is income school a scam

Is Income School a Scam or an Outstanding University?!

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Can you learn everything about earning online from an online course called Income School? Maybe yes but is Income School a scam that should be avoided? Let’s see!

There are many ways to make money online like these 7 methods introduced here. And it’s useful for different people like who want to get retired sooner or who want to earn money from their side hustle.

It does not matter what your career is and what your job’s position is, the truth is that more than 85% of people want to change their current job because of several reasons. Some people don’t like it and some others just are not satisfied with the working hours or salary they have.

This one reason alone is enough for many persons to create legit or scam Internet programs for making money online.

They know this fact very well that there’s a great demand behind it and all of them claim that their product can be replaced with your full-time job but who is right and who is wrong?

So you’ve probably landed in Income School website and you’re wondering to know if what they claim is really true or not. Income School is a platform that teaches you to build an online business with the help of the Internet but does this system really work?

Stay with me in this detailed review of Income School to find out the answer to all your questions about this platform in the next couple of paragraphs.


Product Name: Income School

Official Website:

Owner: Ricky Kesler

Type: Internet Marketing Course + Private Coaching

Cost to Join: $449 for the first year then $199

Recommended? Yes if you have enough time and money to invest on it

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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what is income school

The Income School Is…

In short, it’s a training course about affiliate marketing and teaches you how to earn a full-time income from Internet advertising in less 2 years.

The founders of Income School (Jim and Rick) are well-known Internet entrepreneurs and have created several online classes in this field before.

They have a Youtube Chanel and publish new educational video content on a regular basis and share their experience and expertise in building affiliate marketing websites in different niches.

Their newest course called Project 24 which give you access to a 12-month membership as soon as you create an account on their website.

There is not a monthly fee included and you’ll have to pay for the first year at once ($499) then after 12 months, you’re free to choose if you want to cancel your membership or if you continue with the platform.

It’s being said that the Income School teaches you methods for running a long-term business and that’s why the 12-months is the minimum amount of time you need to invest in it to get the result.

Does Income School Exceed Your Expectations?

It depends on your needs and expectations really. Actually there are several courses inside Income School you can choose from and it’s not an integrated online course so you need to see which one of courses are the best according to your needs then pick up one of them.

Courses are designed based on the needs of both experienced and beginner internet marketers and the Income School community is available for all members which let them take tips and help from it.

Also, some advanced courses like email marketing are recommended only to experienced marketers and beginners are advised to start with basic training like building websites and content creation.

So in total, I would say that you should know what you’re looking for first then see if there’s a course in Income School that can cover your needs.

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how income school works

Here Are All the Training Included in Income School

Fortunately, unlike some other low-quality training platform, Income School is a well-organized training program with great tools and quality information.

The first training you have access to is a 60-Day Step Action guide which will give you all necessary information you need to start your business with, also, there are many video-based training guides in six different training modules which you can choose from.

  1. The Main Training – 60-Step Action Plan

You can take this training plan to start building your business website. In each section of this training, you should complete a specific task and these tasks are easy-to-do and does not take more than a couple of minutes of your time. Completing each task is necessary if you want to go to the next one.

At the beginning, it looks that completing 60-step action plan takes a long time but the truth is that tasks are pretty simple and Jim and Ricky show you how they followed and complete these tasks quickly while they were building their own online businesses.

Writing quality content is the main skill you learn while completing 60-step action plan because it’s like the meat for your affiliate website. At the end, when you’re done with completing all tasks, you’ll have a ready-to-use business website.

  1. A Community of Like-Minded People

When you join Income School, you’ll be part of a great community which is run and managed by Jim and Ricky. It’s a private community and you can contact and talk with members who have already built and got success with their website. There are tons of threads in different topics that update on a regular basis and Jim and Ricky keep this community active by replying to all these threads personally.

  1. Podcasts Created by the Owners

Jim and Ricky have a podcast channel and the same as their YouTube Channel, they update it regularly. The good news is that you don’t need to pay anything for listening to this podcast and like their YouTube Channel, most of the episodes (except than the advanced ones) are available for everyone.

  1. Checking Out Their Own Websites

It’s good to see that you can check out many websites that these guys have been created because they followed the same method that you’re learning for creating these websites and this makes you sure that it works. Of course, the same as other owners, for privacy reasons a few of their business websites are not available for the public.

Checking their websites while you complete the training encourage you to put enough energy behind your website and don’t give up easily. You’ll see how their websites work and how to follow the same steps to build yours.

​5. ​Many Valuable Resources

With the resources and recommended tools that they’ll give you, it’ll be very easy to create your first business website. Everything from keyword research to choosing eye-catching titles, websites templates, niche selection, etc. are available in the resource section all for Free!

