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Is High Traffic Academy Scam or a Big Surprise?

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If you have heard about High Traffic Academy or seen an ad about it somewhere, you know this program has been created and launched by Vick Strizheus. Then several questions come to your mind immediately like:

  • Who is Vick Strizheus and if you can trust him?
  • How High Traffic Academy exactly works and if it really can bring you money?
  • Or the most asked question: is High Traffic Academy scam or it’s really a profitable making money method?

It’s not as easy as anything to answer the above questions because when you search for information about High Traffic Academy, you will end up with only two types of reviews:

  1. This is positive reviews but not “honest”! This kind of reviews is written by persons who are part of High Traffic Academy. This means, they receive money to say only positive things about this program to attract people to join it, that’s why we can’t trust these reviews.
  2. The second group are people who call High Traffic Academy a scam but not because of losing money or not making profit, they call Vick Strizheus a scammer only because they were not able to join program which can be because of a technical issue or something like that so they even had no chance to test program and see what’s included inside.

So there is still not a direct answer for this important question: is High Traffic Academy a legit program or you will waste your time behind a scam company?

I believe you will find the best answer in my honest review of High Traffic Academy and know if you can get what they promise or not.


Product Name: High Traffic Academy

Type: Online course based on video training

Owner: Vick Strizheus

Cost to Join: Basic Membership: $450 Elite Membership: $300

Best For: People with zero knowledge in Internet Marketing

Summary: The most suspicious issue about High Traffic Academy IS NOT about the program itself, it’s about who is behind it! This is an online course like many other similar training programs for making money online lovers which teach you something IF you have a significant amount of extra money to pay $450 membership’s fee. And of course, without doubt, I’m not going to recommend it because it’s very expensive and cannot bring you a decent income.

Recommended: No

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is high traffic academy


Before trusting a program based on a review, you should make sure who wrote that review. If a review encourages you to purchase a product or join a training program, there are always chances that it’s a fake review which only says about the positive side of a product.

Fortunately, you can trust what I’ve written here because I’m not an affiliate with High Traffic Academy who makes money through promoting this product. I’ve tested it by myself and spent the time to find all the truth about it. One of the first facts you should know about HTA (High Traffic Academy) is that Vick Strizheus who is one of the creators of this training course has run several other scam programs before which will put a big question mark about trustworthy of High Traffic Academy in front of me.

What is Exactly High Traffic Academy?

It’s not hard to guess what High Traffic Academy is going to do; in fact, generating a significant amount of traffic to your blog or digital product offer is the main thing you can expect to receive from this program. If you know just a little about online marketing or earn money through the Internet, you know well that Traffic is the first and last important factor you need to get success and make money.

High Traffic Academy is an online training program and creator of this program Vick Strizheus is an experienced digital marketer. This is not the first time Vick run an online course. Although HTA (High Traffic Academy) is his newest training program but he shared his knowledge in internet marketing as a personal coach in the past.

When we talk about generating traffic, you should know that there are two main categories:

  • Free Traffic
  • Paid Traffic

A high-quality online course covers both categories in detail but unfortunately, according to what I’ve seen in HTA, it only teaches you skills and methods for generating paid traffic. Personally, I believe free traffic is more suitable for newbies who don’t know much about this business and although it takes time but it’s risk-free and you won’t lose anything if you don’t get the result.

Another category HTA focuses on is email marketing. Every marketer knows this fact that an active email list is like a golden key which can open many profitable doors to you. Just imagine you have a list of subscribers who are interested in your content and read your emails, now what happens if you promote a product to this eager subscribers? Yes! They start buying it and you start making a commission!

Regardless of your level in this online business, building an email list is one of the main factors you should consider for your online marketing purposes always.

There are different ways you can take advantage of with power of email marketing but one of the best businesses for email marketing is affiliate marketing. I’m an affiliate marketer for months now and I can’t tell you how effective is email marketing for my business. That’s totally possible to make passive income through affiliate marketing and WA is definitely the best place to learn how to do it.

To know what’s WA and how you can easily join it for FREE, read my Best Recommendation Section at the bottom of the review.

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how high traffic academy works

Is High Traffic Academy Really Worth $1k?!

You know well that HTA is an expensive product and there are not many people who are willing to pay up to $997 for a single MMO program. Now the question is that should you buy this high-priced product or it’s better to get a new phone or buy new shoes instead of paying $997 for HTA?

My answer to this question is a big NO. Let me give you my reasons who I think that it’s better to do not purchase HTA at the moment.

  • Worthless Traffic Replaced With High-Quality Content

You can ask from any Internet entrepreneur about this but all answers will be the same, Content is The King! It’s sad to say that what you learn in HTA is not the right way to starting an online business. It teaches you about PPC or other traffic sources that are based on paid traffic which can cost you a lot of money.

  • Additional Cost Involved

This is related to the previous reason. When you do not know or do not learn how to generate traffic with no cost and totally free, you have no choice except than paying extra money for getting traffic and HTA pushes you to use paid traffic methods.

  • Can You Request Refund Anytime You Like?

Yes, it gives you a refund option but the problem is that some people had serious issues with getting a refund from HTA so although you can request a refund anytime you like but prepare yourself for some difficulties.

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high traffic academy pros and cons

High Traffic Academy – The Good, The Bad

I list positive and negative points of HTA here and to save your time, I skip explaining each one separately. I guess the title of each pros and cons is clear enough itself.

The Good,

User-Friendly Platform which let you scroll and explore each section easily. A huge number of content (both high and low quality and of course not arranged very well)

Owner of HTA is an expert in online and digital marketing but this does not mean that all his product is worth trying.

The training is not limited to some specific subject and Vick tried to cover different topics.

The Bad,

  • The price is too high for normal people.
  • It’s not a beginner-friendly training course.
  • A program with a price of $997 is not considered as a cheap product but the real price even is higher than $997 because all traffic sources you will learn over there are paid traffic.
  • Some people submitted complaints about requesting a refund.

is high traffic academy a scam

Final Word – Is High Traffic Academy Scam?

Unlike low-quality product like Passive Payday or Profit with Alex High Traffic Academy has something to offer you and it’s absolutely a legit program but it’s not my recommendation. It has two main problems which stop me from recommending it to other people:

It’s a very expensive product. I know several training platforms which will charge you much less than HTA so I don’t understand why someone would use this program when there are better alternatives with a much better price.

Also although it’s ok from my point of view to build a training product based on paid traffic methods but you should say it clearly in the introduction phase of your product that it may cost you more in the future so people will be ready for that. This is what Vick has not done in his sales videos series.

All in all High Traffic Academy was not what I expected. I recommend you start your online business through reliable and much cheaper platforms like Wealthy Affiliate. WA helped a lot of people to leave their 9-5 job and make a suitable online income so you can definitely be one of those as well.

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my recommendation

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