is million dollar replicator scam

Is Million Dollar Replicator Scam or It’s Really a Million Dollar Chance?

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Thank you for visiting my website and spending your valuable time to read my Million Dollar Replicator review. This program claims that you don’t need to work hard to be able make millions of dollars and it shows how they helped many people to make millions without doing any serious effort. But Is this really possible? And more importantly, is Million Dollar Replicator a scam or it really leads you to achieve dream of making millions of dollars online?

Actually this is not what I can believe easily because I don’t trust get-rich-quickly scheme platforms and I’m going to tell why you shouldn’t trust it too. It’s good to see that you decided to do a research before purchasing this product because there are tons of products and programs out there which claim that help you find the treasure map!

Million Dollar Replicator is not the first and won’t be the last product that I’ve reviewed so I know how all these making money products works and sadly 90% of them are just waste of time. If you don’t have a positive attitude about earning online products or if you’ve got scammed by them before, you just should find the right one which gives you what you are looking for and don’t worry because I introduced one of the best platforms to make serious money online in my article to make sure to read my review till end to find it out.

Let’s back to our review of Million Dollar Replicator now! )


Product Name: Million Dollar Replicator

Official Website:

Owner: Michael Sachs

Type: Online Training

Cost to Join: 37$ membership’s fee plus upsells

Recommended? Definitely No

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

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what is million dollar replicator

 What Is Million Dollar Replicator Exactly?

Michael Sachs claims that it’s a totally beginner-friendly program and it does not require any knowledge or skills to get success with that. Everything is ready-to-use for you and money will start coming into your pocket only after a couple of days.

It just takes a short amount of time and does not need any effort from you to start making cash; this is what Michael claims and he says that you have not seen any system like this before. Finally Michael says that this program turned him into a millionaire and this is what you can become too.

The first negative point comes up when he does not explain anything about how Million Dollar Replicator actually works. Having a freedom financial is the only thing Michael claims that you can get with his system. Living in luxury houses, buying modern cars and staying in 5 stars hotels are some beautiful view that Michael Sachs is trying to make for you.

But I assure you that it’s not going to be happen like that. Of course I confirm that it’s possible to make thousands or even millions online but not without any effort and with these scammy scheme products.

Who Can Make Money with Million Dollar Replicator?

If I want to be honest with you, I must say that this system is not for people who don’t have any experience in digital marketing world.

One of the things that get your attention at the beginning is sales videos from people who says that this product helped them to make thousands of dollars easily but the truth is that they are not real people. Million Dollar Replicator hired them from Freelance platforms like Upwork to say what they want in front of camera.

Hiring actors is a trick that has been used by scam or low quality programs for a long time. For example you see videos from persons who says that they’ve made big money like $150k in only one month or $1.5 million in the first year with Million Dollar Replicator but that’s nothing more than fake claims and they’re just freelance actors who knows how to play their role well.

And if you think big money is required for hiring actors, just take a look at Fiverr Freelance website to see how you can get one of these fake testimonials for as low as $5! So think twice before trusting any of these testimonials. Do you trust a website that is willing to pay for creating fake testimonials to cheat other people? I don’t!

Just visit websites of big, well-known and reliable companies like Apple or Microsoft; do you see such that claims and testimonials in their official website? No, because they try to get satisfaction of people with providing High-Quality services not with making not real testimonials.

This is a first fact you should keep in mind always when you are in a purchase decision.

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What is The Real Cost Behind $37 Membership Fee?

Unfortunately $37 is not all cost you will have to pay for Million Dollar Replicator and as I’ve mentioned in summary section above, there are many upsells comes to your page one after another after joining them.

Here I want to show you a trick. Before register on Million Dollar Replicator, check their partnership section first. You will see they clearly mention that you can earn up to $450 commission if you’re working with them as an affiliate and can make successful sales so how a product that priced $37 can bring you $450 commission?

That’s exactly where upsells comes to the game. They encourage you to offer upsells to new customers as much as possible to earn much more than $37 commission for per sale so this simply proof that there is a hidden cost of +$450 behind it.

There are several common red flags that I always consider to determine legitimacy of a program. Hiding real cost of a product is one of these red flags which put that product in my NOT recommendation list. It’s the buyer’s right to know how much exactly he should pay for a product and it’s very unfair to show customers a low price like $37 then try to charge him much more after joining program.

It also makes a negative view about creator of product for me and I don’t trust other products of that creator.

how million dollar replicator works

How Does Million Dollar Replicator Work?

This is the first problem that I’ve told you at the beginning. Michael Sachs does not give any inside of his system to customer. He only says this system can turn you into a millionaire but how? He does not explain anything more.

Persons who manage this product just want you to believe that making millions of dollars online is possible for EVERYONE. And with phrases like “This is a system which can change your financial life totally”, “Million Dollar Replicator is completely automated system” or “There is a huge potential for making big profit behind it” wants to get your attention.

To be honest, fake claims and testimonials are all thing I’ve seen in Million Dollar Replicator. I doubt if Michael knows how MMO systems really works or even if he knows, he didn’t like to share it with others.

We should change above question. We can ask “how a system works?” when it’s a reliable product with a step by step guide but about Million Dollar Replicator, we should as “Does it really work?” and the answer is No! Million Dollar Replicator is not something what it claims to be and it seems that encouraging people to purchase product and spend more and more money is their only aim.

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million dollar replicator pros and cons

What Are The Main Red Flags of Million Dollar Replicator?

  • Fake Testimonials

Persons in sales video of Million Dollar Replicator have probably never heard about this product and they even do not know how it’s all about. They are just paid actors who get money to say everything you want in a video so nothing is real about testimonials.