Does Income School Any Benefit If You’ve Already Own a Website?

Yes of course! This is not a course only for new affiliate marketers and advanced Internet marketers with years of experience can take advantage of it too. It does not matter if you’ve got success with your affiliate marketing business in the past or if it’s the first time you’ve started to join this industry, Income School has unique features that let both of above groups take benefit from it.

So it’s not necessary to have the internet marketing knowledge or be a guru in affiliate marketing business to get success with Income School.

Are Owners of Income School Reliable Coaches?

The first time that I’ve got familiar with Ricky and Jim (founders of Income School) was when I wanted to find some marketing tips in the YouTube and their YT Channel was one of the first results I’ve seen.

From the very first experience, I felt they are the coaches everybody can rely because they’re totally honest with their audience and never sell their hard-earned credibility for some more profit.

If you become a member, you can be sure that they’ll keep in touch and support you in the best possible way. You have many options to contact them (like their personal phone numbers!) and they’re always ready to help you out with anything.

To make a strong relationship, they give the subscribers their sample income websites every now and then and this lets you know how the training they are teaching you applied into their own websites.

But Income School Is NOT Free…

Well with all the benefits and features I’ve mentioned about Income School, it’s not strange to see that members will be charged $449 for the first year. This cost will be decreased to $199/Year after the first year but ~$600 is what you need to afford if you want to get the complete training.

Unfortunately, there’s not any weekly or monthly subscription plan and the only available plan is yearly; this means you can’t pay month to month to see how it’s going on and $449 should be paid for the whole your first year before starting.

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income school pros and cons

See What I Liked & Didn’t Like in Income School

I Liked This Program Because…

  • Your cost (membership fee) will be decreased to $199 from $449 after the first year
  • The owners of Income School are reliable persons with long experience and big success in affiliate marketing
  • A community of both like-minded and experts marketers will be available as a bonus as soon as you join the platform
  • Affiliate marketing business takes time to bring the result and although the yearly plan of Income School may look some expensive but it lets you focus on the training and don’t give up easily after trying and error which is a key to get success in the affiliate marketing industry.
  • From the first time that Income School has been launched, Jim and Ricky updated all sources and training materials on a yearly basis to make it fresh with the latest information so you will not see any outdated training or guide in the course.

I Didn’t Like This Program Because…

  • Some parts of training are hard-understanding
  • There is not any trial period for the course and you have to pay all $499 to see what’s included in the program
  • Some terms used by the owners of program (Jim and Ricky) is difficult and you need to have already some knowledge to understand them. Some important parts of the affiliate marketing business like Search Engine Optimization or Keyowrd Research have not been covered in the training
  • You don’t know exactly when the result comes. It may take from 3 to 12 months to see the first result so you should prepare yourself for that.

The Complaints About Income School

There are always complaints about the programs that I’ve reviewed like One Munite Free Traffic, Fast Cash Club and Agora Financial.

Some members of Income School believer that building a business website without doing keyword research is waste of the time and this (keyword research) is not what you’re going to learn in Income School training platform.

Also the course skips discussing some important factors of Internet marketing easily which are like critical success factors. In addition, some people mentioned that $449 fee of the course makes it difficult for beginners and newbies to enroll into it and that would be better if they could pay the membership fee on a monthly basis.

And last but not least; most information in the course can be found for free on the Internet and although the course categorized all this information but it’s not something you can’t find on the web so for this simple reason, it’s not logical to pay five hundred bucks for that.

income school pros and cons

Final Word – Is Income School a Scam?

No, this program is not a scam at all and that’ why I rated it 7 out of 10. Although there are somethings I didn’t like inside the course but it seems that the whole concept of this training program is helping new affiliate marketers to find the right path to success.

Income School is not an exception in the Internet marketing learning world and it has negative points too but my research shows that most of the people who didn’t like it are those who gave up easily after trying the course for some weeks and they forgot that 1 year (12 months) is the minimum amount of time required to be invested in the program to bring result

I mark Income School as a good online course but personally I prefer programs like #1 Training Platform below that I’ve tested and I’m sure that it works. In My Best Recommendation Platform, you have access to the first 10 lessons for completely free and instead of paying the whole amount of membership fee at once, you can pay on a monthly basis and stop it as soon as you find out it’s enough for you.

Check out this Quality Training Program in the Best Recommendation section below and you’ll find out why I put it in My Best Recommendation list.

my recommendation

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read my income school review. I hope you liked it and feel free to leave your opinion about this review and the whole concept of affiliate marketing in the comments below.

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