is insider profit system scam

Is Insider Profit System Scam or A Secret Weapon?!

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The Insider Profit System that offers a promise of daily fat cash (between $500 and $1250) rewards when you just accomplish two relatively easy steps. Is Insider Profit System scam or you can really fire your boss through it?

You can only be a part of the Insider profit system if you were specifically invited to join the system. The two tasks to accomplish to become a member of the Insider profit system are;

  1. Sign up as an affiliate on
  2. Sign up to the auto-response in email firm GetResponse.

The insider profit system is owned by Jeff Davis. The main idea behind is the system is that Jeff sets up what is known as a “done for you system” which basically comprises of a website managed by him. This website would be used to generate traffic and leads and in return, you get your commission on a daily basis. Simple and straightforward right?!


Product name: Insider Profit System

Official website:

Owner: Jeff Davis

Type: MMO based on affiliate marketing & list building

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is insider profit system

What Is Insider Profit System All About?

Like we have mentioned briefly above, the Insider profit system ideally is supposed to be a system that helps you to make money online by just simply completing two steps which basically involves signing up as an affiliate on and also signing up to autoresponse email platform GetResponse.

MMO products use different ways to let members have online income. Some platforms like Gift Card Granny do this by buying/selling discounted gift cards while some others like Insider Profit System use list building and affiliate marketing methods.

To be able to make money from the insider profit system you would need to set up an email responder, sign up to be a member of an affiliate network, and also own a website. All three combined are essential to the process of making money online. That said, the MOST important feature of running an online business which is owning your website was conspicuously missing from the list of requirements to get started on the insider profit system.

The website provide to run the Insider Profit System does not belong to you, and what this implies is that you have little to no control over how the business is run.

Personally, I do not feel it is such a fantastic idea to allow your business to be run by someone who really does not know and gives this person access to your contact list and billing panel. Your account can be compromised if the person decides to get in touch with GetResonse by providing all the information you initially provided and altering them all.

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how insider profit system works

How Does Insider Profit System Work?

To get working on Insider profit system, you are provided with what is known as a squeeze page which selects a particular product from affiliate marketing site Ideally, you are to select a product with a high conversion rate (this is the reason Jeff gives for telling you to pick a particular product). All you will be required to do is promote your squeeze page on solo ads, any free traffic resource you come across and also on PTC websites. Basically, you just have to keep promoting your link.

After a while, you might be instructed to change your squeeze page to another page and try to promote that page as well. You need to be careful and ensure you are getting conversions on your current squeeze page before you attempt to change to another one. In addition, you might also get invites to sign up for some campaigns that could help to boost traffic to your squeeze page. Before you sign up for any traffic resource you should ensure it does not cost a lot. I strongly recommend that you maintain the free traffic resource that you have been making use of.

There are no magnificent tools on training on the Insider Profit System website, also the website seems pretty simple and does not contain a lot of information. Initially, when you visit the website you get a lot of support from the system but as soon as you sign up to the system you are email support rarely comes. It seems the system automatically unsubscribes you when you sign up. Mission completed!

Can you make money from the Insider Profit system?

Based on the conditions and how the system works, I do not believe it is possible to make money from the Insider Profit System. The conditions attached to make money are not straight forward and also require that you spend a lot of money on traffic campaigns just to get a conversion. Another red flag is the fact that you do not own your website you are given a website to promote. These are enough red flags for one to be mindful off. In summary, it would be very difficult to make money from the Insider Profit System.

Is Insider Profit System Something Your Can Rely On?

The main aim of this program is getting your 100% trust and build a powerful relationship with all customers but did they get success in this field?

It’s not easy to trust a product, especially if it’s been released recently. There are several factors which determine if a product is trustworthy or not. For example, it’s a red flag when a program requests ANY kind of personal information from you like CC info, account info, email info, etc. This is what Insider Profit System wants from you. It asks username and password for your ClickBetter as well as Getresponse accounts.

They promise you that everything will be handled by them and you just collect profit and earned money. Well, this is not going to happen and I highly recommend you to stay far away from such those claims. None of the reliable companies have such that requests from members and if you give your account info to them, you’ll probably lose that account and you should forget about it!

What Makes Insider Profit System A Crappy Website

  • Not Free Traffic

Insider Profit System introduces you methods only based on paid traffic and this is very risky if you don’t have high experience in this type of marketing model. There is a high chance of losing a big amount of money if your PPC campaigns have not been set up properly and set up a successful marketing campaign based on paid traffic is not a newbie-friendly method.

The first thing to create and run a successful ppc campaign is “Testing”. This means you need to test your campaign in a live situation and see how people react to it. To do this, you need to run that campaign at different times of the day, with different budgets, different ads titles, etc. and all these costs you a significant amount of money. In simple words, a lot of money is required for testing paid traffic campaigns.

I’ve seen many beginners or even experienced online marketers who lose $100 in only 60 minutes while testing a single ppc campaign so be Very Careful about it!

  • Insider Profit System Is Not Trustable

Making a relationship and build consumer trust plays an important role in any type of online business and it does not come overnight. When you don’t trust a company, you don’t buy anything from it; this applies when you want to sell a product online. You need to promote that product on the Right Way first and give as much information as possible about it to potential buyers then offer your special price.

None of the above steps are not included in the Insider Profit System. A simple landing page will be sent to your email list from Insider Profit System and ‘force’ them to purchase the product. It’s clear that nobody, like to buy when you don’t what is it exactly, how it works and what are the benefits of using it.

