is microsoft rewards scam

Is Microsoft Rewards Scam or A Zero-Effort Prize?

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Did you know that there’s a way to get rewards if you are using one of Microsoft’s products like Windows, MS Office, etc.? With Microsoft Rewards You can earn points for what you already do every day with your computer like surfing or searching the web, online shopping, using Windows apps, etc. but is Microsoft Rewards scam or it’s really published by Microsoft company to make your everyday use of computer more enjoyable?

A program called Microsoft Rewards makes you able to earn prizes from different ways but Is Microsoft Rewards scam or it’s really created and released by Bill Gates’s company to encourage computer users to use Microsoft software more?

According to what I’ve found about Microsoft Rewards, you even don’t need to do any additional thing to earn these rewards and if you are a Microsoft user, you just need to setup Microsoft Rewards on your system and do what you normally do with your computer like creating a beautiful presentation for your teacher using MS PowerPoint, Web surfing using Microsoft’s Browser (Edge) or Write an article in MS Word.

I’m using Microsoft Rewards for a long time and it’s good to see that unlike many other platforms that work based on rewards, it has not been changed during all these years. Almost all other similar rewards programs I’ve used in the past, came and gone in some way and didn’t stay active but the story of Microsoft Rewards is different and that’s why it’s turned to one of the most popular rewards programs in the world.

If Microsoft Windows is your favorite platform, all you need to do is installing Microsoft Rewards to start getting free items and since it does not require any effort, it’s the simplest thing a person can do to get prizes, right? ; )

Upon on some requests from my readers, I decided to write a review article for Microsoft Rewards. In this article, you’ll find the answer to questions like what is Microsoft Rewards exactly? how does it work? how to earn prizes from it? It is worth your time? etc.

Also I’ll tell you about my favorite making money platform as the best alternative for Microsoft Rewards which let you turn your hobbies to a very successful online business.


Product Name: Microsoft Rewards

Official Website:

Owner: Microsoft Corporation

Type: Get Rewards & Prizes

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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what is microsoft rewards

What Is Microsoft Rewards Exactly?

Websites like coffee shop millionaire or one opinion let you earn money online and Microsoft Rewards provides almost the same thing but in a totally different way. Actually, Microsoft Rewards is a new version of Bing Rewards that has been introduced by Microsoft a long time ago. With Bing Rewards users could earn rewards from the Internet by surfing different web pages.

After a while, When Microsoft decided to give more options to users for earning the points, Microsoft Rewards was born. Now in addition to earning rewards through web surfing, it’s possible to increase your points from several other ways which I explain in detail later.

By the way, I could log in to Micsoroft Rewards with account info of my Bing Rewards which has been created some years ago. It seems that Microsoft moved all users information of Bing Rewards platform to the new version so if you had an account in Bing Rewards and if you still remember your username and password then feel free to use it for Microsoft Rewards. The sign-up process becomes much easier and you save a significant amount of time by doing this.

But if it’s the first time you hear about Microsoft Rewards and want to use it, you NEED to create an account. As you probably know, to get the benefit of features of ALL Microsoft’s products like Windows, Office, Cloud, Visual Studio, etc. you don’t need separate accounts and you can have access to all programs as well as Microsoft Rewards through only one account. The sign-up process is simple and straightforward and I’ll explain more about it in the next paragraphs.

With taking advantage of Microsoft Rewards, the simplest activity like playing games or using default programs of Windows can bring you points which can be turned to rewards in the future and that would be great to earn points and rewards from what you normally do with your computer, right? )

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how microsoft rewards works

Can Microsoft Rewards Turn You to a Rich Man/Woman?

No this is not what Microsoft Rewards has been designed for. To be honest, it’s impossible to make any serious money or become rich by doing easy things like browsing web pages or playing windows games. Maybe $200 or $300 is the maximum amount of money you can expect to receive from Microsoft Rewards per Year. Yes, you’ve heard me right, it’s only $300 per year! (Of course, you won’t get paid by cash, I’ll explain it later)

Let’s do a simple calculation; $300 in a year means less ~$25 every month. Does it worth? Well, it totally depends on you and your expectations. Keep in mind that you do nothing addition to what you normally do. For example with or without receiving points, you use the Internet and surf web pages so if it may be nice if you could earn something extra for your everyday use.

To earn $10 with Microsoft Rewards, you need around 10,000 points and doing web research using Bing search engine instead of Google or Yahoo can give you 5 points every time.

