is maskcara beauty a scam

Is Maskcara Beauty a Scam or a Multi-Million Beauty Company?

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You’re here because of Maskcara Beauty right? You’re asking, is Maskcara Beauty a scam company or is there a great potential of making money as distributer behind this MLM site? You’re in the right place to find the answer!

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a multi-million dollar industry, and lots of individuals are making a fortune from it. Despite the lucrativeness of multi-level marketing, lots of individuals have lost their hard-earned money in different MLM platforms.

Therefore, before diving into any multi-level marketing system, you should conduct due diligence on the system and understand its profitability. If you have been introduced to Maskcara Beauty, you should carefully read this review. I believe that it will help you to decide if it is worth your time and effort.


Product Name: Maskcara Beauty

Official Website:

Owner: Cara Brook

Type: MLM Beauty Company

Cost to Join: $199 or $399 to become a distributor

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is maskcara beauty

Overview of Maskcara Beauty

If you read a couple of my past reviews like Conversion Pros, Digit app or TigerFish mascara you know well that +80% of programs and products I’m reviewing have a MLM plan. Maskcara Beauty is a company that is into the sales of cosmetic products such as mascara, foundations, blush on, and eye shadows.

This company also offers a multi-level marketing system for selling their products. This MLM system is generally referred to as a compensation plan. The primary purpose of the compensation plan of Maskcara Beauty is to help people, especially women, gain monetary compensation on different sales made on the products.

Just like other MLM companies (ex link: list of MLM companies), Maskcara has various levels of sales, and people can join the team to become associates. After selling any of the products or services of Maskcara Beauty, the associates have the opportunity to earn specific commissions. They can also make money when the associates on their team sell any of the products or services of this company.

About the Founder

In 2013, Cara Brook founded Maskcara Beauty. Cara Brook is a well-known known makeup artist who also doubles as a beauty blogger. The main reason behind the creation of this company is improving the face of a woman instead of using makeup to cover it up. Maskcara Beauty’s multi-level marketing system was launched to promote the sales of the various products of the company.

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how does maskcara beauty work

How Does Maskcara Beauty Work?

The focus of this review is the compensation plan of Maskcara Beauty; therefore, this section explains how this plan works.

The compensation plan requires that you start by paying for the affiliate membership of the company. You need to purchase one of these two kits:

  • Basic Artist Kit – $199
  • Pro Artist Kit – $399 (This kit has more products than the other kit)

After buying the first kit, it is not compulsory for you to buy any other Maskcara Beauty products for the maintenance of your eligibility to receive commissions from the sales you have made successfully. However, you only need to pay a back-office fee of $9.95 per month. When you add this monthly back-office charge to your overall annual cost of running Mascara Beauty’s compensation plan, you will have to pay in excess of $300 in the first year. Nevertheless, the running cost reduces to less than $120 by the second year.

This compensation plan comes in different forms, such as Retail Sales, Enroller bonus, Artist training bonus, and Level bonus.

Retail sales

Just as the name signifies, retail sales are the earnings you get from selling the cosmetic products of Maskcara Beauty. Just like in other kinds of transactions, your earnings are based on the number of products you are able to sell every month. In other words, if you sell a lot of Maskcara Beauty products, you will earn lots of money and vice versa.

For you to earn retail sales, you have to buy one of the two types of Mascara Beauty kits and pay a monthly fee of $9.95. Once you have purchased the kit, you will be regarded as a new artist. As a new artist, you are required to undergo training that offers you a chance to make personal sales of at least $800.

After reaching this number, you are required to move to another level. You should understand the personal sales of $800 do not come on a gold platter; you need to work for it. However, Maskcara Beauty allows the affiliate to take as much time as possible to achieve it.

In addition, you will have an enroller whose job involves teaching you the steps you can take to achieve success in your retail sales. You will also become an enroller when you start recruiting other people to the program.

This is the breakdown of your potential monthly earnings through the commissions from the retail sales on your monthly personal sales:

  • $1 – $399 – you get a commission of 20% per week
  • $400 – $799 – you get a commission of 25% per month
  • $800 – $1,999 – you get a commission of 30% per month
  • $2,000 – $3,999 – you get a commission of 35% per month
  • $4,000+ – you get a commission of 40% per month

For example, if at the end of the month, you sell products that are worth $4,000, you are entitled to a total commission of 40%. That is, you will earn $1,600 for the month. Well, don’t get too excited over the possibility of earning as much as $1,600 monthly because it is almost impossible to sell products that are worth about $4,000 in a single month.

Artist training bonus

After signing up for the affiliate marketing program of Maskcara Beauty and buying a kit, you are expected to introduce the program to others. Once you recruit anyone, the person will be in your downline. The people that you have recruited will be directly under your level. These people will also recruit others that will fall under them, and the cycle continues.

When a person that you recruited to the program makes their first personal sales of $800, you will be paid a bonus of 10%. This bonus applies to everybody in your downline. This is why it is crucial for you to help people in your downline to get their first personal sales of $800.

Enroller Bonus

For every artist in your downline, you are entitled to a 5 – 7% bonus on the commissionable volume that is made from their sales. Notably, the commissionable volume is only for wholesale price (ex link: what is wholesale price). That is, you are not paid for retail price. If you have about 50 artists that sell the products at the wholesale level in a month, your monthly enroller bonus can run into thousands of dollars.

