is juice plus a scam

Is Juice Plus a Scam or a Money Making Pump?

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What is really matters about Juice Plus? Is Juice Plus a scam health company or a nice way to make outstanding money?

When a person decides to switch from a nine-to-five job to a freelance job, many people would choose the multi-level marketing business. But not because it is the best-paid opportunity, but just because there are dozens of MLM companies out there doing pretty good marketing and luring more and more people into this business.

And many people get attracted by the opportunity to have their own work schedule, to stay independent, but at the same time share some responsibilities, like marketing or production, with the company they are working for, as well as have a chance to earn much more than their average salary used to be.

Due to the high popularity of MLM companies, you can find many reviews dedicated to this kind of business on my website, including Lotto Magic, Funding Cycle, TTEC. Today I am going to share my review and my personal and professional opinion on another MLM companies called Juice Plus+.

I have read gathered a lot of facts and practical information about this company and read as many feedbacks as I could find on the Internet to be able to let you know about all pros and cons of this program.

There is just one last thing I want to mention before you start reading the review. I want to assure you that this review is totally unbiased and honest, I am not affiliated or connected in any other way with this company, so be sure there is no reason for me to make it sound better than it is.

Enough with the introduction, let`s finally get to the point!


Product Name: Juice Plus

Official Website:

President & Founder: Jay Martin

Type: MLM company of dietary supplements

Cost to Join: $70/Month

Short Review

What is the thing that people value the most? That`s right, their health. That is why many MLM companies use this – I`d say – instinct to attract more customers. Health-care products and food supplements are probably the most common type of products produced and sold by MLM companies. There are all kinds of creams, powders, extracts and mixes in this market, and all of them earn their producers millions of dollars. And that is probably why Juice Plus+ has chosen this niche too.

However, being a multi-level marketing company selling health-care products doesn`t make Juice Plus+ a scam. Go on reading to find out whether you can trust this company or not.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is juice plus

Intro – What Is Juice Plus All About?

Juice Plus+ is a multi-level marketing company producing and selling food supplements which are supposed to cure many diseases. Juice Plus+ has been in this market for over 10 years and has its advocates who use these products themselves and recommend them to everyone around them, and enemies who see it as a big scam which will not do people any good.

Taking into account arguments from both sides, I tried to write an unbiased review which will hopefully reveal the truth about Juice Plus+ and give you the right answer about whether it`s a scam or totally legit company.

However, don`t expect to see a professional review of Juice Plus+ products here. I specialize in a different filed and I am not going to tell you what effect their products will have on your health. Rather, I am going to explain if selling Juice Plus+ products brings you good money or not and whether it`s an efficient way of making money or not.

Read on to see how much money you will need to invest and how much money you are going to get out of it.

History of the company

Juice Plus+ belongs to National Safety Association (NSA) which was founded back in the 1970s by Jay Martin. Through its long history it had many ups and downs. National Safety Association has tried producing many various products, some of them were successful, and others failed.

The company used to produce air and water filters and even brain games for small children. In 1993 the company experienced a crisis due to multiple complaints which resulted in staffing cuts and financial problems.

Juice Plus+ was started in 1993 and from the very beginning faced serious problems. A year later, in 1994, they had a wrong choice of their celebrity endorser which seriously damaged their reputation. A former football player O.J.Simpson, aka the Juice, who was promoting their products was accused of killing his wife.

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how does juice plus work

So How Does Juice Plus+ Work Exactly?

First things first, in order to join Juice Plus+, you need to find a JPR (Juice Plus Representative) and get him give you a proper training. After the training is finished, this representative will lead you through the whole registration process.

Moreover, as soon as you get started with your work, you can ask this representative any questions you have and get help with marketing and sales through him.

Now you may be asking yourself where you can find this representative. The answer is online! The fact is that Juice Plus+ actually sells its online franchise, it means that if you decide to join them and become a representative yourself, you will be selling their products online.

In terms of the money, the registration will cost you $50. Besides that, you will have to pay a monthly fee of at least $5.

As soon as you finish the registration process, you will be given a template for your website and many more materials on how to do the marketing, increase your sales and recruit people. Yes, like in any other MLM company, you will need to recruit more people to become Juice Plus` representatives.

It`s beneficial for both you and the company – the company will have more people to promote their products and you will get a commission for each person you bring in.

All You Need to Know About Compensation Plan of Juice Plus

Juice Plus+ offers several ways of earning money.

  • The most obvious one is sales. You will buy products at the wholesale price and then sell them on your website at a retail price which earn you a 5-8% profit. In order to succeed at sales, you need to put all your effort into marketing and promoting your website.
  • Another efficient way to make money with Juice Plus+ is to recruit people. Like in any other MLM company, you will get a commission for every person you introduced. Moreover, by recruiting more and more people you will build up a team, and the success of your team will bring you bonuses and commission on their sales.
  • Bonuses is probably the most complicated way to earn money with Juice Plus+. It`s quite difficult to start getting bonuses, because to be eligible for bonuses, you need to increase your sales to a certain level or pay a certain amount of money. No matter what way you choose, as soon as you reach a new level, you will start receiving higher commissions on everything.

juice plus pros and cons

The negative points of the company

If you have read my previous reviews of other multi-level marketing companies, you know that I believe that MLM companies are not the best job opportunities for those who want to build up their own business. Actually, they are not good for anyone.