There are also some bonuses that Microsoft gives to users if Microsoft Rewards is used for several days constantly but these bonuses should not be counted as real amount of points you can receive on a regular daily or weekly basis. My experience says that if you use computer or laptop 5-6 hours every day, the received points will be something between 450 to 500.

Cash Or Gift Cards – How You Will Get Paid By Microsoft Rewards?

Fortunately, Microsoft has one of the biggest app markets in the software industry and it opens door to this unlimited and attractive market when you want to redeem points you received from Microsoft Rewards so you are not limited to only one or two ways for redeeming your points.

Just think about the most popular products of Microsoft like Windows Apps, Xbox Device, Microsoft Store, etc. now imagine you’ll receive free gift cards for those stores, is not it wonderful?

Some people like to redeem points only with Cash so they skip all programs and opportunities that pay users with non-cash rewards like gift cards. Unlike them, I think that you should check where these gift-cards can be used first then decided if it’s worthless or not. For instance, if it’s an Amazon, eBay or Microsoft gift card then why not?! But if it’s for a Chinese online store which charges you $100 to send the product to you then…

At the moment, although turning points to real cash and paying members with the most popular payment method ‘PayPal’ is not supported by Microsoft but gift cards of Microsoft Rewards can be used in Amazon (the largest e-commerce marketplace) as well as some other big online stores so you’ll never come back empty-handed from these stores! )

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microsoft rewards review

Microsoft Rewards – Positive & Negative Points

The Good,

I’ve found several positive points about earning program of Microsoft company, Microsoft Rewards but I’ve only listed the most important ones here

  • Microsoft is one of the most popular companies in personal computer, computer software/hardware, electronics, and related fields and that would be very beneficial to use products of this well-known company and earn points at the same time.
  • The signup process can be done quickly in just a few minutes. To join the program and receive gift cards through Microsoft Rewards, you don’t need to do anything except than creating a Microsoft’s account (if you don’t have one already).
  • It does not cost you anything and It’s completely Free. Also, you don’t need to put any CC or bank account info to join Microsoft Rewards.
  • There are a variety of easy ways to earn credit through the point system of Microsoft Rewards. For example, you just need to make sure that you login to Microsoft Rewards and it’s activated when you surf web pages on the Internet or search different terms in Bing search engine.

Just keep in mind that you should use the official web browser of Microsoft (Microsoft Edge) for your online activities. In simple words, you always find something to do that can bring you points so it’s up to you if you want to take advantage of it or leave the money on the table.

The Bad,

Is Microsoft Rewards an opportunity with zero cons? Of course not. Like any other thing in the world, this program has its own negative points which I didn’t like.

Here are some cons I’ve found about Microsoft Rewards:

  • Microsoft produces tons of different products and Microsoft’ users can spend their rewards to use services and products of this big company but what if you are not interested to spend your earned points for a Microsoft’s product?
    Well, unfortunately, there’s no other option like eBay or Amazon gift cards and it makes a kind of limitation for users when received points only can be exchanged for a Microsoft’s item. It does not matter if you like or don’t like it.
  • If you are thinking about making money through Microsoft Rewards, it’s better to find another option or change your imagination because Microsoft does not reward users with a cash option and this is not what many people like to see in an earning point program.
  • If you have a 9-5 job or if you are a student or even if you are not in those categories but you are busy enough during the day, offers of Microsoft you receive every single day after joining the program will be totally annoying.
    If you like, take your chance and test Microsoft Rewards but don’t forget that earning enough point to receive a valuable product from Microsoft through its point system takes much more than what you really expect.
  • The last but not least thing I didn’t like about Microsoft Rewards is that it’s only available for people who live in the United States, not North America, not some European countries, not any other county, only U.S.

You even can’t see the page of Microsoft Rewards if your location is detected as a country any other than the United States. This does not seem to be fair, especially when we talk about an “International” company like Microsoft.

is microsoft rewards a scam

Final Word – Is Microsoft Rewards Scam?

I think that the same as me, you have no doubt about the legitimacy of Microsoft Rewards so answering to the above question is as easy as anything and it’ll reward every single click of your mouse with the points.

When a program or product has been detected as a scam, it would not be recommended by anyone but this does not mean that the legitimacy of a company is equal to being valuable and worth trying. With keeping this fact in mind, I’m not going to recommend Microsoft Rewards to you because of its low-income potential.

