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Is Scam or a Bright Choice for Freelancers?

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We all know employment is a big issue in many countries of the world, either it is a developed or still developing nation by its residents. Also, with time, the mentality of people is changing. Now more and more people want to live and work freely without any restrictions or rules to follow. People no more like to work on 10-5 jobs or so. Now here is the question: can you make a full-time income with freelancing platforms like or more importantly, is a scam?

They better are taking an interest in either doing their own startup business or working as a freelancer. By the way, a positive thing about working as a freelancer is the fact that it can help a person to develop more management skills.

An individual can be more productive in life faster as compared to working and learning in a company. But some people still like and feel protected while working in an office environment.

Thus, in this post, we will be going to review one of a freelancing site, i.e., It can be beneficial for the people who ever dream of making money on their own without depending on anyone!

The guru means ‘Teacher,’ so we can identify it as a platform that can teach people about how to find work, make money, and survive in life as a personal business! Further, in this post, we will be going to have a detailed discussion on it from different perspectives, let us start!


Product Name: Guru

Official Website:

Owner: Rick Nucci

Type: Freelance Marketplace

Cost to Join: $49.95/Month

Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 7.4 out of 10

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what is

What is and its Purpose?

It is a simple mediator online platform for both the freelancers and Companies/Employers who are seeking to work with each other. Guru is offering a convenient place where they can meet with each other from any location over the world. can make it possible to share the details, manage the job until both parties are satisfied completely. At last, the platform provides a safer way to clear their work payments! Everything in one place!

A freelancing site like Guru can be a secure platform for professionals to get their job done without any hassle. So it is a great medium to gain a good economy of people belonging to different nations.

Thus, no need to depending upon any dependence on religion, politics, geography, racism, or so. People can communicate here all based on each other’s professionalism behavior!

The website has many supported tools to make their user’s tasks more manageable. One can also contact the customer support service of, available all the time to support any party in case of any support or emergency! Currently, its offices are based on Noida, PA, and Pittsburgh!

An Overview on the Founder

If you read some of my past reviews like Tigerfish, Scribie or Userfeel, I always give my readers a background of the owner of product (website) and it’s what I’m going to do about too.

The freelancing company or marketplace, i.e.,, is a complete marketplace for the freelancing community. It was initially launched as back in 1998 in Pittsburgh.

After all, still, the headquarters belongs to the same place in Pennsylvania. Later in 1999, Guru Inc. has been founded in the form of an online clearinghouse at San Francisco and can be used by people who are in search of short term contracts.

The person who is responsible for this concept is Inder Guglani. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University. Inder has also done a bachelor’s degree in commerce with honors from Delhi University. He also has a certification of CA from the Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants based on India.

He has been awarded the award of Young and Ernst entrepreneur. It is for his achievement in business services in West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, and the Upper New York region.

Inder has also won the presidential awards for excellence four times in the past. Other than the Guru, he also works on The IndUS Entrepreneurs as a charter member. He also belongs to the board of members at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.

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how does work

How Does It Work? – A Stepwise Approach on its Working

The online freelancing platform, i.e.,, can be used by two different types of users, namely an employer and employee. So the website works differently for each of them as a responsible mediator between both. Thus, let us have a look at how it has been done;

  1. a) For Freelancers
  • Anyone can join the Guru community by registering on the website.
  • The next step is to build an inspiring profile page that can entice an employer.
  • Go through the active job listings and start submitting quotes.
  • Try luck without losing hope and get hired!
  • A freelancer can manage the work by building a team using the
  • The website can also allow workers to track their time of employment and enhance productivity.
  • Make sure the employer is paying via Safe-pay’s feature to avoid any hassle or risk in the future.
  • It is best to choose an Autopay option to receive the payments once a job has been completed.
  • After completion of a job, a freelancer can opt for the withdrawal of the amount via any preferred method.
  1. b) For Employers
  • A person who wants to get a project done also needs to register on Guru.
  • After completion of the profile, they can directly post a job and start searching for the right candidate to get their work completed as desired.
  • Sooner they will begin receiving quotes against their pending quotes. So they can evaluate them, talk with a suitable freelancer, and hire one.
  • Now Guru as a right mediator can help an employer to hire more than one freelancer for a single or multiple jobs.
  • They can communicate with them well and track their activities and working hours at an only place.
  • A client must choose Safepay to clear the payments for his job as a secure medium to ensure the safety of money back in case of any disputes.
  • There is an option of automatic payments for them, and also to choose from different modes to make the payments!

How and for whom it is Beneficial?

