Is Legendary Marketer a Scam

Is Legendary Marketer a Scam? – It’s Legit But Not Recommended!

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There are many reviews out there on the Internet describing any financial program you can imagine. Most of them would draw your attention mostly to the positive sides of the program. Having read such a review – no matter what the program is – you would definitely rush to sign up for the program – that is how persuasive these reviewers can be and when it comes to this program here is the first question: is Legendary Marketer a scam?

Here is a tip from me – before reading the review, look for the word ‘affiliate’. This word is a red flag that will help you find out how honest the reviewer is. Let me explain.

The thing is affiliates get commission for every person that have brought to the program. That means that they are interested in bringing in as many people as possible. To be able to do that, they need to be very convincing. They use different methods to impress the audience – show how much money the luckiest and the most successful people in the program have earned and so on.

Actually, some of the programs can really be quite effective, but the thing is that affiliates are sticking mostly to the positive sides of the program and ‘forget’ to mention its drawbacks.

So, if you are interested to find out the very truth about Legendary Marketer program, this review is for you! I will do my best to perform an unbiased and totally honest review, taking into account not only its advantages, but also its disadvantages. So, let`s get started!


Product Name: Legendary Marketer

Official Website:

Owner: David Sharpe

Type: Online Course for Internet Marketing

Cost to Join: Low at the beginning but can go up to $58,000!

Summary: Legendary Marketer is a training course for those who want to work in online marketing. The training was designed by David Sharpe and, I would say, it`s a high quality course which can teach you lots of useful things. However, Legendary Marketer course is too pricey, and I don`t think the information they provide is that high-valued. Moreover, after taking a closer look at it, I realized that it reminds me another program which was closed by the Federal Trade Commission.

Recommended? Only if you have a lot of money to spend without getting any guarantee

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is Legendary Marketer

What is Legendary Marketer All About?

David Sharpe, the founder of the Legendary Marketer, is not a new name in this field. He has been working in online marketing for a decade and has achieved great results in this area. He started two more companies from zero and led them to huge success.

Although one of the companies he has founded – the Empower Network, a MLM company offering online training courses – claimed itself bankrupt last year, Sharpe managed to achieve great results with it.

But that is not what we are talking about in this review. Getting back to the Legendary Marketer, I must say that Sharpe`s idea to help people start their own business online, to quit their jobs for pursuing their dreams, is quite noble. David Sharpe, offering training on online marketing and strategies appropriate for online business, has proved that he knows a thing or two about that stuff.

So, let`s see what the Legendary Marketer has in store for you and how it actually works.

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how Legendary Marketer works

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

The Legendary Marketer may sound as a dream program. You just need to finish the training with the help of your personal coach provided by the program, and sit back and wait till the money start flowing into your account. No hard work, no pressure, not time-consuming at all – your sales team, also provided by the program, will do everything instead of you. Sounds like a dream, right?

But what will it be like in reality?

In order to get into the program, you have to be invited by a person who is already in. After you sign up, you need to pay $30 and, as the program promises, you will be in for the training. But in reality, the training is designed the way you won`t be able to get through it by yourself, and that will make you pay more money to be able to use the help of your personal coach.

However, your coach will actually be trying to persuade you to buy more educational products and services provided by the Legendary Marketer so that both he and the person who introduced you will get a higher commission and literally make money on you. Technically, there is no coach and sales team, there are just the same several people who are being called different names.

After you move on, you will be offered to invite more people into the scheme, and for each of them you will be getting $18 per month, which means that it`s to your benefit if they stay in the program as long as possible. However, this amount of money won`t be able to provide you with a full-time job salary, and you won`t be able to make any significant sum of money on that.

The next step the Legendary Marketer will drag you into is buying those super expensive products they are offering and then selling them to other people which will cost you over $50,000! And that`s even before you start earning any serious money. So, are you ready to get dragged into a scheme like that?

Legendary Marketer pros and cons

Legendary Marketer – Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive training course

The Legendary Marketer offers a comprehensive training in online marketing, including even platforms, such as Facebook, about which you can find very little information on the Internet. However, no matter how vast the knowledge they give you is, it is still not worth the high price you have to pay.

