is lotto magic a scam

Is Lotto Magic a Scam Or Top Lottery Software?

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Lotto Magic is a full-featured lottery software for making cash online in an easy and simple way but is Lotto Magic a scam like many other software with similar claims? Let’s find out!

In this Lotto Magic review, you’ll get familiar with a software that can make you money in the lottery world. You’ll find out how the lottery world works and if you can trust and make serious amounts of money with this software or not.

It’s good to see that you decided to read a review before trying Lotto Magic because most people believe big claims of any company and lack of research is why they fail to make money online.

Anyway, you’re in the right place to find the Truth about Lotto Magic and in the next paragraphs, we’ll review and take a deep look at this software to see if it’s legit and can be recommended or not.

Stay with me!


Product Name: Lotto Magic

Official Website:

Founder: Lotto Systems

Released Date: 1996

Type: Lottery Management Software

Cost to Join: From $25 to $240 monthly (depends on the package you choose)

Recommended? 50%

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 10

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what is lotto magic


Here is a summary of the article if you don’t have enough time to read full Lotto Magic review and want to know everything about Lotto Magic in a couple of lines.

From my point of view, Lotto Magic is not a legitimate lottery software and you don’t have any chance to make money from that. As soon as you create and activate your Lotto Magic account, you’ll find out that selling expensive membership to is what this software is created for and there’s no way to increase your odds of winning in the lottery world.

A district attorney in Iowa warned people about joining this program and marked it as a big-time fraud. None of their claims is real and many people lost big money over there.

There are much better and more reliable ways like this Top-Rated Platform for making money online and you don’t need to waste your time and energy in the gambling world if you’re looking for a secured financial future for yourself and your family members. Also, it’s completely Free to start so you don’t need to worry about the startup cost.

What Is Lotto Magic All About?

In simple words, Lotto Magic provides membership plans to people who are interested in online lottery. This software works in the same way as MLM companies work; you’ll be part of a lottery group after joining and the interesting thing is that even if you lose a round, you still have a chance to win something! It seems strange right?

You’re right because Lotto Magic labeled as a pyramid scheme business. In a pyramid scheme company, the amount of money you can make depends on the time you’ve joined the company. This means, members who’ve joined earlier (especially the owners who are the founders of the company) will make more money and this money comes from the membership fee that new members pay.

So they NEED new members to stay alive and if this circle of recruiting and joining stops, they have no money to continue working.

This is what happens to you in Lotto Magic and although you have a little chance to win something in this game but you never can rely on it as a long-term business because it’s gambling, the game of losses and wins and the truth is that each game you play has a strong probability against your winning.

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how does lotto magic work

How Lotto Magic Works? – Different Types of Memberships

One of the attractive sections of Lotto Magic is its membership area which is listed in 3 different types. The three membership are Team Capitan, Power Capitan, and Mega Capitan. Your commission stands in the highest amount in the first level and it goes down step by step when you’re in the lower levels like 4 or 5.

You can earn $25 whenever you refer a new member to the program in the Team Capitan membership. The cost of this membership type is $50 and Florida lotto drawings are the only section you can participate in this membership.

Bothe the amount of your cost and commission will double if you go for the Power Capitan membership. So your commission will be something between $50 – $60 for each new power Capitan member you get. If your referral stands in the level 2-5 then you’ll get an additional $4, Of course, don’t forget that there’s a monthly fee of $120 for this plan.

And the last and most expensive type of membership is Mega Capitan. You have a chance to make up to $120 for each single new Mega Capitan member that joins the program through your referral link.

Also, you need to pay $240/month to keep your Mega Capitan membership active and as a Mega Capitan member, you can try your chance in the Mega Millions and Mega Money sections. Finally, an extra commission of $8 will be given to you if any of your referrals stand in level 2 to 5.

How You Can Make Extra Money at Lotto Magic?

Referring to other people to the program is the main way of earning money with Lotto Magic and if you’ve used any pyramid schemes before, you know well that this is the main way of making money in almost all types of pyramid schemes.

People who join Lotto Magic have to choose one of the expensive offered memberships in the program and there’s exactly where your commissions come from.

Mega Capitan is the highest level of membership in Lotto Magic and you’re encouraged to reach this level to earn the highest amount of commission.

Founders of Lott Magic says that you’ll become a Mega Capitan member by referring only 2 new members to the system. It looks cool but what if any of these members decided to stop using Lotto Magic and cancel his/her membership?

