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Is Jobs2Shop Scam? – You Don’t Believe What I’ve Found!

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Is Jobs2Shop scam or it’s a new way to turn your online activity to extra income? The Internet offers unlimited ways of making money, but the most popular and definitely the easiest way is probably survey websites and get paid to websites which basically pay you for watching videos, ads, and other simple tasks.

I have already reviewed several popular get paid to and survey websites, but there are so many of them nowadays and the new ones keep popping up every now and then. So I decided to do some research and tell you about a less popular similar website called Jobs2Shop.

Let me explain why I chose this particular one. I`ve been reading the information about it on the Internet, including all the reviews and testimonials I could find, and then I realized that there is no unity among them. I mean, some people just loved it, others hate it, but there are also people who are not very excited about it, but at the same time don`t mind using it.

This uncertainty in reviews made me decide to do my own research about Jobs2Shop. And below I am going to share with you what I have found out.


Product Name: Jobs2Shop

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Online Get Paid to Website

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? Legit but not worth trying

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is jobs2shop

What Is Jobs2Shop All About?

The Jobs2Shop website doesn`t have that much information about the company and its history, so I had to look around. I checked them on Facebook and found out that the website was launched in 2012 and is now headquartered in Port Washington, NY.

However, when I went through the discussions and reviews I managed to find on the web, I realized that the earliest ones belong to 2013.

Basically, Jobs2Shop is just another website which offers online opportunities to making money without putting too much effort into it. On Jobs2Shop you can find thousands of surveys as well as lots of mystery shopping deals and lots of other stuff. The website claims that in 7 years the number of its members has exceeded 1.5 million people.

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how jobs2shop works

How Jobs2Shop Works?

Jobs2Shop is a Legitimate Opportunity To Make Money

As I`ve mentioned before, Jobs2Shop gives you a variety of different jobs and tasks which you need to complete to get paid – starting with completing surveys and ending with mystery shopping. If you haven`t come across it before, mystery shopping is making a purchase or submitting a complaint in a particular shop so that the company itself or the inspecting organization can evaluate the quality of the service the store is providing as well as its compliance to the law.

Like on every other similar website, you need to earn a certain sum of money to be able to withdraw them via PayPal, for example. Everything looked fair and legitimate to me until I started reading reviews and opinions about Jobs2Shop on the Internet.

I found out that some members were not paid when they completed the task while others couldn`t withdraw money even when they reached the required limit. When you hear such complaints about such a simple scheme, it must alarm you. You can`t earn much on ‘get paid to’ websites, but when the company is not ready to pay even that, it gives you second thoughts about whether to join it or not.

Who Uses the Jobs2Shop Website?

Jobs2Shop aims at people who are willing to earn some extra cash without spending much time and applying much effort to it. Actually, that`s why similar get-paid-to websites has become so popular among people who want to make money online while they are standing in the queue, have some time to kill or youngsters who don`t have enough skill to be engaged into any better job.

However, Jobs2Shop website`s audience is not limited to ordinary people, the website offers a great opportunity for companies, marketing agencies and stores to engage with their customers or target audience, gather their opinion and attract new customers.

Companies are able to interact with their audience through surveys (to gather people`s opinion on their services and production), mystery shopping tasks (to test their own services) and special offers (to invite new customers).

That`s what makes Jobs2Shop a win-win scheme which practically connects stores to their customers and helps them interact.

How To Sign Up?

Signing-up for Jobs2Shop won`t take much of your time. In order to sign up, you will need only your name and email address. After you`ve filled the form on the website, you will need to go to your email and follow the link in the letter they`ve sent you. As simple as that.

How Do You Start Making Money With Jobs2Shop?

On most similar websites there are only two options to earn money – take as many surveys as you can fit in and invite as many people as you can. Completing surveys is an easy task which doesn`t take much of your time.

The best thing about it is that you can do it from wherever you are – at home, at work, in the queue. The bad thing about it is that the paying rate is very low. For completing a survey you will get a dollar or two and not more.

