is great resumes fast scam

Is Great Resumes Fast Scam? – Unbiased Review Released!

Posted by is not an old name in the resume writing industry but just by taking a short look at some published samples of their resumes around the web, you’ll know that you are not going to face with a poor and low-quality service. Now here is the most important question I’m going to answer: Is Great Resumes Fast scam or it’s the best resume writing service you’ve ever seen?

This assures us that they try to give the customers what they care about by hiring professional and high-talented resume writers and you’ll agree with me when you know that the writer who handles your project will talk to you in a one-on-one consultation from the beginning to the end to make sure that the final work exceeds all your expectations perfectly.

I used my online resume services in the past when I wanted to apply for online/offline jobs and from that time, I’ve started to collect information of all these services and rated them based on what they deliver to customers.

Although I’m not using the services of resume writing companies anymore because I’ve built my own online business (I’ll explain how I’ve done it some later) but among all resume builders I’ve reviewed, Great Resumes Fast has got the highest rating and I’ve picked it up as my favorite one.

There’s a famous sentence which says: “If you want to know the real quality of a product, see who is created it!” and I came up with ‘Jessica Hernandez’ when I’ve searched for the founder of Great Resumes Fast.

I didn’t know much about her and what she’s done before but reading a couple of her sample works as well as a positive feedback of other people on her service convinced me that my highest rating on didn’t come accidentally. You can read more about Jessica Hernandez on her Linkedin profile here.

Now let’s start our review and see if this resume writing service can make your extra income or not.


Product Name: Great Resumes Fast

Official Website:

Owner: Jessica Hernandez

Type: Resume Writing Service

Cost to Join: Between $100-2,000

Recommended? Yes but it’s not cheap at all

Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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what is great resumes fast

Intro – What Is Great Resumes Fast All About?

Great Resumes Fast is not comparable with other programs like Acorns Investment App that I’ve reviewed in the past. The first thing got my attention about GRF is that writing resumes are not limited to only one or some categories in this company and they provide any type of resume requested by the customers.

The service includes but not limited to Functional Resume, Combination Resume, Resume With Profile, Targeted Resume, Mini Resume, etc. and it does not need to say that a team of professional writers are behind each of these categories.

Did I mention that A+ is the rating of Great Resumes Fast in BBB? It’s a high rank given by Better Business Bureau (BBB), and if you don’t know what is BBB, I should tell you that it’s a private and nonprofit organization founded in 1912 and marketplace trust is what they have focused on during all these years and they rate companies and online products based on many different factors.

The writer’s team of Jessica can deliver resume in almost any topic, from finance and banking to medical, tech, sales and marketing, etc. so it does not matter what field you’ve focused on, they can meet it!

Well, I don’t talk much about claims and stats provided by a company itself when I review it because I believe that if it’s a good service, others should confirm this first but recently I’ve seen an eye-catching report from Great Resumes Fast that I could not stay silent.

According to the latest report published by the Great Resumes Fast, the success rate of their resume writing service is 99% which means if you apply for a job with a resume that is created by Great Resumes Fast, you’ll get the job for 99%!

This report is a result of a survey has been taken by GRF from all customers used service of this company during the last 2 months. To be honest, I have no doubt that Jessica Hernandez and her team of writers is trying to get 100% satisfaction of all clients but applying for a job with using a resume of GRF is something that I’ve not tried yet so I really can’t say if it’s really that much effective or not.

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how great resumes fast works

Who Is Jessica Hernandez & How GRF Works?

I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say that Great Resumes Fast is baby of Jessica Hernandez because as an award-winning executive resume writer, she shares all her experience in writing a quality resume in her website.

With all positive things I’ve told you about the owner of GRF, it’s not surprising to know that well-known journals like Huffington, Fast Company or even Wall Street Journal have linked to Jessica Hernandez many times in their articles.

Some more research on her background shows that in addition to providing resume service, she corporated with more than 400 companies as a recruiter in the past and analyzing social brands is another field she’s expert in. If you’re a busy person and need an outstanding resume but don’t have enough time to write a winning one then you will not be disappointed by giving Jessica and her team a try.

How to Start Using Great Resumes Fast?

To start using GRF, you just need to open an account with them and simply submit your resume order. There are several types of resumes you can order and price for each one may vary depends on your needs. I think busy executives are the group of people who can get the most benefits of Great Resumes Fast services because according to what Jessica says, they have a special offer for executives and can guarantee of getting interviews after submitting it on required positions in two months.

Of course, Jessica believes that writing a good resume is only half of the way and presenting yourself as a fit person for that position is another 50% of the way that won’t be completed well by most of the executives.

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great resumes fast review

Great Resumes Fast – Pros & Cons


  • 60 Days Guarantee

I don’t remember if I’ve seen any other resume service that can guarantee getting interviews after using their resume. This is one of those positive things GRF gives you and the nice thing is that they’ll write an additional resume for completely free if the first one (which you’ve paid for) won’t get accepted by any company.

Of course, this free resume is only available if you contact them in a maximum of 2 months after submitting your first resume.

  • Jessica Hernandez 

Founder of GRF is a person who you can completely trust. She works with you directly and her extensive experience as a presenter, author, professional strategist and recruiter does not let you be unsatisfied at the end.

  • Team of Writers

Profile of all writers are publicly available on the official website of GRF here so you know who exactly will write your resume and what is his/her background. If you think that you can hire a professional resume writer from other sources, keep in mind that the writers of GRF is not only a writer.