If you failed to succeed, there is no way you can get your money back. The only thing that may help is the support team of the Legendary Marketer who will share many tips with you about how to make money.

  • Systematic, easy-to-follow training

There are many programs and courses which provide chaotic training – they will just give ready-to-use strategies for different platforms and won`t actually teach you the basics. The Legendary Marketer, on the contrary, offers a systematic training where you can also see many useful tips while proceeding through the training.

What`s more, on the course of your whole training, you will have a personal coach who will be with you all along and help you with different tips as well as answer all your questions.

  • High-rate commissions

The Legendary Marketer is a company selling digital products; that is why the commissions they offer for selling their products is much higher than for selling physical products and may reach 60%.

Moreover, comparing to other programs, the rate is quite high. As far as I know, on average it is about 50%. Another good thing is that the commissions system is pretty easy and there are no do many various levels of commissions to get lost into.

  • Money-Back Refund

It’s good to see that there is a 30-days money back guarantee in Legendary Marketer. This makes you sure, you can get a refund if you’re not satisfied with the product for any reason. But keep in mind that this 30-days money-back guarantee does not apply for products with one-time fixed price. It means you can get refund “only” if you purchased products that have monthly fee like basic membership.

As I’ve explained above, 80% of Legendary Marketer’s products are expensive and There Is Not any information on their policy which confirms you’ll get refund for expensive products as well, so do your own research and make 100% sure about the product you want to pay money for “Before” spending a single cent.

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  • Build Your Business Based on Paid Traffic

Unfortunately, money you pay for products and training in Legendary Marketers is not all your cost. The training is based on paid traffic which means after finishing the course you will need to buy ads from well-known networks like Facebook or Twitter. This increases your startup’s cost significantly which is sad for newbies and beginners.

Of course I’m not against paid traffic. I believe strategies that are based on paid-traffic can work like a short-cut and bring you result much faster than organic traffic (which is based on SEO), but…it’s like a double-edged sword. It can be very profitable IF you have long experience in paid traffic and at the same time, you may lose a big amount of money if you are not familiar with that.

  • If You’re Newbie, You Will Fail Most Probably!

According to what I’ve read in reviews of other people who tested Legendary Marketers, 90% of them said, they lose money after a year of working on this program, some of them mentioned they could only make something between $1000 to $2500 after a whole year which was only enough to cover their initial cost and a few of them told, they could make more than what they’ve paid for but not much.

This is totally different with claim of making $3000 to $4500 weekly that Legendary Marketers mentioned at their home page.

  • Are You Ready to Pay Thousands of Dollars?

Yes, this is the main fact of Legendary Marketers: You can’t promote products if you don’t buy them. Since those products are not in a standard or even reasonable price, that would not be strange to see if you will ended up with more than a couple of thousands dollar just for starting.

Also they don’t guarantee your success even if you accept all those costs and if you want to know my honest opinion, that’s an illogical decision if you want to join Legendary Marketers while there are other options which teach you everything in zero risk. (See My Best Recommendation Below).

Is Legendary Marketer Scam

Final Word – Is Legendary Marketer a Scam or It’s Legit and Reliable?

If you are expecting to see I mark Legendary Marketer as a scam, I’m sorry but you’re wrong because it’s not a scam! You have probably think about all those cons about this program I’ve mentioned to above in my review and imagine how it can be possible for a program to be legit with all those negative points.

Well it’s simple, when you pay fee of Legendary Marketer, you will get something in return. The training you will have access to after joining program is not the best in the world but it’s useful and teach you many things about MLM business.

Finally although I see some useful points in Legendary Marketer but I believe it does not put you on the right direction. You may be able to get success with multi-level marketing business if you have zero knowledge in internet marketing but if you invest this amount of time on some other valuable learning platforms that are based on affiliate marketing, you can make your success’s path much shorter.

I explained how to choose the right path and build a successful business online which works based on your interest in my best recommendation section below.

my recommendation

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