is gift card granny scam

Is Gift Card Granny Scam or This Granny Changes Your Life?

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In recent years gift cards have become a very popular gift. You don`t need to put your time into finding a gift your friend would like, you just get a gift card to a store where your friend shops. But is Gift Card Granny scam or it’s better to look for your chance somewhere else?

Sometimes there are too many gift cards, or someone gives us a gift card for a store we`d never shop at. What to do, you might be wondering? Gift Card Granny has an answer for you. You can sell them, and Gift Card Granny has created a platform for that.

However, things are not that simple here. Like many other websites which help people make money, Gift Card Granny has its own advantages and drawbacks. And I`m happy you are here, reading my Gift Card Granny review because anyone who is considering using this website must know what awaits them. Make sure to read the review up to the end!


Product Name: Gift Card Granny

Official Website:

Owner: Luke Knowles

Type: Buying/Selling Discounted Gift Cards

Cost to Join: $1 Cash Back for Every Purchased Gift Card

Recommended? Yes but not for making a full-time income

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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what is gift card granny

What is Gift Card Granny All About?

Unlike websites like Vindale Research, you don’t need to take surveys or complete tasks online to make money in Gift Card Granny. Gift Card Granny was established by Luke Knowles a decade ago and now based in Pittsburgh. It`s a platform for selling and buying various gift cards and includes a website and an app.

Background of Gift Card Granny

When I’ve checked the website of GCG, I’ve found several interesting facts about that teaches new things to members. The first option of this company was providing a comparison system that was monitoring gift-card websites and this was almost 10 years ago when it’s just started working.

Years passed and they’ve got success in this industry and could become a leader in providing discounted gift cards. Now, they’re an international company with around 50 employees and it’s interesting to know that this well-known company has been managed by only one person at the beginning.

According to the latest stats, during the last 10 years, around 20 million of people have used service of Gift Card Granny and this company provided more than 400k deals for different kind of gift cards.

How to Sign-Up in Gift Card Granny?

Gift Card Granny has several offers for its users, and you can find all of them on their home page. First of all, you can buy gift cards at a lower price for the store you are planning to shop at so that you could save some money on your shopping.

Secondly, if you have some gift cards for sale, you can sell them here at a better price, as the website claims. And finally, you can buy a set of gift cards for your employees, clients or whoever.

However, the whole scheme is not transparent enough, so it took me some time and browsing to find out how Gift Card Granny really works and if it can be profitable for you or not to use it. Continue reading to see what I have found out.

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gift card granny review

How Does Gift Card Granny Exactly Work?

Whether Gift Card Granny works or not, to a large extent depends on the angle you look from. If you have some gift cards you are not planning to use, then Card Gift Granny is a perfect place to give them up and in addition, earn some money.

However, things are different if you are looking for gift cards to buy. Of course, the website offers lots of gift cards both at their real price and with a discount. But the question that bothers me is why would you need to buy a gift card?

There are so many websites out there on the web which offer you gift cards for watching ads or taking surveys! If you want to get some gift cards for free, you can simply sign up for websites like or

What Is The Discounted Gift Cards?

As I have mentioned before, Gift Card Granny website is very easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. For that, you just need to go to, open the list of the discounts and the companies offering them and search if you know what you are looking for or use filters according to the area you live in or type of store and discounts you are aiming at.

If you want to use all the features offered by the website, you can also look for those gift cards with a ‘Granny Awards’ sign. If you buy them, you will receive ‘awards’, or points, which you can then exchange to free gift cards. That`s good to see some additional features which help you save even more money.

So let`s get back to the gift cards. I decided to search the area where I live and I found quite a number of gift cards at discounted prices. However, most gift cards had a very little discount, a couple of dollars at most. For example, $25 Walmart gift cards will cost you $23.75 while $25 Hot Topic gift cards has only 3-dollar discount.

If you want to read more about this or that gift card, you need to click on “View Deal”. And what happens then? You are directed to another website which actually has this deal. So basically, Gift Card Granny is a platform that brings together all these gift card deals in one place and doesn`t have anything to offer itself.

On the one hand, there are so many websites on the web offering great deals on gift cards, while Gift Card Granny doesn`t offer any deals by itself. And every time you want to use this or that offer, you are directed to another website and have to deal with another company.

But, on the other hand, Gift Card Granny has done a great job gathering all these companies and deals in one place. Now, instead of visiting dozens of websites looking for a particular gift card, you can go to and search all available gift card deals.

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gift card granny pros and cons

Gift Card Granny – Pros & Cons

  • Problem With Money-Back Guarantee

Unfortunately, there is no clear information on refunds on the Gift Card Granny website. All I managed to find out is that, according to the website Terms, if you lose your money on a scam or something, Gift Card Granny is not responsible for that and you have to deal with their partners who sell gift cards on their website. So think twice before using any of the website`s offers!

  • The Complaints People Have With Gift Card Granny

If you want to get the whole idea of a company, you can`t skip reading the complaints which can easily be found on the Internet. Sometimes doing it is the best way to figure out if a company is a scam or a legitimate enterprise.

  • You Won’t Work with Businesses Directly

To be honest, purchasing gift cards at Gift Card Granny can`t be a risky business. If you read the complaints available on the Internet, you will see that most people have lost their money because they are offering other companies` deals which makes the refund process really difficult. If you decide to do that, be prepared that Gift Card Granny doesn`t take any responsibilities for your purchase and if something goes wrong, the risk of losing the money is quite high.

After all, why would you take such a risk if you can earn gift cards for free? There are so many opportunities on the web to earn free gift cards for doing your everyday routine online! Just check out sites like or and you`ll be surprised how easy it can be!

Real Income Potential Behind Gift Card Granny

As it’s mentioned above, there’s not a high-income potential in GCG and you should not rely on it as a real online job but it does not mean that there’s no money to be made through Gift Card Granny.

