Is GoodLife USA a Scam

Is GoodLife USA a Scam or a New Model for Saving Money?

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First of all I want to thank you for choosing my GoodLife USA review for reading. I guess that you’ve heard about this program when you were looking for a way to make some money online or at least save some cash. But is GoodLife USA a scam or you can really make money from this discount club?

People who do their own research to find the truth about online business opportunities always get a better result than people who don’t and landing on this GoodLife USA review shows that you’re among the first group.

Before starting and going through the details, it must be said that GoodLife USA is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company and with a little research you’ll find out that the number of MLM companies increased rapidly in the recent years and this means the real number of online MLM businesses is uncountable.

Most of these MLM businesses are worthless and are not worth your time, actually picking up a quality MLM company is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, it’s possible but it’s always more difficult than you plan and imagine. Also stats show that popularity of MLM business decreased during the recent years and they’re not as good as they were in the past.

Ok, let’s back to our topic and start reviewing GoodLife USA. By the way unlike some affiliates out there who write Untrue reviews to only make money from promoting GoodLife USA, I want you to know that I’m not linked to this company anyhow and it should be said that the review you’re going to read in the next couple of paragraphs has been written based on only Facts, Research and my own Experience with GoodLife USA. So you can be sure that it’s a honest and unbiased review.

Let’s start!


Product Name: GoodLife USA

Official Website:

Founders: Edward Dovner and Mark Seyforth

Type: Discount Club based on an MLM model

Cost to Join: $11.95 – $59.95 (Monthly Fee)

Recommended? No, for the beginners. Maybe, for the experts.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is GoodLife USA

So What Is GoodLife USA All About?

Mark Seyforth and Edward Dovner are founders of this company and as its name says, GoodLife is a U.S. based MLM company located in Florida state and works in the travel and tourism industry.

There’s are some positive points when I was looking for information on background of owners, especially about Mark Seyforth. It seems that Dovner is new to Multi-Level Marketing business but Seyforth has quite extensive experience in this field and tried this business model before with running One24 which was another MLM company.

Seyforth Laboratories is also Seyforth’s company which he has started in 1975 with the aim of an MLM model. He then moved to more popular industries and created his own compensation plan and operational procedures.

GoodLife USA – Service & Products

Mark Seyforth and Edward Dovner tried to turn GoodLife into a source of travel’s discounts and they were pretty successful in this field. Actually it’s a discount club for hotels and plane fares. The discounts are available for all people who visit but it’s mentioned that people who become a member of GoodLife (membership is included) can access to More discounts and can enjoy variety range of discounts.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are 3 types of membership you can choose from (Silver, Gold, Platinum) and the fee starts from $11.95/month for silver type and goes up to $59.95/month + $199 sign up fee for the Platinum type.

There’s also another cost called IBO membership which means you’ll have to pay a specific amount of fee according to your membership level. It sorted into 4 categories (Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum). If you want to use the full features of the program you have to get the Platinum membership which will cost you $938 for the first year.

You can start with the basic membership but as the same as all other membership,it only has basic features and tools and does not cover full detail. The cost of each membership covers the first month plus the 11 upcoming months. Also to keep you account activated, you need to renewal it with for a fee of $39/yearly.

I think that purchasing any plan lower than Gold membership does not benefit you much because your earning potential is limited in the Basic and Silver plans and also there’s only a little more cost, (the difference between Basic and Silver plans with Gold and Platinum), between different membership so it pays to get Gold or Platinum membership if you are serious to give GooldLife USA a try.

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how GoodLife USA works

Making Money with Goodlife USA

To start earning through the platform, you need to become an affiliate or retailer. You can choose from two types of memberships that are available for this group of members and the cost varies depends on the membership’s type.

All commission will be paid based on a 2×20 matrix compensation structure and some matrix has up to twenty different levels. For leveling up, you need to complete each level and a commission of 5% is included for your CV generated sales as well.

It’s ok if the compensation plan of Goodlife USA seems some complicated to you because the reality is that it’s pretty complex and I even could not understand the whole of it completely. What I’ve found out about it is that there’s another MLM company called World Ventures that works in the same way as Goodlife USA. These programs award you when a new affiliate recruited into the platform from your link.

