is health science institute scam

Is Health Science Institute Scam or Real Money Is Behind It?

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Is Health Science Institute scam or it has a great solution for real health issues? Given the prevalence of a countless number of deadly diseases as well as unexplainable impediments to good health in this age, a host of traditional and technological breakthroughs have been achieved in terms of preventive as well as curative medicines to these diseases and health impediments.

The big questions are: what if there were actually cures to all these diseases but a ‘god-figure’ company out there hoards them all or allows only a few people get access to them? What exactly are people willing to give to have these breakthroughs at their disposal?

There are several similar business opportunities like Zija International that I’ve reviewed before but HSI

What I have laid out here is my honest and unbiased review of the health sciences institute. This review is based on the information disseminated on the Health Science Institute’s webpage as well as reports and feedbacks given by people who have had a firsthand encounter with the organization.


Product Name: Health Science Institude

Official Website:

Owner: Jenny Thompson

Type: MLM in Health & Wellness Market

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? 50%

Overall Rating? 4 out of 10

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what is health science institute

What is Health Sciences Institute All About?

Founded in 1998, the Health Science Institute is an organization that claims to be committed to discovering and unveiling the most recent clandestine medical and health advancement not commonly shared in the mainstream. They claim these breakthroughs are being kept secret by large and powerful pharmaceutical and medical bodies (including the government) to their own profit and the detriment of the entire world’s population.

On their website, they explained that these breakthroughs are being concealed because pharmaceutical companies would no longer amass huge profits if permanent cures were handed to those who need them. Instead, these bodies place patients on drugs and health supplements they have to purchase and use on a regular basis so their flow of wealth is not broken.

The Health Sciences Institute specializes in gathering treatment techniques and procedures for a host of apparently “incurable” disease from different parts of the world and then circulate them to their members and subscribers or “people who need them” as explained on their website.

They also claim to be committed to regularly updating their members with exciting details and guidelines on how they can obtain unrestricted access to powerful information against all forms of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, heart conditions and a host of other health problems.

While claiming to have access to cures for seemingly incurable diseases like cancer, they also advocate that human beings ought to have unrestricted access to natural cures to deadly diseases instead of managing prescriptions that keep them “barely alive and healthy”. They are also well known for inciting the hope of living a life free of health conditions such as cancer, dementia and the rest.

In fact, the institute’s latest product currently in the market is a book titled “Insider’s Book of Secrets: Real Cures Buried by Clinton’s Cartel” containing detailed information on how cancer and other diseases can be permanently dealt with through natural treatment methods and how influential authorities have kept these treatments away from the reach of the public.

As an example of the treatments recommended in their book, a particular type of honey therapy whereby cancer patients get to add a special kind of honey to their tea to permanently cure the disease was explained. Another treatment explained in their book includes how dementia and Alzheimer sufferers can boost their brain and memory functions using natural inconsequential methods.

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how health science institute works

How Does Health Sciences Institute Work?

Before you get your hopes high and start dreaming of how your neighbor who suffers dementia would get well again or how your beloved spouse would be completely saved from his/her deteriorating heart condition, bear it in mind that you can’t get as much as a helpful word from the Health Science Institute unless you sign up for their membership.

Don’t also run off to sign up for their membership just yet because you’ll need to pay a yearly membership subscription fee of $74 and $37 if you’re a senior before your membership can be confirmed. After you’ve successfully signed up and subscribed, you then receive their “all-encompassing” book on natural treatments and cures to various incurable diseases. You also get to receive their newsletter for the whole year and each newsletter may get you closer to that cure you and your family have been praying and earnestly seeking for.

As a bonus, you also get to receive their 564-page book titled “Miracles from the Vault” which contains information on natural treatments for common health conditions you never knew and pharmaceuticals wouldn’t have you discover.

Health Science Institute members also get to receive specific reports that contain more detailed explanation of the health issues raised in their monthly newsletters. While members can often receive these reports as bonuses to their subscription, they may have to pay separately for them at other times.

While there’s no information pointing to any kind of refund on this platform, your subscription gets to be automatically renewed every year until you opt out of their membership.