It’s true that you don’t need to do any additional thing other than your everyday use with your laptop or computer to earn points but this does not bring you more than a couple of dollars every month. Let’s imagine you spend a lot of time and earn as high as 8k points (This is the maximum amount of points you can expect to receive through Microsoft Rewards); do you know what it’s equal to? Only $7!

And since you won’t get paid by cash, what product of Microsoft you can get for $7? This means you should continue earning points for at least 4 or 5 months to be able to get a Microsoft’s item. There are many other platforms that reward your online effort better than Microsoft.

Continue reading my Best Recommendation section below to see what platform I personally use for making money online.

Thanks for reading this review article and feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below.

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  1. Awesome post. I never even knew about this and I’ve been using Microsoft products for over 20 years. It’s a shame that I’m not in the US and therefore, unable to take advantage of what looks like a wonderful opportunity to earn some extra “money”. Yes, you can only use it for Microsoft products but I think most of us are online all the time that we’re bound to find something we can use. Oh well, maybe they’ll eventually expand to other parts of the world? Maybe I’ll end up relocating to the US? Lol Who knows really. But this reminds me. Do I have to be an American citizen or just that my IP needs to be coming from the US (in other words, if I were on holiday in Hawaii, would I then qualify?).

    Thanks 🙂

  2. well i don’t know much about Microsoft reward but when I read it I really get useful information and if I talk about the rewarding process than I think there has to be something which user can earn revenue if they are not able to give cash than at least they have to provide gifts card of various online giant company like Amazon and eBay since they want to see their own profits, of course, they only want to spend those point in their own product and services like ok but if you really want to use it as casual than its ok but if you are spending you important time then you should not go through it but as far as its ok to go if you are free and anyway you are going to surf right so better use it by their own condition and earn a little bit so its benefits you too just enjoy it that’s it .

  3. I have Microsoft for almost all my life and never knew about this! now that I have switched to Ubuntu that is when I know about it! so unfair!
    well, as you say: we have been doing these activities for free with no rewards so why not take some few incentives now just by keep doing what we have been doing? sounds good to me! next time i revert back to Microsoft and move to the USA , I’ll definitely sign up. but it’d be better for Microsoft to extend this leaf to other countries!
    Thanks for the info though!

  4. Thanks for the informative post Ali. I was not aware of the Microsoft Rewards program before. Sounds like a no brainer to me although you should be using Bing for your searches or Microsoft Edge. Thanks for digging into this. Any rewards that are spendable for products and services that you can employ in your day to day online activities are welcome, especially if you are just doing your everyday online work anyway. Appreciate you pointing out this asset we can start using. I’ll be back to see what other gems you come up with.

  5. Hey! We need to go shout this in the rooftops! The way I see it WHY NOT?!? If I understood this well all you need to do is install and start earning! No brainer! Obviously it wont be an overnight win, but hey who ever offers you free, no work, overnight wins? No one! I will definitely be checking this out! Thanks for your detailed non biased review.

  6. Hey there. I am one of those people that looks for rewards on items but unfortunately I no longer use Microsoft products and don’t think that I would benefit from this at all especially since you have to do so much to get anything worth something and to me that is a waste of time. I believe that a reward should be based on how much time I spend on something because if I spend several hours on something and only get a very small reward for it, that to me defeats the purpose and I could have spent that time making real money.

    I appreciate you giving this detailed report because most of the time you don’t find out this information until after you sign up for something and then you get spammed with emails from them. I have signed up for several programs and then found out how much it would take for me to get something worth anything at all so I never go back and end up getting tons of emails from them asking me to participate.

    I do have one question, were you able to cancel your account and if so was it pretty easy to do so? I ask this because most of them make it nearly impossible to remove your information from their system.

  7. I’ve been using Microsoft for years and I’m not familiar with this program.
    What are some of the big prizes you can earn and how many points do they cost?

  8. I want to first of thank you for a great article, I never knew that microsoft had a reward program, i will look it it more for it has got my mind thinking, Im a crome guy lol bad i know the only time i use mircosoft for is out look, not sure if it would work on that or not. But love it that you put your number one program in there so readers have other choices.

  9. A very interesting and important article. I was not even aware of the program until I read this.

    If I used Microsoft Edge and lived in the USA it would be a “no brainer”. However, I live in the Philippines which makes the program unavailable for me. I also own a MacIntosh which doesn’t use windows.

    I notice you highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to your readers as your number one recommendation for making money online. In my opinion, you are spot on with this recommendation. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I believe it is absolutely the best online program for making money in today’s digital world.

    Again, great article.

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