The good news is that Jobs2Shop`s tasks are not limited to surveys, they also offer mystery shopping tasks which can be a game changer when it comes to the amount of money you can make. The only drawback would probably be that you may have to leave home to fulfill the task.

What Payouts Can You Get And When Can You Get Them?

Unfortunately, Jobs2Shop offer only one way of transferring the money you earn – it`s Paypal. So if you still don`t have a Paypal account and are not planning on opening one, then you should probably choose another website to make money online.

Another issue you might face with Jobs2Pay is that you need to earn as much as $25 to be able to get a refund. And taking into account the average pay for a survey which is $1-2, it may take a long time to accumulate $25 in your account. However, if you are not in a hurry, then it won`t a problem for you.

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jobs2shop review

Jobs2Shop – Pros & Cons

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any valuable pros on Jobs2Shop so I listed what I didn’t like about it here.

#1 – Issues With Members Not Getting Paid

While doing my research about Jobs2Shop, I came across lots of complaints which state that people just don`t get the refund when they finally gather 25 bucks. I would say this is the most widespread problem users face on get paid to or survey websites.

Also, I noticed that most complaints were published during a certain period of time what made me think that the website was probably experiencing some technical issues at that time.

On the other hand, it`s no excuse for Jobs2Shop, because if people are not paid once, I doubt that they give it another chance and continue using the website. Just imagine: you spend months completing surveys, signing up for websites and inviting friends and then you don`t receive even that little sum of money you were hoping to get!

#2 – Don’t Expect to Make Much

There’s a hidden fact about all types of Get to Paid platforms. They have very low-income potential and they don’t want you to know this. What they say about making hundreds or thousands of dollars is not true and although a few cents or dollars will be added to your bank or CC account every month but when you compare this amount of money with what you have paid for it (The time and effort you invested in it) you’ll easily find out that it’s nothing more than a time-waster game.

Fortunately or unfortunately Jobs2Shop has not done a good job in hiding this fact and with a quick research you can see what’s the real income every member can expect from this platform.

According to what is written on the official website of Jobs2Shop, they have 1.7 million users and sent more than 7 million surveys to their users which is worth more than one million dollars!

If you do a simple calculation and divide the total amount of profit between +1 million members, you’ll see that every member made only a little more than $1. You may say that but not all members are active; yes, you are right so let’s decrease the number of active members to only 200,000 and calculate it again.

The result is increased by 5 times and it shows $5 per member but it’s still very low and don’t forget that every member needs to reach the minimum payout which is $25 to withdraw the money. You’ll be surprised to know that only 40,000 of members could make more than $25 and this means this platform was profitable for less than 10% of its members!

is jobs2shop a scam

Final Word – Is Jobs2shop Scam?

When I was reviewing Jobs2Shop, I’ve found out that it uses the same marketing technique as one of the MMO products called Digital Payday uses. The main task you should do in Jobs2Shop is sign-up with different advertisers. Naturally, there’s not any problem with this but the issue comes when we know that it requires your credit card info for these free sign-ups and to get paid, you need to complete a trial period.

Since you’ll set up an automated payment when you sign up in advertisers websites, there are chances that you forget to cancel it and it’s not hard to guess what will happen after that; you’ll be charged automatically every month!

Finally, although I don’t see any scam signs in Jobs2Shop but I don’t recommend it. First of all, it takes a long time to reach its minimum threshold of $25 and why you should give it a try while there are ways (Like what I recommended you at the bottom of this article) which can bring you much more profit at the same period of time.

Some other websites will reward you well for your online activities but Jobs2Shop limits and imprisonments you in the room of taking surveys. Also, I’ve had a horrible experience when I’ve tried to use their customer support; I truly believe that there’s not anybody to reply to customer’s issues in their customer support section.

All these cons plus what I’ve mentioned above let me not recommend it to anyone one, especially if Jobs2Shop will be your first online earning experience.

