads and the Internet (aka the virtual world) is not an exception so you should not expect to see only good things on the Internet and these people are one of the bad things of the Internet.

You may think that it’s stupid if you start creating tons of fake testimonials for different products because people will recognize your face easily after a short time and don’t believe what they say and don’t trust the product they’re promoting; well, you’re right but the fact is that they simply don’t care what you are thinking about them at all! They just want to make money and do ANYTHING to achieve this goal.

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genesis investing system pros and cons

Genesis Investing System – Likes & Dislikes

All programs I’ve reviewed before like Auto Chat Profits, Affiliate Cash Club or Clout Cash Club have their own pros and cons and GIS has its own positives and negatives too. Now let’s take a look at good and bad sides of this program below;


  • The training behind the GIS itself is a proven method to start investing properly and it’s followed by many beginners and expert investors around the world.
  • Matthew Millner is a well-known person in online investment industry and trusting him is not a wrong decision for sure.
  • The program is easy to follow and with just a couple of clicks, you’ll be a subscriber of the program and are ready to start learning about the investing in the stock market.


  • Becoming a subscriber of GIS is not Free and it’ll cost you. Also, you won’t start to see the result immediately after finishing the course because some trial and error is required to fit your foot in the right direction.
  • To be honest, I don’t believe some of the testimonials featured on the website. I’m not telling that all of them are fake but I’m pretty sure that they have taken advantage of freelancers for creating not real success stories in some cases.
  • You’re not going to make big money quickly with the Genesis Investing System because it’s a long-term process and you may fail several times before start getting success.
  • If it’s hard for you to understand the terms and concepts used in the investment industry, there’s no reason for subscribing into this program so make sure the investment is something you can learn properly before paying the subscription fee of Genesis Investing System.

Final Word – Is Genesis Investing System a Scam?

With all research I’ve done about this program, I can now say that Genesis Investing Systel is a 100% legit training platform. Of course, it does not make you rich in a couple of days or weeks but it tries to show the proper way of investing to the students.

However, if you decide to enter into the investment world, you should prepare yourself for some losses because it’s impossible to be a winner always in the stock market. Many investors in different countries are using techniques of GIS and implement it into their decision to make successful trades and you can definitely be one of them as well.

My Conclusion

Trying any online program can be risky and GIS is not an exception. One of the negative points of this program is that not all aspects of the investing world is covered inside the training so you may feel a lack of information in some parts.

Investing is not only about stock market, for example, knowing the best time to sell gold, good time to take tesla profits or 3 ways to trade in precious metals are other types of investment. Anyway if you are a person who can accept risk of the losing your hard-earned money then you can try Genesis Investing System but if you’re on a low-budget and can’t afford the risk, it’s better to start with Zero-Risk making money system I’m recommending below because it does not cost you anything and it lets you make full-time income if you use it properly.

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It’s very simple and starts with creating a website about your interests then you’ll simply use affiliate marketing techniques that this program teaches you to make a profit from your website.

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Thank you for reading my Genesis Investing review and feel free to contact me if you have any questions through the comments section below. )

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