is lifetime income report a scam

Is Lifetime Income Report a Scam or A $4,730 Gift?

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A monthly investment newsletter called Lifetime Income Report claims that it sends the best profitable investment opportunities to your mailbox but is Lifetime Income Report a scam or it’s really a valuable finance newsletter?

Nowadays experienced marketers can sell anything. Even if the product is digital and the effort that was put into it almost equals zero. The Internet is full of online books, courses, publications, videos and each of them has a price tag which sometimes is just a couple of dollars, but sometimes several hundred dollars. What`s more, almost everyone can put something on sale on the Internet, and no one will check if it bears any quality and if it`s worth the price.

That is why it`s crucial to do some research, read a couple reviews every time you want to purchase an online course or subscribe for a digital publications. This is probably the only way you can tell value from a scam. And I am happy to see that you have taken a step further and are reading now my review on Lifetime Income Report because – believe me – it`s going to save you a hundred bucks per year!

In this review you are going to find out what Lifetime Income Report is and why you shouldn`t s[end your money on it.


Product Name: Lifetime Income Report

Official Website:

Owner: Agora Financial

Type: Financial Newsletter with Investment Opportunities

Cost to Join: $99/Year

Short Review

Lifetime Income Report is a newsletter which is issued every month by Agora Financials. It is aimed at making investment easy for people. More precisely, it writes about various strategies you can use to make money on stocks.

That might sound like very useful information, but they lack just a tiny bit of information which is how big your investment must be to achieve the income they are talking about.

Moreover, Agora Financials` reputation has been recently damaged by the fact that the US Securities and Exchange Commission declared another publication they had been issuing a scam. Continue reading to find out what it was all about.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is lifetime income report

Intro – What Is Lifetime Income Report Exactly?

Agora Financial has been producing several publications and newsletters, being Lifetime Income Report just one of the many. Among other Agora`s newsletters are Fast Fortune Club, Real Wealth Strategist and Cash for Patriots Program.

Lifetime Income Report is created by Zach Scheidt who is its editor-in-chief. It is published every month and covers all things about investment and making money on stock trading. In this newsletter you will read about how to make the most out of your investment, which stocks are on the high right now and which stocks you should get rid of, and finally, how to make bigger profits and pay lower taxes.

The publication is not free, and its price depends on the subscription you choose. But if you subscribe, you`ll have a newsletter full of investment tips and tricks in your mailbox every month.

Although Lifetime Income Report has become quite popular and has many subscribers, there are a lot of negative things being said about it on the web. If you read just a few reviews about Lifetime Income Report or any other Agora Financial`s newsletter, you will see that people complain that the advice they are giving is not easy to apply to a real situation. Others say that instead of legit ways of making money on stocks, Agora`s tips rather resemble scams which you can`t use if you are aiming at a stable long-time income.

Has Anyone Made Money From It?

If you are wondering if purchasing the Lifetime Income Report guarantees you making money, then I have to tell you that no newsletter, no other source of information can ever guarantee you earning money. Do you know why? Because they are just giving you the information and various strategies, but it`s up to YOU how you are going to use their advice.

After all, there are not going to give you a step-by-step guide, there will be decisions you will have to make on your own. So if you are considering signing up in order to put their advice into practice, then I have to warn you that literally anything can happen to your money. Because, unfortunately, there is no way one can predict stocks going up or down 100% right, and although they are giving you this call-to-action, in the end what happens to your money is your responsibility.

That is why you shouldn`t think that paying $100 will help you make a fortune. Moreover, there are other things that can influence whether your investment will be successful or not. For instance, the amount of money available for investment can play a crucial role. Some strategies will work only for big sums of money. But unfortunately, you will find out about it only after you have paid for your subscription to Lifetime Income Report.

Finally, it`s their job to make it look like this newsletter is all you need to get high dividends on your shares. But what you need to do is evaluate your real situation and decide if you have actually enough money and courage to manage investment by yourself.

