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Is Instagc Scam? – See Truth in My Honest Review!

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Is Instagc a scam company or it’s a perfect opportunity to earn some money? InstaGC is simply a get paid to website which let you make money by completing different types of tasks. If you have not heard about GPT (Get Paid To) websites before they are websites like or that are pretty well-known in this field and let members make money by completing small tasks like filling out online surveys, etc.

The tasks are simple and it does not take much of your time; you have also done them in the past for sure. For example a common task on these sites is signing up in a website so you can’t say that this is completely a new thing for you.


Product Name: InstaGC

Official Website:

Owner: Andrew Day

Type: GPT (Get Paid To)

Cost: Free to Join

Recommended? Yes if small amount of money makes you happy

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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what is instagc

What is InstaGC Exactly & How You Can Make Money with That?

First let’s take a look at available options which InstaGC provides to you for making some extra money. This is a rewards based website which means, you’ll get reward when you complete tasks. To get rewards which can be turn into cash, you can do one of following tasks

  • Sign-Up in different websites
  • Watching different types of videos
  • Listening to different kind of music
  • Surfing websites
  • & referring other people into the program

So you simply sign up into and right after activating your account, you can start getting rewards.

how instagc works

How Payment’s Process Works?

Gladly you do not have to wait to get paid your money in InstaGC and as its name brings, it’ll pay you instantly but as I’ve mentioned above, it works based on a rewards system which means you’ll get point instead of real cash at the beginning but wait! You should not get disappointment soon! All points you receive can turn into real cash as well as gift cards.

Hopefully gift cards are from well-known online stores like Amazon or Walmart so you can always find something suitable for yourself over there. For example new products in different categories are sold in Amazon every day and something useful always can be found in these stores but if this is not what you’re happy with, you can use second option and request your money by cheque; it’s a slow option and takes time to receive your money compared to gift cards but it’s available.

How to Register in InstaGC?

  1. Go to and open a new account in the first page (you also get +10 points for registration)
  2. Go to your mailbox and click on confirmation link has been sent to you by InstaGC
  3. After clicking on confirmation link, you can sign into your InstaGC’s account and start working

pros and cons

Positive & Negative Sides of InstaGC

The Good Side

There are several reasons for you to work with InstaGC such as:

  1. InstaGC is a subsidiary company of Day Online Solutions. If we take a look at background of Day Online Solutions we find out that it’s got “A” rating from BBB and if getting a high rank is what you consider to choose a company, this is what makes you confident about joining InstaGC.
  2. is not a new company and when a company can be up there for more than 7 years, it shows that they are working properly.
  3. There is not a waiting time to receive your money or gift card. Make at least $1 and you’ll receive it instantly by end of the day!
  4. Sign-up Bonus- As I’ve told you, you’ll receive 10 points as bonus when you register on the website it’s equal to almost 10 cents and let you reach that $1 minimum payout faster.

You may think that 10 cent is nothing these days but keep in mind that you also do almost nothing to get that. You just sign up with them which takes less 5 minutes of your time and this is what you have done before on many other websites and none of them pay you a dime!

The Bad Side

After reviewing online services and different websites for years, I’ve never seen a single website which has no cons at all and this fact applies for InstaGC too. Now let’s take a look at some negative points of InstaGC:

  1. Low Potential Income: You won’t get rich by working in InstaGC and you should accept this. Although you get paid for things that you do in your normal life (and do not get paid for that) like watching a video in YouTube or listening to music but the fact is that it takes your time and you may not be interested to watch that specific video so since the rewards you get for each task is small, you should make sure that it’s worth your time before doing it.
  2. I’ve told that you always get money very fast but it may not happen for rewards which you need to collect them to turn it into money. I’ve experiences delays several times when I’ve completed a task and although it showed up in my after a while but it does not feel good and you always think that you may get scammed!
  3. After reading some negative reviews about InstaGC, I’ve found out that there are people who say that InstaGC deactivated their account without any logical reason. Well, this is not a new complaint about GPT site and unfortunately there is not a clear answer for that as well. People may break terms of use in a website when they are working on it because lack of information.
    However According to InstaGC’s background, I do not think that they are doing this with no reason so the best thing you can do is reading “terms of use” of InstaGC completely which makes everything totally clear for you.
  4. It’s a good way to make extra money but it never can replace with your 9-5 job. If sign up into InstaGC and complete all given offers on a regular basis, you can expect to make a good side income but not more. So if you’re looking for a stay-at-home, InstaGC can’t be your best option.

is instagc a scam

My Final Conclusion – Is Instagc Scam or Not?

I’ve tested this company for a while and my own research as well as my experience let me mark it as a legit company. I’ve signed up there and completed offers and I’ve got paid so I confirm that it won’t steal your effort and time at least.

But it’s not suitable for everyone. Some people may like it and some others may hate it! So you should know what kind of person you’re first to see if it can exceed your expectations or not. So I think there are two types of persons who want to give InstaGC a try:

1-If you think it can be a great replacement for your current job or business you’re wrong because it can’t. You should work a lot and get many referrals to be close to your current income and this can’t be if you have not worked in internet marketing field before. So do not waste your time if making full time income in a short time is something you’re looking for in InstaGC.

2- But if you’re happy with making cents or receiving gift cards from popular brands like Amazon for doing somethings small then you should try InstaGC for sure. If you mix InstaGC with some other making money opportunity that I mentioned in “my best recommendation” section below, you can definitely build your own online business and even leave your current job (of course if you do not like it!) after a sometimes. The first option (InstaGC) gives you opportunity to make some extra cash and the second option (my best recommendation) helps you build a thriving online business for yourself!

my recommendation

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