Nowadays, there are so many excellent job opportunities that can bring people financial freedom and be exciting and pleasing at the same time that I just wonder why people still choose to get into MLM business. The world has changed so much that I believe this kind of business don`t work as well as it used to in the past.

Anyway, I am here to tell you the facts, so here the drawbacks of Juice Plus+.

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No Clear Subscription Plan

One of the biggest issues most people are dissatisfied with is that you can`t purchase a one-month pack of Juice Plus’s products. Once you make a purchase, you will be charged every month for 4 months. Let`s me show you some figures. The one-month pack costs $71.25.

However, you shouldn`t make a mistake and think that it`s all you have to pay. You will be charged the same price monthly for 4 months which makes a total of $285.

So whenever a Juice Plus+ representative tells you that the initial cost of the package is less than a hundred dollars, be ready to pay almost four hundred dollars in the end. Unfortunately, some JPRs don`t even mention this 4-month plan, and customers find out about it when they are already charged for it and there is no way back.

Of course, Juice Plus+ has provided a reason for this kind of plan. They say that you need to take the products for several months so that they make some obvious effects on the body. However, it would have been more honest to let customers know about it beforehand.

Focused on an Old Marketing Method: Recruiting People

As I have mentioned above, recruiting is one of the most efficient ways to earn money in an MLM company. Let me explain why. The more people you bring in the company, the higher your level goes. It means that you will be getting more bonuses and a better commission.

Moreover, building your own successful team which makes good sales will earn you high commission, and in the end it may reach a point when you don`t need to make sales yourself anymore.

And that is probably the goal of everyone who is looking for a freelance job opportunity – work for your business so that after some time your business starts working for you.

However, many people still prefer to focus on increasing their own sales and don`t recruit at all, because in order to succeed in it, you have to be easy-going and persuasive, you need to be able to connect with new people quickly.

Anyway, if you are considering focusing on building your own team, then you should start with your family and relatives who are more likely to join you, then friends. But when you realize there is no one left around you that you haven`t asked, you can ask people you know to introduce you to their friends.

Not Honest Marketing Model

In the modern world, everything has changed, and marketing techniques that were used in multi-level marketing even a decade ago don`t work anymore. MLM business like many other businesses has moved to the Internet, and you need to learn a thing or two about online marketing before you dive into MLM business. You will definitely need to know how email lists, Facebook pages and stuff like this works.

On the other hand, just like years ago, there are people who are using dirty marketing techniques and actually take advantage of online marketing, because as you know, it is really hard to find out whether things published online are true or not.

That is one of the biggest problems of today`s online businesses and MLM companies are no exception.

Some representatives use their group members to create pages and websites full of fake sales, fake customers and fake references. And unfortunately, there is no way to recognize them and understand which are true and which are fake.

No Any Income Proof

Multi-level marketing companies must post their income report online, so that potential employers and professionals can see how the company is doing and how many people succeed in reaching the top level in the company.

Successful companies readily publish this report, because it`s a proof of their good work and it helps them increase the number of their representatives and become even more successful.

I have searched the whole website of Juice Plus+, but failed to find their income report. And if they hesitate to publish it, then there is definitely something to hide, something really unpleasant and discouraging. And I understand why – in most MLM companies over 90% of representatives fail, and only around 1% succeed to make a living with this job.

is juice plus scam

Final Word – Is Juice Plus a Scam? 

I am determined that Juice Plus+ is no scam and it is really a legitimate company. Moreover, I am sure that their products are not fake as well and can really have a positive effect on your health – after all, they contain lots of vitamins and fruits and vegetable extracts.

However, I wouldn`t recommend becoming a representative of this company. In order to succeed in it, you must have a vast range of skills – from online marketing skills and techniques to good communication skills because you will constantly need to be in touch with other people: potential customers and your team members.

This is a very demanding job, you will have to put a lot of time, energy and effort into it to make it work. But according to the stats, most people fail at it. Some people see it as a side income and don`t invest as much effort as needed, while others don`t just not good enough at sales or marketing.

Honestly, this is a really tough business and sometimes it can get really dirty. Many representatives are forced to use dirty online marketing techniques to increase a chance of success. But even they do not guarantee success.

What Do People say About Juice Plus+?

There are enough people who got disappointed in Juice Plus`s products and gave them low rating. The thing is the effect they have on your health (it there is any) is not obvious. Just imagine you start eating more fruits and vegetables.

Will you notice the positive effect after a couple of months? I think, hardly. So why spend money on some artificial food supplements? Why not spend them on real fruits and vegetables?


Juice Plus+ is a legit company that has been working in this niche for over two decades. Their products have proved to be good enough to still sell after all these years.

But I wouldn`t recommend you to join this company as a representative. This is just a too demanding job and probably you will have to invest in it more than you get from it. And I am not talking only about money – your time and effort also count.

If you are looking for an opportunity to start your online business, there are so many much better and efficient opportunities out there that you don`t want to spend your time on Juice Plus+.

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of Juice Plus. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )

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