  • It’s a Low-Quality Product

You will be advised to promote and sell products in MMO category. MMO stands for Make Money Online and according to the report which was released recently from BBB (Better Business Bureau) this category has the highest scam reports.

You’ll pick up products from a well-known online retailer called ClickBank. This company is very famous and has more than six-million clients all around the world but unfortunately, because of the lack of monitoring, it turned into home of many scammers and lose its credibility during the recent years. And now it’s hard to find reliable, legit and quality products when you look at MMO category in ClickBank official website.

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insider profit system pros and cons

Pros and Cons of the Insider Profit System


The only good thing about the insider profit system is the initial support and morale-boosting motivational speeches you get initially when you visit the system. The offer sounds too good at the start. This goes on until you eventually sign up.


  • The initial promise of earning over a hundred dollars in a couple of days and no initial investment required is not being fulfilled.
  • After sign up, support is not provided.
  • The system does not allow you to own your personal website
  • You would have to do a lot of traffic boosting campaigns to get conversions.
  • Your personal information can easily be compromised.

is insider profit system a scam

Final Word – Is Insider Profit System a Scam or Legit?

After careful analysis of all that is required to participate and run the Insider Profit System, I strongly believe that the system is not legit. In addition, the failed promises, unverifiable person behind the system and the lack of support once you sign up makes me strongly believe that the insider profit system is a fraud and should not be trusted one bit.


From prior experience with websites like the Insider Profit System, I strongly kick against going for such programs. Even the person parading himself as the owner of the Insider Profit System is represented using a fake image. Rather than wasting time and effort on this program, I strongly recommend that you always carry out extensive research before taking part in any so-called “business opportunity” presented online. The internet today as we know it is littered with a lot of fraud and scams, so one needs to be very careful when signing up for any program.

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  1. This was a very useful page to read. You have done your research and are really trying to help people who are starting their online business. It is really important to know which programs are out there that can be trusted!! You made it straight to the point and you really encourage people to look at different avenues as well. I really liked this and will be sharing this with friends!

  2. Hey Ali,

    I really appreciatte that you took the time to review Insider Profit System. I love to make money online, So I am always looking for new ways to do so. But, something about Insider Profit System just didn’t seem right to me. I am glad that I found your page through Google and was able to come to a conclusion not to use this program because of your review. It is people like you that are helping people like me and so many others from making silly mistakes and signing up for the wrong programs. I will be back to read your content again in the future for sure.

    Thanks again,


  3. I’m happy I’ve come across this article. I’ve been looking into expanding my services and thought about using insider profit. The pros and cons comparison is helpful. The squeeze page was an attractive selling point but the cons are worth giving a second thought!
    I think any course that offers free training is great but sometimes I feel that free means it might not be useful. Are the training courses easy to follow?

  4. Hey there, Ali!

    As a person prone to look for ways to make money online, I’ve always tended to fall for the “shiny” things, such as the Insider Profit System, so I’m really glad you wrote this review. It is a thorough one and you explained every point clearly, providing sensible reasons and even including the few good things about IPS, and that gives you credibility.

    Throughout the years, I’ve learned my lesson the hard way, just like many other people, and for that reason, now I always look for honest reviews about programs or trainings that seem appealing to me.

    Thank you for providing qualitative and honest information. I look forward to reading your opinion whenever I need some certainty about an online service.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Ali

    Thank you so much for your article on the subject of Insider Profit System, there is so many ‘systems’ being sold online which often sell you how they can make you $$$ online in no time at all which we all know it takes time and it is difficult sometime to know the good from the bad. Most in my experience are just Bad. I think from looking at this review I will be giving Insider Profit System a miss.

    Thank again for this article and I hope more people find this too.

    Keep up the great work and I wish you great success

  6. Hi Ali!

    I see that you did very detailed research on this particular site, and because of your recommendation I will avoid it 🙂 There are a lot of scam sites today, and it is very hard to find one that actually works and let you earn the money. Couple of times I came across similar sites that promise you easy money in just couple of days, but luckily I never trusted them enough.

    There is always that “small” thing they forgot to mention, they drag you somehow on their site and everything looks nice and shiny until you register, than whole story changes. In most cases you cannot see what you should buy, you have only their fairy tales on how it will be the best decision that you will make in your life. I’m very sick of those sites.

    As you mentioned above, people should always do a research on any site/platform before investing their time or money in it.

    Thank you Ali for this great post. You will help a lot of people to save their money by reviewing sites like this.

    Keep up with the good work!

    All the best


  7. Generally, this review is very well-presented providing enough information on why we avoid this making money platform which obviously, based on this particular review is 100% eligitimate or scam. What I like most on this review is that it provides information to the readers about the pros and cons of the system and finally making his own observation and or experience. Aside from the very minor and tolerable typographical error, this review is more than enough to conclude that really is the “Insider Profit System” making money platform is a scam, I mean you need not read another review after reading this one before you make your final decision. Another thing I like is the fact that this review suggests and recommends a platform like Wealth Affiliate, (in which he is an affiliate for 3 years) for those who want to become an affiliate marketer and become a successful online entrepreneur someday. Congrats for a job well done.

  8. I’m so glad I read this. Although I am aware of the many scams online, I didn’t even know about the Insider Profit System. It doesn’t sound like something doable. Promoting links and websites that are not your own without building a relationship with your customers first … That doesn’t make sense to me.
    My father told me a long time ago: ” Free or cheap can turn out quite expensive” … And he was right, even before the digital age 😉
    One has to be very careful online nowadays.
    Thank you for sharing this. This was very helpful.

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