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health science institute pros and cons

Health Science Institute – Pros and Cons

From the details evident in their services as well as the reports of those who have had direct contact with them, I have drawn up a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the Health Sciences Institute as written below.


  1. Access to Cutting Edge Health Information: While I cannot guarantee that you can eliminate your grandmother’s cancer using the treatment you learn from the Health Science Institute, one thing I can tell you for sure is that you can get cutting-edge information from them. Some members have reported how they applied the natural treatments recommended by the organization to cure common health conditions and they saw immediate results with no side effects contrary to what is obtainable with conventional pharmaceutical drugs and supplements.
  2. No Health Complications: Even if you can’t be sure that the remedies they share would cure the diseases in question, at least you’re assured that they won’t aggravate the condition of your health as they are made of natural and unprocessed ingredients.
  3. You have to Trust Someone: Since people with chronic and deadly diseases have been known to be placed on prolonged and costly medications in both private and federal health facilities and most of them still end up losing their lives, I say there’s no harm in trying this one out. Since you’d not be subjecting your health to any imminent danger, I think it’s somewhat beneficial to have a platform like this available to the public.


Don’t get too excited about the good things you’ve just read concerning the Health Sciences Institute. There’s another side to the coin you must also know about.

  1. They Lie to You at First: I don’t buy the idea of lying to people just to get their attention to what you do. In all of HSI’s advertisement, they tell you that they’ll give you “free” books and products from which you can access life-saving information but what they never tell you is that you need to pay a sum of $74 to get them until, of course, you’ve hit the “sign up” button on their webpage.
  2. No Refund: After you’ve probably decided to pay for their services, they also do not discuss anything about refunds and money-back options with you. So, if you eventually decide that you don’t need their newsletters anymore around the third month of your subscription, well sorry for you, you won’t be getting even a dollar back. Once you’ve paid for their services, forget it. You can’t get back your money even if you find their books and newsletters useless.
  3. How They Get People to Follow their Recommendations: It should be up to every individual to decide whether or not they want to heed to any advice given to them. Scaring or coercing people into following any advice especially those of medical nature is completely unethical and unacceptable.
    In HSI’s adverts and web contents, they threaten people about the dangers of the many conventional medications people use. They do this to scare people into getting rid of prescribed medications and then following whatever recommendation they’ve put up on their website and newsletter.
  4. Their Disclaimer: I think it is worthy of note to point out that their disclaimer more or less contradicts their medical and professional claims. They actually claim that their writing team comprises of qualified and experienced doctors and medical experts from different parts of the world, but they still go ahead to warn you (as a member) not to regard any information you encounter on their platform as a personal or specialized medical recommendation and that you need to consult qualified health and medical practitioners before accepting and applying any one of their recommendations. I really wonder how both statements could be coming from the same platform.

Is it possible to make money with Health Science Institute?

Of course not, unless you’re out to sell whatever information you acquire from the platform to others who are curious about such details but may not want to go all the way to get informed directly from the organization.

Unless you have a platform such as a blog where you get paid for sharing information or so-said secrets you obtain from your subscription to the Health Sciences Institute, you just have to forget about making even as much as a dollar from the platform. It’s completely impossible.

If you’re also able to gather and prepare the natural remedies they recommend, get approval from the FDA and other relevant bodies and then market your products, you could get rich from the platform.

is health science institute a scam

Is Health Science Institute a Scam?

While I won’t give a straightforward answer to this question, I’ll advise you try them out first and see for yourself because, in as much as there have been negative reports about the organization from some persons, there have also been positive and encouraging reports from other persons about how the information recommended by the organization has helped them or someone they know overcome different health conditions.


While I will not completely persuade you to buy into their claims, you should also understand that it is impossible for them to have all the cures to all the diseases and health problems plaguing our world today.

However, it wouldn’t hurt to try out their suggested treatments and curative techniques because from what I see, their methods are completely natural and comes with no single side effect. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all have access to cures for all the diseases that keep snatching our friends and loved ones onto the cold hands of death? Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to have to depend on some costly medication just to be able to hang on a life thread?

So, if you’ve got a few dollars to spare, it wouldn’t hurt to give the organization a try and see for yourself. You could be lucky and get freedom from that age-long health problem you’ve been trying to get rid of.

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