Level Bonus

The compensation plan of Maskcara Beauty has different ranks. Once you have about five levels in your downline, you can be ranked as Elite Hac-er. At this stage, you will start earning around 3 – 5% as a level bonus. When you have more levels in your downline, you can make more.

Notably, there are other means of compensation on Maskcara apart from these four.

What are the Rankings Available on Maskcara?

When you start bringing more people to join your Maskcara team, your rank will increase. The increase in level will give you access to more incentives as well as more bonuses. Here are the ranks and requirements:

  • – This only requires signing up for the program
  • Elite – a minimum of 240 Personal volume; 640 total Personal Volume monthly
  • Top – a minimum of 240 Personal volume; 800 group volume monthly; 2 active legs
  • Ambassador – a minimum of 480 personal volume; 2000 group volume monthly; 3 active legs
  • Elite ambassador – a minimum of 480 personal volume; 4000 group volume monthly; 4 active legs
  • Top ambassador – a minimum of 480 personal volume; 8000 group volume monthly; 5 active legs
  • Influencer – a minimum of 720 personal volume; 20,000 group volume monthly; 5 active legs
  • Elite influencer – a minimum of 720 personal volume; 40,000 group volume monthly; 6 active legs
  • Top influencer – a minimum of 720 personal volume; 80,000 group volume monthly; 7 active legs
  • Executive director – a minimum of 720 personal volume; 160,000 group volume monthly; 7 active legs

Personal volume refers to the volume of products you sell through retail sales and personal orders. Group volume refers to the total amount of personal volume that you and people in your downline made during the month.

Active leg is a team leg that has affiliate members that are ranked as Elite or higher.

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maskcara beauty pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Maskcara Beauty


  • Great products

The cosmetic products of Maskcara Beauty are generally excellent. So, if you have great marketing skills (ex link: how to improve marketing skills), it may be easy to sell the products to people and convince them to join the affiliate marketing program.

  • Great earning potentials

This affiliate program has a good system that makes it possible for you to earn a lot of money from referring others to buy cosmetic products. However, you need to follow the laid-down guidance to make this possible.

  • Easy to understand

Joining and using the affiliate marketing program of this company is quite easy to understand. You do not need any exclusive tutorials or training to get started because everything is self-explanatory (ex link: what is self-explanatory).

  • Development of entrepreneurial skills

If you are searching for strategies to build your entrepreneurial skills, Maskcara Beauty’s affiliate program is a perfect platform to use. It allows you to understand how you can convince people to buy the products you are offering them.


  • Costs are a bit high

If you are a newbie in affiliate marketing, you will be likely cautious of spending a lot of money as a startup cost. For Maskcara, you are required to pay a startup cost of at least $199 with a monthly fee of $9.95. These charges may seem to be too high for you.

  • Team building can be a problem

Earning lots of money through the compensation plan involves having lots of people in your downline. The truth is that it may be challenging to get enough people who are interested in joining the program. As a result of this, the affiliate marketing program of Maskcara Beauty may not pay you as much as it potentially promises to pay.

Who Can Benefit from Maskcara Beauty?

The affiliate program of Maskcara Beauty is designed for everybody, especially women. The following people may be more suitable for the program:

  • People that want to sell cosmetic products without having them in any physical or online store
  • People that are good at building a team of people
  • People that need a passive source of income

Can You Make Money with the Compensation Plan?

Theoretically, you can earn lots of money from the affiliate marketing system of Mascara Beauty. However, just like in other multi-level marketing programs, things are not usually as easy as they appear on paper. The main difficulty often lies in the quest to refer people that will also get others to join the platform.

Furthermore, your success on the platform relies mostly on your ability to build a team that has committed people. You can hardly make any substantial income from this program if your downline is not filled with people who are recruiting lots of people.

It is also worthwhile to note that Maskcara Beauty has not shown any evidence that people are making lots of money from their affiliate marketing program. This lack of proof further casts doubt on the ability of anybody to make enough money from this compensation plan.

is maskcara beauty scam

Final Word – Is Maskcara Beauty a Scam?

In a real sense, Maskcara Beauty is not a scam. The company offers effective products that enhance the beauty of women and enables people to earn money from selling their products. Factually, the company is a reputable cosmetic company.

However, there are tons of concerns that you should consider before joining the program. The primary concern is that you may not earn anything close to the amount that the company says you have the potential of making. This shows that you should be careful when joining the program to avoid disappointment.


I have no doubt concerning the legitimacy of the affiliate program of Maskcara Beauty. The company does not hide anything about how the program works, your potential earnings, and the skillset required for success.

However, the opportunity to earn lots of money through this program is almost non-existence for most people. You will need exceptional team-building skills and elaborative effort from people in your downline. These factors will help assemble as many people as possible to earn a living from this program.

Overall, I do not recommend this affiliate marketing system for anyone due to the excruciating process involved in earning anything significant from it. Nonetheless, if you like the program and you have the skills needed to succeed, you can go ahead with this program.

You can also try other methods available to earn money online. Learn about these alternative methods and choose the systems that best suit your needs. Whatever choice you have made, I wish you good luck in your endeavor.

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of Maskcara Beauty. I hope you liked it and found the information that you were looking for in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )


  1. Wow. This was a very detail review of Maskcara Beauty. You taught me so much and everything was very easy to understand. I liked how you started off with a summary of what you thought about this company. Then you broke down the whole company, answering any questions I had. Keep up the work, I can’t wait to see what you review next. ps** Maybe you can do a review on the Laso Tea Life Changer program.

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