is lucky day app a scam

Is Lucky Day App a Scam or a Lucky Way to Win Money?

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Can lottery tickets bring you big money in a short time? Lucky Day App says yes they can! But is Lucky Day App a scam that should be avoided? Let’s find out!

With technology, we are faced with tremendous changes like the ability to work from the comfort of our home and earn salaries online. Now, all you need is your laptop or smartphone device, connect to a functioning internet and find clients who are eager for the services you can render. Also, you can trade items online and earn money without erecting a physical shop.

Now, there are mobile applications out there that claim that once you play some games you are sure to earn money, but the question remains “how is it ever going to be possible?”

This is where the lucky day app comes to play. There are so many of us that have bought one or two lottery tickets (how to buy a lottery ticket), if not more at one point or the other with hopes to take home millions.

However, are you aware that you can now play this same lottery on your phone? We bet you are surprised as well. For those who have an idea already, you can quickly check on the lucky day app to make money.

Meanwhile, you may be wondering if this app is legit or scam, why don’t you sit back and read through this intriguing review.


Product Name: Lucky Day App

Official Website:

Owner: Joshua Javaheri

Type: Make money with lottery tickets

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is lucky day app

What Is The Luck Day App All About?

Lucky day app has been referred to as a mobile sweepstakes app that allows consumers to legitimately play games like the lotto games, virtually scratch tickets as well as slots with the hopes to win real money. It is the same as the lottery.

Here, everyone is free to join in the fun and this app is being hosted at the website known as Also, it has more than one million downloads which gainfully reflects a rating of 4.5 out of a 5-star rating.

In simpler terms, it is an application for iOS and Android where you can play lottery games for a chance to win huge cash prizes.

What To Know About The Founders Of The Lucky Day App

All you need to know about the Lucky Day App is that it is a startup company that was established in the year 2014 by a man called Joshua Javaheri. The company headquarter is based in California.

Since its establishment in 2014, it has been estimated that the company has employed between ten to fifty staff and it is most frequently used via its app which is available in Google play and app store.

Also, the platform backs up almost seven hundred and twenty thousand visitors in a month. Furthermore, it has been ranked as the 282nd when it comes down to the Lottery subcategory pertaining to the gambling category.

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how lucky day app works

How Does The Lucky Day App Work?

On a general note, the app provides diverse gambling games for users to play and earn not just money alone but tokens as well. On the app, you get to play a scratch card game, participate in the interesting sweepstakes or play the lottery.

The amount of money you earn can be successfully withdrawn when you attain the minimum threshold to begin cashing out. Also, the tokens you earn can be redeemed for diverse rewards so long you have plenty to use.

To begin playing, you will need to, first of all, be a member. Now, signing up is quite simple and free because all you need to basically do is to go on either your Google play store or the Apple app store and download the app.

Once it is downloaded, you get to sign up either via your email address or as expected, your Facebook account. For those that will be interested in using their email, you will have to set up a new password unknown to anyone and also add your name. Immediately all these are over, you can begin playing. The app will successfully enter your name into the lottery game slated for every day.

Also, you will then be asked to select about five numbers plus one number known as the lucky number from a long list containing fifty-nine numbers. All you need to do next is to await the draw to find out if you won.

Meanwhile, if one of your own numbers gets drawn, you get to win a total of fifty tokens. If it is two numbers, you get to win two hundred and fifty tokens and if it gets to three numbers, be sure to win five hundred tokens.

For those who are lucky enough and four of their numbers get matched, they will win five dollars. Wondering what will happen if you happen to get five matches? Well, you get to win fifty dollars. It does not stop there. If all of your six numbers are matched, expect a total sum of a hundred thousand dollars wins.

Have it in mind that, the lucky day has a scratch card game which we mentioned earlier. In this game, you can either win tokens or you win cash. The amount of cash you can win can get as low as one dollar and as high as fifty thousand dollars.

For the tokens, they can get as low as one thousand and as high as two hundred thousand.

As for winning the overall grand prize on your card, you will have to match about three of the symbols you were given. However, if you cannot match the icons, you get to win a thousand tokens or any amount of token that was placed on your card.

With all these, do not forget to watch some video advertisements after each three scratch cards you get to play. This video in question will be played for you before you even begin scratching your fourth scratch card. The lucky day app normally has over fifteen to twenty-five scratch cards daily. Bear in mind that, it is simpler to win tokens compared to cash, most especially the large cash prize.

We advise that you do not get your hopes on the rise that you may be the lucky person to win so much money. Also, there is every day and every month raffle draw on the lucky day app.

For the daily raffle, if you are the lucky winner, you get about five hundred dollars and the winners get announced by 10 pm daily

As for the monthly raffle, should your ticket be drawn, you are entitled to a five thousand dollars win. This draw takes place at the end of each month while the winners for both are always announced by 10 pm PST.

