is inboxdollars a scam or what

Is InboxDollars a Scam or What? – Let’s Go Inside to Find out!

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Is InboxDollars a Scam or What?

Hey again guys! I know you are here to know answer of this question: Is inboxdollars a scam or what? And you’re probably one of those many people who are searching this question on Google every day and are looking for a true answer. Well, you’re lucky and landed on the right place! I’ve reviewed this program as detailed as possible and I’m going to share you my review with you so stay with me in the next couple of paragraph to find out your answer.

Let’s be honest to each other. If you are looking for inboxdollars review, you want to make money on the internet right? And inboxdollars is one of those opportunities that came up on Google.

But as an unwritten rule, you should not believe every making money opportunity on the internet easily so the best question you should ask yourself is: is inboxdollars a scam or you can really make money with it?

As I’ve told you, I’ve reviewed inboxdollars in detail so instead of wasting your valuable time to test it yourself, you can simply read my review of the inboxdollars platform to see if you can really trust this program and make extra cash with it or not.


Product Name: Inbox Dollars

Official Website:

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

Recommended? No!

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What is InboxDollars?

Simply like many other making money online websites, Inboxdollars is a program which offers a wide range of different tasks and make you able to make extra cash by completing them.

Unfortunately I’ve seen many negative reviews from members of Inboxdollars about the platform when I was researching about it who were not satisfied with the result at all and could not make a single dollar after spending a lot of time.

Technical difficulties while completing tasks, closing accounts without any notification and limited number of tasks are the most complaints that I’ve found about the program.

It was almost the same in my personal experience; sometimes you have many tasks to complete in your task box and sometimes nothing! So it cannot be a good deal who are looking for a steady income because you do not know if there are tasks to be completed tomorrow or not.

And there was even something worse… I’ve read some complaints from members who did not receive promised points after completing tasks.

Well, although there are many complaints and negative talks about inboxdollars all around the web (which I’ll talk about it later) but something strange for me is that there are people who claims that they are making a suitable amount of money from this program.

But Who Tell the Truth?

Before answering the above question, let me show you some of the options that Inboxdollars give you for making some extra money:

  • Completing Mini Tasks Online
  • Taking Online Surveys
  • Watching Videos or Ads
  • Shopping (Which you can get cashback for)

You know what, I personally think that all other ways except than taking survey is not worth your time and maybe that’s why almost 80% of tasks are only surveys.

But how much money you can make by taking surveys in inboxdollars? The minimum is $0.10 and the maximum is $10.

Did you take of one those $10 survey Ali? Nope! I’m an internet entrepreneur for years now guys and let me tell you that I’ve never seen a program that pay that much for taking surveys. So according to what they have written on their site, the average of money you can make would be about $2 for completing each survey but it’s not! It’s much less and you should be very lucky if you find that $2 survey task.

In total, with all above information, you can guess that it’s not possible to make a full time or even good amount of money from inboxdollars.

Is there any other way to earn from inboxdollars? Yes, there is. You can also earn money if you promote inboxdollars to your friends, family, etc. Well, this is not what I want to do when I register for a “Taking Survey” website. But working as an affiliate is something that I’ve seen in many other survey websites in the past. One of the main reasons that they are offering affiliate option is that they know the main task (taking survey) is not something that members will be satisfied with so they encourage members to promote their website before leaving it to get new members!

In total, I do not see any new opportunity in inboxdollars and it’s very similar to many other taking survey online websites that I’ve seen and reviewed before. For instance, there is a big ad on many of these websites which say: “Join us! Complete the first survey and take your chance to win our $1 million dollars prize!” If you see something like this on a website, do not even think about giving it a try!

Or another negative point is that there is always a minimum threshold to withdraw you money which seems to be low and reachable in a short time (for example it’s $20) but after starting and taking a couple of surveys which start with 2$ for the first ones to get you attention, it suddenly drops to pennies for each survey and take a long (really long) time to reach that minimum threshold.

Is Inbox Dollars a Scam?

In my opinion No. I’ve checked that it’s up there for more than 10 years now and if we can ignore the low rate for completing surveys that is offered by the company, we can say that it’s always pay on time at least.

