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Is InteleTravel a Scam? – Not That Brilliant Opportunity But…

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If you are reading this review, then for sure you have already heard about InteleTravel, a program which allows you to travel more and for less money as well as make some money of your own. But a question comes in mind is that is InteleTravel a scam or it’s really a golden opportunity to travel and make money at the same time?

The program has summoned two most popular trends of these days – making money online and travelling the world instead of doing a boring, nine-to-five job. And I am sure that although the company was started almost 20 years ago, it still attracts many people inspired by travel bloggers all social networks are packed with.

However, most of the times, those schemes which look attractive almost never work out. And if you don`t want to lose your time and money, it is vital to read as much as possible on the Internet about the program you are interested in. And the fact that you are reading this review is the important step that will probably save you a lot of time and effort.

Read on and you will find out what to expect from InteleTravel.


Product Name: InteleTravel

Official Website:

Owner: James Ferrara

Type: MLM based on Travel Agents

Cost to Join: $179 plus $59 every month

Summary: InteleTravel is basically a legally registered travel agency and can be used for booking services like any other travel agency. On the other hand, it is also a multi-level marketing company which offers an opportunity to make money online which is the most attractive part of the program. Unfortunately, people who want to use it as a job opportunity fail to succeed in earning a decent sum of money. Based on some sources, its members manage to make only around $300 in a YEAR!

Recommended? Only if you love to become a travel agent (Low Potential of Income)

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 10

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what is inteletravel all about

What Is InteleTravel Exactly?

According to InteleTravel website, its main goal is to make travel more affordable. How are they doing this? If you decide to buy a vacation package from InteleTravel you won`t have to pay additional fees like you do when you purchase a trip from an ordinary travel agency.

You might be asking yourself how it is possible, because InteleTravel has travel agents all over the US as well as in 40 countries all over the world. The thing is all these travel agents don`t get salaries like in a normal agency, they work as freelancers and receive commissions for every sold travel package which of course, can vary depending on its type.

This system makes InteleTravel a multi-level marketing company. Here comes the second part of InteleTravel – it offers a job opportunity to people who are willing to work from home. As stated on the website, this freelance job is enough to replace a normal nine-to-five job, however, according to I have discovered about InteleTravel, it`s a huge, big lie.

After a thorough research I have found out that only about 2% of all travel agents working within InteleTravel manage to earn enough to make a living while other 98% are making some extra pocket money. Continue reading this review to see why it happens.

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how intele travel works

What You Will Get When You Join InteleTravel?

Like any other normal or online travel agency, InteleTravel offer plane tickets as well as hotel booking at lower prices. Moreover, they have designed special travel packages for those who don`t have time to plan their trip; by purchasing one of those you don`t need to worry about what to visit or where to stay on your vacation.

However, in order to be able to offer more attractive prices on their products, they needed something to solve this problem. That is why they have teamed up with another company called PlanNet Marketing to offer people looking for a freelance job an opportunity to become one of their travel agents and make some money through commissions they receive for selling InteleTravel`s products.

What it Membership’s Fee?

In order to become a travel agent and start working for InteleTravel, you need to pay $179.95 just to get in. However, the expenses don`t come to an end here. As there is another company which actually recruits travel agents, called PlanNet Marketing, you have to pay monthly fee to be able to stay in the program which is $39.95.

Not everyone looking for a job can pay this amount of money right away, before they even get started making any money. For those of you who don`t want to invest much money upfront, there are many other online jobs which don’t require any upfront payments, such as Wealthy Affiliate, and many more.

inteletravel pros and cons

InteleTravel – The Good, The Bad

There is a Chance of 90% to Fail

The statistics claim that in 2017 more than 97% of InteleTravel`s independent travel agents managed to make only $69.95 on the average in a YEAR! How is it possible that in such a huge company with more than 25,000 new members a year only 2% can succeed? Let`s find out the reasons together.

#1 – Low Potential of Income

You might think everyone loves travelling, so it`s easy to find new customers. But think about, let`s say, you family and friends, or even yourself. How often do we really travel? Our vacation is limited, just like out budget, so most of us travel only once a year.

