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Is High Ticket Closer a Scam? – A Step Closer to Cash?

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In this review, I’m going to talk about a sales training program called High Ticket Closer and will answer this question “Is High Ticket Closer a scam really?” as well as several other questions that will help you make the right decision about this program.

Naturally, not everybody can become a successful salesman but everybody like being rewarded by cash. Tons of companies are willing to reward their employees by cash but finding these monetary rewards is not as easy as anything.

Some persons like Jordan Belfort have inherent talent in convincing people to buy something and can make a huge fortune through this but some others don’t have this ability and can’t sell even a pen!

From very old times till now, making money has been always linked to making sales directly but it was not the only option, although it’s always an important factor to become a successful entrepreneur.

With keeping this important fact in mind, many programs and courses have started to provide training materials for people who want to become a sales expert and High Ticket Closer is one of these online platforms that let you learn everything about promoting and selling very expensive products (aka high ticket items).

By reading claims of Dan Lok (founder of HTC), you feel that making tens of thousands of dollars is not a dream anymore and with the help of his training program HTC, you’ll learn how to find and sell high ticket products and earn huge commission through it.

But this is just a claim and of course, you know well that you should not believe everything you hear or read easily. Now here is the question: is High Ticket Closer a scam or it’s really a legitimate product that can teach you how you can lose tons of sales pitches successfully?

Stay with me to find out the answer!


Product Name: High Ticket Closer

Official Website:

Owner: Dan Lok

Type: Sales Training Program (With focus on selling high ticket items)

Cost to Join: $2,495

Short Review:

How to sell high ticket products online is the main thing you’re going to learn in this 7-weeks training course. The person who has created this online course is one of the most well-known Internet entrepreneurs and he has a long experience in online marketing and selling high ticket items fields.

The price of the course is pretty high and it’ll cost you ~$2,500 ($2,495) to join the program; that’s why it’s necessary to hear the whole story of High Ticket Closer before jump into the conclusion and this is what I’m going to share with you here.

Is High Ticket Closer a scam or by passing this course, the growth of your online business will be guaranteed?

Recommended? Only if you can afford the membership fee

Overall Rating: 6.1 out of 10

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what is high ticket closer

What Is High Ticket Closer Exactly?

We need to have a clear definition about the “High Ticket” term to understand Hight Ticket Closer course properly. It’s not hard to know what High Ticket Products means. According to what Wikipedia says: “In economics, a luxury good is a good for which demand increases more than proportionally as income rises, so that expenditures on the good become a greater proportion of overall spending.

But let’s translate it to simple words; have you ever looked at those luxury goods from sunglasses to watches, cars, houses, etc? All these products considered as high ticket items that are normally very expensive. And the training program of Dan Lok is all about selling these expensive products.

The price of the course ($2,495) is something many people worry about when they want to join the High Ticket Closer program and actually this is definitely the right thing you should worry about because although it’s a 7-weeks step by step training that will walk you through the whole process from the research phase and finding the right items to closing high ticket pitches successfully but the truth is that new Internet marketers and beginners with no or a little marketing skills can find it frustrating and give up after a short time with losing their $+2400!

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How High Ticket Closer Works?

The positive thing about this course and one of its differences with other similar training programs is that Dan Lok will set up a plan for seven weeks and contact with you personally for teaching. Of course, it’s not a one on one coaching or something like that but having the support of the owner during the course would be a great advantage for an online sales training platform.

All classes will be held through a live call so, in addition to you, there are many other people who enrolled in the program and will learn at the same time. One of Its superiorities to offline (prerecorded classes) is that at any moment of the class’s time, you can easily contact with Dan personally if you didn’t understand something and this helps you finish the class with zero unanswered question.

As I’ve mentioned, it’s a 7-weeks course and at the end of each week, you’ll be given some tasks to complete for the upcoming week. You have only one week to complete given tasks and during the week, Dan contacts you several times to check if you’re walking in the right direction.

I liked to see that there’s a 24/7 support system and this means in anytime of the day/night, you can contact with someone on HTC. Of course, Dan Lok is not the only expert in HTC program and there are several other experienced members who can help you out whenever you stuck with something.

What You’ll Learn In the 7-Weeks Course?

The First Week – The first days of the training is only about having the right mindset. It does not cover anything about the process or how to find high ticket items instead it levels up your mindset to have a better overview of the business

The Second Week –After knowing the basics about high ticket products, you’ll learn about the main benefits of selling these types of items and you’ll find out why the sales’ process is completely different with selling normal products.

