is insiders cash club a scam or not

Is Insiders Cash Club a Scam? – Big Warning!

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Hello everyone and thanks for landing to this website to read my honest review of Insiders Cash Club. I’m happy to see you here because deciding to visit this page is a good reason to show that you’re looking for the truth! Is Insiders Cash Club a scam? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you by giving an answer to this question.

Actually, I was not planning to review Insiders Cash Club in the near feature but I’ve noticed that the name of this product is repeating on review sites on a regular basis so I was curious to know if what those reviewers say about this program is true or not and doing my own research was the best way to find the truth.

It’s good to see that you didn’t jump into Insiders Cash Club immediately after seeing its ads because many people get scammed by products that have eye-catching but not true claims.

I always recommend anyone to read a couple of “Trustworthy” reviews before purchasing an online product or joining a platform, especially if it’s about earning money online.

Fortunately, I’m not a good actor so I can’t lie to you easily. Also, I’m not a seller who want to make a profit from your sale so what I’m going to share with you here is only my honest thoughts about this program and you may don’t like some parts of it because I’m going to uncover some ugly truths about Insiders Cash Club.

I’m sure that owners of this program will hate me after reading this review but telling the truth is more important than anything else for me.

Ok, let’s see what’s hidden behind the skin of Insiders Cash Club!


Product Name: Insiders Cash Club

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Make Money from the Internet

Cost to Join: $8.99/m + Many Upsells

Short Review

Insiders Cash Club is the name of a product that claims you can leave your 9-5 job after working with this program for a couple of months.

The short answer to these kinds of claims is that they’re not real and making 6 or 7 figures income is not as easy as they say. The important fact you should know about ICC (Insiders Cash Club) is that it’s in a group of scam websites and this means, when you get scammed by one of them, it’s not finished and you’ll get scammed again one after another because your contact info is shared among all of them. The only thing I can say is that if you want to stay safe, do not trust Insiders Cash Club.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is insiders cash club

What Is Insiders Cash Club Exactly?

The target audience of ICC are people who are looking to make money from home because Insiders Cash Club introduced itself as a work-at-home opportunity.

There are many things wrong about this program, from using fake testimonials of students who claimed that this system brought them financial freedom in just 6 months to unreal claims of making +$5k weekly.

In my previous reviews, I’ve mentioned that unrealistic claims is one of the scam signs you should consider when you want to try a new online product.

Some scam websites have crappy designs and you can easily guess that it’s not a legit website, for example, there’s a program called Your Profit Team and it used exactly the same fake report as Insiders Cash Club.

There are many negative points about this program; for example, you will be invited to access to Insiders Cash Club for Free by the owner of the program at the end of sales video but there’s nothing for free and the first page you’ll see after clicking on “Free Access” is a payment process page which will charge you $8.99 instantly if you accept it.

Or another problem of ICC is that we never find out how this system helps us to make thousands of dollars because the owner/spokesperson of the program prefers to play around big claims rather than explaining what Insiders Cash Club is all about.

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how insiders cash club works

How to Make Cash with Insiders Cash Club?

There’s a simple and short definition about the program; “start making money quickly through affiliate commissions by setting up the automated system and click on “Go” button.”

It looks like an all-done-for-you system but everybody knows that there’s not any golden button like “Go”, “Make Me Money”, “Make Me Cash Now” or something like that which can make you rich if you click on it and most of them are just get-rich-quick schemes which will disappear fast as soon as you pay the fee or product’s price.

Some people think that there’s a lot of money to be made from the Internet easily but they all are wrong and the truth is that making money online from the virtual world (Internet) is as hard as the real world. Of course, there’re many opportunities to make serious money online but it’s not easy; if it was, you were in your penthouse in Atherton, California now, not here!

Now let’s see what you get when you create an account in ICC:

A free ebook, monthly webinars and some plans to start making money are all you have after accessing to this platform.

This is what this program gives you if you decide to join it for Free but for having access to secrets, paying its $8.99 is necessary. The paid membership gives you access to the full training as well as let you start building your eCommerce website with the help of tools and guides provided inside the program.

It’s also said that it’s not possible to make $11k (claim of the owner) if you continue with the free plan, this means, there’s no way to make money with ICC except than paying its $8.99/m fee.

What I can tell you is that you’ll get some information and methods about money making online but there’s nothing special about this information and it would be some disappointing when you know that 95% of these training materials are available for free in the Internet and you can find them with a little research.

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insiders cash club pros and cons

The Ugly Truth About Insiders Cash Club

If you read this review from the beginning till now, you probably know that ICC is not a big deal and now I want to show you some indicators which confirm that Insiders Cash Club IS NOT worth trying.

  • Fake Reviews

When I was looking for more information about ICC, I’ve found out that there are many reviews about this product on the web that are duplicated; this means some persons just copy/paste text from other reviews like Affiliate Cash Club, Cash Club Fund or Fast Profits  and publish it as review of Insiders Cash Club. Except than the name of the products, all other information are the same in these reviews and this shows that these people are doing this for specific reasons and these reviews are not trustworthy.

  • Unreal Testimonials

You may be wondering if ICC is not a legit program how it’s got many positive testimonials from people? Good question! The answer is that they are fake testimonials and the people who left them are not real people as well. Let me explain more; there are some freelancer actors in freelance websites that are willing to make fake testimonials for a couple of bucks and 90% of scam and not legit platforms use these types of testimonials to make themselves look legit and reliable.

  • Limited Time Offer? It’s a Joke!