You might have some idea about what type of people can be benefitted from it. After all, the main motto of is to offer a convenient platform for its worldwide users. One can take the benefit of opportunities there that might be expensive, difficult, or not possible in a neighborhood!

Therefore, in this context, such opportunities are Jobs, so an employee always looking for a best paid Job. On the other hand, an employer is still in search of the right person who can get the job done.

So, we can say Guru is beneficial for all of us either to make money or to get our work completed as desired without many efforts. The best way for a freelancer is the fact that one can either work on it for Full time or as a Part-time as per interest!

How can one earn money with it?

If you have a dream to work as an independent worker by testing your skills to get some professional job done, then you need to do not waste time. Just join any freelancer site like Yes, you can spend time there to know the market and get projects as per your qualifications and skills.

The best thing is no limitation is there, so you can either work for a part-time or full-time basis as per your need or interest. So, if you are interested, then you can register on and make your dream come true!

Hence, as a freelance worker, you can choose to do the job belonging to many different categories listed there. Like, Business & Finance, Admins & Secretaries, Lawyers, Sales & Marketing, Architect & Engineers, and Writers & Translators. Also, there are Programmers & Developers, Engineering & Architectural, Designers & Art, and many more!

So for this, you can search for the relevant list of projects that matches your skills and qualifications. Next, you can check out their descriptions and pricing information. You need to send a quote to the employer who has posted the project requirements by mentioning everything that makes you fit for the job!

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1) It is an excellent platform for experienced freelancers and employers.

2) The website has all the possible features and tools that can help people to manage the whole process of a job very well. It can be right from posting its requirements, hiring, and completion of the payment!

3) The subscribed members can get bulk discounts on the service fee.

4) A great variety of choices are there on the platform for the freelancers to get the job done based on their specific skills.

5) It is best for both the employees and employers to have a time-tracking tool available there.

6) Similarly, employers can find a lot of freelancers for each job posted by them to choose suitable ones. Otherwise, they can also access an easy to use search option to find the perfect match for their desired job!

7) The user interface is simple to understand, accessible, intuitive, and fun to access for any new member.

8) An employer can use this platform to hire the right freelancer of choice as per whose quotes that suit the. It is a truth that there are people from different countries that may offer highly competitive rates all over the market.


1) New freelancers without proper knowledge are in much risk of finding themselves as scammed.

2) The billing system is a bit complicated.

3) Thee service fee of the Guru as a freelancing site is a bit on the higher side as compared to its other counterparts.

4) It would be great if people there can communicate in real-time.

5) Both the transaction and monthly charges are a bit on the higher side.

is scam

Final Word – Is a Scam? 

You may find some bad online reviews about! According to that, few clients come there to get the job done and find that the freelancers scam with them. It is performed by asking them to put reviews at every mid delivery of a bulk project.

So after the final delivery of the project, when they did not get satisfied, a freelancer can simple hide such a review. Also, it has been claimed that generally provides an excellent automatic rating when a client didn’t give any review to a freelancer.

On the other side, freelancers have claimed that there are many scammer employers on the site that post the job and get the job done from them. Further, at the time of payment, they refuse it!

Some say there are no strict rules on since many freelancers who have hired there and completed their work didn’t get the payment. It is because someone else has done the same job without them knowing about each other! Funny huh!

The Safepay option that manages payment among client and the freelancer is also not getting a good response from the users. It merely pays to the freelancers without the complete satisfaction of the clients! Also, it has been found that the support cell of the service is not working good to help their website users.

Not just this, many people are still having a complaint against The fact that it is banning the account without any prior notice and some of them lost money in their Safepay accounts.

Thus, the above facts might disturb you or anyone new in this field who wants to sign up on to earn some money or otherwise get a job done! After all, it is a common fact that there might be many chances of scamming on such freelancer sites. But without any right pieces of evidence, we cannot say that the whole site or service is running by the scammers!

However, it is all about the awareness of a user. Either it is an employer or an employee, they must know all the terms and conditions of the Guru. On can also try to reach other active users after that signup if possible to get an idea about their experience there.

So yes, the truth is it is not entirely safe for a newbie. It is only made for people who are well known about the tricks, scams, and all such immoral activities generally happen on such sites.

Final Thoughts

By concluding here, we can say Guru is a well-executed tool between both the employer and a freelancer. It applies only if both parties can actively participate in a deal or project. After having many negative reviews on many public platforms, the website is still active, and it is there in existence from past decades.

So this indicates that they are still generating revenues by helping people worldwide. Like other market leaders, they can also be a correct mediator between both the parties of a freelancing Job! An excellent platform for all to exchange economy while helping one another online!

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )

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