Thanks for reading my Jobs2Shop review and I would be happy to see your opinion in the comments below.

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  1. It seems, Ali that Jobs2Shop is not good enough!

    I prefer in depth reviews when it comes to these kinds of topics. Once I read one well-written review I cannot help but ignore other potential scams so thanks for this post!!!
    I am now against certain online earning avenues out there. In any case such things are a bit of a headache…

    No-one can force you to sign up to Jobs2Shop so all you can really do beforehand is think for yourself or get some kind of warning from others from forums and on website reviews.
    All my thanks for not holding back on this review and I see that Wealthy Affiliate through the link inside your review must be a far greater opportunity online, I will definitely prefer such an ethical place on the internet to learn concrete techniques in order for one to earn consistent and tangible money online!!! Good Day..

    1. I beg your pardon but jobs2shop is a rip off. they cheat you out of money and collect from the vendor!!!
      shame on you for endorsing them. they have owed me money for over three pay periods. they dont answer support tickets. they are committing fraud.
      there is no correct company information anywhere. please let me know if you have any info on how to contact them.

  2. Your review was an eye-opener as I’ve never come across jobs2shop. I have personally searched the internet for various ways of earning income online whiles maintaining my 9 -5 job, and honestly, I’ve tried a few to no avail. Initially, I gave taking surveys a go but later realised the rewards for taking those surveys were simply not worth the hustle.

    Currently, I am looking at being an affiliate markerter and pretty confident the rewards will be worth the hustle. Your review looks will researched and am sure there are others out there that will benefit from it, especially after the reading the pros and cons section. You covered it very well. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do a good research on the topic and sharing your findings with us.

  3. There are so many scams out there nowadays. This is the first time I have heard of Jobs2Shop. I have been there looking to making money online and I am so grateful to have found Wealthy Affiliate. I have done inbox dollars and many others. They take forever and you will eventually give up because you do not have the patience. As for Jobs2Shop, I would not recommend it either. Taking surveys will get you nowhere. You have to put work into it or it simply will not work. As Ali said, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. Hi Ali,
    I really like your review on Jobs2Shop. You are absolutely correct. There are a lot of scam websites out here on the internet and I am happy that you provided this review. I have been one of those people that signed up for surveys only to take a few and never reach the minimum requirement to get paid. I am happy that you have found an online site that has helped you and that you are reaching out to help others.

    Best of luck,

  5. Hello Ali! That was some very insightful information in this article. You are right, it’s so many paid online survey companies out there you can’t keep up. I literally come across hundreds of those a day but I have never thought to try one myself. To be honest, the payout for the surveys are not worth it especially if you need a certain amount to cash out. After reading this, I will pay more attention to the reviews of the businesses and be mindful of which ones have a good reputation. This was definitely something that will stick with me moving forward. Thanks so much!

  6. Your article is extremely informative. I actually have a bit of experience with the whole “mystery shopping” aspect, and as far as that goes, I have actually answered a few of the things sent out by Jobs2shop. I have always had a good outcome, however, as with all or most of these mystery shopping things, they want you to buy something, which they reimburse for upon sending in your receipt. The problem with these type of programs is the amount of time that they take to pay and reimburse you. It usually takes at least 3 weeks to see any money, and as you stated in the article, it is usually via Paypal. So, in short, you must use money to make money, and if you have none to begin with that will last for 3 weeks while you continue to spend to earn, it doesn’t really work very well. There are some “shops” that don’t require an upfront purchase, but most are the kind that do. And as you stated in your article, it’s not something that you can do from home, you must travel to the stores in person, which takes a mode of transportation as well as gas money. There is some money to be made but it involves alot of waiting and alot of footwork.

    I would totally agree with you as far as your incorporation of the Wealthy Affiliates site as being a legitimate way to make an income and using their top notch training to build a business online. It does take hard work and a serious commitment of time and energy, but well worth the effort as I am learning myself.