A countdown timer is the first thing you see when you land on the home page of ICC. They say that the special offer ($8.99/m) will be finished as soon as the countdown timer is over but the truth is that it never finishes. Find out how these trick works is as easy as leaving the home page and back to it when the countdown timer is over; then you’ll see that the time restarted! They use it as a technique to push you to purchase the product faster.

  • Featured on CNN, ABC, BBC, etc?

Some news reports from international networks start to play right after visiting the website of ICC. In the beginning, you may feel that “Wow! This program featured on CNN so I should definitely give it a shot!” but wait and listen to the news reports carefully. They don’t say anything about ICC. Actually, they are only fake news reports placed on the landing page of the website to make you believe that big news networks channels are talking about Insiders Cash Club but it’s not true at all so don’t believe any of them.

Is There Anything Good About Insiders Cash Club?

Well, I always try to list both positive and negative things about the program that I’ve reviewing but to be honest, sometimes it’s very difficult to find any positive point about a website and it’s what happened about ICC.

I don’t just look at the surface but how can I talk about the positive points of a program that is not 100% legit? There are many things that I didn’t like about this program but do not expect me to write about the positive side of it because I could not find any!

is insiders cash club scam

Final Word – Is Insiders Cash Club a Scam?

Without a doubt, Yes! From my point of view, Insiders Cash Club is a scam and there’s not any benefit behind it. They are not going to help you find The Right Way of making money online which is building a trustable online business based on your hobbies and interests, instead, they make a fake imagination of making money online and want you to believe that!

Of course, some reviewers believe that ICC should not be marked as a scam because you’ll get something for the money you pay but this is not enough for calling a program/product legit and providing “Valuable” information, training tool, support, etc. are the minimum requirements for confirming legitimacy of a website.

My Conclusion

I have a simple rule for testing and reviewing a new website or product and here’s my rule: when I feel that the product, system, platform or website I’m reviewing trying to cheat me, I stop reviewing it and put it in my scam box immediately.

And the red flags that I’ve seen in ICC (like fake news reports, unrealistic claims, fake testimonials, low-quality training, etc.) make me sure that the only goal of this program is taking my money and I don’t about you but I’m not going to give them my hard-earned money easily.

Believe on what you are doing, put enough effort behind your business, don’t give up easily and be patient are 4 important keys you need to start earning money online.

Of course, you can’t start making as much as Michael Phelps right after starting your business but achieving financial freedom won’t be a dream anymore if you walk on the right path.

Don’t believe any of all-done-for-you, automated or get-rick-quick systems, if it was true, the owners of those systems were billionaires of our world. The only benefit of trusting and working on such those scam programs is making their owners happy and let them continue their dirty work.

You are free to choose your path but what I’m trying here is putting you in the right direction. I know you came to this review in the hope of finding a way to make some extra money but I can’t lie and you should understand that the truth Is bitter sometimes.

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  1. This is a very detailed review! Thank you for sharing. Good to know all this about ICC. I’ve seen so many ads about them before. This article also gives a lot of great ideas of what to look out for when it comes to other scam websites. That’s some really great info to know that i will keep in mind for the future! Great review, Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Wow! Thanks for putting those names right out there for us! Although I have read plenty about “how to avoid scams”, I don’t know that I have ever seen anyone call them out by name. In my quest to have a more secure financial situation, I have definitely fallen for these types of scams before and I know plenty of other people who have as well. I simply blows my mind that there are people out there who go to any lengths to remove the money from my pocket and put it in their’s with no services rendered. I appreciate the information!

  3. Hello Ali!
    This is one of the most put together and aesthetically pleasing sites I have seen in a while. You provide well documented information about a lot, if not all the scams services out there. This site can really reach out and lend a helping hand to your audience and in the posts you provide there is man than enough information to get your audience started on their own in such a convenient way! I also like the way you included the rating or star system with each of your explanations. This really lets me know the overall performance that I can expect from these different programs. I completely agree that WA is a great place to get started and this is an amazing site that can teach you and show you how to stay away from the scams online. Thank you for this incredible website!

  4. Hey Thanks for this review. I liked your informative article. Some people just come by and write anything and low-quality reviews. And I wanted to request you continue reviewing products. Your reviews are really good.

  5. Hey Ali,
    I Promise this is a great review of that site ICC. I’m telling you, these days there isn’t a shortage of scam sites out there promising people the world. It’s actually kind of sad because of so many people thinking that it is easy to make-money-online. You are correct in your deductions that it takes work and time. The reality is your doing God’s work: trying to thwart these scam artists, no matter how much they hate it. I thank you for this because someone has to make an honest real review. Anyone that was looking into ICC and landed here should thank you too.
    I read the article and I’m very pleased.

  6. Hey Ali! Thank you so much for writing this review. I’m usually skeptical of companies offering so much money in a short period of time, but I thought I’d check Insiders Cash Club out anyway. You have laid out everything about ICC in a way that’s easy to read and eye-opening. I can’t believe they say it’s free, then want to charge you right away. Thanks for exposing their shady tactics. I’m done thinking about them and going the opposite direction. I can’t wait to see who you review next.

  7. Hi Ali, I really appreciate you writing this honest Review about the ICC Scam and I’m sure your Article here is going to save a lot of people a lot of Money which they might have invested blindly into getting rich schemes like the Insiders Cash Club. Nowadays there are so many fake websites that claim you can get rich using their service without actually having to work or sacrifice anything. I am very happy to know there are still some honest people online that help people like me not to fall for these Scams and waste money on fake websites and offers! Thank you so much for writing this Article and creating this site, I will surely come back to check for further Articles on companies and sites to avoid in future. greetings M.

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