For the two raffle draws, every user gets a free ticket daily. Also, those participating have an opportunity to either double, triple or basically get more tickets via a spinning game. You can buy raffle tickets through the help of your tokens. You will be spending ten thousand tokens for the daily raffle and five thousand tokens for the monthly draw.

There are also opportunities available to gain tokens via surveys, watching videos and offers. This offer entails downloading a game app and going further to play it for some time.

A vital fact is that, for all the money that you get to earn, they can be withdrawn through PayPal. All you will do is to reach ten dollars for a withdrawal to take place.

Who Can Benefit From This App?

This app has been structured for about two groups of people. One group entails the organizations and brands that are seeking out for such platforms that they can post all of their ads.

For the second group, we have those people who enjoy gambling games such as scratch cards and lotto.

Meanwhile, for businesses and brands, the lucky day app offers than a platform when their adverts can be positioned. Once a user plays three scratch cards, the lucky day app will normally show an advertisement before the fourth scratch card is played.

Then, the lucky day app will reset and the same pattern will be duly followed. This makes sure that the advertiser’s video adverts will be completely viewed by all players on the app. For others like you, the lucky day app provides a chance to win either tokens or money as you play sweepstakes, lottery and scratch card games.

An interesting part of it all is that users are not paying for anything when they play all these games. To continue with your game, you are only required to watch diverse videos from time to time.

If you asking about who gets to benefit from this app, bear in mind that it is an app for everyone who enjoys playing:

  • Raffles
  • Blackjack, and:
  • Lotto

It is an interesting app that is used to kill time in case you are searching for a new app to download in your smartphone device.

Can Money Be Made From The Lucky Day App?

There’s always a way to make money online behind programs and platforms I’ve reviewed before like: Bulletproof Profits, Click2Sell or Copy My Email System but not all of them work like a charm and Lucky Day app is not an exception.

There are various games to play on the lucky day app to make money. They include:

  • Raffles

The raffles are available to users daily and monthly. Interested participants can earn about five hundred dollars for the everyday raffle and five thousand dollars monthly when it comes down to the monthly raffles. It entails free entry.

However, if you are interested in getting more entries, you will need to make use of ten thousand tokens for every entry.

This is the same thing with the monthly raffles; you get one free entry every month and if you are interested in more, you will purchase each for a token of ten thousand.

  • Scratchers

This is said to be the simplest way to make both tokens and cash on the lucky day app. Like we mentioned earlier, all you need to do is to match about three symbols to be the winner.

Moreover, before you begin scratching, you can easily see the cash amount or token amount that you will get to win later on. Even though you lose, you will be rewarded with tokens too.

  • Lotto

For the lotto game, lucky day app has an easy mechanic which entails picking a total of six numbers and for each of the matches, there is a price that corresponds.

Here, one match is equal to fifty thousand tokens, two matches get two hundred and fifty thousand tokens while three matches get five hundred thousand tokens.

From four matches, you get to win five dollars, five matches win fifty dollars and all six matches win the jackpot prize of a hundred thousand dollars.

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lucky day app pros and cons


For the advantages of Lucky day app, they include:

  • An ideal game to kill time

For those who enjoy gambling but not so fond of playing card games, lucky day app is the ideal alternative. It can be played when you have your free time or maybe you want to sleep and need to do something interesting

  • It is a legitimate mobile app

It is a legit app where you get to earn real money.


As for its disadvantages, they include:

  • It is not an ideal income opportunity

It is an app that is just for entertainment purposes. When you want to earn real cash, it is not an app to use neither is it used to earn passive income. Though it rewards cash that is real, it is still not enough to purchase a meal.

However, since it relies on luck, it is not wise to depend on it for any regular cash flow.

  • There are complaints from its users

Some users have complained that after they earned about seven dollars, they were unable to gain more prizes. Though, this can be written off as mere coincidence but, it is quite suspicious to see the same complaints from different users.

Also, some users claim their accounts have either been blocked or suspended and this has resulted in them not being able to cash out their money.

Final Word – Is Lucky Day App a Scam?

While lots of people have spent time wondering if this mobile app actually gives the chance to win actual rewards, others wonder if it is just a fraudster linked with so many risks and no actual money as the prize.

There are so many concerns as well as complaints from users of the lucky day app. People have complained that the prizes are just produced at random and there is no assurance that people will actually win a thing.

According to customer feedback, there is no assurance of winning anything. Even if you said to have won a prize, there is no assurance that it will be given to you. While the app is free to use, it is not to be relied upon as a source of income.

Final Verdict

Generally, the app cannot be categorically said to be a scam but one thing is for sure, and it is the fact that it cannot be used as a source of cash flow. For those with goals to make cash online, lucky day app is not your sure bet.

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