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Is Home Income Millionaire a Scam? – See These Untold Facts!

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Marc Jennings (owner of Home Income Millionaire) uses email marketing strategies to land in front of potential buyers so that’s not strange if you see Home Income Millionaire as an ad in your mailbox recently now, here is the question: Is Home Income Millionaire a scam program like many other scams that land to your email box without your permission or we are really seeing a legit platform here this time?

The same as many other new making money programs, promotional sales video of HIM (Home Income Millionaire) comes up with the claim of making +$3500 weekly (or $500/Day) without any effort!

Although I recommend you to read the whole article because in addition to know all facts about Home Income Millionaire, I’ll uncover the best alternative for this program but if you rush to know if you can rely on HIM or not, it must be said that No!

Home Income Millionaire is not anything more than a low-quality program that cheats newcomers to money making online industry with big fake claims.

Although making money online is possible but it’s not easy and trusting persons who promise you hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly is the first and biggest mistake you may make after coming to this business.

Now let’s start our review and see what Marc Jennings is going to offer you in his online earning program, Home Income Millionaire;


Product Name: Home Income Millionaire

Official Website: https://homeincomemillionaire.com

Owner: Marc Jennings

Type: Make commission from high ticket programs

Cost to Join: $97

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

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what is home income millionaire

What Is Home Income Millionaire Exactly?

First of all, it should be said that HIM is not available in all countries, for example, people who live in the UK can’t join this program. Of course, there are always ways to bypass these type of restrictions; for instance, by using a VPN service, you can easily change your IP address to the United States or any other country and join programs/websites that are not available in your country but some risks always involved in this type of bypassing methods and your bank may block your account if they find out that you’re using such that methods for making money.

So since I am a conservative person, I prefer to don’t risk my bank account in something that looks suspicious and this review article has been written based on my own research as well as feedback and experience of other people who tried Home Income Millionaire system.

Below is what I’ve found about HIM after watching the sales-video:

  1. The big part of the work will be done by the system automatically and your main task is just finding new members and encouraging them to join the team of the HIM.
  2. A mentor will walk through the process behind you so you’ll have a personal coach during the course.
  3. HIM will give you a secret weapon for making money online and only members of Home Income Millionaire have access to this secret.
  4. Very similar to Multi-Level Marketing business model which your income potential directly depends on your sales.

Well, it does not look very logical from my point of view… why you need a one to one coach if promoting HIM to other people is all you need to do?

Actually, you are going to work as a bridge between potential customers and Home Income Millionaire. You send people to HIM website and their sales team will take care of the rest by introducing and encouraging them to purchase expensive items.

Who Has Created Home Income Millionaire?

This may look like a stupid question at the beginning since you may think that I’ve clearly mentioned to Marc Jennings as the owner of HIM but the truth is that I don’t think Marc Jennings is the real name for the owner of HIM and for some reasons that I’ll tell you later, he preferred to hide his real identity.

All not worth trying products that I’ve reviewed recently like Home Income System, Tesler or Automated Income System have had this problem and you didn’t know who is really behind them.

This should be considered as a red flag because there is no reason for hiding real identity if you are providing a reliable and quality service. I’ll explain more about this later in this article.

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how home income millionaire works

How Does Home Income Millionaire Work Exactly?

Different MMP programs use different methods for making profit, from Dropshipping to Online Marketing. HIM is not much different than other similar MMO platforms. first, you’ll lead to the official website of HIM (homeincomemillionaire.com) through one of their marketing channels (Social media, email or direct linking).

The good thing is that these days people are smarter than 10 years ago and in my opinion, 80% or 90% of persons who land on the sales video of home income millionaire will understand easily that it’s just another get-rich-quick scheme like many others out there and they leave the sales-page in less 5 minutes because of that.

But unfortunately, there are still people who live in their dreams and believe those unreal claims and that 10% or 15% are more than enough for owners of HIM for having a nice online income from people efforts.

Imagine they get 1000 traffic every week from their black marketing methods. 1000 traffic means 1000 visitors and if only 10% of these 1000 visitors go ahead and purchase HIM, according to the product’s price ($97), they easily make +$970 every week!

