is max international a scam

Is Max International a Scam or a Miracle Pill?

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The first thing you should note is that products which are based on science are taken to be the miracle pills of our present generation. The fact is that the more you attach the word science around your product, you will tend to be instantly legitimized. And, this is why people are wondering if Max International’s glutathione is just one of the plenty miracle pills scam so here is the question: Is Max International a scam really?

However, with our Max International Review, you can finally get to decide if it is just another wonder pill. Or, if there is a max international scam going on.


Product Name: Max International

Official Website:

Owner: Steven W. Scott

Type: Wellness Network Marketing Company

Cost to Join: $49 one-time fee + $25/year renewal fee. Also, Enrollment Pack ($150 to $999)

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.8 out of 10

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what is max international

Intro – What Is Max International All About?

First and foremost, in this max international review, you will get to know that Max International is actually a wellness network marketing company.

It was established in Utah, and it offers health products that are capable of increasing the production of glutathione in the human body. In simpler terms, it is a health and wellness multi-level marketing (MLM) company

Its mission is quite straight forward. It aims to empower individuals to create a legacy of important transformations in not just their lives, but in that of others as well. They have tagged themselves to be the glutathione company.

This is solely because their whole nutritional supplement product line is based on Glutathione. Also, the company is known to be the leader in the areas of research, development, and even the distribution of glutathione products.

Before you ask what exactly Glutathione is, we will be explaining it in this max international review.

If you never knew, Glutathione (GSH) is the major protector and detoxifier of the cells in the human body. Literally, it is the human cell’s initial line of defense. And, it decreases inflammation at a specific cellular level.

The fact remains that our body continuously generates GSH. But, as we get older, this generation tends to reduce or possibly slow down its pace. For humans to remain healthy, it is vital to stimulate the body

This stimulation is carried out to generate more GSH. Note that, there are benefits to this GSH which includes:

  • Regulation of metabolism
  • Regulation of cells
  • Anti-aging
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Antioxidant defense
  • Protects against diseases, and so much more.

This is exactly where Max international steps in. The company has its own doctors as well as scientists who have carried out extensive research. With their research, they have managed to come up with this nutritional formula.

It is a formula that aids in increasing glutathione production, and it backs up the glutathione in our body.

Furthermore, to be an independent distributor for the company, it will cost you about forty-nine dollars. Also, there is an annual renewal fee of about twenty-five dollars. Moreover, the packs of the product differ in prices.

It is based on the number of products that you may want to store in stock. As for the bigger ones, they will give you quick access to additional fast track bonuses. For the packs, they include:

  • A personal pack costs one hundred and thirty dollars to one hundred and seventy mine dollars
  • The professional pack costs five hundred and forty-nine dollars and;
  • The premium pack cost nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

Furthermore, you will need to hit one hundred PV per month for you to remain qualified.  As for their products, the company trades nutritional products that are based on the idea of increasing glutathione.

There is a diverse selection of products, and they are based on Glutathione. Meanwhile, Max international tends to aim at three major areas that revolve around skincare, weight management, and nutrition. Their products include:

  • CellGevity

It is a Riboceine formula that offers an individual advance glutathione

  • MaxOne

It backs up cellular function as well as health

  • MaxGXL

It backs up and maintains the glutathione level in the human body

  • MaxATP

It offers the human cells its needed energy and fuel

  • MaxN-Fuze

It is a nutrition supplement that backs up the body’s glutathione levels and protects the cells from free radicals

  • Switch

This is a stimulant-free nutrition pill that helps the human metabolism

  • Curb

It is a meal in a bar cram that is fully packed with fiber

  • Facial serum

This serum aids in smoothening and tightening your skin

  • One Minute Wonder

It aids in exfoliating a person’s skin

  • Purifying Cleanser

It aids in cleaning and refreshing your skin. Max international also claims that it aids in the glutathione function in our skin

About The Founder

Also known as the glutathione company, Max international made its debut in the year 2007. Three direct marketers and entrepreneurs founded it. They are:

  • Steven K. Scott
  • Fred Ninow, and;
  • Gregory Fullerton

Its headquarter is located in Utah. Currently, Scott is known to be the only authentic founder that is still in the company. The others have launched some other companies.

Although the company has so many goals, it has, however, been hit with lots of lawsuits way back. In 2011, they had to pay off a settle of $1.2 million to Melaleuca. This was because they were accused of poaching the sales representatives of this company.

Nevertheless, the mission of this company is simply to empower individuals in building a good legacy for the changes in both their lives and that of others.

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how does max international work

How Does Max International Work?

Some people are lost on how Max international works, while some others are here to find out about a Max international scam. We can surely let you know that there are diverse ways o make money with Max international.

Here, there is a Max international compensation plan. This compensation plan is similar to all other MLM compensation plans. Though it is complex, it remains appealing visually.

