is market america a scam

Is Market America a Scam? – Another Pyramid Scheme?!

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Let me guess… someone told you about a ‘’hard to resist’’ business opportunity known as Market America or They informed you that you’ll be earning fat commissions that will change your life. I’ll assume you are skeptical about the opportunity that you had to do your own research. You are too smart to be lured into something that could be a scam whilst there are many real opportunities online.


Product Name: Market America

Official Website:

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 5/10

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what is market america

 What is Market America/

Market America is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company which offers products and training to members who pay a startup fee and in turn earn commission for every recruit into the company. Unlike the legitimate MLM also called network marketing companies, this pyramid scheme has a steep startup cost and sells overpriced products with which a recruited member will find impossible to sell to others.

how market america works

How Market America Works?

They do product brokerage where a consumer buys products from a certain company, through them. They do not manufacture any of the products so the partnership they have with other companies around the world enables them to get the products which they put up on their website.

You must be wondering why you should buy from Market America rather than straight from the manufacturer, right? Well, because they’ll save you money with cashback. The main products they sell include those in Health & Nutrition, Cosmetics, Weight Management, Pet care, Home & Garden, Internet products, Financial Services among others.

How does Market America generate income to a member?       

Many people who have been interested to know how one can actually make money with Market America. They are an MLM company which basically means that they recruit people who pay a fee upfront and as they recruit other people into the business, they’ll earn income in form of commissions. These people they recruit who are also called downlines, will be recruiting others and as they increase, their income will increase.

Think of it as you referring other people and the moment they pay the startup fee, you get income and so on. Apart from commission from referrals, here are other ways to make money from Market America.

  • Earning cashbacks if you or your customers purchases products from Market America.
  • Earning 30 to 50% commission from retail sales of products by Market America.

What is needed?

In order to get started, you have to register for membership with $399. You’ll be provided with training and materials to assist in your startup. However, it doesn’t end there. You’ll be required to pay $129/mo. in order to keep your membership. That’s some crazy high startup cost. The monthly fee? Too much if you ask me. Think of the money you’ll have to give up before your R.O.I shows up. If it’ll ever show up that is.

pros and cons of market america

Disadvantages of Market America

1.Expensive sign up and maintenance

The $399 startup fee is really high and the $129/month to maintain your membership and keep your website running is a money drainer as well. Remember, you won’t be well versed beforehand so recruiting members will be insanely hard. Let’s say you have a background in network marketing and you know what to do, there is a possibility you’ll fail because many people who are looking for a way to get money will be skeptical about the prices not forgetting that the company has already established a shadow on itself.

  1. Taking advantage of aspiring solopreneurs

Many people get brainwashed into Market America because they need to generate steady income or even better, get financial independence through passive income in MLM business structures. This is so unethical and destructive to many who can’t handle the failure they’ll experience with the company.

  1. Evidence in the failure of their business

As outlined earlier, statistics have shown that many people have failed. Testimonials entailing the painful experience of the useless hustle as well as wasted money can be heard everywhere. Many people have gotten into debt funding the expenses in hopes that it’ll get better.

4. Always caught up with the law

Market America has faced numerous lawsuits over the years which pertained them running a pyramid scheme. However, because it is disguised, they go loose every time.

is market america scam

Is Market America a scam, pyramid scheme?

No, it’s not a scam. Yes, it happens to be an undercover pyramid scheme. It has however managed to convince some people who decided to give it a chance. It features a highly priced startup cost which some people decided to invest so as to get the R.O.I as they recruit people, right? Well, statistics has revealed that a bigger percentage of the members came out high and dry and in fact, some went deeper into debt. Do we recommend it? No way. Get to know why as you continue reading.

Pyramid schemes in plain sight do not survive the law. They get shut down even before they get their boots on. You can smell a pyramid scheme not from the plain things they do but the opposite. Market America promises huge rewards from selling overpriced products which will be hard to do in order to earn a living. They know this will happen and hence they impose high fees which will obviously make you give up when you drain too much.

As for the question whether it is a scam… again no. You can’t call something a scam if real products or a real business structure are involved. However, other MLM businesses are making people money while this one is not. This is because of the disadvantages above. No matter how people try, they can’t seem to get any income out of it.

Word of advice, avoid Market America ( and invest your money in another viable business.

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