Is Infinite Income scam

Is Infinite Income Scam or A Small Fortune?

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A new company called Infinite Income introduces an easy way to earn money from the Internet but is Infinite Income Scam? For most people, the singular goal they have from the time they are aware until death is how to make money, not just how the simplest easiest and probably legal way to achieve that goal.

This is why people end up in back-breaking jobs all through their lives and as they approach retirement it becomes a problem because suddenly they are confronted with the fact that they may not have enough to tide them over. So begins a new search, a desperate attempt to grasp a long sort after the dream. Now, imagine you have a way out, something you can do, a simple yet affordable way to earn right from the comfort of your home.

Fortunately, unlike scam programs like Insiders Cash Club, Infinite Income has really something valuable to offer you. If you are one of the people who has come across the name infinite income and you are wondering if it is the best place to make that investment because, in spite of the need to make money, no one wants to lose the little they have on a wasted scheme.


Product Name: Infinite Income

Official Website:

Owner: Mosh Bari & Jason Fulton

Type: Newsletter About Online Investment Opportunites

Cost to Join: $12.95 + 5 Different Upsells

Recommended? Yes (Only for making a small side income)

Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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what is Infinite Income

 Infinite Income: What Is It All About?

Primarily, the reason why this platform was created is to build up a regular, low-risk income file or portfolio which will generate a steady monthly earning ensuring a safe retirement when that time comes.

Here, you will be thought how to grow your portfolio to survive even the worst times in the market while providing you with income. It is quite possible to build up thousands of dollars, income that can support you in the future, talk about a bright secure future. It works automatically which means the only responsibility you have is to invest and nothing else. The infinite income system will work to generate your monthly income consistently.

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how Infinite Income works

How Does Infinite Income Exactly Work?

Frankly this is not a get rich quick scheme, as mentioned before it best suits retirement. When you sign up with this platform, Mike Burnick who is the creator will supply you with most current information on shares and stocks that you can invest in which will pay you regular dividends.

Additionally, the team will give you sufficient information on best way to invest your retirement funds further and more on how you can – legally of course – withdraw thousands of dollars through various methods such as social security annually. These and several more are benefits you get from the newsletter right after your ideal portfolio has been set up.

Can You Make Money with Infinite Income?

It is important to remember before choosing this platform that it is a long term plan built to aid people headed towards retirement or who are interested in securing their future. Yes, you can make money from infinite income easily but it builds up over time and in that period, the team will give you exclusive tips through their newsletter on how to invest and make even more money.

What’s Included in Infinite Income Platform?

It’s being said that the most suitable kind of people for Infinite Income are those who will retire soon and are looking for a way to have a long-term side-income through safe investment opportunities and having this additional income makes them sure that they won’t have to face with financial problems in the future.

Infinite Income says that it can provide this type of investment options for retired people so their income won’t be dropped a lot after retirement. The platform of Infinite Income is very user-friendly and investing money on it is as easy as set up an account and funds the money in a couple of minutes. After that, you just need to check your bank’s account and see how much profit you’ve made from your investment during the last month.

Also, an email with the latest news about the most profitable and safest stocks/shares will be sent to your mailbox on a regular basis so you’ll know which ones have the lowest risk and will bring you a safe amount of profit for a long time.

Also, you’ll learn about the other potential ways like social security that can add some more funds into your account.

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Infinite Income review

Pros and Cons of infinite income


  • Practically no risk involved, it is absolutely low risk.
  • They will give you a simple step by step guidance on how to develop your top quality portfolio.
  • Infinite income provides you with a secure technique which you can use to withstand the unstable markets not excluding bear markets. They will furnish you with tips on how to sidestep those pitfalls and which stocks to invest in. Granted, they cannot foresee the future but instead of working on your own, wouldn’t you prefer to take advice from professionals?
  • It creates a trustworthy method of making good money with minimum participation. After signing up and uploading your portfolio all you need to do is be on the lookout for tips and stay updated.


  • Unlike other get rich schemes that promise millions in a matter of weeks – and mostly fail, Infinite income is relatively a slow process, so if you are looking for something that pays off instantly, it is not for you.
  • Basically, they are interested in the retirement group who are ready to work on a world-class portfolio strong enough to survive all market failings, stock market unreliability and generally grow your wealth beyond your dreams.

Is Infinite Income a scam

Final Word – Is Infinite Income a Scam or Legit?

No, I’m 100% sure that Infinite Income is one of those reliable and legit companies in the world that provide good investment opportunities for the different type of people so it can be beneficial for everybody in any situation.

All information you get from Infinite Income is only about different investment opportunities and since this information has not published anywhere else before, it’s unique and opens new doors for having an additional income.

Why did I tell you that information provided by Infinite Income unique? Because they check all these info and data before sending them into members several times and they only work with well-known sources like to make their newsletter with high accuracy.

Unlike some other investment companies, all investing process from checking newsletter, choosing the most suitable opportunity, funds your money and start investing will be done by you. Although you receive advises from experts and professional investors but the person who makes the final decision is only you, not anyone else.

When you decide to open an account with Infinite Income, you’ll be an official member of this company and can take advantage of information that will be sent to you. The only thing you should keep in mind is that Infinite Income is only an investment service provider and it does not affect your investment decisions directly so you’ll be responsible for all investment funds you involve into the company.