Your task is continuing this circle and upsell the product to other people to make a commission. The provided training materials like PDFs or Videos cover only some basic information and it does not anything about a detailed method.

It’s not possible to build an online business and make an extra +$500 pocket money from a low-quality training program like that.

This is completely the opposite side of the reality of making money online and Home Income Millionaire is not the only program out there which promises you such that income in a short amount of time. That’s exactly why they need people like you and me to join their platform and start promoting them which gives them more reputation and credibility.

How Much You Should Pay to Join HIM?

This is another problem of Home Income Millionaire when you don’t see the real cost of this product at the beginning. You have to watch the sales video first and only after that the sales button will be appear then you’ll know that the real price of Home Income Millionaire is $97.

Scam Signs of Home Income Millionaire

Here I list the main negative things that stopped me from recommending HIM to others. There are many ways to make money online but most of them are not worth trying and this is my personal opinion that if a claim seems to good to be true, I see it as a warning sign for the product.

Without a doubt there are legitimate companies that try to help people have an online income from the Internet but none of these legitimate programs promise you big money for no or a little work because it’s similar not possible.

If claims of programs like HIM were true then nobody needed to work anymore and more importantly, owners of HIM were the richest persons in the world.

So the first scam sign of HIM is its unreal claim but there are several other reasons for not trusting this program;

  • Unknown Owner

Marc Jennings is the name that we see as the owner of Home Income Millionaire but to be honest, I think that it’s just a fake identity. Firstly, you can’t contact Marc because there’s not an email address, phone number or any other contact info that you can use to contact Marc and secondly, except than a first and surname, we don’t see any other information about this man.

Who is he exactly? What is his background? What other programs he has created before? Where does he live? Etc. are jus a few questions we never find the answer about the Marc Jennings.

So we understand that the person(s) who are behind this program decided to hide their real identity. It’s not very strange to me because my experience says that every time a person comes up with a fake identity, he wants to take advantage of you and that’s why they don’t want you to be able to contact them.

Also we never find out who are other people who became millioner through HIM. And if this program really works then why we don’t see any information about other people who made millions of dollars from HIM?

  • Using Actors for Creating Fake Testimonials

It’s very sad to see that HIM hired freelancers to create fake testimonials for them. With using some techniques and methods, you are able to recognize which one of testimonials are fake and which ones are real.

For example, when you see testimonials of a person in different MMO (Making Money Online) websites, there’s a high chance that this person is a freelance who provides this kind of service and he never tried any of those programs.

This is what happens in HIM and the testimonials you see in this program have been created by fake review providers who are active in freelance platforms as a seller.

I’m sure about this because reviewing money-making platforms is what I’m doing for a long time and I’ve seen that the faces of these persons repeat in testimonials of many other websites every now and then.

  • Using Fake News

This is not what only Home Income Millionaire is doing and actually, it’s a common trick between scammers.

When you see world popular news channels are talking about a product or program, you think that it’s probably a valuable product; yes that could be true if those news channels are really talking about that product but the truth is that what you see in HIM is not anything more than a collection of random news and they’ve gathered them all in one place to make you believe that those channels are talking about their program which is not true at all.

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home income millionaire pros and cons

Home Income Millionaire – Likes & Dislikes


  • Although I don’t recommend you to purchase this making money program but if for any reason you have decided to do that, you have a refund option for up to 1 month which means, you can request a money-back from the ClickBank (the website that selling HIM) if you didn’t like the program.

Anyway, I have not bought this program so I can’t make you sure that you’ll get a full refund without any problem.


  • Using unreal testimonials to get people’s attention
  • High possibility to lose instead of making money
  • Fake claims and promises about the real income potential of earning

is home income millionaire scam

Final World – Is Home Income Millionaire a Scam? 

If you ask my opinion, I would say that yes, it’s completely a scam program that works illegally. I listed all reasons about why I think that HIM is not legit above but my main reason is that they just want to sell a product to you in any way and it does not matter for them if it was hard for you to earn the money that you are paying for this program.

That’s good that you have decided to do this research and now you know that the testimonials they are using are all fake and untrustworthy. Also, those attractive and popular news channels logo that you see in their website as “Have been seen on…” are just a couple of everyday news that is not related to HIM anyhow.