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how lifetime income report works

How Does Lifetime Income Report Work?

Investment is not an easy task to handle. And many people prefer to pay to financial firms for investment advice or even have their savings taken care of. However, most of the times this kind of services demands a high commission. That is why some people take over their investment deals themselves.

In order to make good use of your savings and find the best options on the market, you need to gather a lot of information which must be up-to-date and accurate. Many newsletters and websites offer this kind of information, for free or at a low price.

Lifetime Income Report is one of those publications. It aims at providing the most recent information on stocks. The team behind Lifetime Income Report finds the companies which shares are increasing in price and which give their holders the highest payments.

Moreover, they offer information on how to handle what you have earned like how to pay lower taxes, as well as how to use various investment strategies to get the most out of your money.

In order to get all this information, you will have to pay an annual fee which can be different for different subscription plans. Continue reading if you are willing to find out how much you need to pay for Lifetime Income Report.

How Much You Should Pay to Join Lifetime Income Report?

Agora Financials offers several subscription plans for their newsletter. They include Silver, Gold and Platinum subscriptions. The price varies from $50 to $90 per year which is not much at all.

However, like many online schemes which seem pretty cheap at first sight, but as soon as you sign up, pull more and more money out of you, Lifetime Income Report takes more money than it seems. Just think, if you are learning about investment strategies, you need to put them into practice which means you will need a lot of spare money you could invest.

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lifetime income report pros and cons

Lifetime Income Report – The Good, The Bad

First, let’s take a look at what I liked about Lifetime Income Report and after that, we’ll discover about the cons.

The Good,

  • According to what’s written on the official website of Lifetime Income Report, a team of financial experts will help you with your current financial situation.
  • What you’ll get is more valuable than the yearly fee of $99 you pay to access the report.
  • The fact is that there’s no guarantee to make money from the provided guides and information in the report but if you put enough time to determine new profitable investment opportunities then there’s a high chance that you can make money from that.

The Bad,

  • The first cons of Lifetime Income Report is its unclear claim. Experts and other sources say that a minimum amount of $85k is required to be in your account in order to get success with provided strategies but what LIR (Lifetime Income Report) says that it does not matter what’s your current financial situation, you can make it better with using the services.

This is a big paradox I’ve found in the system.

  • Some members and experts believe that you can’t rely 100% on the strategies provided by LIR because there are stats which shows that a yearly fee of $99 is too low for having such that quality report so they just simply don’t trust it.
  • There’s not any clear information about the real capital needed for each strategy given by the LIR, this means you have no idea how much money you need exactly to invest in the strategies and this is not a good thing to see in a company, especially when it’s a financial service provider.

is lifetime income report scam

Final Word – Is Lifetime Income Report a Scam?

Well, to be honest, it’s easy to call LIR a scam company if you don’t have a clear definition of the legit and scam words. For example, there’s not anything wrong with the offered product and the same as any other service, it has its own positive and negative points but the problem is that some dirty marketing tricks have been used by LIR to promote the product which decreases the credibility of the company dramatically.

This is not absolutely a system that makes a happy pocket full of money for you with some secrets methods so if this is what you are looking for in Lifetime Income Report then it’s better to don’t waste your time over there because to make significant amount of money you need something much more than putting your name in a list.

Also, see things like requesting to invest as high as $85k on the system put serious doubt in front of LIR. Just keep in mind that LIR is not the only making money opportunity out there and there are tons of different methods like Profit Shortcut or MLM and companies like NeveTica or even an earning app like Feature Points that give you the same opportunity.

Nutshell, Lifetime Income Report is not the service that I can recommend you certainly and I don’t see any benefits in using a high-risk product for money making porpuses while there’re high-quality risk-free options like what I’ve recommended below.

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That’s it! Thank you very much for reading my article. I hope that you liked this article and found useful information in my Lifetime Income Report review. I would be more than happy to see your opinion about this post and don’t forget to ask your questions about the LIR and other MMO topics in the comments below.

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