If your character accepts the risk of your investment decisions then Infinite Income can be definitely a useful service for you but if you need to follow someone experienced always and want to get 24/7 advises, it’s better to skip this business opportunity and try my Best Risk-Free Recommended Program for having a full-time online income below.

Thanks for reading my Infinite Income review and feel free to ask your questions or share your opinions about this article in comments below.

Mike Burnick the creator of Infinite Income is a man with wide experience in the finance sector where he served for over thirty years. In his time as a portfolio manager, he was able to pick out people’s needs and what has to be done to curb the confusion which arises as a result of retirement.

While he was with Weiss research, he helped grow the company to over 500 billion dollars in assets. This outstanding feat earned him the title of ‘best manager’

Now, with all these qualifications, it is virtually impossible for this same man to create something for the mere purpose of scamming customers. It is a perfect service which every person genuinely interested can make a sizable income. They give customers first hand and credible information which has been confirmed to help them even before the news gets out to the rest of the world.

What this all points to is infinite income has nothing to do with your money directly, you are fully in control of that. The question becomes, are you ready to get expert advice and invest or let your money sit without yielding returns?


Honestly, there are not risk-free financial investments. There is always a chance that you may lose something but that should not deter you from trying. Also, if you are nowhere near retirement and still feel like creating something for yourself, you can sign up with infinite income as it is not just for mature people alone.

Through the data provided on the site, you will be opportune to make the proper investments without the stress of looking for the best investment opportunities out there.

In the end, if you are convinced to earn from a potential, low-risk source with little participation, then this incredible venture is for you. Remember to read your newsletter each day in order for you not to miss out on anything.

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  1. Hi Ali, this is a very detailed and thorough review of the Infinite Income Club. You gave in-depth review and listed the pros and cons of this system. You gave many reasons why this is not a scam and it provided many good reasons to go ahead and invest your money with this system. When I am ready to invest some of my money I will check this system out. Great review!

  2. Hey Ali
    Thanks for creating this post about infinite income.
    You made the article very informative and actually easy to read. The pros and cons were very helpful aswell because it really showed me that this service is legit. Personally, I am probably a long way off retirement. but like you mentioned in this article infinite income is for people that have long term goals in mind. This one fact reassures me that infinite income is probably not a scam because you never see “Rich quick” services promoting long term plans. This post piqued my interest and I will make sure to keep this service in mind.

  3. Investing in stock is a critical thing and many people often end up with lose. Neither me nor my retired dad are not expert in this field and we are looking for idea from an expert and just know about Infinite Income.

    Before investing hard earn money to a newer company like Infinite Income, anybody must be worried about one thing, “Is Infinite Income scam?” And, I’m not an exception, because I already wasted money in wrong schemes.

    However, it is good to know from your review that, Infinite Income is not a scam at least. Still I have a few questions:

    1. Why they said, this is a better option for retired people?

    2. Does Infinite Income provide the best information for only long term investment, or they also shares valuable suggestions about daily trading? Daily trading in a proper way is a better option to earn money faster.

    3. Does they provide really important information about most profitable investments? I mean if I invest by following their news feed, shall I get a fair profit?

    4. This is not a scam, still you rated only 6.5/10. What is the reason?

    5. At the end of the article I have seen about your #No 1 recommendation. What is your rating for this one, and why?

    1. Hi SD and thanks for your comment.
      1- Because retire people are those who are looking for making extra money.
      2- It works well in long-term.
      3- It depends on the investment option. There’re options with high and low risk.
      4- Not all legit companies are valuable. I rated it 6.5 because all the service they provide is not top-notch.
      5- It’s wealthy affiliate community and if you read my wealthy affiliate review, you’ll easily find out why I rated it 9.5 out of 10.

  4. Wow, this sounds really interesting. I’m always looking for ways to earn money for a secure future. A low risk income portfolio for retirement seems like a good investment. Do they provide you with monthly statements too? I like that they give regular updates on the most profitable stocks and shares. It sounds easy enough.

    I’m glad I found this post. this has been a helpful review, very thorough and informative. I look forward to reading more of your recommendations.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Aloha Ali,
    I was very impressed with your review of Infinite Income Club. The first thing that grabbed my attention straight away, even before I read a word of content, was your title. It was catchy and intriguing. Your graphics were placed in the right spots that drew my attention and were easy on the eyes.

    Your review was well written and informative. Before this I have ever heard of Infinite Income Club. It was truly interesting to learn of such a service out there. I may even know a few people that would benefit from such a service. So thanks, for sharing and for being unbiased and clear with your descriptions.

    I love the way you smartly placed your links to your top rated recommendation at the end of each section throughout your review. That was brilliant! Lastly, you described WA perfectly and in way that made even me (already a premium WA member) want to click and sign up!! Awesome Job Ali!


  6. I appreciate that you have explained Infinite Income and the process of investing with them so that a “lay” person can understand. You have simplified the company and the process enough for me, but not oversimplified. With full retirement close at hand for me, this is such great information. You point out that this is not a get rich quick scheme that I would be leery of. I’m glad that you pointed out Mr. Burnick’s qualifications (very high). Thank you for this informative blog and I am also interested in your #1Recommendation.

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