Purchasing people’s gift cards at a cheaper price or offer your own designed gift cards are two first ways of earning some money from GCG. If you stick to it and don’t look at it as a short-term business then you’ll have some extra bucks in your pocket at the end of the month.

All in all, I consider Gift Card Granny as quality service and recommend you to use its features if it meets your needs.

is gift card granny a scam

Final Word – Is Gift Card Granny Scam?

To be honest, this website was far from what I had really expected. When I’ve visited it, I thought that it’s nothing more than a normal paid survey platform that rewards members by points and I was surprised when I’ve seen a gift-card discount platform that offers something new.

The first fact about Gift Card Granny is that it’s not a money making the machine and it can’t be replaced with your 9-5 job. If making serious amount of money is your aim of joining this platform then 100 or even 1000 gift-cards CAN’T help you with this. I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say you need unlimited numbers of gift-card if making good money is something you are looking for behind this platform.

You need to make and follow some rules to get success with them. For instance, set a rule of purchasing gift-cards that can save you around %15 and skip all other opportunities. Also, keep in mind that there’s always more discount if you buy gift cards in bulk so if you are sure you can sell them, always go for bulk gift-cards or larger cards.

About the technical issues, I have not seen any problem inside of platform. Everything works smoothly and you will have an enjoyable experience when you surf pages of Gift Card Granny and click to see the preview of pre-made gift-cards. GCG has definitely a user-friendly platform with a simple but nice design which everybody will enjoy seeing and working on it. Also, the main colors of the website won’t hurt your eyes and everything is visible easily.

my recommendation

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  1. Thanks for the review! Really appreciate that you approach the service from different perspectives and high-light the risks involved. I am always on the lookout for online business opportunities but it seems like it would require a huge turnover to make any useful amount of money here. But at the same time its great if you are looking to find some gift cards because Gift Card Granny seems to have done a great job collecting them all in one place.
    Thanks for the interesting read!

  2. I have actually heard of this before, but I was always skeptical. I mean, how was I supposed to know if it was legit or not. However, your article cleared a lot of that up. I don’t think that I have ever came across a gift card I didn’t want or use, and I will usually just buy gift cards at the supermarket or the actual store. I will definitely keep this in mind if the situation ever arises.

    Thank you for the great informative article!

  3. Wow what a thorough and helpful review! I hadn’t even heard of Gift Card Granny, but this post certainly saved me hours of research trying to see if it’s legit. I’m not a fan of survey sites personally, because they’re very on and off on whether you are applicable with surveys, so this is a good alternative time wise, and it can be money wise if you set your expectations correctly. There is no get-rich possibility out of this, just a bit on the side. I think many of these gift card sites just have lots of other sites brought together without offering much themselves, so it doesn’t bother me. Really good post, very informative and I might check GCG in the future. Great job!

  4. Thanks for this comprehensive review.

    You have really one your homework in giving perspective and discernment as to if this a scam or not. I think it’s very important for someone reading this piece to backtrack and go the some of the key points you made as to make sure they understand this marketing platform and read their disclaimers to understand that if you lose money by being scamme by one their partners, Granny is not liable. So, wise to know what your getting into.
    I’m totally unfamiliar with this type of marketing but I could see if one really served their due diligence in going about it, this could be a very feasible way to earn some secondary income. I am going to stop by the site learn more.

    Thanks again. great article, I learned a lot.

  5. I had not heard of Gift Card Granny until I read your article. I rarely receive a gift card I can’t use or from somewhere I don’t shop. It has happened before. Sometimes I pass them on to someone I know will use them.
    My husband had a birthday today and received several gift cards. They are all cards he will definitely use so no Gift Card Granny in our future.
    I like how you exposed all the pros and cons to this site and service. It sounds like they have a novel thought, but not the most practical since there are so many other ways to get gift cards for free or with other incentives attached. I buy my gift cards at a grocery store that awards me points toward fuel discounts.
    I also like to buy gift cards in bulk. I especially like when I can buy several cards that have each are worth $10. I give them to people as a token of appreciation (not for a big occasion).
    Thanks for your review of Gift Card Granny. It is very helpful!

  6. I had never heard of this Giftcard Granny before. Sounds very sweet, which it is meant to sound like, I guess. Your review was very thorough, and you pretty much offered all the essential information on this service. I liked that you also described the design of the Giftcard Granny website.

    Years ago I got involved with a website similar to Giftcard Granny. They did n´t have gift cards, but you could book “cancelled” times for services such as a hair cut for a small discount. The discounts were not that great, and I think the service providers such as hair salons just had a contract with the website to promote them, and the services sold on the website were not actually cancelled by any customers. But actually they did n´t have many customers in the first place, and they were trying to get more customers through the website.

    Giftcard Granny sounds like an option if you need a giftcard, but buying discounted giftcards in order to sell them sounds risky. Because you ca n´t know if you are able to sell the giftcards to anyone, right?

  7. Hi Ali, I really enjoyed your post. Before reading your post, I knew a little bit about survey companies and have in the past participated. I had never heard of this gift card granny website, so thank you for sharing your review.
    We can do so many things on the internet these days, we thing we have seen it all, this post proves there is still so much to learn about the internet. Always do our homework before just diving into selling your gift cards, or buying.
    Thank you so much for shining a light on gift card options. I love to learn of any free tips I can, so I will be checking out your website again. Great job!

  8. Wow!!! First of all I would like to say what a well written article and they way you have it formatted helps to keep the readers attention.
    I believe that once an individual reads this article all their questions about Gift Card Granny should be answered. I like how you took the time to break down each section of your topics. Great job and keep up the good work.
    You can see you really did your research and know the topic well.
    Once again this is a well written article.

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