    I applaud you on your site, and your post, as I mentioned before is very informative and more importantly, fair and honest. Good luck to you. Thank you for your help as well.

  7. I must admit that I have no personal experience with Jobs2Shop, but from your research I would definitely not bother investing my time (or credit card details!) in such a low paying activity. Seriously! I get that some people are really hard up and are just trying to make some money – by whatever means they can, but I feel that these sort of companies completely take advantage of people and should be avoided at all costs. And if the company has received complaints about non -payment for work conducted, then I’d be looking elsewhere for a more reputable company to sign on with if I was thinking of this line of work. Thanks for your post Ali, I think you have done a good job at highlighting why this company might be one to avoid.

  8. Thank you, Ali
    I always was annoyed and felt my time wasted when I see articles that give little advice. My mind still wants to understand the reason why and how things work before I can take any information. I like how you explained the cons of Jobs2Shop.
    I have a friend who told me what was with his job in Jobs2Shop. He was paid for surveys and able to cash out twice with no issue. He has taken multiple surveys and not credited for them. Created multiple tickets and never even received a reply from Jobs2shop. Was bombarded with emails for porn and EDS meds now which started precisely the same time he began taking surveys on this site. Also sent email invitations from jobs2shop for the same survey over and over even though he made it already. Have been screwed out of survey credits that he needs to cash out and paid for all the investigations he took. All he can do is collect .10 cents for each email open, but they require that at least $12.50 of the minimum cash out amount of $25.00 is from survey taking.
    I have been thinking of late about how to increase my online business, and I couldn’t have come across your article at a better time! Your recommendation seems serious about making money online.
    I read every word and enjoyed it. Usually, I scheme through articles looking for real value.
    Your article had value in every sentence for me, and I am grateful. Thank you.

  9. Hi Ali,

    Thank you very much for this review. I just popped round because I was searching for reviews about websites like Job2shop in general. There are so many sites like this out there! Unbelievable!
    It seems as if there would emerge thousends a day. And they promise you a better life – sometimes even with no investment.
    Just view ads on the screen for some seconds – click sometimes limited, sometimes unlimited – numbers of banners or links. Quit your job and stay at home. That’s all! Fabulous!
    I tried several… like a lot of us I guess. So far I’m staying with my work 🙂 Though earning a buck here or there…most of those sites will vanish in the future I’m convinced.

    The site you suggested seems to be different because instead of earning a lot of money they promise a lot of work beforehand. 🙂 That made me curious. This sounds like being a real business, a serious one.
    I’m not afraid of work so I’ll give it a try. Work before earning money – that’s more reasonable than earning money for nothing in point of view.

    Again thanks for your effort doing such reviews for us – I’ll certainly follow your comments!

    Best regards,

  10. I like that you review different money making schemes and share them. My only thought would be that it is hard to get the full picture from an outsider. A real user experience may be more helpful than scuttlebutt online. I once used jobs2shop and I didn’t have any issues pulling out the measly 26.50 I made. I found like most of these making money websites it simply took way to much time to make any money. This seems to be the big commonality between get to paid platforms, they take way more time then they are worth.

  11. Interesting. Thank you for taking the time to write out this review on Jobs2Shop. I am always on the prowl for new and unique ways to make money online. I, unfortunately, have something called “Shiny Objects Syndrome,” and I get attracted by scammy advertising that promises something much too good to be true.

    While it doesn’t appear that Jobs2Shop is necessarily a scam, if one is looking to make money online, this is simply not it. Taking surveys are one of the slowest ways to accumulate income online and I believe are a large reason why poor people often stay poor. If you put a focused human next to somebody who has chronic “Shiny Object Syndrome,” then the focused one will build his empire while the person with SOS will appear to have ADD. The focused ones know how to make money online.

    On that note, you put an awesome suggestion at the end for those looking to stay focused and build their online empire. Wealthy Affiliate is the platform to be at!

    Awesome post my friend!

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