Do not think I’m telling that it’s a good program which you can trust and worth your time. No! As I’ve mentioned before, it has many negative points and red flags and as I’ve told you, there is nothing worse than spending your valuable time to complete a survey then do not get points as promised for the task.

I have not called Inboxdollars a scam but there are many people who believe it’s a scam because they had the same problem and did not get promised point for completing tasks. To be honest, I do not know if this is a technical issue from inboxdollars side or it’s a dirty trick, whatever it’s, this problem is up there for a long time and made many complaint for the company.

So prepare yourself to see such those things if you insist to use the platform but if you can give it a try anyway and are willing to put hard work behind it to reach minimum threshold, you can be sure that you’ll receive the money for sure after a short time but again IF you can reach that threshold…

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By the way, have I told you they send only check and there is not option for online payment? Yes, I know it’s strange to have no option for online payment in 2018 but it seems that inboxdollars prefer traditional ways. 14 days is taking for the payment processing time and a 3 or 4 other weeks will be added up to it to receive your check by mail.

By the way, do not surprise if you get a lot of spams in your mailbox after joining inboxdollars because it requires you to enter you email when you want to join the program and from the day after that, your mailbox will be full of spams from different companies. Hopefully, I’ve had another email address which I normally use to sign up to programs to test them so I could get rid of those spams.

Again, keep in mind that you’ll make pennies rather than dollars for completing tasks which is in most cases less 2 dollars.

What I Liked in InboxDollars

Well I’ve told you about all negative points of InboxDollars but it does not mean that there is not any positive point. Although it’s some hard to find positive points on a program that works very similar to other online survey programs but there are somethings that I can mention to as positive side of inboxdollar.

For example, when you just signed up with the program, an option will be available for you as a starter member which let you earn money by only reading emails. Emails will be sent to your mailbox on a regular basis and when you push Confirmation button which is placed at the bottom of each mail, you’ receive points/cash.

It’s one of the easiest way to earn money with inboxdollars and is only available for starter members. And with such that easy task, you can expect to receive only cents as reward.

If you’re fan of online games, there is another option for you. Inboxdollars pays you to play games. For example, you can enter to an online casino game, play and earn. Of course you need to sign up with that casino game website and since I have not done it, I do not know if it requires you to enter credit card and personal info or not, but in short that will give you cash for signing up in casino site and gambling.

And the last good point that I’ve seen in inboxdollars is that you will receive $5 credit to create an account and although you are still far from that minimum threshold but it brings you some hope that you can reach it.

But How Does InboxDollars Make Money?

I do not know if you are familiar with CPA programs or not and this is what inboxdollars make money from. InboxDollars promotes CPA (Cost Per Action) programs in its platform. The CPA companies pay Inboxdollars for advertisement. You register on inboxdollars and complete one of the tasks (which is given by those CPA companies originally) to make money. After completing task, they CPA program pay inboxdollars for completing that task then inboxdollars keeps a percentage of it (about 50%) and give another 50% to you. That’s why the rate is very low and this is how it makes money.

It works as a middle man. Imagine that someone gives you $30 for creating an account on their website, then you find someone else and pay him $3 to create account on that website and when he done it you’ll pay him $3 and keep the rest $27 for yourself. What a fair play, yea?!

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I won’t prevent you if you want to try inboxdollars but keep in mind that it’s not something that you can rely on a long term and make a full time income from. You have to put a lot of time and energy behind it to make $5, $10 or some more a day. (Regardless of that technical or trick issue that you won’t get paid for completing some tasks). Without doubt, it will not a stable income for you so it’s not something that I can tell you go for it.

Is There any Alternative to InboxDollars to Make Money Online?

Fortunately Yes. You just need to think a little smart. Imagine you can do what inboxdollars does, I mean working as middleman then you can simply get ads from advertisers, promote it on your site or blog and keep the rest of money.

I know the first word comes to your mind is How…?

My Final Word

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Thanks for reading my review. If you have tried Inbox Dollars, feel free to share your experience and opinion with me in comment below! )

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