The Third Week – I think it would not be exaggerating if I say that the real training starts from the third week. This is the time when Dan starts to talk about the methods and strategies that he has used to close hundreds of high ticket pitches successfully and students learn about these sales techniques in this step.

The Fourth Week – For having successful sales on high ticket items, there are several secrets you need to know and follow. Each sale’s man has his own secret and it’s also known as sales scripts. In the fourth week, Dan will share some of his sales scripts which will help you know how a high ticket sale should be closed properly.

The Fifth Week – After 5 weeks of training, you find out that it’s impossible to get success in ALL sales that you enter to, so nothing is more important than knowing how to deal with unsuccessful sales. This is what Dan will explain in the fifth week of the training and I personally believe that some of his suggestions at this step can be used in similar situations in our personal life as well.

The Sixth Week – All the training you’ve learned during the 1 to 5 week come to play in the sixth week. You start to use learned skills practically and you also have the chance to see how Dan uses all these skills in a live training.

The Seventh Week – To make you sure that all the methods that Dan is teaching you in the program works like a charm, the final week of the program is the only week that Dan does not hold the class, instead, it’s organized and managed by some of the past top students of the program who completed the course and got success with that.

Make Sure You Can Afford The Fee of Dan’s Program Before Joining

This is what I’ve talked about before but there’s one more thing about the cost of the HTC course that I would like to mention here. Since the amount of money you should pay for the course is significantly more than the standard price and it’s hard-earned money for many of people, I highly recommend you to make your expectation as clear as possible before joining it.

Not only HTC course but also any other online course IS NOT going to make you rich overnight. The bad ones are scams which are just a waste of time and money, and the good ones only show you the right path and everything else is totally up to you if you can get success with that or not.

By the way, there’s an option which lets you pay $995/m for 3 months to access the HTC course but if you want to split the fee, don’t forget that you’ll pay ~$500 more at the end.

$995 * 3 = $2985 (And it would be $2,495 if you pay at once).

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how high ticket closer works

High Ticket Closer – The Good, The Bad

Here is the list of all the pros and cons of high ticket closer program and it must be said that this list comes from my own opinion and it may differ from what you’ve seen in other reviews.

The Good,

  • An “Expert” Internet Marketer Is Behind This Course
  • A free membership is available for those, who like to have a short look inside the training before joining
  • Most of the training is practical and they are strategies that Dan Lok personally applied in his business
  • HTC program contains a money-back guarantee option (don’t forget to read refund policy)
  • You can contact with previous successful students and ask their opinion about the program. They’ll also guide you in different sections of the training and help you find out if it fits your needs or not
  • Students who finish the course successfully have an opportunity to join the affiliate program of HTC and start making a profit by promoting it to potential buyers.

The Bad,

Dan does not provide any software or online tool for his course. This means there’s no way to automate the process and all steps should be done manually by you at the end of each training week.

Sometimes I feel that his explanation about a specific subject is too much which makes understanding it some complicated. It was much better if Dan could talk more in an easy-to-understand English.

is high ticket closer scam

Final Word – Is High Ticket Closer a Scam? 

I can put HTC in the same categories as programs like 30 Day Success Formula, Elite Marketing Pro or Wealthfront. It’s not strange to see that HTC has its own pros and cons. On the one hand, some students who enrolled in the course have found it very useful but on the other hand, some others rated the quality of the course as the same as a $50 or $100 course but is the High Ticket Closer a scam or it’s a legit program?

Well, to be honest, although paying attention to some important facts about HTC should be in your To-Do list but I confirm that the training program of Dan Lok has been labeled as a completely legit opportunity from my point of view.

Reading the FAQ as well as refund policy of Hight Ticket Closer are two first things you should do before enrolling in the program and don’t forget that there are many ups and downs in this business which can be frustrating if you don’t prepare your marketing plan, your strategy and more importantly, Yourself for that.

Also, some reviewers gave a negative rating to HTC because of its high price; although I agree with the fact that the membership fee of HTC is higher than standard level but I’ve also seen tons of worth trying online/offline products that have been sold at around the same price. So the price of a product SHOULD NOT be the only determining factor.

All in all, I see HTC as a valuable training course IF you know what you want from this business and can set your goals logically.

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