Is Kindle Sniper a Scam

Is Kindle Sniper a Scam? – Your $1000/Day System…?

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Is Kindle Sniper a Scam?

KDL or Kindle Sniper is a new program that claims you can make $1000 daily with its new system. It explains about niches that many people do not know about and says that there is a great opportunity to make money with working on these niches. But is this something that really works or it’s another too good to be truth system? Continue reading to find out the answer.

If you want to know my short answer (which you probably won’t like), it’s No. That’s not possible to make $1000 or even much less with this system and this is one of the big misleading information you’ll receive when you want to join the program.

Well I’m not going to call this program a scam since you MAY be able to make some money with what they teaching you but it’s totally far from what they claim, you can make with the system.


Name: Kindle Sniper or KDL Sniper

Official Website:

Owner: Martin Price

Cost: $37

Overall Ranking: 2.5/10

Recommended? No

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what is kindle sniper

Kindle Sniper Review

KDL is promoted by different ways on the internet and you may see one ads, pop-up or sale video which is talking about it. Actually I’ve heard about it in a forum and after watching its sales video which says that this is the one-time opportunity that can change your life, I became interested to more about it.

Of course, making thousands of dollars daily or changing your life from tomorrow morning are two main tricks that new making money systems use to get attention of people but it’s my job to go inside of these programs and review each section to give the best information to my audience and it’s what I’ve exactly done with Kindle Sniper too.

Sales video starts with a sentence which says “You show you a secret way to make hundreds or thousands of dollars with selling only one product in the internet”.

As its name brings, the Kindle Sniper is all about kindle eBooks and Amazon is your main source (and that secret way) to make money. In short, they teach you how you can make a lot of money by selling eBooks on Amazon website.

Can You Make Money with Kindle Sniper?

There are two different things: Making money with Kindle Sniper or make profit by selling eBooks on Amazon. Well the second one is totally possible and there are even people who make a killing with selling kindle eBooks and of course they have great writing skills.

But let’s back to what we hear in the sales video from the spokesperson. This person says that their program turns you into a great writer in a short time and make you able to make thousands of dollars without writing anything! It says, they’ll open kindle E-book’s door with a huge potential to you and all these things look some illogical in my eyes.

The guy on the sales video talks about ghostwriting and he shows how you can hire a writer to write a great content for you then publish it as yours in the internet.

The facts is that it’s something that many do these days to make money. They hire ghostwriter to write kindle books then publish it on sites like Amazon to make profit from sales and they introduce themselves as a writer. Well, yes it’s true but it does not happen in a couple of minutes. It takes time and needs your effort to make it work.

They say that you’re able to make a huge amount of money with their system which is based on ghostwriting but it’s totally not true. They also use fake testimonials to convince you others are making money with their profitable system. So I can tell you that you should not trust Kindle Sniper system at all. For example, there is a woman in one of testimonials which claims that she’s making more than 1000 dollars daily with Kindle Sniper after she joined the program and it happened for her only in 3 weeks.

Well that’s great if there’s a program that can make you thousands of dollars in a couple of days but the truth is that money does not come overnight in your pocket. And something more important… do you know where those fake testimonials come from? I’ll tell you; actually all people (like that woman) who you see in testimonials are actor or actress. You can hire persons like that woman in freelancer sites like Upwork, or Fiverr and they’ll make a video from themselves and tell everything you want for a couple of dollars then sites like Kindle Sniper use those video as their testimonials.

So all things you hear in the testimonials like “it’s the best system ever for making money online”, “It’s changed my life”, “I’m making $$$ with this system now” etc. are totally fake and you should not trust no one of those videos.

Who is the Owner of Kindle Sniper?

We see Martin Price’s name as owner/creator of Kindle Sniper but who is he exactly? Well, it’s hard to believe that it’s a real name because you will not find ANY information about this guy when Google his name. For example if you google my name (Ali Monajemi) you’ll probably see my social networks or my site but it does not happen for creator of Kindle Sniper and you know why? Because it’s a fake name! Well the reason is simple, scammers are behind of those scam websites and they want to hide their real identities, that’s why they make many different fake names which let them continue to build more scam sites.

Of course you’ll ended up with a couple of persons when you search Martin Price in the internet but none of those are that person who is the owner of Kindle Sniper, actually the a person called Martin Price as owner of Kindle Sniper does not even exists and you won’t be able to find any information about him all around the web (I’ve done it but if you like to see for yourself, feel free to do a simple Google search).

Martin Price started his life story with telling that he became father at 22 age and the life was difficult for him at that time so he wanted to find a way to change his life and after many ups and downs, he landed on an internet forum and found out this system which changed totally his life. Well… that’s a good story but I’ve heard it dozens of times from different people (let’s say different scammers) in different versions since I’m reviewing online services for a long time now so that’s not new for me to see such that stories at all.

You know what, when people tell false stories, sometimes they forget what they’ve told some minutes ago and they make some mistakes which let you know that it’s not a true story. For example Martin Price says that he has made $500,000 only with this system during the last year but I do not know what happens that this amount of money drops to $478,000 when he’s talking about his profit he has made during the past year. You see, he forgot what the number was exactly at the beginning!

What Is Really Kindle Sniper System?

So what’s Kindle Sniper System…? Let’s remove system word at the end of the sentence because first of all it’s not a system at all. I’m not going to explain the meaning of a system here but at least, I expect to see a step by step process in a “System” which lead you to the success and end point of a way and this is what you do not see at all in Kindle Sniper, that’s why it’s totally far from to be a system. Maybe a place with some information about Amazon and ghostwriting is all thing I can call it.

Well, let me tell you what you get after joining the program. A PDF guide is all thing you’ll ended up which is all about creating your e-book. You should not that it does not make you $1000 with a couple of minutes working.

Firstly, you cannot finish a +70 page PDF document in 10 minutes and secondly, I’m sorry to tell you that you even cannot start making money even after finishing PDF guide because it has many misleading information and it leaves you alone with many unanswered questions at the end.

So you know that a PDF guide cannot do what a real system does so do not expect to see a step by step process if you decide to buy this system. And the funny part is that, it does not teach you anything about ghostwriting which this program works based on and it’s really ridiculous

My Final Verdict

Although calling a system a scam is not very easy. Different people have different definition of a scam but according to what I’ve told you above and all I’ve seen in this program, I can call it a scam.

Although you get something (a PDF guide) for what you pay for but it’s not what you it’s expected to receive as a system. Also we cannot ignore all those fake testimonials at the sales video so I can say that there was not any REAL proof for what they claim. So all in all let me disagree with those people who say that it’s not a scam because it tells something about Kindle e-book and Amazon.

Finally, this is something that I recommend to anyone, especially those who entered to making money online field recently. It’s better to save your money or invest it on something valuable. And if you’re serious about making money with publish Kindle eBooks in Amazon, it’s better to become a successful writer yourself and pay that money for reliable online courses (which can be found on YT or Udemy) to become success in this business.

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