is infinite prosperity a scam

Is Infinite Prosperity a Scam or Legit Scheme?

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A lot of people have been asking if Infinite Prosperity is a scam or not. So many people want to know about this Forex trading course that is run by supposedly successful Forex traders. Well, here is a review of Infinite Prosperity. This review will tell you all that you need to know about Infinite Prosperity and whether you can make money from it or not.


Product Name: Infinite Prosperity

Official Website:

Founders: Amy Sangster, Lewis Mocker & Robert Himler

Type: Forex Trading

Cost to Join: $599

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is infinite prosperity

Into – What You Need to Know About Forex Market?

If you are reading this review, then it means that you took your time to find out if Infinite Prosperity is worth it or not. It means that you are one of those few people that took their effort to research before spending their hard-earned money on Infinite Prosperity.

The internet is great, and it has connected several people together. It has also brought new streams of revenue to several people. Thanks to the internet, people can now make money from the comfort of their homes.

But scammers have also made the internet their home. There are scammers that have devised means of scamming people of their money. These scammers create different platforms and tell people how they can make so much money in very little time without much effort. They draw people in and take their money. One needs to be careful when looking for ways to make money online.

I got to know about Infinite Prosperity, and I decided to review it for those that might be interested in it.

Background – What is Infinite Prosperity All About?

Infinite Prosperity is an online platform that was created to teach people how to make money trading Forex. In 2010, the company was founded by Amy Sangster, Lewis Mocker and Robert Himler. The official training platform as launched in 2012.

The Forex market involves the buying and selling of currencies. It is one of the popular ways of making money online. You basically exchange one currency for another currency with the expectation that the price will change. So, you buy or sell currency pairs. But the Forex market is very volatile. You can’t just jump into it as a newbie. You need experienced hands to teach you all about it.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you can lose a lot of money. Also, you need to be very disciplined as Forex trading could share some similarities to gambling. You need to learn how to control your emotions to prevent the loss of your money.

Infinite Prosperity was created to help you mitigate risks and tell you all that you need to know to succeed in the Forex market. You will be taught how to trade, when to buy, when to sell, the best days to trade, the different ways of trading and other concepts. You’re expected to make a lot of money from the information they give you.

All You Need to Know About Amy Sangster

Amy Sangster is the major founder of Infinite Prosperity. She is an Australian that started trading Forex as a teen and became a multi-millionaire in her early twenties. She currently stays in Florida and has supposedly bought houses and cars from Forex trading.

She started the Infinite Prosperity company with her boyfriend Robert Himler who died in 2015 of cancer. Today, Infinite Prosperity is run by Amy Sangster and Lewis Mocker.

how infinite prosperity works

How Does Infinite Prosperity Work & What You Will Get There?

The course contains a lot of useful information. You need some of the material if you want to trade Forex and become good at it. Forex trading is quite intricate, and you must be well trained to make money from it. It shouldn’t be treated as casually as gambling.

You must know a lot about Forex before you start. You must read a lot about the markets, know how to select a broker, know what amount to start with, know how to record trades, know how to automate trades, know the principles behind Forex bots amongst other things.

The Infinite prosperity course covers the basic things that you need to know about trading Forex.

The Infinite Prosperity Memberships

Free: This membership level is free to join. You get access to the first two training lessons so that you can see how things are. You can also access the company’s blog and some videos with the free membership level.

Silver- $599: The silver membership level costs $599. But sometimes, you can purchase it at a discount. With the silver membership level, you get to download the ten best-rated trading lessons. You also receive support, three trading strategies, trading videos, and a discount that allows you to upgrade to the Gold Membership at a cheaper price.

Gold- $799: The gold membership gives you everything you get with the silver and free membership levels along with access to a VIP trading community, pro software, top-level support, and a personal trading coach.

Should You Invest on Infinite Prosperity Course?

Well, the answer to this question is very personal. If you went through the training and you became a successful Forex trader thanks to it, then you can say that the training is worth it, and you got value for your money.

But, this training is available on the internet for free. There are several YouTube channels and complimentary online courses that teach you how to become a good Forex trader. The best of all these is BabyPips. Of course, anyone can package a training course and sell it if they want. But, there are several free alternatives available.

So, is Infinite Prosperity worth your money?

To me, Infinite Prosperity is overpriced. There are other better alternatives like BabyPips free online course. The course by BabyPips is in-depth, and it tells you all that you need to know. It contains various helpful images and charts. But, there are no demonstration videos in the lessons.       

Target Market

Infinite Prosperity targets those that want to get rich quick more than other sets of people. The problem with Infinite Prosperity is that they focus too much on living an expensive life.

They focus too much on the rich lifestyle instead of focusing on the nitty-gritty of Forex trading. Nothing is wrong with promoting a rich lifestyle, but those that are interested in learning about Forex want to know the main thing instead of seeing videos and pictures of fast cars.

pros and cons

Infinite Prosperity – The Good, The Bad

The Good

  • Fortunately this is not a fake course, which means regardless to course’s quality, you’ll get something for that $599 you pay.
  • Community is one of the main features of Infinite Prosperity. This lets you have access to a responsible and active community anytime you need help.
  • Many people claim that Infinite Prosperity helped them to make a lot of money; they also provide income proof but if you ask me is this big money comes really from Forex trading only… well, nobody knows!
  • It’s possible to earn online and even make good amount of cash with foreign exchange trading but this does not come overnight. Months of hard work and study, spending a lot of time and ability to accept risk of losing money in each single trade are all required to turn you from a beginner to an expert in Forex trading.

The Bad

Up-sells. I never liked up-sells because I believe if a program/service is good enough, it does not need to sell any additional product. Unfortunately numbers of Up-sells in Infinite Prosperity are much more than standard amount so if you don’t like repeated ads pop-ups in your screen like me then it’ll be annoying you.

Although they give you access to a real course with full of information about Forex market and trading but it must be said that there’s nothing in the course you CAN’T find on the internet for free. So if you use your search skill, you simply won’t have to pay $599!

I agree foreign exchange market is a million dollars business and there’re people who became super rich with Forex trading but it does not mean you should set your Forex training course with high-price. $599 is too high for an online course, especially for people who just started to learn about this market.

Infinite Prosperity focused on showing what you can have through Forex trading like luxury cars, big houses, modern life, etc. I think that would be better if they could show us what’s included in their training and how this course helps us become a successful trader.

The last but not least negative point I want to mention here is about experts and coaches who run Infinite Prosperity and you can contact with. As a simple rule, you can’t teach cooking if you don’t know how to cook; this applies for trading too. How someone can create a trading course if he/she didn’t made successful trades before?

I’m not sure but I don’t think persons who made this course have a long experience in Forex trading. A simple Google search shows there is not much information about founders of this program that confirm they’ve been successful in foreign exchange trading.

is infinite prosperity scam

Final Word – Is Infinite Prosperity a Scam or Not?

If you want my direct Yes or No answer, I should say I don’t put Infinite Prosperity in my scam list but to be honest, I don’t like it for several reasons too. Everybody knows forex can make rich people if it’s used the right way but it this does not mean you can get rich quick and easy.

What you see as a luxury life in Infinite Prosperity is just a small part of this high risk market, the truth is the amount of people who lose in this business are much more than those who make money.

All in all, if you don’t have any experience in forex or if you’re looking for a reliable course to increase your trading skills, I don’t think Infinite Prosperity is the program that can help you with. Finally, Instead of going for high risk investments like Forex, I advise you build your own business online with the help of Risk-Free programs like my best recommendation below which let you make a full-time income from your interest! See my recommendation below to find more.

my recommendation

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