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Is Jump Manual a Scam? – Increase Your Vertical Leap Now!

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Do you like to add up 5, 10, 15 or even 20 inches to your vertical leap naturally? Then Jump Manual is a training program that can help you with that but is Jump Manual a scam or it’s really worth trying?

If you really want to get better at basketball and jumping in general, a lot of people will tell you that all you need is practice. The more you practice, the better things will be for you. But there are times where no matter how much you practice, you just can’t get the results you want and that’s not ok at all.

You want a creative and powerful way to improve the way you jump and dunk. And the Jump Manual review certainly brought us such an idea. It’s something very comprehensive, professional and it pays off big time without any hassle.


Product Name: Jump Manual

Official Website:

Owner: Jacob Hiller

Type: vertical leap training program

Cost to Join: $67

Recommended? Yes & No (I’ll explain in review)

Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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what is jump manual

What is Jump Manual All About?

Jump Manual is a professional vertical leap training program. The idea here is that the program will help you improve the length and power of your jump naturally. It’s a system that works amazingly well and it can be adapted and adjusted in a very fun and lucrative manner.

Every time you use it you will start getting better and in the long run this can pay off very well and without major worries. It all comes down to understanding the process and getting the best results without any hassle. That can be pretty hard to achieve at first, but you can totally do it.

Who created Jump Manual?

Jump Manual is a program created by Jacob Hiller. A lot of people will know him because he has a lot of experience with basketball coaching. And he also did some Olympic coaching too. But recently his primary focus is on helping professional dunkers. And that’s why he created the Jump Manual, to show people exactly what they can expect and how they can improve the entire routine in a way that’s professional, distinctive but also not too hard to comprehend and use at your own pace.

In the Jump Manual review process we got to check out this program and see how it works for us. As you can imagine the program will differ in efficiency based on how much time and effort you add into this. If you stay committed and actively focus on making things good for yourself this might actually work.

That being said, the program was released in 2007-2008, and since then it has continued to grow and evolve. It helped a lot of people and it continues to be a very impressive program with resounding features and a tremendous focus on helping dunkers reach their true potential.

But what we like about Jump Manual is that it’s not solely for professional dunkers. If you like dunking in general you will enjoy this, but at the same time you will also have a lot of fun exploring all the numerous options and figuring out the quality and great experience that’s brought to the table all the time.

It really is something cool and powerful, and the attention to detail really pushes things to the next level in a way that you will enjoy it. Being able to explore all these cool features and things really takes the experience to the next level, and you do want to test it out for yourself and see how it goes, that’s for sure.

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how jump manual works

How Does This Entire Process Work?

When I was writing reviews for programs like Amissio Formula, EdX or Elite Marketing Pro I’ve noticed that there are some things that are common between all training programs and Jump Manual is not an exception!

The idea is that once you buy the Jump Manual program, you will receive a list of workout routines that will help you jump higher and higher all the time. This will teach you the nine variables of vertical jump and how you can get good at it. The fact that this program targets all variables is amazing and you do get tremendous attention to detail and resounding value every time you use it. That alone makes the experience very interesting and impressive.

You have to tackle all 9 variables if you want to get better at this. And even if you might not see this as something impressive and truly magnificent, it will become that and it will push the boundaries all the time. Of course, there will be challenges along the way, but if you have the commitment and focus the payoff alone will shine and that’s what you need to do.

jump manual pros and cons

Pros & Cons – What are the variables in the Jump Manual program?

Strength is one of the main variables that you need to keep in mind here. Without having the right amount of strength in your legs you are weak and you are limited to how much you can jump. Here you will focus on developing the fast twitch muscle fibers. These are the main culprits when it comes to generating force in your muscles. And while this approach is not working the way you expect, the payoff alone is among some of the best every time.

And then there’s quickness. It doesn’t matter if you’re strong as long as you are not quick. The muscles need to have fast contraction if you want to make them work adequately. And you also have muscle recruitment, which means the ability to jump decreases and that will obviously be a problem to focus on.

Form is important too. Form is very helpful because it allows you to focus on making your muscles go hand in hand together in a way that’s powerful. You will need to improve your technique or develop a new one if that’s really necessary. And it can totally be worth it if you do it properly.

