is ipro network a scam

Is iPro Network a Scam or a Real Home Based Business?

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Hello again everyone and welcome to another in-deep review. I’m happy to see you as a real truth searcher here and in this review, we’re going to uncover all facts, details and pros and cons of a business opportunity called iPro Network. So is iPro Network a scam home business? Continue reading to find out the answer…

This company promises you a passive income through a business model that is based on cryptocurrency; although a lot of people are talking about iPro Network in internet forums and social networks like Twitter or Facebook but since there are tons of scams around money-making online industry, many people are suspicious about such those claims and don’t believe a new program in this field easily.

If you close your eyes you can make better and more logical decisions but don’t forget that when it comes to money-making online emotions play a major role in your decision-making process and that’s why you should control it and don’t let it cloud your judgment. This is exactly what needed to be followed for every new online product and iPro Networks is not an exception.

By taking a short look around the web, you’ll find out that there are many reviews about iPro Network (both good and bad); well, I’ve checked some of them and found out that several important factors that should be considered to decide about this network have not been covered in any of these reviews so rather than writing a similar review with the same concept, I decided to address to these critical factors in this article to help you find out if investing with iPRO Network is an informed decision or not.

So are you ready? Let’s start!


Product Name: iPro Networks

Official Website: Registered under different domain names

Owner: Armando Contreras

Type: Cash Back System

Cost to Join: $50 to get started

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2.3 out of 10

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what is ipro network


Before explaining the company itself, let’s talk about the background of the owner first. By searching for the owner of iPro Network, you’ll understand that a man called Armando Contreras is behind it. To be honest, there was only a few info about CEO of iPro Network but if we trust what is written about Armando Contreras in the official website of this company, we should consider him as a sales professional who knows ins and outs of this business very well and has +10 years extensive experience in this industry.

But what about the company? Well, in short, Armando has built iPro Network based on 2 important factors: cashback system and cryptocurrency so we can’t go far wrong if we call iPro Network a mix of cryptocurrency and the cashback.

What Is iPro Network Exactly?

The same as many other MLM networks, the first thing that gets your attention after landing on iPro Network’s website is lots of hype about big money that you can easily make with this network.

Well, I was hard to find some real information about how iPro Network works. It looks like a mix of everything and you are going to sign up with a platform that has MLM scheme, token products, a matrix system and cryptocurrency so how all these things can help you make money… it’s really not clear!

Another negative thing about this company is that the owner is a kind of unknown person. If you think that by googling “Armando Contreras” you’ll get all the needed information about this person, you’re completely wrong!

You find other famous persons like a politician from South America or an American football player but there is not any information that can confirm ownership of Armando Contreras for iPro Network.

However, the story is different when we check out the iPro Network website. According to what Armando claims, he has built very successful online businesses in the past and he’s the best one who can help you with earning cash from the Internet but is he really…?

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how does ipro network work

How iPro Network Works Exactly?

To get started, you need to choose one of the 5 memberships offered in the website. The membership fee is different for each level and it starts from Basic and goes up to the Professional level. Generally, the system teaches how to earn money from cryptocurrency and it provides training materials at each level. If you go to the upper you have a higher chance of making money but keep in mind that each level costs you more money so you’re technically going to pay a big part of your income for reaching higher membership levels.

What you need to keep in mind here is that 80% of the training materials is the same in ALL levels and for example if you jump to professional level from the basic level, you have the same as training materials you had in basic level plus some extra bonuses and guides and this is the main difference between different levels of the system.

When it comes to earning money, iPro Network is on the same side of other MLM companies which means, Recruiting People and Direct Selling are the only available options to make money from this network.

If you go for direct selling, your commission rate will be determined by the type and price of digital product you’re selling so it’s kind of a flexible rate but it does not work like that in the recruiter commission structure.

You’ll get a fixed commission of 10% for every new member you bring to the network and if you can build a strong MLM downline you can expect to earn a residual commissions for every new person join the program through your downline.

All about the Compensation Plan

There’s something important about the compensation plan of iPro Network. Not all of your earned commission will be paid by cash, instead iPro decided to pay 30% of the commission in Pro coin. There’s a chart for calculating pro coins and exchange it for cash which can be found in the website of this company.

The Residual Commissions of iPro Network

In the affiliate program of products that I’ve reviewed recently like MTTB, TPC or Smart Dollars Club, there’s always an option to make a commission. A binary plan structure is what iPro Network uses to pay members and the residual commissions of all members will be calculated based on this model.

The same as a typical MLM network, you’ll add two persons to your left and right legs and they’ll start to promote the network to other people. When you are done with setting up your right/left leg, they’ll be added to your downline automatically.

As I’ve mentioned above, a fixed commission of 10% will be paid for the lesser leg and the other commission will be calculated based on the number of successful sales you’ve made. Your commission and earning potential are not limited in the compensation plan of iPro network and as it’s written on the website, the lowest-earning belongs to affiliates at the Basic level ($500) and the highest income potential belongs to Professional affiliate ($35000).

