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Is League of Power a Scam? – Everything or Nothing?!

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Is League of Power a scam or it’s really something you have to think about it seriously? Maybe League of Power gets attention of many people at the first glance but after taking a close look inside the program, it was not something I’ve expected to experience and here is why:

I’m reviewing different websites from a long time ago so every time I want to test new launched program, a couple of questions comes to my mind immediately such as:

  • Am I telling all the truth about this program to my audience?
  • Is there any hidden cost in the program and I’ve forgot about?
  • What is real opinion of other people who have tested this program?
  • And the most important: Is it really valuable program? Is it worth the money people have to pay for that?

These questions and answering to them help me to consider if a program is trustworthy and if I should recommend it to others or not. Well, League of Power did not pass my review test and I’m going to explain why most of my answers to above questions was negative for League of Power. Stay with me!


Product Name: League of Power

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Cost to Join: You can sign up for Free but you do not get much as a free member. Normal upsell costs you $30 monthly after that which is high for what you get and after that you’ll see upsells up to even $1000 on a regular basis.

Type: MMO

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 Out of 10

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what is league of power

What is League of Power All About?

The same as many fake programs, League of Power tells you about the secrets that nobody knows about making money from Internet. They claim that you’ll have access to these secrets on League of Power and by joining their private members area (which is costs you) you’ll have access to some untold facts which makes you rich.

If you’ve joined in a fake making money program before, you know very well that these messages are something scammers use to get attention of new members and convince them to purchase final product but it do not judge it now.

how league of power works

How League of Power Works?

Let’s take a look at 3 categories inside of League of Power:

Freedom by Friday: It’s a weekly newsletter which will be sent to your mailbox every week. It says that you have access to any main stream content by using this category but the content you’ll have access to are available in other sites for free as well so why I should pay for them?

Easy Street: According to League of Power’s website: “Easy Street is a weekly communiqué from penny-wise Nancy Patterson. Each Wednesday Nancy provides insightful information on how to cut expenses, find the best deals and win at the game of frugality without ever sacrificing personal lifestyle or one’s dignity.”

Easy Street gives you tips and tricks how to make money by saving money. This can be useful but the problem is that all the tips can be find free again and it’s something covered in many other websites several times before so nothing new. If you do not believe me, just google “how to save money and make money” then you’ll see many blogs that have been covered this topic before.

Weekend Business Blueprint: As its name brings, some of the newest and hottest business opportunities will be sent to you every Saturday. Here is the place where League of Power focused on. You see many products are offered by League of Power in this section and since I’ve not bought any of them, I can’t tell how they are but if you decide to give one of those products a try, make sure that you can’t find it somewhere else for free!

pros and cons league of power

Pros & Cons of League of Power

I have to mention to cons directly because it have not found any significant positive point about League of Power but before going ahead and telling you about cons, it’s interesting to know that there is a real phone number as well as real postal address behind this program which is some strange for a scam program.

Some materials and information written on the site is valuable but it can be found all around the web as well so there is not anything special about information League of Power provides to you as free.


  1. The first negative point of League of Power is that it does not provide any special information or training for you so it could not convince me to join program. if I do not want to be too pessimist then I should say that I’ve seen some useful information over there but to be honest, I’ve seen those kind of information in many other places so why I should pay, join a program and get something that is available for free somewhere else?
  2. Unfortunately many of information on their website has not been updated for a long time so they are old and does not provide any value. It does not important if it’s good or bad, it’s important that it’s not updated and keep you updated with latest materials, tools and info is very important in online business.
  3. After reading all information about products, I did not consider it as a valuable program which you can pay for that. All categories are too simple and there are better options if it’s compared to other related programs.

Why I’m disappointed About League of Power?

I give my lowest rating to League of Power because it’s not a valuable program from my point of view. I registered on their free newsletter and read many reviews about this program all around the web; with all information I’ve gathered, I do not recommend you joining League of Power even for its free weekly newsletter.

Although there is many information about making money online and internet marketing in the website but it’s some overloaded and it seems that these information are just gathered from different places and putted in one place. So when you sign up on the website to find that brilliant secret, you’ll ended up with a lot of free information as well as many upsells and this is not happen only about League of Power.

Although I’m not calling it a scam because it does not steal your money but I do not consider it a legit program as well so I just recommend you to be careful if you want to work with League of Power.

is league of power scam

My Final Conclusion – Is League of Power a scam?

All in all I think it’s not worth to try League of Power. You can sign up for their free newsletter if you have free extra time and it lets you test it for yourself but it won’t be useful for you for sure.

Is it worth to get their premium membership and pay monthly free? Well I do not think so. It may have some useful content but as I’ve mentioned above, there is not anything inside the program you can’t find for free in the internet.

So next time you see a program which claims that they’ll teach you secret to get rich on the internet, think  twice before joining even if they offer you free membership at the beginning!

my recommendation

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