They’ve worked as the hiring manager or professional editors in the past and this manager’s view let them know what managers are looking for when they read a resume.

  • One Day Delivery Service

If you are in rush and want to get your resume as fast as possible, they provide you 24-Hour delivery service. This means you get your resume tomorrow morning if you submit the order today. Of course, the price of this service is higher than the normal service and it costs you extra money.

  • Many Work Samples

You are worry to get not a modern style resume? Feel free to check out work samples of the writer you’re going to work with. If it’s not something you like, simply check out other samples and choose another writer.


It’s hard to say but I’ve not found any negative point about Great Resumes Fast. You may be wondering why I rated it 6.5 out of 10 if it has zero cons; it’s because the income potential behind working as a resume writer is not as high as other programs or other platforms that I’ve recommended as a money-making opportunity.

The only thing I didn’t like about Great Resumes Fast is its high price. You can find resume services at much cheaper price but the thing I’m sure about is that the quality of GRF isn’t something you can find easily somewhere else.

is great resumes fast a scam

Final Word – Is Great Resumes Fast Scam?

Not only Great Resumes Fast is not a scam but it’s one of the most legit writing resume services providers you can completely trust. It’s absolutely top-notch and there are only a few other related companies that can provide resume service at the same level as GRF. They pay a lot of attention to details and check all your requirements one by one to make sure everything meets your needs.

This is my opinion about Great Resumes Fast but I don’t say that you should try it without doing your own research so do not forget to check the profile of GRF writers before submitting your order and paying money. You probably don’t like to go and read all section refund policy to see if there’s any way you can get your money back or not.

Do your own research before trying anything new! This is my first and last advice to everybody and make sure you’ll do it even if you write a totally positive review about a world’s most admired company like Google!

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  1. Great review of, I actually never heard of this site. You really made me feel comfortable because I could tell this was a genuine review you really meant unbiased. I really liked the fact that you included a section about the site creator and their background, so I could really have an understanding and build trust with this site. Pro and cons list are ALWAYS great because now I don’t have to go into the site blind, and figure it out for myself and waste money. Thank you for such an informative article, I look forward to reading more from you. This was definitely an article worth reading.

  2. Hello Ali,

    Great article all over, I have learned a lot from it, I did not have idea something like that even exists. In this modern world is very important to have excellent resume when applying for a job so if this company provides quality services, is very good to know. I have also read about Jessica on Linkedin and I agree she looks like professional on the right place and I have to say such women really inspire me! On the other side I cannot imagine to earn money through writing resumes for others, but I am not the HR person much – I believe people who does it has to have enthusiasm for it. So for me it would not be the right way how to earn money, but no problem as you are offering another solutions and I am happy to follow your page and learn as much as possible about the possibility how to earn money on internet.

    Thank you for your time writing this artictle and I am looking forward to another ones.

    Bye Renata

  3. I like how you have a picture of yourself on the right side of your blog with a mini description of yourself. I think I might do that as well. I was a little confused by the big image “digital world guru” I thought that was part of your blog but I realized quickly that it was a program that you reviewed. I would have put that image underneath your title. But that’s how I do it you can keep it the way it is.

    For the phrase “if you want to know the real quality of a product see who is created it” remove the word “is.”

    I would suggest using to help you with your grammar in your articles I would say your grammar is 80% correct but it’s that last 20% that might turn off people.

    I had no idea who Jessica was and didn’t realize she was an important person who had a great team of resume builders before reading your blog post. As a preschool teacher, I don’t think I would need her services but possibly my husband would as a health economist.

    The only thing I didn’t see is if her team can build resumes from different languages.

    I like how you added the Wealthy Affiliate Link at the end of your post that’s really smart.

  4. Hi Ali,
    I really appreciate the research you provided for as an opportunity to make money online. At least we know the company is professional if we decide to go this route so thank you for that information.
    I am a little concerned about upfront costs when I am checking out different opportunities so I appreciate you including other options on your blog that do not require significant outlay.
    I have bookmarked this post so I can follow some of your reviews going forward.

    Thanks again,

  5. Hi Ali,
    Thanks for such a comprehensive review of Great Resumes Fast.
    Really informative.
    This is just what you need in this day and age where you don’t even get through the front door without a great resume to start with. It’s all about telling a story and selling yourself. Sounds like a great service.
    But not as a money making business. I didn’t understand that part of it unless you
    a. Become a resume writer and earn commissions of what you write Or
    b. Become an affiliate and sell the service.
    Either way I thought your #1 recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate sounded fantastic,
    a much more achievable way of learning how to make money online.
    Great stuff!

  6. Hi Ali,
    This is a great review. You covered all the important aspects of resume writing, namely the credibility of the information which can only be attained through a one-on-one consultation, the profile and integrity of the writer, accreditation of the service provider, efficiency, and cost.
    However, it is also important to measure the turnover. High turnover is a result of client’s misrepresentation, claiming to be experts in areas they are not. This can negatively affect the image of the writer. To avoid this the writer must verify the information gathered from consultation. Some companies don’t undertake the vetting process, and this results in high employees turnover.
    Governments fail to deliver because of people hiring online resume writers, and misrepresent themselves, and these are people who rely on cut and paste. The cut and paste don’t work in the business world.
    This is a very interesting and important topic.

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