How Does Recruitment Commissions Work at iPro Network?

Below I’ll explain how much you would make as an affiliate for recruiting a new member to iPro Network just remember that in order to receive 10% recruitment commission, every new affiliate you invite to the program should invest in Pro Coin. So if the new affiliate invests on $100 package, you’ll earn $10 and if he/she goes for $5500 package, you would receive $550.

  • You get $10 for recruiting $100 package
  • You get $50 for recruiting $500 package
  • You get $150 for recruiting $1500 package
  • You get $250 for recruiting $2500 package
  • You get $550 for recruiting $5500 package

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ipro network pros and cons

iPro Network – The Goods & Bads

The Goods about iPro Network

  • I really believe that some of the training inside the iPro Network are really valuable and if there’s not the price issue, it can improve your marketing skills but I can’t ignore the illogical high price of the program.
  • The popularity of digital assets designed to work as a medium of exchange (cryptocurrency) has been increased a lot during recent years and it has a huge potential of making a profit.
  • If you’re an expert in recruiting people, if you are experienced in affiliate marketing and if you are in the advanced level of internet marketing then the money is waiting for you in iPro Network but don’t forget that if you can’t recruit any new member, you make 0 dollar!

The Bads about iPro Network

Well, it must be said that there are more cons than pros in investing on iPro Network and I’ve listed only some of them here:

  • The cryptocurrency industry is one of the most unpredictable markets that I’ve ever seen in my life and investing your real money in the value of something that may increase today but decrease tomorrow does not seem beneficial.
  • Not only ProCurrency but the training materials provided inside the program ARE NOT worth the money you have to pay for that.
  • Not enough information or any reliable source about the founder of iPro Network. The only information we get about Armando Contreras comes from what he says about himself.
  • There are two costs to get started at iPro Network. Membership Fee + Affiliate Fee. And if you are planning to make money from it, you have to pay both fees.
  • This network has been labeled as a Ponzi scheme by some experts and experienced internet marketers but it’s not announce officially because iPro provides some real products.
  • No big money can be made through this kind of business model. Also it’s risky to invest all your time and money behind a system that works based on recruiting.

is ipro network scam

Final Word – Is iPro Network a Scam or Legitimate Business?

A scam? No, I don’t think so but there are serious issues about this company, especially the Pro Coin System. There’s nothing worse than not having enough information about the company you’re going to work with.

I personally don’t understand why iPro Network and its founder decided to stay on a dark side instead of showing itself as a reliable and legitimate company. From my point of view, this is a red flag and should be considered seriously before joining it.

The life of this company depends on the investment of new members and as soon as it stops, there won’t be any future for iPro Network. Anyway still iPro Network is a legit company but I highly recommend you to review it carefully and see if it can meet your needs BEFORE trying it.

If you’ve found something valuable in this article, feel free to share and let others know about it too. We’re near the end of the review.

Final Chapter – Conclusion

iPro Network promoted itself heavily in social networks and online forums. To be honest, imagine a long-term investment with this company is not possible for me and I don’t think that it’s a good place to start making money for new investors.

There are also some complaints about withdrawal and some members could not get their money after reaching the minimum threshold. It’s difficult to keep recruiting new affiliates while there’s not a real value behind its training system and pro coin.

Also don’t forget that we still don’t know much about Armando Contreras (owner of iPro Network) so people can’t believe his claims. When you check out iPro Network website you’ll see that it’s mentioned Armando Contreras has a global management team but by checking SEC’s Edgar database, you never find anything about iPro Network!

To provide a safe affiliate investment package, a network should be registered on SEC (the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) and without that, there are definitely considerable security issues.

Also it’s strange to see that +85% of iPro Network website traffic comes from outside of the United States so how a company can invite people of U.S. to join its affiliate program while must of its members are from outside of U.S.

All in all, I don’t see iPro Network a worth trying opportunity and I highly recommend you to take a look at My Best Recommendation Program below to put yourself in the right way of making money.

How I Make Money Online…

I’m not telling that iPro Network does not work and it can bring some results if you put a lot of time and effort behind it. What I want you to know is that high risk and type of lifestyle behind this program is not a guaranteed path to make a significant amount of money online. Instead what I want to recommend you here is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing changed my life and I felt its impact from the moment I’ve started it. I started with zero budget and it was very nice to see that I didn’t invest a dime to start my business. This business does not have any restriction and everybody with any level of internet marketing can build a fulltime career at home business with the help of affiliate marketing.

The most important part is taking action and finding the Right place to get started with training. The beauty of the affiliate marketing business is that the only requirements for that are an internet connection and a laptop (or pc). You absolutely do not need anything else!

When your business website runs and becomes profitable (which does not take a long time), you can take it with yourself and work from anywhere you like in the world because everything is set up on your laptop!

Below is a complete beginner’s guide to getting started with affiliate marketing; if you take action and follow training step by step I guarantee that you’ll get success and you’ll start to see results sooner than what you expected.

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my recommendation

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of iPro Network. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )

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