is global affiliate zone a scam

Is Global Affiliate Zone a Scam? – Become Rich or Lose Money?

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If you are seeing the Global Affiliate marketing publicity videos on YouTube and internet and you are one of the enthusiasts of internet marketers, it would be your question if is Global Affiliate Zone a scam or not! This impartial review will help you to get right information about it.


Product Name: Global Affiliate Zone (aka GAZ)

Official Website:

Cost: $99 Monthly Fee + Upsells & Hidden Costs

Owners: Mathieu Jang & Julian Sherman

Recommended? No

Overall Ranking: 2.5 out of 10

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what is global affiliate zone

Product Overview – What Is Global Affiliate Zone All About?

Global Affiliate Zone is a marketing brand and main business pattern like MLM a pyramid scheme online. They claim it’s an online marketing training platform but in fact it is not an online marketing training zone like Wealthy Affiliate that is a pioneer in this business. Just they educate you to advance Global affiliate zone.

It is also one of the sales funnel to Enagic that is a Multi-Level Marketing company. They sell their main product called KANGEN WATER through MLM.

how global affiliate zone works

How Global Affiliate Zone Works & What Do You Get?

If you intend to start an online business, don’t count on Global Affiliate Zone although they claim that they help you and they do much of the work for you but it’s not true!

When you join in Global Affiliate Zone, firstly you should pay $99 for the monthly membership. All the details are in your account page and until you have not paid this sum you can’t have access to them. But if you pay, you can have four accesses and a coaching call from a coach. The duty of this coach is to encourage you for buying more investments of the program for being more successful. But for having this coaching call, you have to watch three videos before and just after paying 99 dollars you can get access to these videos that their total duration is around three to four hours.

False Information About Online Marketing World

Global Affiliate Zone is an auto system that there are many keys, positive visions and counsels on personal development. Even though they do everything for you and success is accessible on Global Affiliate Zone but the problem is that they give you false information and it can be described as a scam because of these deficiencies!

For example, you would be wondered about the third video because they just talk about health and water for about an hour and a half and it makes you think if Global Affiliate Zone is a scam?!

How Much Does it Cost Really?

Global Affiliate Zone tries to persuade you to invest in different ways! As it’s said before, after joining, the video on water tries to sell you some kind of herbal medication that the cost is around $400 to $500. In the next step, they offer you an $2000 investment for getting the full effect! The third one is the Enagic water that is included in all three products and it costs about $8000 investment. They use a lot of things to encourage you to invest like the tap water that is not good for your health and a lot of other things. They expect that you invest $8000 in drinking water!


There is always an alarm if a program claims to make you successful but asks you to pay for the investment! It’s a sign that shows this is a scam! Even if a program is making you successful or makes a good income for you, you should not have any financial responsibility. So be careful that by a simple login, don’t take such a responsibility!

Unreal and Misleading Information

The aim of the coaching call is not stimulating you but it is just a way to sell you the product!

The Facebook community of the Global Affiliate Zone is used for your help and support and everybody imagined to help each other and everyone imagined to be a successful online entrepreneur who can make a good income but regretfully it’s not so in the reality.

By Global Affiliate Zone you never achieve to your own online business and you won’t sell any products. It would be just a part-time job for you. You just work for Global Affiliate Zone and indeed you recruit others into Global Affiliate Zone!

pros and cons

Pros & Cons

Positive Side

The advantage of Global Affiliate Zone is that they have done a large part of the work for you. Here are some advantages:

  • Getting guidance in order to get traffic
  • Having high converting sales funnel
  • Getting offer for high converting materials and tools.

As you see, they have made automated marketing materials and tools for you to promote Global Affiliate Zone, just you have to do drive traffic.

Negative Side

Here is a list of Global Affiliate Zone disadvantages:

  • Expensive monthly membership ($99)
  • Lack of transparency about products and services on the website
  • Not mentioned about experience of the company and originators
  • Not obtaining General Internet Knowledge
  • Not training on internet marketing in Global Affiliate Zone
  • Not mentioned about Enagic and main product KANGEN Water
  • Expensive KANGEN Water cost
  • Upsaling price of few thousand dollars ($8000)
  • Exclusive training just for Promoting Global Affiliate Zone membership and Enagic
  • And losing your investment because of satiating single product promotion.

is global affiliate zone scam

Final Conclusion – Is It Worth Tying?

A general rule is that for holding any training and products and services in the market, they should be up to date and adaptable. But Global Affiliate Zone not only never changes their materials and marketing tools but also their product is always the same.

Since the single product of Global Affiliate Zone that they promote has been satiated, the new joiners will have a problem in promoting the Global Affiliate Zone while the primary members might take advantage of it. Anyhow you should know internet marketing and tools if you want to be a member of Global Affiliate Zone.

At the end and with all these defects, we should be thankful to the originators of the Global Affiliate Zone because they have created the automated marketing system and many online entrepreneurs have been made by them!

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