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Is Insiders Cash Club Scam or a Club for Cash Makers?!

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Insiders Cash Club sent a promotional email for me last week and invited me to join them and experience start making online cash easily. After receiving this email, I was guessing that I’m not the only guy who received this message and probably tons of other people received their eye-catching invitation letter. “Is Insiders Cash Club scam?” is the first question you should find its answer if you want to try it and I’m going to answer this important question in my review.

Anyway, since I review online programs and money making online platforms for a couple of years to help people choose the right way for earning online and since I received a couple of emails from people who requested me to write a review article for this program, I decided to go through it and see what’s really inside of it.

Being a scam or not is the only section that I’ll talk about in my review and I’ll answer several other questions like how Insiders Cash Club exactly works? Who can make money with Insiders Cash Club? Is Insiders Cash Club worth trying or not? etc. are some other need-to-know questions I’ll cover in my article.

So let’s start our review and see if Insiders Cash Club is the right way for money making or it’s just a time waster and does not give you any value.


Product Name: Insiders Cash Club

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Earning Online Platform

Cost to Join: $8.99 per month + many upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is insiders cash club

What Is Insiders Cash Club All About?

What do you say if I tell that you can earn more than $1k weekly simply with the registry to an online platform called Insiders Cash Club? Well if you know and trust me, you may give that program a try but if you don’t know me, you SHOULD NOT believe this claim or any other type of claim like this at all! The story becomes more interesting when you know that you don’t need to do anything except than follow a ready-to-use system and copy all you see in the program.

If I want to give you a short conclusion about Insiders Cash Club here, I would say that if there’s only one online MMO platform on the Internet which you should stay away from it as soon as you see its website, it’s definitely Insiders Cash Club.

During the past years that I’m reviewing websites like Insiders Cash Club, I’ve got familiar with all black marketing techniques these programs use to sell their products and I’ve found out that there are several red flags which are common between all scam websites and it’s interesting to say that Insiders Cash Club has ALL these scam signs!

To be honest it’s easy to lure people with attractive promotions. You just need to claim that you know a way which can make them a lot of money in a short time and they’ll start to follow you automatically. This is a classic trick I’ve seen in almost all scam websites and the reality is that you never make any money from these programs.

Fake testimonials is another way sites like Insiders Cash Club use to convince you to purchase the product. For instance ICC  (Insiders Cash Club) shows you payment proof of people who made $10k, $20k, $30k or even more with their system but the truth is that all of these testimonials and payment proofs are completely fake. Keep reading to know more about these fake testimonials in the next section.

Can You Trust Testimonials of Insiders Cash Club?

I had serious doubt when I saw testimonials on their website for the first time. When I did some more research, I understood that they are not real people who talk in testimonials. I show you a trick which confirms their fake testimonials.

Save a picture of people in testimonials in your desktop then go to Google website and click on “Images” on the top right side of the page then upload the picture you have saved in your desktop, now Google shows all similar images to you and you’ll see that picture is gotten from Shutterstock which confirms that it’s not a real person!

Yes, it’s sad to see that you even can’t trust testimonials these days. Of course, this may seem new to you but for me, it’s an old trick is used by scam websites for years now and if like me you review a couple of MMO programs every week, you can recognize fake testimonials from the real ones easily.

For example, if you check official websites of Gold Opinions or The Penny Hoarder that I’ve reviewed recently, you’ll instantly find out that the same of Insiders Cash Clun, they use unreal testimonials to get the attention of people like you and me.

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how insiders cash club works

How Insiders Cash Club Works?

All ICC is trying to do is making a beautiful imagination of financial freedom for you. They want you to believe and trust them, they want you to think that there’s a secret for money making online and Insiders Cash Club is that secret keeper who can share this unique way with you.

As soon as they build a relationship, you’ll be directed into a checkout page which requires you to pay $8.99 monthly to get access into this untold secret. Well, lying is the most common character of scam websites and it applies to ICC as well.

To convince you to pay that monthly fee, Insiders Cash Club says that the real price of their system is +$10k and this is a fantastic opportunity for you to purchase it for less $10 but they never tell why they are selling a great making money system as low as $9 if it worths $10k!

All You Need to Know About Owner of Insiders Cash Club

If you read my summary of review in the top of the page, you’ve seen that I wrote “unknown” as the owner of ICC. The fact is that nobody is behind this system and nobody knows who created and run it.

It seems that the creator of Insiders Cash Club had only one aim which was stealing hard earned money of people. I agree that it’s not easy to find legitimate and reliable ways for making money from online world but it should not push you to purchase any crappy system. You should be patient and do your own research to find the best way.

To help you and other guys to land on the right place, I shared the platform which helped me to leave my 9-5 job and make more than full-time income online at the bottom of this article in “My Best Recommendation” section so don’t forget to take a look at it when you are done with reading Insiders Cash Club review.

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insiders cash club pros and cons

Insiders Cash Club – Positives & Negatives


  • Since ICC is a product released in ClickBank, it offers a money-back guarantee which means you can request a refund up to 60 days after purchasing the product.
  • ICC shows and teaches you a business that is legal and really works if it’s been used the right way


  • Unreal & Fake Income Reports
  • Lack of information about what you should do exactly
  • Unreal testimonial (using fake freelance actors as real people)
  • Lying about FREE cost of system. It’s not free and you have to pay a monthly fee.
  • Using fake identities about the creator of the system
  • Not even a single news published on their website is real
  • Pushing you to purchase the system with a fake promotion which says it’ll be shut down soon.

is insiders cash club a scam

Final Word – Is Insiders Cash Club Scam or Not?

I even can’t call this system a semi-legit program because of the many negative points it has. You won’t figure out how it works and how you can get benefit from it, also they are lying people in many things like using unreal testimonials.

I never trust a program that uses fake testimonials and I believe that it’s one of the worst things that can happen for business. It’s a shame to see that some persons (freelancers) accept to tell lies in front of the camera just for making some extra cash.

The biggest difference between reliable and unreliable businesses is that the legit ones do not hide anything from you because they work legally and they make everything as clear as possible for you but the scam companies and scammers try hard to hide everything from you. They just want to make money from you and that’s why you never know who are behind 90% of scam programs.

All in all, I recommend you stay away from Insiders Cash Club. Opportunities like ICC has nothing to offer and instead of making you happy, they’ll put a big frustration feeling in your heart. It does not matter how much it costs you to join one of these fake programs because even if you pay as low as $5, you help them to stay alive and grow indirectly.

Final Verdict

ICC does not provide any value to you. MLM programs like Life Force International has something to offer at least but I have nothing to say about Insiders Cash Club.

Whenever you see a program or website that use fake actors or unreal payment proofs, report it immediately or close their sales-page fast. Just think from this side that why a website’s owner should take advantage of freelance actors and pay them to tell good things about his products if the product is really quality?

I advise you to invest time and money behind something that really works. A great platform which has a step by step training guide with many available members who you can contact with them directly can be the most suitable choice for you to start your online business properly. If you want to know what’s the right place to start making money, continue reading my best recommendation section below which I uncover one of the best and most reliable money making online training platforms.

my recommendation

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