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Is Kyani Scam? – See The Truth Here!

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Many people ask this question these days which is “is Kyani a scam or not?” Most of the evidence points towards the genuineness of Kyani as a legitimate MLM. This is however, not sufficient proof to convince me to join it. Here we will explore as much as possible about the program.


Product Name: Kyani

Official Website:

Type: Selling Health Products & MLM Business

Cost: Free to Join

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is kyani

What is Kyani All About?

After assessing and analyzing MLM programs for many years, I believe that I am well placed to give an informed opinion on the issue. I have also generated income from online businesses apart from MLM services or related types of programs. My opinion may seem negative and pessimistic but is based on my experience on online platforms. I have been exposed to options that are far more lucrative to pursue in contrast to MLM programs. These programs are verified methods of online income that have been here for a long time too.

Before we make the conclusion about Kyani, let us first go over the fundamentals of the company’s business processes.

Kyani is known to be a health based MLM program, which is responsible for the sale of numerous products ranging from fish oils, to high doses of healthy berries and trendy skin creams. Their best selling products are; Fleuresse, Sunrise, Sunset, and Nitro health. They are mostly purchased separately but may also come in bulk or in combinations. The prices range from USD 40 to USD 200 depending on the type of package you get.

how kyani works

How Kyani Works & How to Benefit from it?

First, you need to purchase one among the 4 products mentioned above and re-sell them. You may alternatively  join their partner program through purchasing starter packages to get the products in bulk at a lower wholesale-like price for re-sale. This is the most popular of the strategies by most participants. The third option would be to earn money by referrals.

It’s the usual MLM recruitment part with the most complex compensation plan. Joining a high-level membership gives you the advantage of benefiting from newer recruits. The more your recruit by introducing new members to the partnership, the more you earn. There are 13 levels that pay more as long as you continue to move up the levels. The only way to move up the levels is to make more sales.

pros and cons

Positive & Negative Sides of Kyani


I find value in products from Kyani. They are of acceptable quality and make the company legitimate. The company offers legitimate products


The products’ prices are unnecessarily high compared to their competitors for no apparent reason. The products’ prices average at USD 200 meaning they are not the kind you sell to regular people who visit your website or meet on in a day.

The recruitment program is complex and unreasonable. Just like other MLM programs, the tactics of recruitment and compensation plan are excessively complicated and annoying to understand. Marketing the same to people makes it more difficult.

They come with high startup costs too. Although they have offers for as little as USD 90, reasonable and useful purchases are priced at USD 1,000 and this is quite on the higher side. Without good training and marketing skills, the investment will not yield a reasonable return on investment in time.

If you were a beginner and inexperienced in online sales, you would rather not get involved in online marketing of MLM programs such as Kyani.

Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

Does this work like a pyramid scheme? No it does not. It is a legitimate company mistaken for a pyramid-scheme but this is not the case. The fact that they have genuine high quality products on sale makes them a legitimate company. This does not mean that all competing companies are legitimate too. In fact, there are many other companies with the same structure of operation that are illegal schemers.

Can you Make good money with Kyani?

It is completely achievable to earn an income from Kyani. The amount of money you make from Kyani depends entirely on your marketing skills as a seller.

Since I am experienced in online sales, I believe in the efficiency of marketing skills used to help one earn a living. I am however, not passionate about recruiting anyone willing to join MLM programs. Instead, I would rather sell a good product to the appropriate audience. I have solid reasons why I would refrain from recruiting anyone to an MLM program or promoting Kyani. For example, I have studied their compensation plan and honestly, I find it too complex to invest my time and energy in selling the idea to other people. Explaining it to others is a task hard enough for me let alone convincing people to buy the products or joining the programs.

In contrast, online sales require simplicity and the compensation plans clearly defined. They are easier to sell because they are easy to explain to people unlike in MLM programs.

is kyani a scam

Conclusion – Is Kyani a Scam?

In conclusion, I would rate Kyani at 3 out of 10 stars.  Kyani is a legit MLM program with multiple ways of earning a decent income from real genuine products. The cost is however, stretched making the products extra expensive. This is what discourages me most from participating in MLM programs.

Final thoughts

Although MLM programs are good at portraying themselves as the best business opportunities on the planet, it is not as easy as it seems. The reasons are; it is very tough to convince people into the ideology and difficult to sell the recruitment policy to new entrants. You also need a lot of effort and time to achieve the minor steps and levels.

To set up a business without worrying about the difficulties of MLM programs, find other methods of entrepreneurship apart from Kyani and MLM programs.

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    You did spend lots of time talking about MY BEAUTIFUL COMPANY (I’m a partner)
    And almost all of what you mentioned it’s accurate.
    But you did not get an A on your essay. Sorry
    And for god’s sake, if you searching for success in your life (whatever you do) give it all, go further, search deeper.
    You do not need to sell the product to earn a six and seven-figure income.
    Kyäni, differs from all the others (you know) on one simple thing
    Kyäni is “Self Consumption Network” which translates to just consume your monthly dosage and that’s all you need to do!!
    No matter what you just join or all the way up on DOUBLE RED DIAMOND, the auto consumption is EXACTLY THE SAME
    And talking about our INCREDIBLE PRODUCTS we just have 2!!
    Yes, you read right 😉
    Kyäni Triangle of Health which is cellular nutrition inside out
    And Kyäni Fleuresse which goes on your face to nourish your skin.

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