Some of them let you earn money by building a team and earn commissions based on a 2X20 plan. This plan explained in the official website of Goodlife USA in detailed.

Is GoodLife USA For You?

Well it would be an option for frequent travelers who want to take advantage of online discounts for the flight, hotels, vacation, etc. but what you should pay attention to is that this platform does not provide these discounts for Free and becoming a member (a monthly fee is included) is necessary to see use these discounts.

So can these discounts cover your membership fee? You’ll find out if GoodLife USA can benefit you by answering this simple question.

GoodLife USA pros and cons

What I Liked About GoodLife USA

You can always find both pros and cons in most of the programs and products that I’ve reviewed before like Fast Fortune Club, Gains Systems and Your New at Home Career but it’s pretty hard to make a list of pros of a program or product when there’s not any! You may expected to see at least the “discount” as a positive point in my pros list of the GoodLife USA but when I look at the membership fees which can cost you even +$1,000 for a year, I don’t consider it as a pros because the amount of discount you may have access to will be lower than your membership fee at the end.

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What I Didn’t Like About GoodLife USA

  • It’s not Worth to Pay That Much!

I don’t know, maybe there are people who are happy to get a discount for a cost of $11.95 monthly fee but for me, it’s not anything more than a marketing trick. I’ve tried a few of these discount websites in the past (like Trivago or Agoda) and the interesting thing is that joining all of them was completely Free so when there are such that good alternatives, why you would pay to get something that is available for Free?

  • Support & Customer Service

It does not matter if I use a free or paid service. I always consider customer service as the most important part of a business and it’s sad to say that GoodLife USA lacks this critical part!

The truth is that the business world talks about the value of personal development and this does not come true without high-quality customer service. It does not matter if you are Microsoft, Google or owner of a small local shop if you don’t provide great customer service, you don’t get success. That’s the main reason why some businesses fail while others succeed.

  • Game of the Recruiting People

If you have experience in recruiting then there is a chance to get success with not only GoodLife USA but in any other MLM company. The difference is that in order to start getting commission and making profit, you need ot have at least 20 VIP clients in your downline which can take a serious amount of time to reach that level.

Believe it or not, this is not a suitable task for everybody and it’s not going to be a piece of cake. 90% of people care so much about money nowadays so convincing these people to invest money in a discount club that does not provide real value is really difficult.

  • Very Close to Scam

Although the legitimacy of GoodLife USA has been confirmed but in recent years, the negative reviews for this company have been increased which resulted in many people call it a scam.

Although some businesses have built a successful marketing plan based on the Multi-Level Marketing model but the rate of being a scam as an MLM company is very high and complaints about GoodLife USA are higher than standard level and this should be considered as a warning sign for this company.

Final Word – Is GoodLife USA a Scam? 

I think you agree with me if I call GoodLife USA a not-worth trying program because of the many negative points and issues it has. Well, let me make something clear here; if I want to give it a one-word, I choose the “legitimate” because they’re a registered company in the travel industry and don’t anything illegal but their poor customer service, expensive memberships and focusing on recruiting people rather than providing a valuable service put it out from my recommended list.


I have an unspoken rule for myself: When you have many unanswered questions in your mind AFTER reviewing a product or service, you Should not recommend that service to anyone! And this happened to me when I was done with my research about GoodLife USA.

Here are some questions that I still don’t have an answer for them:

How they want to compete with leaders like Expedia while they charge members to pay up to $900 membership fee? (The provides the same service as GoodLife USA for FREE)


How you can make a profit from this company when you pay more than what you get as a discount?

Of course, you have the option of the affiliate program in the GoodLife USA for making some extra money but you will be limited to promoting Only membership and dicsounts of this company and this is far from the quality affiliate programs like Amazon.

Here is the question: do you choose a platform that lets you promote and market thousands of different products (you can pick up according to your interest) or you prefer to limit yourself in a MLM company that focused on recruitment and membership sales?

You know what the answer of smart people is.

If you are in the recruitment game for a long time then you have chance to make some cash from GoodLife USA but if you’re new to this business, it does not exceed your expectation and you’ll kill your chance of making money online by trying it!

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