Let`s do some calculation here. Imagine 100 friends of yours buy their vacation packages from you. Let`s see how much you will earn in a year.

Let`s say, an average vacation package costs $1000. For selling this package, InteleTravel receives 14% in commission from its partners, which is $140. But as a travel agent, you will receive only 70% of this sum which is $112.

If you can persuade 100 of your friends and relatives to buy a vacation package from you, then you will be making $11,200 in a year which will make your monthly pay less than $1,000!

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#2 – Can You Really Move Up?

To be honest, it`s not easy to make all people you know buy their vacation packages from you without ruining relationship with them. Moreover, if you want to make more money, you need to find more customers. And as all of us know, the Internet is the best platform where you can do this.

However, not many of us have enough knowledge in online marketing, and that is why most people fail in creating a successful online business.

#3 – No Guide, No Support

In marketing nothing`s better than just a good piece of advice or a proper guidance.

As soon as you become InteleTravel`s agent, you will have a sponsor who is meant to help you on your way to success. However, if only 2% of all members have managed to succeed, what is the chance that your sponsor is one of them?

More likely, he or she is just one of those people who are struggling their way to success, but keep failing again and again.

#4 – Be Patience!

This is a key to be a successful online Internet entrepreneur and I always remind it to people who want to make money online. Keep in mind that there is NO easy money that can be made through online world and getting success online is as hard as (if it’s not harder) building a successful offline business.

There are always ups and downs during your path and if you won’t be patience enough, you will fail for sure.

Is It Worth to Try InteleTravel or Not?

People who encourage you to join InteleTravel believe that it’s one of the best earning online opportunities but should we accept it?

Do not forget that there is a benefit for everyone who promote InteleTravel so to get your attention as much as possible they need focus on positive side of InteleTravel while they’re promoting it.

Actually there are two groups of people who take advantage of promoting InteleTravel: Travel Agents & Individuals. Since InteleTravel uses a Multi-Level Marketing strategy for its promotional purposes, both groups can take benefit from it so if you can recruiting new customers there is always chances to make commission from it.

When we take a look at 10 or 15 years ago, becoming a travel agent had many advantages because many people used to use services of travel agents for their travel’s purposes but since Internet World has been changed rapidly during the recent years and became a new member of our family, sites and blogs started to grow fast and now with websites like Kayak or Lonely Planet, people prefer to exceed their needs for travelling online rather than going to travel agents.

Do you like go to a travel agent to find a good deal for your upcoming vacation while you can see the amazing deals with a quick Google search? I’m sure you prefer the second way too. : )

So when we put these two reasons beside each other (dealing with travel agents and finding the best travel deals) we find out that InteleTravel is not really a great opportunity and websites like Trip Advisor gives you much more value than it; also unfortunately InteleTravel lose the game when it comes to offering special discounts and travel deals. This is another reason that confirms there is not any bright future for travel agent jobs.

is inteletravel scam

Conclusion – Is InteleTravel a Scam Finally?

No, InteleTravel is as legit as Trip Advisor and tries to provide some good services for travelers.

There’s a real opportunity for making some money if you decide to join them as a travel agent or you can still find some deals on their website to use for your next vacation but nothing special.

To be honest, the positive points they’re telling you about themselves are some more than what they are in the reality; of course I do not blame them because it’s a marketing strategy many companies (even then big ones) uses these days and InteleTravel is not an exception as well. But it’s always good to know the truth about a business too while you hear all those good things about it from marketers and promoters.

This is what I was trying to tell you here and hope you’ve found it useful. I wrote this review from my point of view so it may be different for another person and from another view.

If you’re wondering how people make a full time income online, continue reading my best recommendation section below to get familiar with one of the modern ways people uses (from a teenager to an 80-years old man) to make good or even big money online.

Thanks for reading my review and feel free to share your opinions about InteleTravel and other making money opportunities in comments below.

