Is High Ticket Closer a Scam? – A Honest Review!

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Is high ticket closer a scam or it’s your unique chance for making an online business? It’s good to see you here and it shows that you’re serious to finding truth about High Ticket. Dan Lok is the person who created High Ticket and in my detailed review of this program, I’m going to give you all needed information about High Ticket Closer as well as taking a close look at background of its owner Don Lok to see if it’s worth to give it a try and spend money on it or not.

So continue reading if you want to know this is a chance which you should not miss or it’s nothing more than a scam platform has been run by a scammer.


Product Name: High Ticket Closer

Owner: Don Lok

Type: Training Course

Cost to Join: $2495!

Recommended? Maybe

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 10

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what is high ticket closer

Introduction – What is High Ticket Closer All About?

The first thing gets your attention about the program is its name and you immediately feel that like a big house or luxury car, it should be something very expensive. Actually it’s because it costs you about $2500 and this is not something everybody willing to pay online for a training program.

Dan Lok (owner of High Ticket Closer) gathered tons of high priced products in one place and he claims that you can make good money by selling those expensive products. Well he’s right somehow; there is high potential income behind selling high ticket products but the thing that he forgot mention to is that it’s very difficult sometimes.

You need to be really good at marketing and communication skills plays an important role in this business; these are not skills that everybody have or can learn so you should make sure you can learn it before spending that two thousand dollars.

Who Is Founder of High Ticket Closer Don Lok?

Dan Lok was born in Hong Kong and moved to Canada a couple of years ago. As I’ve mentioned above, High Ticket Closer is a coach based marketing program and Dan Lok personally take care of teaching part. The program did not get much attention at the beginning but when time passed, it became more and more popular and now almost everybody heard something about it.

The same as its name, cost of joining program is high and to take a seven-weeks training, you have to pay $2495.

how high ticket closer works

What’s Included in Training and How High Ticket Closer Works?

The first fact you should know about High Ticket Closer is that it’s not a newbie-friendly training program. Actually it’s better to have some internet marketing experience in advance before joining High Ticket Closer because to make financial breakthrough, you need to be some smart and learn many skills in only seven weeks, otherwise you will miss this opportunity.

It’s basically for people who like to experience financial freedom, who like to leave their 9-5 job and who want to make their own business; but this is not easy at all and as you can read on the first page of High Ticket Closer you should put a lot of time and energy behind it to make it happens.

Dan Lok is a well-known person in promoting and selling high-priced products. When you start learning, you’ll get training at the end of each week on a regular basis and the good thing is that Dan is always to help and support you with training so you can contact him easily and you know that you’re learning from a person who has a long experience in this field.

Is High Ticket Closer Really a Scam or Not?

With all good things that I’ve told you about the program and its founder, I guess you know what’s my opinion about it but let me tell you that many people still think that it’s not a legit training course because it says that you can make a lot of money in a short amount of time.

These people believe that paying $2495 is too high for a training course and it does not need to invest that much money on a training program while you can find most information you need to start making money online in the internet for free and that’s why they consider it a scam.

On the other hand you can find people around the web who got success with High Ticket Closer and are totally happy with their result. They’ve shared their experience and mention that it’s worth much more than $2495.

Anyway, you can always find both positive and negative feedback about a website and High Ticket Closer is not the only course that teaches you how to sell high ticket products successfully so it pays you to do your own research and compare it with other similar courses to see if it’s worth $2495 or not.

pros and cons high ticket closer

The Good & Bad About High Ticket Closer

The Good…

Although it’s more than two thousand dollars but it’s not too expensive like $10k or $20k so it can be a choice for people who are serious about making an online business.

If you decide to try it, there is an option which you can pay that $2495 in 3 instalments (around $840 each one) so with the fact that you need to pay money to make money, that’s not very strange to pay 2k for making thousands.

Experts and experienced members are another positive points of High Ticket Closer. When you join the program, you’ll be among a community of experts who have been in this business for a long time and are ready to move you into the next level. We call these experts high-ranked clients who could get success with the program and made many successful sales. When you start learning and pass training completely, as a bonus, you’ll get familiar with these high-ranked clients.

The goal of High Ticket Closer is giving you financial freedom. Not only High Ticket Closer but any other programs CAN’T guarantee that you’ll make a full-time income after completing course but according to what you learn and training materials that High Ticket Closer provides to you, it’s totally possible.

And finally leaving your 9-5 job and having your own online business is the most important pros of High Ticket Closer. Just Imagine that your job is in your laptop, you can take it everywhere and do it anytime you like, sounds great right? )

The Bad…

Again the price plays a role here. As I’ve told you, this is not a program with reasonable price and since it takes time to get result, you should expect to invest more than $2495 on it. This is not small amount of money especially if you are in a limited budget.

Another negative points of High Ticket Closer is its license model. You just can’t go ahead, pick up and sell any product you like; there are some products you should purchase first to be able to promote and sell them so you can consider it as an additional cost for your business at the beginning.

This is all I can say about negative side of High Ticket Closer. The same any other online course, it has its own positive and negative points and maybe someone else can even consider buying license of products as a positive point because you won’t need to spend time and money to create your own products if you buy license of other products so it’s totally depends how you look at it.

is high ticket closer scam

My Final Conclusion of High Ticket Closer

I do not know in what situation you’re. You have unlimited budget or very limited budget but I can say that High Ticket Closer is a legit training course from my point of view and it MAY be useful for you if you put enough time behind it.

This program helps you make thousands of dollars by selling high ticket products and it’s really something High Ticket Closer focused on but if you just started to learn how to make money online, I do not recommend you to go for it. There are better and much cheaper options you can take advantage of and you can always come back to High Ticket Closer when you’re experienced enough.

my recommendation

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