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Is Level Rewards a Scam? – My Review Uncovers It!

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If “Is Level Rewards a scam or not?” is your question, you’ve landed on the right place! Level Rewards is one of the many apps and programs that claim it’s possible to make money by doing simple works, so maybe you are interested to know what it is and whether this is legal or a scam that you should avoid.

There have been many requested via email or social media to do a complete review of this system until now. It’s necessary to clarify any misapprehension about this system because some people are a bit doubtful about it after visiting their website and they are right! Then, if you want to know the reality about Level Rewards, follow this review because it shows you how this works exactly and what you’ll be doing when you join and how much is the ideal potential earnings.

This review is comprised the answers to your questions like what is Level Rewards and how it works, how do they pay to you, advantages and disadvantages of this system, is it a scam and the best advices about it. If you have any other question, you can ask it in the comments section.


Product Name: Level Rewards

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Complete Tasks & Get Rewards

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? Yes if you don’t have problem with low potential income

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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level rewards review

What is Level Rewards All About?

Level rewards is a web-based application that has been presented some time ago but for now it’s available just to people who live in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. In this system, you can make money by completing offers and referring other people to that.

The legal age for making an account on Level Rewards is minimum 18 years old although you’ll be able to sign up an account even if you’re under aged (16 or 17) by permission of your parents.

It’s necessary to know more details about the function of Level Rewards because as its name mentions you can earn rewards level by level and it’s also better to reach the levels that your referrals reach too.

Since Level Rewards promotes CPA affiliate offers, if you want to advance in this system by getting credits and reach the next level, you have to complete offers that some of them are free but for other offers that are not free you need to use a credit card in order to get credit for completing offers.

It’s not so easy as you think because you need to refer other people into the system and it’s not possible to make money just by completing offers. This subject has been discussed with more details in the next section.

how level rewards works

How Does Level Rewards Work?

As it’s said before, for going to the next level in this system you have to get credits by completing offers and you’ll need to fill at least 1.00 in credit value before getting the next level. Also you’ll gain 5 dollars for every referral that you enroll into the system for each level that you reach.

  • What I Was Confusing About

For clarifying the work of this system imagine that you complete an offer that has a credit value of 6.00 credits. Then these credits are added to your account and you’ll advance to level six. In this level you will be able to earn $30 for every referral that you enroll into the system.

  • Does it Really Work?

As it’s said before the range of offers change from free to paid ones and they are the paid offers which will provide you to advance to upper levels much sooner because they offer more credits to you.

On the other hand, you have to reach the same level as your referral because if your referral completes an offer and reaches sixth level but you’re still on second level, you’ll only be able to earn $10 for every referral until you reach the same level like your referral.

Here there is a screenshot of some of the offers available that helps you to comprehend it better.

Level Rewards – All You Need to Know

If you want to receive credit for the offer in the system, you have to be accepted for the loan or credit card. A large amount of offers is paid by the credit card and loan. For making sure that you earn maximum amount of money for each person who signs up via your link, firstly you have to complete a large amount of offers before starting to enroll others to the system. Considering that each offer needs is different from one offer to another, there are a few of the needs for most of the offers in the following:

  • You can complete the offer just for one time
  • It’s not possible to cancel before the 7 day test period
  • Using precise information is needed
  • Using a bank-issued credit or debit card is needed (No prepaid or gift cards).

Payment’s Process

Level Rewards pays you in three ways:  PayPal, Bank Transfer and Amazon Gift Card.

PayPal is normally the most favorite way to receive payments because it’s easy, fast and the safest way to pay. The process of PayPal takes less than one day. On the contrary, bank transfers take the longest time about three workdays.

level rewards scam

Positive & Negative Sides of Level Rewards


  • It’s free to join
  • You can make money if you’re a good recruiter
  • There are no untrue income claims like with other systems


  • You have to use valid credit card information for most of the offers
  • You need to enroll other people for earning money
  • It’s accessible only in a few chosen countries

is level rewards scam

My Final Conclusion – Is Level Rewards a Scam?

I can assure you that Level Rewards is totally a legit program which is in the business for a long time and has a good background in paying its members always on-time but I can’t disregard the fact that the only possible way to make some money through Level Rewards is doing some tasks that are not interesting for you at all and because of that, it’ll turn into a boring job for you after a short time.

Another negative point of Level Rewards is that you should be able to recruit people to the program on a regular basis so if this is not what you are experienced in, you won’t be able to make any serious money; actually without having deep knowledge of internet marketing and methods of recruiting people, you only a couple of dollars (maximum) will be in your pocket at end of the month.

Although Level Rewards allows you to share your referral links in websites like Facebook or Twitter but the fact is that social networks does not like free promoter and there is chances if they can block your account because of spamming anytime. They are making money from ads and advertisers so that’s logical to see that they are not very friendly with free promoter.

It happened to me if the past and I’ve lost some of my good business accounts is social networks like YouTube and Twitter. If you want to walk on the right way, you should provide high quality content for your audience first then tell people about website/program (that you’re working with) as your advise.

Is There Any better Way to Start Making Money Online?

Yes for sure. Actually methods that work based on recruiting people are not my recommendations to beginner and newbies who just started. It would be hard to get even one referral if you do not know anything about recruiting people and that’s why many give up without making even 1 cent!

And also you simply can’t trust any making money system available in the internet because number of scam websites that claiming you can make easy money in only one night is always more than number of legit and reliable programs that tell you the truth about this business.

I don’t know why people think that making money online is easy. The fact is that it’s not at all! And like starting your own business in real world, you should invest significant amount of time and money behind it to get result.

All of this does not happen without joining a reliable and trusted training program which can put you on the right path. Hopefully I’ve found one of the best of training program which taught me everything I needed to build my own online business and turn it into my full-time job.

It’s called WA and unlike any other training course or making money programs, it teaches you how to build a business based on your INTEREST and make it profitable! And since you can start completely for free, it’s totally a risk-free program.

If you’re tired of scams or if you just don’t like to recruiting people for a little amount of money then I definitely recommend you give WA a try. In my opinion nothing is more interesting that making money from your interest. I guess this is what all rich people have done; they just focused on their hobby and could attract money. This is exactly WA shows you and you’ll learn how to do it properly in online world.

That’s it, we are at the end of my review now. I want to thank you for spending your valuable time to read my Level Rewards review and I hope this article helps you find answer of all your questions about this program.

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