  • They Push You to Purchase it Fast

From the last month that I’m monitoring Million Dollar Replicator website, I see that they say only a few more copies of product is available so if you don’t but it today, tomorrow may be too late.

This is another big lie and they just want to make your purchase-decision faster.

  • Unknown Creator

Although if you search for owner of Million Dollar Replicator you will ended up with Michael Sachs but the truth is that he’s not main creator of this program and the worse is that nobody knows who runs this product really.

is million dollar replicator a scam

Final Word – Is Million Dollar Replicator Scam?

You are waiting to hear that it’s 100% a scam right? But surprisingly it’s not! You may wondering how it can be possible to call a product like this legit with all those negative points. The fact is that Scammy scheme product’s owners are smart guys.

They know if they make a 100% scam product they can’t promote it on well-known online selling platforms like ClickBank so they make some changes and put some information (mostly low quality) in their platform then start to sell it to others. Now if you buy product you will get something for your money. Now you can’t call it a scam because they gave you something. Did you get it?

Systems like Million Dollar Replicator wants you believe that there is a big secret for making money through Internet and they have the key of this secret. That’s why many people can’t get any success when they want to make money online.

Let me make you sure that there is NOT any secret behind making a successful online business. If you still believe in that untold secret, I’m sorry but there is high chances that you will lose more money by –scammers and do not forget that nothing comes to the life easily.

Finally, with all cons that I’ve found about Million Dollar Replicator I put it FAR AWAY from my recommendation list and do not recommend you to try it if your money and time is valuable for you. Instead, I invite you to take a look at my best recommended program below to see how people simply make full-time income with putting their foot in The Right Direction.

Thanks for reading my review of Million Dollar Replicator and feel free to share your opinion in comments below : )

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  1. Very well explained article here, it is true that many of these types of get rich quick systems are all for show and don’t actually give you any valuable information on the most profitable ways to make money online. It’s unfortunate that so many people fall prey to these types of programs (scams), and in many cases people end up spending thousand of dollars with nothing to show for it. Having a clear understanding of the dangers of these types of systems is helpful. Good job on getting the word out, more of this is needed. Thanks Ali!

  2. people who are looking for an opportunity to make money online are often so influenced by all the nice words, that they cannot think straight anymore. They want to believe that this is their big break and they fall for it. Thank you for analyzing these programs and for warning people to be careful before buying them.
    The title says it all for me; the million dollar replicator….seriously, this has to be a scam! If that were true, we would have all heard about it a long time ago.
    I hope you keep up the search for scams but also for recommendable programs, this is really helpful for people who are trying to be successful online! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I had no idea this was a program. Doesn’t look like one I’ll be looking into further than this review. I’m happy with my education platform anyway. Thanks for sharing. Building any business is hard and there is no secret to just time and effort and lots of it. As is with any career really so why not build something you can call you own. That’s how I see it anyway.

    Just curious how you can tell that they are using actors instead of actual reviews.

    I don’t imagine they come out and say it at any point.
    So where do you go to find out?

    I’ve been looking into other sites and would like to know if there is a way to find some of those points out.
    I’ve searched for sites on bbb which seems to shed some light on some companies but I’ve found their reviews to go both ways and the few reviews they have seem to be how they’ve gotten their ratings.

    Thanks again,

  4. Wow, what a thorough review with great information on Million Dollar Replicator!
    I needed to know more about this program, and I am so glad that you said that you need to have at least some experience with digital marketing. It definitely is promoted to look like a beginner will do great with the program, so I am glad to know that this isn’t exactly the case.

    Thank you for your honesty and transparency and for helping me make the decision about this program! Very useful information.


  5. wow! what a post, you have done a very detailed review of million dollar replicator, I was very surprised when after reading all the negative things you had to say, then you asked if the million dollar replicator is a scam and you answered no, I was like whaat :O but then I read on and I understood what you were saying, if they make a product that is 100% scam, then they won’t be able to market it.

    Another thing is when you mentioned hired actors that give fake testimonials, it reminded me of a mini documentary I watched about a woman who had been hired by so many online companies to give fake reviews, it was scary, in some cases she was even posing as a Doctor and recommending products.
    I will just say one thing if its so easy to make millions online without putting much effort, then we all would be millionares.
    I will also say that I like your number one recommendation because, I have checked them out and they do not talk about getting rich quick, as a matter of fact they say it takes hard work to be successful online.
    So yes Wealthy Affiliate is worth considering if one is searching for a program that works, that gives a step by step training and has no hidden charges.
    in conclusion to my comment, the million dollar replicator is not something that I would consider, and I am thankful for people like you Ali, who are so kind as to do research and save us from these kinds of programs. You have saved people like me lots of money not to mention disappointments and stress.
    So thank you so much.

  6. Wow, what a great post about the million dollar replicator scam! I’m so glad I ran into this when I did. I was looking for some information as it sounded pretty legit and I mean, who doesn’t’ want a chance at a million bucks! But when I landed at your website this answered all my questions in detail. It’s very useful and definitely a great resource for people trying to figure out legit ways to make money online. I will definitely come back to your website and look forward to reading future posts.

  7. Hey!

    Thank you for this informative post! I haven’t heard about this Million Dollar replicator before.

    I have always been interested about this kind of websites, but unfortunately, they are rarely working. I haven’t been fooled (yet) and thanks to you, I won’t be fooled with this time either.

    One thing that is really suspicious, when you said that they doesn’t even tell how does this Million Dollar Replicator really works! And WOW, I didn’t even know that you can hire an actor from that fiverr platform, that is just disgusting, when it isn’t even close to truth!

    I’m glad you made an honest review about this! Thank you! 🙂
    ps. Do you know someone who has been fooled by with this website?

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