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Is Get Weekly Paychecks Scam? – Just Another Sales Funnel!

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Is Get Weekly Paychecks a scam or not? It can be your luck to read this review especially if it’s being told you that you can earn between 500-2000 dollars or more every week by just copying and pasting advertisements and then Get Weekly Paychecks will do all the selling for you!

Definitely you want to make sure whether Get Weekly Paychecks is a fraud or not in confronting with this type of assertions! You are right because it seems too much good to make such a money by this way! So let’s investigate it in this review together.


Product Name: Get Weekly Paychecks

Founder: Bill Foley & Chez Feenstra

Type: Marketing Channel for Motor Club of America (MCA)

Cost: $25/month + Membership fee ($39.90 + $19.95/month)

Best For: Probably just for owner of Get Weekly Paychecks!

Summary Review: Get Weekly Paychecks has a pyramid scheme since employing more members in this system is the only way for earning money. A different MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) product named MCA (Motor Club of America) is promoted by Get Weekly Paychecks.

Recommended? No

Rating: 4/10

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what is get weekly paychecks

What is Get Weekly Paychecks?

Get Weekly Paychecks that is made by Bill Foley and Chez Feenstra, is just a channel for marketing/sales in order to promoting another company named Motor Club of America (MCA) that is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. So it isn’t considered as a product itself.

The positive point of Get Weekly Paychecks is that they are honest with you in advance! They have already told you that they are just Sales System of Motor Club of America (MCA).

As it could be seen clearly on their logo also: The World’s #1 All-Time Best Selling MCA Sales System.

So what is MCA all about?

Motor Club of America (MCA) is a company that offers you some services with many profits and discounts until you are a member who pays them! These services include 24/7 towing service for all kinds of transport like motorcycles, cars, vans… indeed MCA is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that proposes assistance services in the United States and Canada.

The originators of Get Weekly Paychecks have proposed a program to assist people in promoting membership of Motor Club of America (MCA). Infact it’s a substitute plan because MCA has a drawback and that’s absence of resources and teaching to aid members managing their business. For this purpose, every member of MCA can make 90 dollars by recruiting a new paying member into the MCA.

MCA is promoted by Get Weekly Paybacks and since MCA shells out its autonomous partners or factors weekly (on every Friday) for this reason it has been named “Get Weekly Paychecks”.

how get weekly paychecks works

How Get Weekly Paychecks Really Works?

The truth is that not only you can’t earn much money by just copying and pasting advertisements in social media platforms but also it’s possible to shut out much money by using paid advertising and that’s what Get Weekly Paychecks wants to encourage you to carry out!

Get Weekly Paychecks 3 steps

Get Weekly Paychecks claims that you can earn much money by selling MCA membership and its sales video shows as if all people want a MCA membership but it’s not true! Because actually you can’t sell so much since it’s already a property with car insurance and so getting roadside assistance singly is just an extra cost that nobody wants to pay it!

As Get Weekly Paychecks says by using their program and promoting only with three phases, you can make much money!

  • First, you copy the advertisement campaigns made by Get Weekly Paychecks.
  • Secondly, paste the advertisements to the social media platform that you want to advertise on.
  • Thirdly, you earn 90 dollars for every MCA membership that you sell with your Get Weekly Paychecks sales funnel.

But if you’re not advertising on there and just using free social media traffic, actually it’s not possible to earn 500-2000 dollars every week just by doing these three steps!

pros and cons

The bad thing about Get Weekly Paychecks

The fact is that Get Weekly Paychecks is more beneficial for who knows about internet marketing but if you are a novice in this field who doesn’t know enough about it, this program would never be useful because you need to learn and figure out it before.

Although there are some tools to aid you learn and begin for your dependent business online but the Get Weekly Paychecks neither has any plan for helping novices to know better about dependent marketing and the system nor any program to teach how to make traffic to your business therefore it doesn’t prepare an appropriate field to make your business for the long term. This defect of Get Weekly Paychecks makes it hard for a novice learn basically this field. Moreover, for being more efficient in recruiting more people in system of Multi-Level Marketing and dependent marketing, you require to aim making traffic to your dependent site and it won’t be so easy!

Another important point is that you will be shelling out a monthly subscription in order to hold your related link and membership. If you can’t be prosperous in bringing people to sign up for membership, not only you won’t be gaining any commission but also you will surely lose your investment too!

is get weekly paychecks a scam

Conclusion – Is Get Weekly Paycheck a Scam?

Not only Get Weekly Paychecks is not a scam but also it is a legal procedure for making money although it’s not an appropriate source for a long term business pattern to derive a benefit!

The subject of making money with Get Weekly Paychecks depends on the level of your skill. You can make money from this program if you are an expert in internet marketing and making traffic to your online business. Otherwise, if you are not good enough in internet marketing or you are a beginner who is just starting to learn to make money from dependent marketing just with a little revenue, it can be a good scheme also if you don’t expect to earn much money!

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