Is Mannatech a Scam

Is Mannatech a Scam or It Really Works?!

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Some time ago I was asked to write a review on Mannatech, another MLM company. In order to write a thorough and honest review, I have to do some research on the Internet, gather all kinds of information, news, facts and other people experiences – both positive and negative – to be able to give a company an unbiased verdict.

With Mannatech I came across some unpleasant information, such as a couple of lawsuits, which undermines its position on the market. Nevertheless, beside some drawbacks, Mannatech definitely has its positive sides as well. And the most important of them is that Mannatech is a legitimate business you can trust. Read on to see why Mannatech is not a scam and what my final verdict is.


Product name: Mannatech

Official Website:

Type: MLM

Cost to Join: $49.99 + product packs

Founder: Samuel L Caster

CEO: Alfredo Bala

Recommended? Only if you’re already expert in MLM

Overall Ranking: 4 Out of 10

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  • Products with standard quality
  • Providing Online Support
  • Using Multi-Level Marketing Business Model
  • Active on the market for more than 25 years
  • Expensive Packages
  • Recruiting people needed to get success
  • Using Pyramid Scheme Model
  • Low success rate

Mannatech has been in the market for over 20 years that means that it`s a reliable company which offers good enough products. However, if you are just about to start working with MLM programs and don`t have any relevant experience in sales, then you should probably purchase the starter kit and see whether it works for you or not. This way you can minimize the risk of losing the money and if not earn much money, at least gain some experience in a new field.

As soon as you become a distributor within Mannatech, you will gain access to 24/7 online support, 3-month access to premium business tool totally for free, several discounts and bonuses. The last but not least, you will finally start earning commission on every sale you or your team make. Moreover, if you feel this program is not right for you and you don`t see any future with it, you can have a refund within 6 months after joining it. This option makes it much easier to make a decision and try this program out.

What is Mannatech All About? 

Mannatech is a multi-level marketing company where your income depends on how many people you bring into the program and how many sales they are making. To be honest, taking into account its products and conditions, Mannatech is not the greatest MLM company. If you are interested exactly on MLM programs, there are much better options out there on the market.

how mannatech works

Is There any Opportunity to Make Money with Mannatech?

There are two main options to earn money with Mannatech.

One of them promoting and selling Mannatech products. But the thing is that as a distributor you will have access to the products at wholesale price while you will be selling them at retail price. So, the difference between them is all yours. Furthermore, if you invite people to purchase Mannatech packs, you will get commission on each pack sold.

The other option is bring more people into the program and build your own team. If you succeed, you will be making money on the sales your team is making. But although it sounds easy, it`s a hard work. First of all, you need to find people who are interested in working within a MLM company. Then you need to be their mentor and help them with all the difficulties they face, because you income depends on their sales.

Can You Make Big Money with Mannatech?

Answer of this question totally depends on your skills and ability in online marketing. If you’ve experienced in this field and made many successful sales with other companies before then, Mannatech can be your best friend but if this is your start point and internet marketing isn’t something you’re familiar with then you can’t expect to make any fortune or even serious money with Mannatech.

You SHOULD like Multi-Level Marketing model to get success with Mannatech and the truth is that this isn’t something everybody is interested in. If you ask my opinion about joining Mannatech then I should tell you that not only Mannatech but any other MLM company isn’t in my recommended list.

Anyway nobody knows you better than yourself so with all negative and positive points that I’ve mentioned to about Mannatech, it’s you who can see if this is something that works for you or not.

mannatech pros and cons

Mannatech – Pros & Cons

  • Here is the Pros

One of the best options any MLM company can offer is refund. Sometimes it`s pretty hard to predict if you can succeed in a field totally new to you, and the refund option gives you an opportunity to change your mind and get the money you`ve invested back. Mannatech offers a chance to get the money back within 6 months since you sign up which is a very good offer.

Mannatech sells health care products, and when dealing with people`s health, it`s significant to do extensive researches in this area, and fortunately, Mannatech performs them before launching a new product.

