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Is Gold Opinions a Scam? – What You Pay, What You Get?

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What you know about Gold Opinions is probably far from reality and what you NEED to know about this survey company. I’ve focused to answer this question “Is Gold Opinions a scam or it’s a real way to make money from surveys?” in my review here but this is not the only question will be covered.

You may think that Gold Opinions is not much different from other survey site and there’s no chance for making more than some pennies from it but when you visit the home page of Gold Opinions and see attractive ads of “Earn +$40 For Completing Only a Single Survey”, you may think that it’s a unique opportunity which you should not miss!

Well, it may or may not be true and the answer to this question is totally depends on the type of survey website you want to join. As you can see, the number of making money programs and websites that I’ve personally reviewed before is big enough to let me make have a clear overview of almost all paid survey websites.

Unfortunately, I’ve marked most of these websites as a scam in my conclusions and that’s why I become happy when I see people like you who do not join making money online opportunities only based on chance. Especially if you had a bad experience in choosing one of these sites based on their eye-catching advertising, you should think twice for sure before giving Gold Opinions a try.

Ok, I think that’s enough for giving you an overview about Gold Opinions, now let’s see what Gold Opinions can really give you in my honest review of Gold Opinions. I’m sure you’ll make the best decision after reading my review.


Product Name: Gold Opinions

Official Website:

Owner: Paul Parker (Fake Identity)

Type: Paid Survey Platform

Cost to Join: $1 Plus $27 Monthly Fee

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

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what is goldopinions

What Is Gold Opinions All About?

You do not need to do deep research or check many online sources to find out what is the Gold Opinions about because if you land in the official home page of their website you’ll find out that it’s nothing more than a normal survey site.

If you do not know much about paid survey platforms, it must be said that you’ll answer some questions in every survey you receive and you’ll get paid for completing these surveys. If you ask why you should take these survey websites or why companies need people’s opinion, I should tell that companies want to make better products and in this way, opinions of other people will help them a lot.

Of course, this is not a perfect way of making some extra or big money and many companies have used this strategy before. That’s why you’ve probably seen paid survey websites here and there around the web. One of the big differences between Gold Opinions and other similar websites like Product Testing or Panel Payday is that Gold Opinions IS NOT free and the surveys are only available for their members. Although it provides a 7-Day test but you must pay $1 for even this test phase and there’s a cost of $27 if you want to use it constantly.

Can You Trust Gold Opinions 100%?

No of course not! If you have even a little bit knowledge about survey websites you know well that 90% of times it’s free to join of one these websites so when you see a survey platform requires you pay money to join their website, you should doubt about it seriously.

The second fact about survey websites you should always keep in mind is that none of them are making money machine, this means except that owners of these research companies, nobody can make any serious money through them.

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how gold opinions works

Is It Free to Join Gold Opinions?

No, it’s not free and it’s totally strange that you should pay money to become a member of it. The positive side is that it has a 7-days-trial but the negative side is that it costs you $1 to use this 7-days-trial. Yes, $1 seems nothing these days but try to look from another side, why you should pay (even 1 cent) for a TRIAL offer?

Even if I accept this small fee, I never can accept paying $27 every month to use a service that should be FREE. This is a big sign for scam websites and leaders in the paid survey industry like LifePoints never request members to pay any fee for joining them.

Facts You SHOULD Know About Gold Opinions

  1. It’s a Product from CB But Not Free

If you go to and search gold opinions, you’ll see that it’s available right there then you can check some other similar paid survey programs in CB and you’ll find the first fact: “Gold Opinions is the ONLY survey platform in ClickBank that charges you monthly fee!”

It’s easy to test this fact; just google “best-paid survey websites” or “legitimate survey websites”. A list of top 10 or top 20 survey websites will come up instantly and you can visit them one by one. I’ve done this and the result was surprising. None of them has any membership’s fee and ability to register FREE and start taking surveys on them is their common feature.

  1. Gold Opinions Is Something Different Than a Survey Platform

This is the second fact which can be found with a little research. Websites like Swagbucks are official legitimate research companies. They gather information from other companies and give it as a survey to members who like to earn extra money but Gold Opinions does not work like this. Actually, it’s just a middleman between you and other survey sites and when you request to complete a task, it’ll send you to another website which has available surveys.

So your income comes from those survey websites and if you won’t get paid for any reason, Gold Opinions does not have any responsibility about your earning! I’m not telling you if you should or should not join Gold Opinions, I’m just telling that you should be ready to experience such those things in this website.

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gold opinions pros and cons

Gold Opinions – Pros & Cons


Maybe it’s hard to believe but I really didn’t see ANY positive point about Gold Opinions. I know this looks strange because even in worse MMO programs like One Bitcoin a Day that I’ve reviewed recently, I’ve found little positive points but when it comes to Gold Opinions it has zero value from my point of view.

What you will get after paying membership fee is not worth your money and you can find survey websites for Free with a little research. Also if we evaluate the provided list, we’ll find that there are some scams so we can’t trust the list 100% even after joining their paid platform.


Inverse to the pros, I can make a long list for negative points of Gold Opinions but I just talk about the main cons that stopped me from joining this platform.

The biggest issue I have with Gold Opinions is that unlike what they say, it’s not a survey website. When you look at it as a lie you can’t believe others things they’re talking about. You will be redirected to other survey websites when you want to check available surveys; this alone shows that they’re not providing ANY survey and they just link you to other available opportunities regardless to their legitimacy or scam. I mean they even do not check which ones of them are legit and which ones are a scam and this will be your task so why you should pay money for that?

And the worse thing about Gold Opinions is its membership’s fee. The process of completing online surveys would be a win-win game for both company research and members if it’s used in the right way and because of this you never find a legit and reliable survey website that request members to pay money for taking survey but as you can see Gold Opinions charges you $27 if you want to become a regular member and this is a big red flag which you should stay away whenever you see it in a paid survey platform.

is gold opinions a scam

Final Word – Is Gold Opinions Scam?

With all pros and cons I’me mentioned above, I put away Gold Opinions from my recommendation list. Although I don’t call it 100% scam but it’s not a legit company as well. Gold Opinion is not anything more than a middleman that connect you to other survey websites and it’ll be your responsibility if you get scammed by one of those sites.

There are many other ways (probably much better than Gold Opinions) for making money from the Internet (like what I’ve recommended in my Best Recommendation section) and even if are not interested in earning online ways, instead of wasting your valuable time and money on platforms like Gold Opinions, you can spend time for your interests.

Finally, if someone advises you to join Gold Opinions in any way (social networks, email, etc.) just ignore him and say you know All The Truth about Gold Opinions.

In the end, if you like to earn money from your hobbies, continue reading to find out about the best platform which will teach you everything about turning your interests into an online full-time income.

Thank you for reading my review and feel free to leave your opinions in the comments below.

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