is market hero scam

Is Market Hero Scam or It Will Really Bring Result?

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Running an online business and not having a clear estimate of your numbers for yet another month isn’t going to be beneficial to your business at all. If you don’t know your numbers, you limit your chances of making more money from your business. Think of how much more you’d be making if only you had an idea of the worth of your individual lead.

Imagine the transformation that would bring to your business. If you are also on Shopify, you might want to bring more money to the table by reading on. Market Hero is an online earning opportunity but is Market Hero a scam or it really gives you what you are looking for?


Product Name: Market Hero

Official Website:

Owner: Alex Becker

Type: Auto-Responder Software

Cost to Join: Start from $19/m

Recommended? Depends on your business

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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what is market hero

What is Market Hero All about?

Market hero is an independent email auto-res-ponder software that gives your business a nice boost with increased in-boxing and at the same time allows you full understanding and control of your leads. Market Hero trains online marketers on email marketing; collection of email lists through various traffic methods; successful advertising on platforms like YouTube and Google Ad-words as well as Facebook ads; Shopify; and creating webinars and opt-in pages from adverts.

With Market Hero, you get to know all there is to your customers and emails as you can easily get your sales metrics and also calculate how much you get to make from every customer on your list. In addition to allowing you segment and send emails to your customers accordingly, Market Hero also automatically compiles your entire sales and provides you with necessary details about your clients.

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how market hero works

How does Market Hero Work?

Inside the Market Hero program, there are five different sections with each having a good number of high value training. The five sections are summarized below:

Hero MCS: In this section, several case studies are featured where Alex Becker, Market Hero’s creator teaches about getting more clicks and conversion on YouTube advertisements as well as the reasons his strategies work.

Video Market Acceleration program: In this section, training on how to use methods like the piggyback technique to get free traffic on one’s YouTube channel is featured.

Hero Overdrive: This section combines training on YouTube ad marketing with Facebook ad training. Hero Sales Academy: This sections contains several subsections that deal with programs like Facebook and YouTube ad marketing, conversion codes, as well as incentives for long term customers.

H-Come Lite: This section deals with email marketing and training as well as training on setting up and making profit from Shopify stores.

Market Hero isn’t the only email auto-responder software out there, but it is so far the most convenient and all-encompassing for its following features:

  1. Free Trial: Market Hero affords customers a trial period of fourteen days for their services after which they begin to charge according to programs.
  2. Advanced Sales Tracking: Being the first software to offer an email solution for tracking sales and conversion on an online marketing platform, Market Hero enables online business owners to do this without having to make major changes.
  3. Funnels: This is about the best part of Market hero. You can funnel a lot out of your items by simply embedding an option button directly from the software onto your site. This feature multiplies the income of Market Hero users as funnels can be automatically split tested down to the most converting headlines.
  4. Prolonged Accuracy: Repeated cookies are used on each email so that business owners do not lose track and accuracy of each sale even if their customers use different solutions.
  5. Calculate Return on Investment for Each Lead: Market Hero has a good number of filters that enable users see the exact worth of every lead on their list so they can distinguish more profitable leads from the less profitable ones.
  6. Segmentation: Even though other email solutions offer segmentation to users, Market Hero enables users to speedily segment those who opened the mails, clicked on included links and made some transactions from those who did not open the mails, click on links nor carry out any transaction.
  7. Easy Navigation: During integration with Market Hero’s tracking system, no major changes are required as conversion codes can easily be copied from Market hero and pasted on user’s page for easy integration with other solutions.
  8. Import Leads from Other Email Solutions: With Market hero, users can import their leads from other email auto-responders by simply uploading a CVS file.
  9. Refund Policy: Market Hero offers an enticing refund policy for charges made on services after the free trial period. However, this policy applies differently for each of the program offered on the software.

Is It Possible to Make Money with Market Hero?

Very much, yes. You can make even more money with Market Hero because for one thing, keeping track of your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) gives you the stats you need to increase productivity as you can literally buy customers. Segmentation using tags enables you identify customers with greater worth to your business and then channel more resources to such customers to increase profit.

The creation of abandoned cart sequences can help you increase sales by up to 40% as non-customers (those who do not complete their purchases) can be tracked and convinced to complete their purchases.

Since the solution also tracks specific product sales made to customers, business owners can improve the effectiveness of adverts by marketing the right products to the right customers.

market hero review

Pros and Cons of Market Hero


  • High value training that comes free of charge ones you join.
  • Includes genuinely advanced methods of paid traffic training.
  • Adequate live support.
  • Incentives for loyal customers.
  • Your leads never get stolen.
  • Tracks your customers lifetime value (LTV) perfectly without involving other software and extra spreadsheets.
  • Segmentations with corresponding tags.
  • Easy integration with an impressive number of other services such as ClickFunnels, Zapier, Shopify, Leadpages.
  • Users can create abandoned cart sequences. As an example, when a customer begins a checkout process on Shopify and enters his email, Market Hero tracks the process and follows the customer up to finish his purchase if he doesn’t complete it immediately.


  • Membership area contain an excess of contents that are quite too advanced and may not be too helpful for beginners.
  • After the free trial, every training comes with a price. Nevertheless, the trainings are worth the money that goes for them.
  • Although Market Hero’s support platform is impressive, some questions are left unattended to on the platform.

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is market hero a scam

Conclusion – Is Market Hero a Scam?

Of course not. Those who have laid complains about this software only did because they failed to adhere to the conditions of the free trial. However, Becker has other lines of business that are doing just fine. Introducing a scam through this platform would only do him more harm than good as it would spell doom for his other businesses –and reputation.

I can assure you that Market Hero is a legit program and background of its owner Alex Becker shows he respects customer’s opinion. Fortunately run several other online businesses successfully before and this makes me sure that he knows what he’s doing.

Of course it does not mean Market Hero is a brilliant opportunity without any negative side. As I’ve mentioned in review above, there are negative points as well as complaints about this program which is mostly related to refund’s process.

But according to what I’ve seen in negative reviews, most people who joined it prefer to stay and continue for several months. This shows they’re satisfied with learning’s process and problem comes up when they request “Full” money-back after couple of months.

I don’t know what would be response of Alex Becker to these people (who use system first then want their money after 5 or 6 months and even call Market Hero a scam) but if he becomes angry and does not accept their refund’s request, I totally give him the right!

Just imagine you try hard to build a trustworthy and valuable system then to respect people’s time, you provide refund option but after a while you see some persons come and use your system and request money after a long time… It’s just ridiculous and unacceptable for any business owner even Apple company!

It becomes more complicated when you know Alex Becker clearly mentioned that “full money back guaranteed only if you submit your refund’s request “within 14 days” otherwise, you won’t get eligible for a refund.”

What about The Support?

I give 5 stars to support quality of Market Hero. Since it has a clear step by step guide, there is no need to contact with support most of the times but since I test every part of a product when I review it, I’ve contacted support a few times and their response’s time was very fast.

It’s good to see that they provide support through an online chat platform, so you won’t waste time by sending, receiving emails. Also support is available for ANY type of membership, this means you will get support feature regardless to what you pay for membership.

Final Word

Nothing is better than trying Market Hero yourself. Since it has a free trial option and it does not cost you anything, you can see it for yourself to get familiar with its advantages and disadvantages.

If you considered email marketing as an important part of your business or if you are wondering how you can build an email list and make money through it Alex Becker can help you a lot on this way with its system.

But before starting, decide on your budget first. There’s a monthly fee you should pay on a regular basis to be able to use Market Hero and since it’ll charge you automatically from you payment account, you may end up with a lot of cost which can be far from what you’ve expected.

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