There’s not any information which can answer above question and it seems that founders of Lotto Magic preferred to keep this question unanswered but the truth is that if something like the above scenario happens, you won’t get any more commission AND you still have to pay the membership fee to keep your account active. But this does not seem to be a good and fair game, right?

How Beating Works in Lotto?

Lotto Magic is not very similar to products that I’ve reviewed recently like ClickBank University, Commission Hero or TTEC but it has something in common.

What I’m in doubt about Lotto Magic is that I’m not sure if all the money that people pay for the membership fee will be used for purchasing lottery tickets. Unlike what founders of this website claim, I don’t think that 100% of invested money in the program will be used for lottery tickets.

This brings a big question to me: why I should not be able to choose the lotto numbers and increase my chance of winning? Is it worth trying a platform while I don’t have 100% control of my money? I don’t think so.

Instead of playing around the risky odds, I would like to join a program that let me have 100% control of my activity and teach me how to build my own online business. If you’re tired of trying Not-Working making money models then it’s time to give this Top-Rated Recommended Method a try for making an outstanding online business for yourself. By the way, no worry about the startup cost, you can join and start for 100% Free!

I’ve never been a fan of beating in lotto because I believe that it’s not a realistic idea to let others decided for your money, especially when it’s about the lottery industry. My experience says that all lottery games have only one winner and unfortunately it’s not you!

Persons who are running lottery websites always encourage you to put more money in the game and want you to believe that the next round is yours which can bring you thousands of dollars but it’s just a trick to keep you in the game and make more profit while you’re losing again and again; yes the truth is that it’ll never be your turn to be a winner in lottery games!

You’re free to try Lotto Magic or any other lottery websites you like but if you ask my opinion, I would say you Shouldn’t try it. Don’t fall into their beautiful promises and claims, there’s not a shortcut way to become a millionaire in the online world.

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lotto magic pros and cons

Lotto Magic – Likes & Dislikes

What I like about Lotto Magic

  • There’s nothing positive about Lotto Magic. I don’t mark lottery websites as legit or scam because they’re all underrated from my point of view but if I’ve to give it a word, I would call it a scam.

What I Don’t Like About Lotto Magic

  • The monthly membership fee for all packages is ridiculously too high even for the first level, Team Capitan.
  • Working based on a pyramid scheme model.
  • Risk of losing money if you can’t get a new referral.
  • There’s no such thing as beating lottery in reality. It’s just a cheating trick.

Do I recommend this Lottery Website?

Of course not! Here are several reasons that stop me from put Lotto Magic in my recommendation list.

Lack of Training: They say that you can make money easily by promoting this lottery website but they never show you how to do it!

As Pyramid Scheme as possible: Lotto Magic is a pyramid scheme website because it does not provide any real (physical) item. Trying different kinds of lotteries is what people are looking for in Lotto Magic and this makes it harder to promote this website and use its compensation plan. It’s far from a business opportunity.

Unregistered in the lottery industry: All businesses and organizations that are part of the lottery industry should be registered officially which gives them legitimacy and more trustworthy but this is not what we see about Lotto Magic. There’s a straightforward registration process for lottery platforms and my research about Lotto Magic shows that it’s an unlicensed program and this does not let us to trust it.

is lotto magic scam

Final Word – Is Lotto Magic a Scam? 

I believe that it’s. But let’s ask this question in another way: can you still make money from a scam program? The surprising answer is Yes! It’s not very difficult to give legitimate skin to a scam website and earn money by inviting other people to join in but don’t you feeling guilty if you do that?

And what’s the difference between this and what a thief does? Does it mean anything other than what scammers do by stealing people’s money? Yes, you’re going to become a scammer slowly if you follow such that business model!

There’s not any difference between the real and virtual worlds. If you expect to get something valuable for the product you buy, keep in mind that other people have the same feeling and expectation when it comes to online shopping.

The truth is that building a strong relationship with your customers is much more important than making short-time profits when you’re doing an online business or promoting an online product.

When people trust you, they’ll buy again and again from you and they become your repeat customers. According to stats, only in the last year, 55% of online revenues came from repeat customers and ignoring this great potential is like jumping into an empty swimming pool!

See customers like your family members and close friends; try to give a solution to their problems and become their best friend. Yes, it’s not easy and it takes a serious amount of time but your fortune is guaranteed when you have done it properly.

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of Lotto Magic. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )

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