Nutrition is just as important here. In this case you want to have the best nutrients that will help muscles improve and grow all the time. Your body needs the right amount of fuel in order for everything to work properly. Because without it, you will not have the right results and obviously such a thing will be an issue and you really want to focus on that.

Muscle flexibility is mandatory because you want to contract muscles fast and you also want to lower the muscle resistance while also getting a complete range of motion. The faster you do that, the better the payoff will be and in the end that can be quite the experience if you do this properly.

Balance is crucial because you want your body to split the weight evenly when you jump. And that will make it easier to jump higher. The extra composition is crucial too as it in this case the more weight you have, the harder it will be to carry your body. So you will need to focus on the extra weight and more particularly the way you remove it if you are looking to make this work very well.

And lastly, one final factor is genetics. Some people are born to jump high based on genetics. Others are not. It all comes down to finding the best approach and working on a solution that works for them. But if you have genetics on your side things can work really well actually and that’s what you really need.

  • Comprehensive Dashboard

Jump Manual will help you address each one of the factors listed above and make sure that everything works the way you want. The challenge with such a thing is that sometimes it can be very hard to maintain a specific focus on strength or balance for example. But the way Jump Manual was created is to seamlessly include and focus on all of these so you can get the best results and the ultimate balance. It works very well and it’s extremely easy to adapt to your own requirements without making things seem to complex to say the least.

You have everything split into sections with videos and images, and each one of those adds up to create a mesmerizing, professional experience where you just try to improve and get better and better all the time. You have the luxury to choose where and how to train. And in the dashboard you get to check exactly what you want and also improve at your own pace.

All the information is there, very professional and reliable, and it certainly delivers the tremendous attention to quality you want without being overly challenging or over the top. That matters a lot in a situation like this and you want to make it work regardless.

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  • Repetition and Maximum Intensity

What makes Jump Manual different is that it all comes down to constantly improving yourself and the way you address all these workouts. Sometimes it’s easy, other times less so, but the workout and the routine itself are all about getting better and actively trying to find new ways to take your routine to the next level. Since all workouts are focused on making you lean and jump higher, this can be a good program even for those that want to lose weight.

It’s a program that insists on maximum intensity and on constantly repeating the same stuff all over again. It might feel a bit boring at first, but once you make it a part of your routine the payoff alone will be second to none and that’s what really makes the process such a good one to say the least. We appreciate the true focus on results and the experience alone really shines and makes the entire stuff sublime and just a pleasure to explore and enjoy all the time.

You will try to work all the time and constantly bring in all the effort that you can during the exercise. Even if this feels like something hard to do at first, it becomes a great approach and one that constantly pushes things to the next level and immerses you in a process that you will like every time. And that really says something all the time.

You will start doing lots of runs, you will also start teaching your body how to manage and conserve energy, all while trying to improve and make things work in a process that really works. The top speed decreases as you lack training, and that can be disastrous for the way you focus on this and how you can train for the most part.

One of the top advantages for the Jump Manual program is that it allows you to improve your form. A lot of people that tried this program found it very good because it addresses real life problems that other programs don’t really bring to the table. And that can obviously be a problem most of the time.

  • Comprehensive workout sheet

The best thing about Jump Manual is that it allows you to access a very good workout routine created for every day in particular. You get to learn what you need to do every day, how you can access and improve a workout routine that will become better and better every time.

And our Jump Manual review showed that it actually works. The only problem with it is that you need dedication and focus, and once you do it right the payoff alone can be among some of the best. They don’t beat around the bush, you learn all there is to know about this workout in a comprehensive manner.

jump manual pros and cons

Final Word – Is Jump Manual a Scam? 

At the end of the day every program like this matters based on what features it provides and how you can enjoy and explore all the challenges that might arise. That really helps a lot and it pushes the boundaries in a perfect manner. The great benefit with the Jump Manual is that it constantly pushes the boundaries and it allows you to increase your progress gradually. It works great but you have to stick to this program for 3 months.

Thankfully you have the workout routine there and ready to go. All you have to do is to start it and to find a way to make it work for yourself. Most of the time this will work just because it’s different, reliable and very professional.

And it will bring in front some comprehensive ways for you to improve the way you work out and what results you get. Jump Manual works, but you need dedication and focus. If you have those, and you also have a workout partner to make the workouts more fun, you are bound to enjoy this and see real results!

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