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Is GrabPoints a Scam or Not? – Untold Secret!

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Is GrabPoints a scam or there is some secrets you don’t know about? When people hear about Grabpoints, their first reaction is that this website is a huge scam. Why so?

Because on this website you can watch videos online, download apps, take surveys and get paid for each of them! Of course, everyone who hears that will doubt that Grabpoints is a legit company. So, in order to clear up the situation, I have decided to write a complete review for you, explaining how Grabpoints works, how to make money using it and how much money you can actually get from it.

Grabpoints is not the first website in this niche on the web. There are lots of similar websites where you get paid for playing games or completing surveys, like Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost or Inbox Dollars. Basically, none of them can be considered a scam, because they get paid by companies who need to promote their products or find out people`s opinion.

And here you are to help them out for a little cash. Yes, that`s right – you won`t be able to make much money using these websites. Don`t even think about quitting your full-time job for something like this! You will end up with just a handful of cash. Read on and you`ll see how the system work here.


Product Name: GrabPoints

Official Website:

Type:  GPT ( Get Paid To)

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is grabpoints

What Is GrabPoints Exactly?

In our everyday life we have hours of useless time when we are commuting to work or standing in line or just waiting for a friend. GrabPoints, like many other get-paid-to websites, offers different ways you can entertain yourself to kill time, and as a bonus pays you for that. Mostly, the options they offer include things we do every day, like playing videos or TV shows, installing apps, etc.

So why not make some money doing that? The only thing you should keep in mind that the pay for each of the things you are going to do is minimal and is limited to several cents. What`s more, first you need to earn points and only after that you can retrieve them in cash. Grabpoints gets sometimes mixed up with survey websites which pay you for taking surveys.

However, the main difference is that on survey websites the only way to earn money is to take as many surveys as possible, while get-paid-to websites, beside surveys, offer several options for that and are definitely more fun to use. Founded in 2014, Grabpoints is a website which is rather meant for smartphones.

Some options, like installing apps, are only available on a smartphone. And it was smart of the founders to focus on smartphones because your phone is always there with you and it`s the first thing you think of when you need to kill some time waiting for something.

how grabpoints works

How to Earn Points?

As I`ve mentioned before, there is a variety of ways how you can start making money on Grabpoints. Some of them don`t even have any limitation and you can use them several times a day and multiply your points. So every time you finish a task, you will get points the task is worth. However, the points are minimal most of the time, and for 1100 points you can get as little as $1.

  • Get Paid to Complete Surveys

Although watching TV online or downloading new apps on your phone seem more fun, surveys remain the better option if your goal is making money online. Some surveys allow you earn up to $3 and won`t take more than 20 minutes of your time. The rule that works here is the more time you invest in it, the more money you`ll get in the end.

However, there is a significant issue with taking surveys on Grabpoints. Sometimes you do not qualify for a survey. The bad news is that most of the time you will be told about it only in the middle of the survey when you have already spent your time on it.

It would be fine if it happened once in a while, but my experience says that you won`t be able to participate in most of the surveys listed on Grabpoints. Anyway, it`s not only Glabpoints that has this issue, the same situation happens a lot on any other survey or get-paid-to website.

  • Sign-Up on Different Websites

Luckily, surveys are not the only well-paid task on Grabpoints. Another option you should probably take a closer look at is signing up for offers. Some of them are very simple like creating an account on a website or installing some apps, while others may involve spending some money like purchasing something, making a deposit or sharing you bank card information.

Although they may involve certain risks, they pay much better, up to 20 bucks! Anyway, if you prefer to stay on the safe side, there are plenty of free offers as well.

  • Download & Install Applications

Grabpoints was designed mainly for use on a smartphone, that`s why some options – like downloading apps – are only available on smartphones. The reward for installing an app can`t be compared to taking surveys, but it is still not bad – you will get around 20 cents for each app.

  • Watch YT & Other Videos and Earn Points

The negative side of all get-paid-to websites is that the more fun is the task, the less you will be paid for it. On Grabpoints you will find tons of videos at around 1-minute length which you can watch and get paid for. There are no limitations at all, so you can watch them all day long if you want.

But the truth is that the videos show ads as well and the pay is so low that I can`t even calculate how much you will get for watching one video, because you`ll get only 7 points for watching 3 of them!

  • Referring People

Another option GrabPoints gives you to earn points is referring people. It’s always start with your family or friends because they are people who you know well. If you can bring someone to GrabPoints, 1 point will be credited to your account and if your referrals are active on platform, you can earn more points from their activity. (For each 1000 points your referral earns, you’ll receive 500 points.)

  • Get Paid to Play Online Games

The same story goes with playing games on Grabpoints. Although this is one of the most attractive and popular options on Grabpoints, you will get almost nothing for it. According to my calculations, on average, you will be able to make $0.05 in one hour. Now you tell me – is your time worth as little as that?

Get Your Sign-Up Bonus First!

Programs that work based on point system always consider a bonus to encourage people to sign-up in their website. It applies for GrabPoints too and $5 will be sent to your account instantly as soon as you register and open an account with them.

How to Receive Your Money?

You have two options to earn your rewards: cash or gift card. It takes up to three days to receive your money and you should earn a specific amount of points to be able to exchange it with cash or gift cards in rewards store of GrabPoints. Although GrabPoints give you option to choose gift cards from very well-known brands like Amazon but the negative side is that you’ll get a $3 gift card if you’ve at least 3000 points!

On the other hand, as soon as you reach this threshold, you can request to receive it; when we compare it with $30 or $40 threshold of other similar companies, we should consider it as a positive point for GrabPoints. (although you can still find companies like Swagbucks which require you to reach only a low threshold to receive your money).

It’s good to see that GrabPoints provides cash option because if there was only gift cards, we had to choose from limited numbers of online stores. If you decide to go for cash, two most famous of online payment systems (PayPal & Skrill) will be available for you.

grabpoints review

Positive & Negative Points of GrabPoints

The Good

  • You only need to reach $3 to receive your rewards
  • Different types of options for earning points
  • There’s not any limitation for earning points for specific numbers of point earning’s options
  • App is available so you can install it on your phone and start earning points from almost anywhere

The Bad

  • It’s not possible to earn full-time income through GrabPoints
  • You should earn A LOT of points to get a few dollars
  • Very low potential of income
  • Difficult process to get qualify for good paying surveys
  • Never think to replace it with your full-time job
  • Making a few extra cash is maximum thing you can expect from GrabPoints

is grabpoints a scam

Final Conclusion – Is GrabPoints a Scam or You Should Join It Now?!

According to my research and personal experience with GrabPoints, I put it on my list of Legit programs. I also have not found any complaint from people about receiving payment (this is the most common complaint we expect to see in a scam site).

So although only a few dollars can be made through this platform but you’ll get paid for sure. On the other hand, if you’ve Googled “get paid survey websites” before, you probably know that companies like Inbox Pays or Swagbucks are leaders in this field.

Of course you can’t make more with those websites as well but if making some extra cash at the end of month is something you’ll be happy with then it’s better to start with a well-known company rather than a new one. All in all, keep in mind that although I considered GrabPoints as a legit company but I haven’t told that it’s my recommendation.

If making serious amount of money and building your own online business is something you’re looking for then GrabPoints isn’t definitely your solution. If you have any questions, feel free to ask it in comments below and I invite you to take a look at my best recommendation way for making money online below.

my recommendation

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