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Is Listverse Legit? – All Facts You SHOULD Know!

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is listverse legit or scam? This is question of many people and If you are looking for information and detailed review about this new business opportunity which called Listverse, I’m happy to tell you that you’ve landed on the right place.

There are several important questions about Listverse that I’m going to answer in my review such as:

  • What is Listverse exactly and how does it work?
  • Is it possible to make some cash through Listverse?
  • And more importantly, is it a scam or it’s a legit company which you can totally trust?

If you’ve asked one of above questions from yourself before joining Listverse then it shows that you’re serious about finding all facts about this company and you do not trust anything easily which is very good from my point of view; that’s why I want to help you find your answers in this article.

But if you do not have enough time to read my full review or if you just want to know the conclusion, feel free to take a look at review summary below.


Product Name: Listverse

Official Website:

Owner: Jamie Frater

Type: Get Paid for Writing

Cost to Join: Free

Summary of Review: In short I must tell you that Listverse is not a scam. It’s completely a legit company which is up there for a while and its members confirmed that they have get paid by them. But the more important question is if it’s worth to give it a try and spend your valuable time on it or not. You can find answer of this question my full review of Listverse below.

Recommended? Depends

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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what is listverse

What is All About?

As I’ve mentioned above, It’s totally clear that Listverse is not a scam so after keeping this in mind, we can talk about other aspects of this company to see how it works and how it can be profitable for you.

First of all let’s take a look at Listverse background. This company was founded by Jamie Frater. If you want to know who is this guy, my research shows that he’s a tech savvy who works in software development field and as he mentioned on website “they are seeking for most fascinating and rare gems of human knowledge” which can be bizarre and obscure facts.

You can find many interesting information on the website and in addition, you’ll have access to a list of key members who are behind it. By providing rare facts about almost anything in the world, Listverse got attention of many people and it has significant number of daily readers now.

how listverse works

How It Works & How to Make Money with Listverse?

Before answering above question, let me make something clear here. I want to make you sure that the website and all people who work behind it are legit and genuine. Having access to all information about founder and members easily show that they do not want to hide anything and unlike scam websites, they clearly give you all information about their background and this is a positive point for a website in my opinion.

Freelancers are people who can take advantage of Listverse very well. If you’re a freelancer or have writing skill, Listverse pays you for every single article you write and get accepted by them.

Well, paying rate is pretty eye-catching, they pay you $100 for a single article but they do not accept every article easily and that’s why are willing to pay that much. Anyway, if you love writing or if there’s something you know which have not seen before on the web, feel free to take your chance and submit it in website. Since Listverse is an internet magazine there is always an opportunity to submit your article and if you’re lucky and when it’s accepted, you’ll get paid for your work.

How to Submit an Article?

Your article should be like a list so every time you submit a new article you actually submit a list which consist of 10 different items. It also should be your own original work which means any copied work from somewhere else won’t be accepted.

Your article must not be less 1800 words and an instruction section should be always included in the beginning of your list. You always should read and follow “Author’s Guide” (especially section 7) before submitting any work. And finally, you should always credit to all sources (online or offline) which confirm your list is true.

It may seem some complicated at the beginning when you want to submit your list for the first time and you should not expect your article to get accepted immediately if you have not published anything on Listverse before. Hopefully since it’s a top ten list, there are always some examples of previous accepted lists on the website which you can take a look and see how your list should look like. For example:

  • 10 Forbidden Places Where Outsiders Are Arrested
  • 10 Plans Hitler Would Have Put In Motion If The Nazis Had Won
  • 10 Bizarre Celebrity Suicide Tales
  • 10 Unbelievable Things That Have Required A Doctor’s Prescription
  • 10 Poignant Photographs From Humanity’s Lowest Moments
  • 10 Craziest Privileges Serial Killers Enjoyed In Prison
  • And so on…

What Other People Say About Listverse?

Well if you take a look at new articles on the website you’ll find out soon that every time a list is published on Listverse, it’ll be viewed and shared by thousands of people, by keeping this in mind, it won’t be surprising if you find many positive reviews of Listverse on the internet.

I’ve read some of these reviews and talked to people who submitted their work on Listverse; most of them confirmed that they’ve get paid by Listverse when their work get accepted without any issue. I also read a couple of interviews from Jamie Frater (owner of Listverse) and he said, according to stats there are more and more people who are interested to submit a list on Listverse every day.

So is it really possible to have a stream income from Listverse? The short answer is yes. Although I’ve noticed that the payment process time is not the same for everyone which means if your work get accepted, you may receive that $100 in 24 hours or it can take up to 2 weeks and this is something that may make you unhappy and may make some complaints against Listverse.

pros and cons

The Good… The Bad…

The Good…

  • The process of submitting new list is easy and straight forward
  • No difficult writing rules or instructions
  • Having opportunity to write differently about what you are interested in
  • Good pay rate ($100 per list)

The Bad…

  • Delay on payments (can be vary from 24 hours to 2 weeks)
  • Not available for non-native English writers (Only Native Speakers)
  • Too hard to get accepted
  • Minimum words of 1800 for per article
  • No any assignments
  • Time-consuming process

Is Listverse a Suitable Choice For You?

The clear fact is that it’s totally possible to make money with Listverse and the process is straight forward as I’ve told you above but if you think it’s an easy to do job and or you can turn it into your full time job, you’re wrong!

Although Listverse pays good ($100) for your list but it’s not easy at all to make a list that is accepted by them. A lot of effort and research needs to be putted behind your article to make it valuable and to make a serious income, you have to write at least 10 articles per month which does not seem to be much at the first glance but the problem is that not all of your lists will be selected. Writing 10 articles does not seem to be difficult but for having 10 selected lists on Listverse, you should write at least 100 lists which is hard and really time consuming.

Anyway, I still believe that Listverse opened new door for freelancer who likes to write differently and make some extra cash at the same time.

is listverse legit or scam

My Final Verdict

In total, I see that positive points of Listverse are more than its negative points, especially for people or freelancer writers who have a creative mind and can see the world differently.

If you’re interested to look at the world around you then go ahead and give Listverse a try; if you’re lucky and your work get selected, you can make some money but do not put your expectations too high; if you’re thinking about making a full-time income through this website, sorry but It’s not something that Listverse can help you with.

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