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Is Life Force International Scam? – An Unbiased Opinion!

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There are so many multi-level marketing companies selling health care products in the market that it is super easy to get tricked by an attractive product and good promotional campaign and get involved into a scam instead of becoming a part of a legit MLM business. Life Force International is a new way for online money maker but is Life Force International scam or it really will force you to make a lot of money?

Some research before diving into this area is very significant. And the fact that you are trying to gather more information before joining Life Force International (also known as LFI) is a big step in the right direction.

Be sure that in this article you will read not only about positive points of LFI, but also about its disadvantages. I am in no way affiliated with LFI what gives me the right to tell you all the truth about it.

Let`s not waste our time and move on to what I have figured out about Life Force International.


Product Name: Life Force International

Official Website:

Owner: Wayne Hillman

Type: Multi-Level Marketing in Health Market

Cost to Join: ?

Recommended? 50%

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is life force

What is Life Force International All About?

Sometimes I think that there are so many MLM companies focused on health care that a person new to this area can simply get dizzy! You might have heard about Melaleuca, doTERRA or Jeunesse. Well, Life Force International is one of their competitors.

LFI has an interesting story. It was started by a couple Gerri and Wayne Hillman in 1994. However, at first it was a garage enterprise and was limited to the US. And only after years they managed to develop and expand their business to almost all over the world, including so far-off destinations as Australia and New Zealand, and become a world-known health care brand.

What Products You Can Sell in LFI?

The main focus of Life Force International is health care products which help people boost their wellness and cleanse their body. There are multiple categories of products starting with products for everyday care and ending up with products for certain groups of people, for example, those who work out, try to lose some weight or need special care for, let`s say, bones.

LFI product line is not limited to food supplements. They also produce various powders, vitamins, shakes and drinks and even hand wash.

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life force international review

How Life Force International Works?

Life Force International claim using the best quality ingredients in their products, including sea vegetables, seeds and other superfoods.

However, these products remain food supplements and in no way medicines. That means that you shouldn`t expect much from them. LFI doesn`t promise to cure all your diseases, that`s why you shouldn`t expect sound changes in your body.

Products List of Life Force International

If you read LFI reviews on the Internet, you will see mostly negative reviews. Just because people have higher expectations (probably created by the company`s promotional campaign) and expect these products to give them more than they can.

On the other hand, you hardly can find a multi-level marketing company which would create products which do miracles to people`s health and wellness. Most of them produce simple food supplements and lure more and more customers by adding some exotic ingredients to their products.

Probably, Life Force International is just one those MLM companies.

How to Make Money from LFI?

If you make a decision to join Life Force International, it is better if you focus on one of the two ways of making money in LFI.

  1. Work on making better sales and earning on the price difference.
  2. Focus on recruiting more people and help them do better sales so that you can get better commissions.
  • Direct Selling

If you decide to limit your work to selling LFI products, then you will be able to purchase products at wholesale price and sell them at retail price. All the difference is yours.

However, things are not that simple here, and you should keep several things in mind.

If you have no previous experience in sales, don`t know marketing and selling strategies, or if it`s difficult for you to make new connections, it would probably be hard to really succeed in this business.

Of course, there are relatives and friends who will apparently be your first customers, and hopefully permanent customers. But if you want to increase sales, you will have to meet new people and find new customers outside your social circle.

It would really help if you already have a store where you can just add up LFI products, otherwise, you may end up with a pile of unwanted goods.

  • Recruiting New Members

The other thing that can bring you solid income in Life Force International is recruiting more and more people so that you can receive commissions on their sales. The bigger and stronger your team is, the more money in commission you make.

What`s more, the program allows you to get extra bonuses even on people who were recruited by people in your team. This kind of bonus, however, is not available for everyone and depends on your achievements and ranking. But as soon as you become eligible for it, you will start making money from salespeople 5 levels under you are making.

These are several levels of bonuses you can be receiving for your team`s work. They start from Fast Start Bonus and Achiever`s Club for those who have just recently started creating their own team, and ending with Diamond Pool Bonus and Generational Power Bonus for have managed to build a strong team which makes good and stable sales.

However, as I`ve mentioned before, you need to meet several requirements to be eligible for these bonuses, for example, achieve the required amount of sales, so-called business volume.

Income Proof

While doing a research on this or that company or program, that is always a good idea to take a look at the company`s income statement which can give you the idea of what people in this company are currently making.

It can be a promotional advantage for some companies, because it helps them prove that it is possible to make good money within their program. And what can be a better advertisement than a legal document showing good results people are achieving working in this company.

However, I didn`t manage to find one at Life Force International website what probably means that the situation in their company isn`t as bright and promising as they are claiming. After all, in most multi-level marketing companies only 1% of people manage to achieve a decent income enough for making a living while around 95% fail to make any money at all.

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What Stopped Me From Working With MLM Companies

I always said that MLM business does not work if take it as a reliable long-term opportunity so personally I never join a Multi-Level Marketing business except for reviewing it. My past experience in working with this type of companies says that although most of them are legit but they’re not worth trying.

I’ve talked to many people and read many reviews about LFI (Life Force International) and it looks that the company gets more benefit than people. Of course, when it comes to MLM, it’s not strange to say that this game has only one winner and it’s not the distributor.

Multi-Level Marketing is a very famous and popular method for promoting and selling online (or even offline) products and business owners know this very well. That’s why they always want to take advantage of it and hide many facts about it from people.

All persons who join MLM business are hoping to make more commissions by inviting some more people into the program and this is costly when that MLM company works based on paid traffic strategies. The truth is that the company encourages all distributors to purchase products and use marketing methods to sell them to other people; the fact is that the only important thing for a company is selling its items so it really does not matter for them who is the customer, you or anyone else.

life force pros and cons

Life Force International – The Good, The Bad,

The Good,

  • Although you can only make a little extra cash through LFI but the risk involved is almost zero so you won’t lose many things if you fail.
  • All the products you will promote and sell are real physical products and sometimes useful for people
  • You are not the only person in this business and many other people are making money through the same way

The Bad,

  • All process of making money is focused on recruiting new people into LFI’s program
  • Most of the items are high-priced
  • It’s not a long-term business
  • Purchasing only digital products like e-books and podcasts
  • You have to spend money to buy the product first to be able to resell it

is life force international a scam

Final Word – Is Life Force International Scam?

Well, LFI is some different from other programs I’ve reviewed before like The Bauman Letter or HTA. To be honest, I liked some of the products and items I’ve seen in Life Force International and I really think that SOME of them can be beneficial for you. Also, it’s been proved to me that LFI is totally a legit company with hundreds of customers around the world but all this was not enough for me to mark it as a good way to start making cash online.

I have serious problems with the business plan (MLM) of Life Force Internation and I don’t think it’ll bring significant result in long-term. It may look some strange but you’ll risk your relationship with your close friends and even family members if you participate in the Multi-Level Marketing plan provided by LFI so I simply don’t recommend you to invest your effort and time behind this opportunity.

Instead, I advise you to start building a reliable online business (like what I’ve done) with the help of one of the best online platforms in this way which can help you make much more than full-time income from your interests. To know what is my recommendation and see how it helped me to make money full-time from the Internet, continue reading my best recommendation section below.

Thanks for reading my review of life force international and feel free to share your opinion in the comments below; I read ALL comments and reply to them personally.

my recommendation

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