Note that, the company provides an in-depth ninety days training program. This is the core key to bank with any available MLM. Even if you have no experience in marketing or sales knowledge, the company takes its time to train you.

The compensation plan includes:

  • Retail profits

Here, the associates that buy products at wholesale can trade them again at retail.

  • Preferred customer bonus

In this section, commissions are received on all the orders that were placed by your customers. These are the preferred customers that are on auto-ship.

  • Fast track Bonus

You can earn fast track commissions every week whenever any of your privately new sponsored associates buy their first startup product pack

  • Double fast track bonus

You can double up your fast track bonuses if you can sell about three premiere or professional packs within a month

  • Team bonus

You can make money here from every one of your sponsored associates and all other persons underneath them.

Also, you get to have about ten percent of the commission volumes, which any of your weaker legs produce monthly.

Additionally, all of the aforementioned seems to be amazing. However,  there are lots of ways to make money. But, immediately you pay off your hard-earned money, you will realize that it is not as simple as the system tends to display it.

Who Can Benefit From Max International?

The products that I’ve reviewed before like Neora, Juice Plus or Real Money Streams have some benefits for members but they’ve also negative points. The affiliates can benefit from Max international. There are some passive earnings that affiliates who are at the level of platinum or even higher can gain. These include:

  • Platinum affiliates can earn five hundred dollars monthly
  • The diamond affiliate can earn seven hundred and fifty dollars monthly
  • The double diamond affiliate can earn about one thousand dollars monthly
  • The triple diamond or even high affiliate can earn one thousand five hundred month

Can You Make Money With Max International?

Like we have mentioned earlier, there are diverse ways to make money from this company. Also, its website has done an ideal job in creating the best picture of it all.

However, similar to the majority of the MLMs, most persons start with a roar or a hiss, and this fixes out later into a pool of regret.

Here, the same techniques are listed once again. It involves:

  • Making a list of everyone you know
  • Contacting the list and organizing a specific time to present the business plan to them
  • If they are not so keen on it, sell the products to them
  • Grab all the referrals that you can from them
  • Next is to rinse and repeat all the aforementioned

Note that this is an old school marketing process. Although there is a place and time for all of this, there is no authentic usage of modern marketing techniques.

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max international pros and cons

Max International – Pros And Cons

Its advantages include:

  • Clinically tested products

The products from Max international have undergone a series of studies. This is why the product line is placed on a very high pedestal than some MLM’s in the industry. It actually differs from companies like international, Senegence or Nucerity.

  • Thirty days money-back guarantee

This is one of the positive things surrounding Max international. It has the money-back guarantee policy, which gives users a leeway with negative experiences.

If you do not like a product, you can return it so far; it is within the thirty days duration period.

As for its disadvantages, they include:

  • Stockpiling issue

An issue like this may result in being very problematic for you. You should consider the fact that you are being required to at least spend one hundred dollars minimum. This is done so that you can stay eligible for the benefits in the compensation plan.

Nevertheless, if you are to buy the supplements to remain eligible for commissions and you cannot make sales too, products tend to begin stacking up.

The company has been said to encourage its distributors to buy as much stock as they can. Also, your up line can encourage you to do so as well.

Furthermore, you can sell all of your products online and make commissions form such sales. But, the online shop will take much of your time to build up finally.

  • Lawsuit issues

Matters like this are actually quite serious when you are thinking of joining any company. However, being aware that Max international has been entangled in diverse lawsuits can affect the decisions of people in a negative light.

Note that the company has gotten involved in lots of lawsuits. However, their most prolific case was the one we mentioned earlier about Melaleuca. The reason behind it has to do with poaching.

Issues of poaching are quite shady. And so, this has made it to the top of the list on why everyone should avoid Max international.

  • The upkeep is expensive

In a bid to operate an account with Max international and make loads of money via the company, you will be expected to take part with a figure of one hundred dollars monthly.

This means that you will be paying about one thousand two hundred dollars to make money in this company. It should not come as a shock as MLM expects such requirements from everyone.

  • Lots of failures from people

It is a core reason to avoid the company. From their income disclosure form, it has been more than clear that the majority of the members who join are not profiting.

is max international scam

Final Word – Is Max International a Scam?

So far, Max international is neither a scam nor a pyramid scheme. It is just a legal business that provides nutritional supplements to boost the body’s glutathione.

Furthermore, it got an A+ rating straight from BBB as a result of its reputation. However, after its sue, Max international has come back to the spotlight. Moreover, the company is still not for everybody.

If you are making plans on becoming one of their resellers, bear in mind that it is best as a source of extra income alone. Do not dare leave your full-time work to dive straight into reselling the products.

To Wrap It Up

We have made mention that Max International is not a scam or pyramid scheme, but it is not worth your time and energy. Note that it has so many expensive costs as well as restrictions involved.

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of Max International. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )

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