I’m happy if reading my review helped even only you to don’t get scammed by this program and now, you can share this review with others to help them stay away from this crappy platform.

The last but not least is that it may look that earning money from the Internet is impossible and many persons are trying to cheat you with “get-rich-quick” schemes.

Well, the second part is true; there are hundreds of scammers who try to steal your money with attractive (but fake) programs but about the first part, it’s not true and making money online is completely possible for anyone.

The most important fact you should learn here is that having an online income does not happen overnight and to get in that level of earning, you need to build a trustworthy online business which takes time and effort.

Scammers want you to believe that there’s a big secret about making big money online but there’s no any secret; there is a direct way and everybody can make a part-time or full-time income with any level of online knowledge. You just need to find the right way, walk in the right direction and … be patient.

The program that I’m going to recommend you below is My #1 Platform for having a suitable online income. Again, don’t expect to make a huge amount of money by the end of the week or month if you decide to go with my recommended program, it’s not a magic wand but it’s legit and shows you the best way to earn extra cash online from your hobbies and interests.

You can easily scale it up and make much more than a full-time income from it but keep in mind that you should not rush and you should learn step by step and apply all the training that platform is teaching you in your business. And don’t worry about the cost because there is no cost to join it!

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my recommendation

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  1. Hey Ali!
    Thank you for such an in-depth post. I’ve been looking into ways to make money from home as a part time job. And this article definitely convinced me to stay far away from HIM.

    I find it disturbing that this company uses fake reviews. Much less a fake identity.

    Thank you for sharing Wealthy Affiliate! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for and am very much enjoying the process.

  2. This was an informative article to read about.

    The Home Income Millionaire Program (even by the name of it), sounded like a scam from the beginning. The idea you can make so much money daily or weekly with no effort is surely unrealistic.

    It’s good to know there are people such as you out in the world who look out for legit and not-legit work scams out there.

    Thanks for the read- I learned a lot from it.

  3. Hello Ali,
    nice job with this article!
    It seems this problem will never go away, and probably just grow bigger and bigger: The scammers will always be amongst us… I’m glad you sorted at least one of them out, and I will make sure to stay away from this one. You point out so many things that scream “SCAM” about this site, starting with the owner/creator, not being willing to give any contact details. Also I had a little giggle to myself when I read your likes and dislikes about the site…one – 1 – like to so many things not to like about the program! :p

    Thanks again and keep up the good work,

  4. I love it when I find quality well-researched reviews on companies that I’m interested in. I only started getting smart enough to check out reviews in my 40s. Pathetic, huh? Better late than never. I’ve since learned to be very skeptical of testimonials, especially now that I am aware of how easy it is to hire these actors on Fiverr! I agree that if you can’t find a good deal of information about the owner, the flag is glaring red! I’m going to check out your actual recommendation. Thank you for helping us know who to not trust!

  5. Hi Ali,
    Thanks for this great review, we need to know about that, what are the real programs and what are the scams, I have found some myself before I found Wealthy Affiliate platform the only one teaching the right way to work online.
    You are doing an amazing job, sharing this information with the public, I am glad I found you, I will come back to read your new posts, I am curious, I love to know the truth in all areas. You are a brave man!


  6. What a great review I have come across here on my research for making money online. I have come across many get rich quick schemes and it is just too good to be true, preying on those people who are desperate to better their lives and use their hard earned cash. The only people who make money on these are the owners (whoever’s they really are) and that’s it. A legitimate online business has to be built over time with hard work and effort to be successful. Wealthy affiliate looks amazing! Thank you for this information. I hope others come across this post before falling for this scam.

  7. Hi Ali,
    When we see something too good to be true, most of the time it is. Home Income Millionaire follows the make money fast and easy scheme, and we know that this is not possible. Yes, you can make money online from home, but it will not be easy nor fast. It takes a lot of work and effort, and in the beginning, you might want to give up as well. However, you shouldn’t. I 100% agree with you and recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It is a trustworthy community with many courses that help you start even if you have zero knowledge on website building. I can’t wait to read more from you!

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