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  1. Hey Ali, Great review! This is the first I’ve heard of InteleTravel. Yes, the idea of it sounds awesome but I’m so happy that you opened our eyes to see the actual pros and cons. Looking for something different from a 9-5 day job is trying but it’s awesome to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel with WA. Just curious, since you’ve started your online career, have you had any other success stories with other companies than WA? Or would you suggest sticking to one company like WA and ride it out?

    1. Hi Amber and thanks for your comment. I’ve got some success before getting familiar with Wealthy Affiliate but the success that I’ve got in WA is not comparable with what I’ve had before. And more importantly, I’m making money from my interests and hobbies. This is the best part for me : )

  2. Hi Ali
    Very in depth review of InteleTravel. Thanks for The unbiased review. Explaining the pro’s and cons helps greatly. Keep up the great work.

  3. This is a great review, I never heard of Inteletravel before but I always thought it would be easier making money online with travel packages. From your thorough article it is obvious that it is not the case. Marketing it and creating posts just to make this little amount of money is not really worth it. Maybe it would be good to be part of a bigger range of offerings by a website. Maybe selling travel items in addition to travel packages would make a better option. But i really appreciate using such websites as a consumer, i get better prices and for example with expedia i like getting the points and cashing them for hotel nights. Thank you again for this detailed post, looking forward to the next one.

  4. It’s the first time, I’m hearing about IntelTravel. I’m a frequent traveler and I wonder, how come I wasn’t aware of such service. Honestly, when I started reading your post, I thought inteletravel is interesting and helps in saving money but as I went through the whole post, my views changed. These days, There are so many options for cheap traveling and accommodation that do not ask for money to get the service. So I feel, maybe it’s not cheap after all. And the freelancing jobs like you mentioned, don’t help people generate enough income. I really appreciate your honest and detail review!

  5. HI Ali,
    Im surprised that i have never heard about Inteletravel before.
    One of my goal at the moment to be an independent traveller who can earn a bit of in income on the road.
    Thank you for this article, sharing all these information. Doesn’t seem quite worth trying Inteletravel, if only 2% of the people can actually have a decent income. I wonder if there is something similar out there which is more successful ?
    Warm Regards
    Thanks again

  6. thanks for sharing; I didn’t know about InteleTravel; the review is honest and leaves the reader to make own decision; I like to travel but for some years I can’t for many reasons, including the financial one; I searched to work at home for 5 years’ but many offers are more or less deceptive. In January 2019 checking out such an offer, I accidentally hit WA; now I’m attending courses; WA offers possibilities at a minimum price; not everyone can affrod to pay the price of Intele Travel or Plan Net Marketing. My point is that when you want to do an online business, you are looking for something free or at a low price for the beginning, not sure that you will succeed

  7. Hi, thank you for creating and sharing this interesting article in the web. Your review saved me a lot of time doing research. It summarizes all information I was looking for. I agree with you that making money online is not that easy and it is time consuming in fact like it is in the offline world. There are many things out there in the online world that look attractive at the first glance but when you do a deeper research on them you end up finding out that they are not suitable for you – what doesn’t mean that they are not suitable for others. Once again, I want to thank you for your honest opinion you shared in your article about InteleTravel. I have bookmarked your website and will be more than happy to read your new posts.

  8. This is a very informative article. You have explained well about the company and how they work. I like the way you have done it giving the pros and cons of the company and leaving the audience to make a decision.
    The other thing is that there is no negative attack that may lead to any negative impact on the company.
    You simply asked a question, gave the audience the information required to make a conclusion and at the end left in a question mode.
    As far as I am concerned the audience decision will depend on why he or she want to register.
    This is a very good review. I’ll be on the look for more of your articles in future

  9. Ali,

    This is great information. I have never heard about Inteletravel until now, but I have always wondered about companies that offer to work as a Travel Agent from home. I like the honest review so I know what I am getting up front. Being able to understand the pros and cons so I can make an informed decision is really important to me.

    It can be frustrating when I get my hopes up thinking a company is going to help me make all this money, only to realize it’s a low amount if that. Many companies are out for money and lie to people that are desperate. I am learning to examine the level of content a company teaches and the resources they provide to there members. After reading this review I actually have no desire to sign up for InteleTravel.

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