  • Here is the Cons

There are several things I don`t like about multi-level marketing companies on the whole. For instance, the advice most MLM companies give to beginners is start promoting their products inside their relatives, friends or other close people. My experience shows that it negatively affects your relationship with them, and makes dearest and nearest feel uncomfortable with you. In my opinion, you shouldn`t mix business with your private life.

Most beginners in MLM business use all kinds of things to persuade people to buy the products, including exaggeration and even lie. The same thing happens to Mannatech promoters. Some of them claim that their products can cure cancer and other diseases like this, while there have been no evidence to that at all. To me, no matter how much you want to succeed, but it`s very important to stay honest and to not give people with serious disease false hope.

Maybe, it`s not the fault of the distributors. Mannatech, like many other MLM companies, put a high price tag on their products what makes them really hard to sell. Moreover, distributors can`t afford trying out the products what always helps to persuade people that it`s worth it and let them trust you. All these things sum up in inability of most distributors to succeed.

Furthermore, as I have mentioned in the beginning of this review, Mannatech has been involved in several lawsuits. But what`s more important – they keep losing the cases. Most of the lawsuits include false claims about Mannatech products curing diseases it actually doesn`t cure, or letting their distributors do so. I really wonder how after all these negative news on the company some people still trust them.

The Good

  • Good quality of products it offers
  • Fast and efficient online support
  • It has been in the market for 20+ years

The Bad

  • Some claim it`s a pyramid and not a legit program
  • It has been involved in some lawsuits
  • Expensive products
  • You need great sales skills
  • Recruit to succeed
  • MLM is a tough business where success rate is very low

Mannatech is definitely a legitimate company, however, I wouldn`t recommend you to join in, because there are much better options among other MLM companies.

What Complaints People Have with Mannatech?

I have read tons of reviews written by people who had some experience working at Mannatech and read many articles on the issues the company has been having with its clients, and to be honest, I wouldn`t recommend to get involved with a company with such a bad reputation. Of course, there are positive reviews as well, but the negative ones stand out and probably it would be better to take them into account while deciding whether to join the program or not.

What Type of Products Mannatech Produces?

At the beginning Mannatech started to produce and sells products related to pharmaceutical but after a while they decided to change their path and focused on food and nutrition market.

This is a great market for companies that can produce quality products and Mannatech took it seriously. Now with producing and selling more than thirty different products related to food and mental health, this company is going to be turn into one of the leaders in this field.

Mannatech focused on producing its own products and with a big team of scientists, they could submit more than 100 patents successfully.

Mannatech – Negative Side

I’ve never seen a company with zero negative points even companies that producing products with highest quality; Mannatech isn’t an exception as well. Let’s see what I didn’t like in Mannatech and I want to tell these negative points of Mannatech is the most common ones which I’ve found in other reviews of this company too.

  • Using Pyramid Scheme Business Model
  • Low Quality of Support
  • Low Potential of Income
  • Strict Policies

These are the main cons of Mannatech from my point of view but this does not mean that Mannatech is a low quality company. You can make profit from it for sure but to be honest, people who get success within Mannatech are much less than people who fail; there’s a percentage like 80%(success) to 20%(fail).

There are something more you should know about Mannatech so before jumping into their website and click on sign-up button, please continue reading my review till which lets you see my final word about this company and helps you make final decision properly.

is Mannatech Scam

My Final Verdict About Mannatech – Is Mannatech a Scam?

I say a big No to this question and I don’t consider Mannatech a scam. They are a legit company which product their own products. Although there is many things we can say about quality of their products but this is what they’re doing and since they’re paying their members as well, we don’t have enough reasons to call it a scam.

But if we want to take a closer look at their eye-catching slogan “Mannatech transforms your life” we should put a big question mark at the end of it. Although I confirm legitimacy of Mannatech but I don’t believe it can change anything in your life, especially when we consider it as an MLM company.

Finally, when there are other reliable ways like affiliate marketing which let you make your own online business based on your hobbies, I don’t see any reason to recommend MLM companies, especially when there are programs which you can join for Free and teach you everything you need to know to make fortune from affiliate marketing. Take a look at my recommendation below!

If you have any questions about Mannatech or any other topic related to making money online, feel free to ask it in comments below.

my recommendation

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